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Found 6 results

  1. Halo! I want to know about your dreams! (Not the ambition one) the dreams you have at night! Good or bad, short or long, vivid or not, lovely, scary, weird, everything! I just want to read about other people's stories from their deep slumbers. 😁😁😁😁 :D
  2. Hello sorry this is so late! Unfortunately, my dream did not continue ( ), but I will write a part 2 anyhow! Note: here's the link to the 1st part of the story: --- Several minutes passed. Then what seemed like hours passed, and all the while the monster's health bar did not move a single inch. Or centimeter. Or millimeter. "We have to stop!" I cried suddenly, exhausted and worn out. "It's just too strong!" Just then, a roar loud as thunder shook the Earth. It mocked an evil laugh, and it sent shivers up my spine and goosebumps up my arms. It also made me pause and stand still for only a few seconds, but that was enough for a giant, claw-like hand to pick me up. "AGH!" I screamed as loud as I could. "LET ME GO!" I kicked my legs and flailed my arms against the creature's paws. They were green and slimy and composed entirely out of different sized blocks, with the thumb being one small block. Nevertheless, its hold was tight and firm. It let out another roar/laugh. "Ha ha ha! You should be smart enough to know what happens whenever someone says that." I cringed. I knew what he meant. He was thinking of letting me go, as in dropping me so I would fall to my death. Yet he didn't. "And you are right!" he continued. "I am too strong! Mwa ha ha ha!" His grip tightened, constricting my waist. Immediately, a memory flashed through my mind. I never played Minecraft--you can guess why--but I remembered what a friend had told me about the monsters in it: the reason why they only come out at night? Expose them to sun and they'll burn up. I called for my brother, hoping he might hear me. "Hey!" I shouted. He turned and looked up. "Get sunlight!" He stared at me confusedly. "What do you mean? There isn't any!" He motioned at the cloudy night sky, then started approaching the creature, apparently worried about me. "No!" I breathed. "Don't come near it! I'm fine!" I thought quickly. "Get fire!" He nodded at rumaged through his satchel. Soon, he took out a matchbox, lit one, and shouted, "Now what?!" I shrugged. "Just . . . throw it at him!" He did as he was told, but suddenly and swiftly, the monster blew it out before the flames could touch his undead skin. "Ha ha!" he laughed/roared. Then, out of the blue, when I blinked, we got swept away back to the hotel. I gasped. Our armor and weapons disappeared, and so did my gun. I groaned, though another idea came to my mind. In the center of the room, a large, black, cast iron cage sat, a twirling zombie inside. I gasped again. "The spawner!" I exclaimed. "We have to destroy the spawner!" I pushed back the hideous creatures, barely dodging their touches. I finally reached the spawner. As hard as I could, I lifted back my leg and shot it forward, kicking the cage against the wall and busting it open. I guess it wasn't cast iron after all. Green, smelly smoke was released from the spawner, and it disapated, leaving the cage empty. I heard a loud shriek, and suddenly all the monsters around me poofed into smoky forms, just like the zombie in the spawner. I breathed a sigh of relief. The creatures were gone, and the whole hotel seemed to become brighter, happier. The light bulbs brightened, and the ominous feeling disappeared. The manager ran up to us, he had heard all the racket and noise, and he heartily thanked us for finally ridding the building of the creatures. The spawner, he said, was invented by a mad scientist, and nobody thought to destroy it. It was never visible before the giant monster appeared. I sighed again. It was now time to leave, our mission was done, and even though it was monster-free from then on, it was known to me as the Zombie Hotel.
  3. So last night I had two dreams. First one was about Scooby Doo and that show's characters. Velma turned into Mimitchi, Daphne into Violetchi, Fred into Mametchi and Shaggy into Kuchipatchi and they had some sort of mission that I can't remember. The other dream was about me going to an arts school where everyone had to have Music Star tamagotchis and it started like this: I was at my desk at school and first got my Music Star that looked like a crossover of a Music Star and a Tama-Go. I started it up and suddenly I found myself installing software on a computer, probably software that came with the Tamagotchi. After installing, one of the mean girls sat in front of me at my (our) desk and started to argue with me. Then I was in a cellar-sort of room where we had art class and first off we had a task to mix styrofoam with tomato soup to make play-doh (weeeeird). The next thing I know was my mom coming to school and she took me home and tht was the end of the dream. What kind of weird dreams did you guys have?
  4. Well when I went through my phase of being SUPER OBSESSED with tamagotchis I had a lot of tama-related dreams. For example: The ones I can remember are, being at a festival in Tamatown and I looked down and the streets were paved with gold tamagotchis and then Kuchipatchi hugged me so hard I couldn't breathe and then I woke up (I was sick and had a blocked nose haha.) Once I went into a thrift shop and I found all these awesome vintage tamas, (angel, morino, umino, devil and santa) and some newer ones, like a TMGC + C, a home deka and an akai, and a whole bunch of Connections. I was so excited and asked how much they were and the guy at the counter wanted to get rid of them and gave me the lot for $5. I woke up stoked and then sad. I also had a nightmare in which I had my lanyard on which had 6 tamas on it including my brand new Music Star and my Akai, and my dad pushed me into a pool. I still, to this day, check around my neck and in my pockets for tamas before I get in a bath shower or pool. Weird, right? I also dreamed that I could summon the "power" of different tamas, like Mametchi's brains, Gozarutchi's speed, and Ichigotchi's dance moves and could use them to my advantage. It was pretty cool because I had a ring that would change to which character I was using. So those are my weird dreams. I want to hear about yours!
  5. As the name suggests, this is to post your weirdest dreams you ever had! If your wondering if I had one, well I did and that's the main reason why I made this post in the first place...Anyways I'll go on and tell you it. It was basically me dreaming about the 194th episode of Hamtaro being dubbed into English and being aired on CN. (Go on Google if you don't know what Hamtaro is, to understand this more) It was the correct voices and everything! o.o And I was in my room watching it on TV. Then I woke up and I was pretty disapointed...^^; So now that I told you mine, I would like to hear yours!!!
  6. OH YAY. MY FAVE TOPIC EVERR/shot. Yeah, had a good dream, nightmare? Post it here and read others! ~ Maybe even get into the topic of Lucid Dreams. yayayay.