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Found 126 results

  1. Hello everyone! I was just curious on people opinions on Japanese Tama's? For Christmas I'd like to either get a iD L or a Tamagotchi P, but I am unsure if I would want to buy the Tamagotchi P because it's in Japanese only. I know there are English Version iD L's but they are more expensive. Japanese iD L's can go for around $60 now. So I don't know really want I want Opinions, thoughts? Is the Japanese hindering on your experience?
  2. If any one read my last topic, then you are aware I just got my first iD L and it is in English. It is a major deal for me, and my friend helped me out and paid for most of it. I only had it for about a week, but I am sooo paranoid about taking care of it. I am afraid it is gonna break, because if it does I wont be able to get another one any time soon. I try so hard to take care of it, but it has a few scratches on the screen...even after wiping it with a special cloth for glasses lenses. ;_; I am vowing now to try to never take it out of the house again. I know about screen protectors ..but I am broke right now. (Very complicated and long story..when I say broke I mean it. ) What really worried me though, is a few nights ago I noticed the brightness on my screen kind of flashing. Like it would get a little brighter then a little dimmer for a moment. The batteries were I just don't know what the heck that meant. It does this every once in awhile. I also tried to make a pouch, but I think that was not the best fabric for the screen. I heard rumors that the English wasn't made that well, and that white and yellow (as mine is) were unpopular colors and also not made as well. I know I am worrying a lot...but this is a big deal to me. I want it to last forever lol. So, how long do these things hold up? I have had mine like 6 days, and even some of the silver around the edge has peeled off. I take such good care of it... Has anyone just had one die on them?
  3. Did anyone else get a cute little pumpkin on their ID L screen yet?
  4. Hey, guys! I was just wondering if anyone knows how many items you can keep in your inventory at a time. I know that there's a maximum for DOWNLOADS that you can have at one time, but I'm really hoping you can own more than that. Thanks in advance!
  5. I know there are a lot of these topics...but I searched really hard and did not find what I was looking for. I was wondering if there was a chart showing where they can be seen? I thought I figured it out (even got the character I wanted) but now I am not so sure. Like is there a place that you can actually see and count how many you have so you know where you stand? Maybe my eyes are not so good, but I had a bit of trouble reading what I think was the happiness that the bar that you can tell from? Also, does messing with the time affect anything in a bad way or good way? I normally am not one to pause or change the time, but I have a lot with the iD L..and it seems ok so far. (I have only had it for 5 days.) Might as well sneak in one more question, as I don't want to start another topic. Is there any pics or charts of all the ways you can decorate your house? It would be nice to see them first instead of wasting points.
  6. I could just go die in a hole now...I slept in, and when I looked at my iD L's screen this morning what did I see? A floating letter from my precious little Agetchi. ;^; I already had her in my book, but she's one of my favorite female characters and she's gone, waah! Gen 35 isn't the highest I've ever got to, but still, it took me forever to get that high. And this is the second time my iD L left since I got it. The other time was on generati on 17, but instead of showing a letter it showed a ghost...IDK why. Goodbye, Agetchi...I'll miss you.
  7. Uh...ahahahaha... Here's the deal. I had Giragiratchi, age 4, generation 11, on my Princess Spacy. But I also had her on my iD L, and so when I checked on my Tamas I saw a happy, well-fed Giragiratchi and forget that I had her on TWO Tamas, and unfortunately the Giragiratchi on my Princess Spacy turned out to have a suitcase. 0.o I knew she was dying, so I did that little trick where you reset and select download but she was STILL carrying a suitcase. I was so mad I did the stupidest thing ever. I COMPLETELY reset the entire thing. ._. Now, that's not TOO bad because I only had 7 characters in the book and could easily get them again, but you see...the Princess Spacy was what Dazzmina gave me when I met her. I connected the Princess Spacy to her 15th Anniversary iD L, and it felt special to have her in my Tama's friend list. And she sent me an item only found on the 15th Anniversary iD L. Now it's all gone, and I'll probably never see Dazzmina again. =_= I can't believe myself. X_x I am SO sorry.
  8. So a lot of talk has been floating around about the new english version ID L in hong kong. Surely if they decided to release an english version of the ID L they intend on releasing it in the US right? I know very few are available on ebay for about 80 bucks but there has to be more to this. If anyone has any more information on the english ID Ls or a release date let me know!!!
  9. On my iD L and Princess Spacy, sometimes the Eco-Usatchi Triplets (three green bunnies) come and give me a special item. I've got the bag and the chopsticks, and now all I need is the yellow shovel thing. I was wondering, is there any specific timew hen the Triplets come to the park, or is it completely random? Thanks in advance!
  10. Hi, guys! Recently, I purchased a new wallpaper for my Tamagotchi from the Gotchi Interior shop, and after a while, I decided to change it to a new one to see what that one would look like. I didn't really like the new one, though, so I went back to the shop to find my old wallpaper. However, I found that I had to pay for it again, even though I'd already bought it. That seems a bit unfair to me. Is this the same for the downloaded wallpapers?
