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Found 7 results

  1. I just started up my Tamagotchi Friends again and I was looking at some growth charts to plan out what characters I want. Some charts mention playing the “coin catch” game to get “active” adults. Where would I find this game? It’s not in the game section. Also, for the “social” adults, it says something about sending SMS. What exactly do they mean by this? Is it a special feature I’ve missed out on? Sorry if this is obvious stuff or if there’s another thread I should be looking at, I haven’t been into the Tamagotchi stuff in a little while. Thanks y’all ✌🏻
  2. Hi everyone, I couldn't find a guide about what pets you can get in the iD-L and what times to go to Donut Park to try to meet them, so I put one together. Hope you enjoy!
  3. The Generation Hatch is starting in 3 days, and I've prepared the hatch by creating a Microsoft Excel table of things I should record for my ID L 15th Anniversary. It feels as though I'm missing something. I haven't added weight to the chart because it mostly ends up at 15 grams (I have an ongoing chart for my Tama P's). I considered adding year of obtaining Tamatomo, but they've all been 4 except for one, but that's been an exception. What do you recommend I should add to the chart? There's only two baby Tamas, but should I add it anyway or is it just a waste of space? P.S. A "Phase" is when A Tama has had to reset due to death or departure. A "Generation" is of course the number of generations it's went through
  4. So, we were working on making a TamaTown Tama-Go favorite foods chart pretty near a year ago, and I guess we kind of forgot about it. However, I think it's still a good idea to get this thread up and running again and work on making a chart. Here is the old thread. This was the verdict we reached: (And please note that the Tama-Go has no food dislikes.) Does anyone here know how to make pixels of Tamagotchi stuff? That would really help in making our chart. We'd probably want pixels of the characters and foods. If pictures are necessary to make into pixels, I can take some pictures, too. Any ideas for programs to use, more reconfirmations of or corrections to the current list, please post them here. Thanks, everyone!
  5. Hey guys! I'm new to this so please do not post any rude comments or «this was posted» comments, I'm just trying to help out with the Music Star sleeping scheduel. So far all I have for the chart is: Baby: Petitchi (Female & Male): nap (it doesn't sleep so i recommend putting it on pause) Toddlers: Female: Hitodetchi : AM: 7:30 PM: 7:45 Tamatchi: AM: ? PM: ? Male: Kuribotchi: AM: ? PM: ? Kuchitamatchi: AM: ? PM: ? Teens: Female: Chamametchi: AM: ? PM: ? Ichigotchi : AM: ? PM: ? Ringotchi: AM:? PM:? Male: Kikitchi: AM: ? PM: ? Hinotamatchi: AM: ? PM: ? Nonopotchi: AM: ? PM: ? Adults: Female: Mimitchi : AM: ? PM: ? Chantotchi: AM: ? PM: ? Memetch i: AM: ? PM: ? Makiko: AM: ? PM: ? Violetchi : AM: ? PM: ? Onputchi: AM: ? PM: ? Sebiritchi: AM: ? PM: ? Maidtchi: AM: 8:00 PM: 9:00 Maskitchi : AM: ? PM: ? Kunoitchi: AM: ? PM: ? Male: Mametchi: AM: 7:00 PM: 8:30 Kuromametchi: AM: ? PM: ? Shimashimatchi: AM: 7:30 PM: 9:00 Togetchi: AM: ? PM: ? Kuchipatchi: AM: ? PM: ? Dorotchi: AM: ? PM: ? Tarakotchi : AM: ? PM: ? Androtchi: AM: ? PM: ? Gozarutchi : AM: ? PM: ? Toskatchi: AM: ? PM: ? Oldies: Female: Otokitchi: AM: ? PM: ? Dangobatchi: AM: ? PM: ? Male: Ojitchi: AM: ? PM: ? Rexitchi: AM: ? PM: ? Special: Female: Dazzilitchi: AM: ? PM: ? Male: Dreamitchi: AM: ? PM: ? So yeah i don't have much info YET because i just got my tamagotchi Music Star a couple days ago. Anyway I would really appreciate it if you guys could help me out & tell me how to make a chart so that i could make one for you guys or you guys could make it but atleast give me credit cuz some info will come from me. Oh! I almost forgot to say that when the girl character is finished i will do the boys and so on and on. Please leave comments with what you found out! Also i'm not sure i'll be able to get Dazzilitchi because Tamagotchi Music Star has been down...
  6. Can someone put a growth chart for P2 (english)
  7. Hello everyone! I have created a few surveys which you can all take part in that will help us in deciphering and forming the perfect character chart! This is all just purely for our own entertainment. Unless of course Bandai stumble upon the statistics and use them for the next Tamagotchi product! c; Basically, you just need to write in your favourite toddler, teenager and adult ranging from Connection v1-TamaTown Tama-Go. Keep in mind, I have only included the English products and I will probably create more surveys for the other less well-known ones that I have left out, such as the Oceangotchi, Angelgotchi etc. All links to forum threads with character charts within are attached on each question. Before you point out the obvious, yes I haven't left questions for favourite oldie characters and babies as there are only a limited amount of oldies and Bandai usually design new baby sprites. I hope you all complete these surveys and once there is a (hopefully) substantial amount of responses, I will eradicate the current links to the questions and announce the results! c: Thank you in advanced! Survey I Survey II Survey III