  11. Hey, everyone! I JUST received my 15th Anniversary iD L today, and it's been really cool so far! However, after reading through some topics over at TamaZone, I had some questions about the 15th A's version of the HenshinJo. Does anyone know exactly which locations lead to which transformations? For example, I know that Kuchipatchi turns into Patchi Dancers after visiting the TAMAX-TV, but what about the other characters? Any information would be helpful! Thank you!
  12. Hi, everyone! I recently got a Maisutatchi on my Princess Spacy iD L, and so far, I've got two of his happy symbols (black outfit from TamaMori and darts toy). However, I couldn't find the third item in TamaZone's thread for PS Happy Symbols. I searched online and have heard a few times that it is some sort of cane. I'm assuming that this is an item grown from a seed. Does anyone know how to get it?
  13. ok so I was on tamacraze and it said in the news section this: Tamagotchi iD L English ver. In a surprise release, Bandai Asia have created the first ever English-language Color Tamagotchi; the Tamagotchi iD L English ver.! This new edition of the original Japanese Tamagotchi iD L, released mid-August 2012, is being sold in Hong Kong and other areas in China. Coming in all six original colors, and featuring a brand new package design, this is certainly a release not to miss! here the site: I couldn't find any other news about it so its currently a sort of rumour. But is it really going to come out? If so I want one. But anyway hopefully there will be more news about it soon.
  14. LOLI know this is stupid but I dont know how to play this game. 'lovelin choco' it's very cute! please help. I try several time but I never get gotchi point. thanks
  15. So i have another question and i hope you people can help me XD I have a tamagotchi ID L, the normal ID L...and i downloaded EVERY SINGLE download from this page of Tama Zone My question is...i don't understand very well how the downloads work on the tamas ID L...i want to know if all these things, games, wallpapers, toys etc...i downloaded will work on my normal ID L version. Since i see that there's new ones like Princess Space and 15th Anniversary, i don't know if these downloads work on every single version. And the new toys, and stuff from tama depa will have animations and all like the items that come included with the Tamagotchi ID L?
  16. Hi, everyone! This is my first ever log, featuring the Tamagotchi iD L and the iD L Princess Spacy version! So, because I've been busy with some things these past few days, I'm starting my log while both Tamas are in their teens, although the Tama living in my blue iD L is due to evolve into an adult in about half an hour! Here we go! iD L: Currently, I've got a Hanikamitchi, whom I've dubbed Ryan! He's sleeping right now, but he had a busy day today, so he deserves it! Because he's due to evolve very soon, I invested a great deal of time in making sure he evolves into my FAVOURITE character: Mametchi! So I decided to watch him carefully for the poo dance! After missing three of his poos, I finally realized that he goes every two hours, so at 4:00, 6:00, and 8:00 (I had to change the time so he would poo!), I watched him VERY, VERY carefully, and caught three poos, which ensures a Mametchi! More details will come after he evolves. He also bought tons of clothes, accessories, and toys at the Tama Market today, and his friend living in the Princess Spacy iD L (also a Hanikamitchi) gifted him some clothes that, as far as I know, aren't available to the regular iD L's, such as what appear to be a schoolgirl uniform and a kungfu jacket or something. Will include pictures in my next post! Princess Spacy: Today, my Kaubotchi evolved into a Hanikamitchi as well, so the two friends were--once again--carbon copies of one another, which sometimes confused me a bit when I connected them! Hanikamitchi (I call this one Matty) had a pretty uneventful day. He played with Ryan, bought some things at the Tama Market, and now he's sleeping. I'm hoping to get a Maisutatchi by connecting with Ryan (after Ryan has evolved, of course!) enough times for the special evolution to occur. Here's a picture of Matty sleeping! That's all for now, but I'll be posting more after Ryan and Matty are both adults! Thanks for reading and subcribe for more updates!
  17. I found an old Sony Ericsson mobile phone in dad's cabinet today. Im so excited! Battery still work at least for a while, the problem is I cant find any charger or data transfer cable. so I have to dream about download until tomorrow. my brother will find some external battery charger for me, forget about data transfer cable, I dont think they still have it in store around here [im in Thailand and that phone launched in 2005!]. I hope the Bluetooth thing still work!. lol
  18. Hi, everyone! I've heard that once you're nearing your maximum download limit or you just want to get rid of some older downloads, you can sell them at the Tama Market in Donuts Park. I was just wondering how that works, exactly. Would I be selling the item itself or just the option of buying the item again? If I had already purchased the item, would I have to give it up entirely in order to get more downloads? Thank you!
  19. Hello, everyone! Yesterday, my blue iD L arrived in the mail, and today, my Princess Spacy iD L came as well! Today, I connected the two toddlers and they played a game. I noticed that even though the toddler from the PS version lost the game, he still got 100 GP afterwards! A gold coin dropped into the brown Gotchi bag. I tried connecting them again several more times, and each time, it was the same thing! If the PS toddler lost, he would get 100 GP while the winning toddler from my blue iD L only got 30 for winning. Then, once, the PS toddler actually won, and he received the 30 GP. THEN, a gold coin dropped into his bag and gave him the 100 GP. AND THEN, the whole screen for both Tamas turned red and the Tamas appeared to be celebrating; this was then followed by both Tamas receiving 500 GP! Now, I'm obviously not complaining because this is easy money, but does anyone have an explanation for this? I'd love to be able to duplicate this result for my blue iD L. Thank you!
  20. I recently ordered a Tamagotchi iD L off eBay for $70 with free shipping. Today, as I was reading through the item's description, I noticed the note about import and local taxes. I order things online all the time, and since I'm in Canada, most of the things I order are from the US. I've ordered a few expensive things (around $50+) from the US and the UK, but none of the packages required me to pay any taxes. I know that there are sellers who mark items as gifts rather than merchandise to get around this, but I can't remember if those sellers did that. Does anyone have any input/experience with the Tamagotchi iD L (or any other expensive Tamagotchi coming from Japan) to share?
  21. I'm either going to get a 15th anniversary, princess spacey, or regular tamagotchi id l. So i want to know which ones you guys personally like better AND why. I know i have asked questions like this before but i want to make sure before buying. should i spend 55 dollars on an id l? Or does the anniversary or princess spacy deserve its price. Lemme know please! :V
  22. Hello, I'm new and got my ID L last week (it's 6 days old now). I only ever had the original 96' one and some other brands before it. My tama is now a Mametchi (still learning who is who) and yesterday there was a Happy Birthday thing going on for THE WHOLE DAY, with tables with cakes and other decorative stuff, and the screen behind these was red. It lasted the whole day unlike the other days, which I thought was weird and maybe a glitch. Today that stuff is gone except that the screen is still red: picture Is that normal? What should I do for it to come back to normal? I also wanted to let you guys know the FAQ page is broken ( all I get is white space and the line: phpMyFAQ warning [2]: require_once(lang/language_pt-br.php) [function.require-once]: failed to open stream: No such file or directory in index.php on line 68 And if I may ask more questions, when do the tamagotchis turn into oldies and die? (so I know when to marry them off while I can) What's the longest they'll live? If they die of old age all I have to do is press a+c to not lose my items or did I get it wrong? And are the necessities items any useful? Like that... sponge thing, vacuum, and that other thing to clean the house. What I mean it does it make any difference if you use them or not? Are they like the toys that don't really do much from what I saw? Does feeding them food they don't like do anything bad (other than them throwing a fit)? Thanks in advance, this looks like a nice place ^^ and sorry about my questions, I've searched for answers but what I found wasn't very clear.
  23. Now, you may know that the toddler your baby will evolve into is completely random. But people often want to get certain toddlers to get certain characters. For example, somebody might want Uwasatchi but she only evolves from Himeonetchi, and Himeonetchi only evolves from Rorutchi. So how exactly CAN you get a particular toddler? Simple - About one hour after your baby Tamagotchi hatches, it will evolve. So, when it is nearly time for your Tama to evolve, have a pen or something ready... When it evolves, look at the screen. If it's not the toddler you want, quickly use the pen to reset the iD L and then select "download". Your Tamagotchi will be a baby again. Now wait about twenty minutes, and the baby might evolve into a different toddler! And just a reminder, you have to press the reset button BEFORE your Tamagotchi is finished evolving. A good time to do this is when it shows the Tamagotchi getting Gotchi Points as a reward for evolving. Good luck! ~ EMF
  24. With some of my iD L characters, there's a banner that says "Happy Birthday". When does this happen? Is it when I get to a certain generation, or is it just ranbom? I want to know why it's my Tama's birthday...
  25. Well, on the 13th of this month, my purple Tamagotchi iD L arrived in the mail from Japan. I was incredibly excited, and started it up right away. After struggling to figure out how to open the back to insert the batteries.... face-palm....I finally got it and set everything up. My name ended up being a bunch of hearts and stuff, as I know zero Japanese. Anywho, the little egg appeared, and out popped a Choribotchi. Cute little thing. I played with her, cleaned up poop after poop (it seemed to never end), and eventually, had a little Paletchi. Paletchi became Painaputchi, and then I got my first adult.... Lovelitchi! There she is with her little pet Harapparatchi. I got three of her four happy seals, the fourth will appear after she's been an adult for long enough. I'm happy with this. No care misses. I don't know who I will try for next. I hope she has a boy after I marry her off so that I can do no care misses again, and get Mametchi. (He's one of my favourites). I apologize for not having more pictures, but I only decided to start this log as soon as I started writing it. I'll take more pictures because I know it makes a log more exciting, and I'll try my best to not bore anyone to tears. Or an angry fit that causes them to throw their computer across the room. Or fall asleep. Or compulsively eat. Anyway, thanks for reading....assuming someone will read it.... Bye!