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Found 126 results

  1. Hello everyone! Lately I've been quite busy so I had to pause my tamas for about a week or two. Today I unpaused them and I noticed something on my ID-L. I have a purple one, and it has always been partially purple (back) and partially greyish-purple (front). I always thought it was due to the silver thing surrounding the faceplate, so I didn't give it too much importance. But now it seem to have worsened: the front half of the tama is almost yellow-greyish and I don't understand why. Have some of you had the same problem (with ID-L, of course)? Is it a "purple-only" problem? I'm a tiny bit disappointed because I bought that tama NEW just few months ago.... and I still haven't seen on the Internet any "half-colored" tamas like mine. I read somewehere on this forum that ID-L paint can wear off, but I don't think mine actually wore off... it's more like it's been "deteriorated" (don't know if the word is correct XD). Let me know if you noticed something similar or at least heard about that!
  2. Hello, I think I have a problem here... I have a Tamagotchi ID L. My tamagotchi reached the Tamatomo level (with all the happy seals, all rice bowls were full, maximum happiness, etc). So I married him with a nice tamagotchi girl, the egg appeared, and I start to play with the baby. But when I went to the book icon, on the first category "Tamatomodeshou" where I'm supposed to see all the tamagotchi that I raised to the Tamatomo level... IT WAS EMPTY. JUST "????" AND NOTHING ELSE. Is it a glitch or did I do something wrong ? It's the first time that I raised a tamagotchi to the Tamatomo level so I may need a little help.
  3. Okay so you all probably know that I purchased my second ID L at the weekend. You should know. You might know. You... Could know? Okay you know what. let's start again. Hey everyone! I purchased my second iD L at the weekend! Used, amazing price, from the UK, and the best part is - IT CAME WITHIN TWO DAYS. To whoever sold it to me (they're proooobably on TamaTalk) thanks so much for an awesome deal and fast shipping. Anyway. More to the point. When I got my white iD L last year, the first thing I did was crochet a cover for it. I couldn't do crochet, since the translated garbage books we had lying around the house just didn't make sense and frustrated me. So I totally made up my own crochet. I ended up with a knotted mess masterpiece with no gaps or holes anywhere. It actually looked pretty cool. I did it in fluffy purple yarn (since I always wanted a purple iD L and thought a purple cover was the next best thing) and it fitted quite nicely to my new tamagotchi. Little did I know that this simple woolen cover would save my tama's life. So. I have this simply darling little baby brother who's one year old. He's becoming incredibly naughty and likes to toddle into my room and mess with my stuff. Last week he trundled to me, his cheeks stuffed with sweets, and in his hands a sweet packet which I'm sure I kept out of reach of children. It took me a great deal of chasing him round the house and trying to bribe him with something else before I got my soggy sweets back But anyway. The other day he decided to mess with my iD Ls. I had put my purple cover on my purple iD L. It looked quite fetching! I left it on the piano that's next to my bed. Then I shut my bedroom door and went to research something on ye olde laptope. What I was actually "researching" was inspiration for my new blank canvas I was working on. I have a tiny room, you see, and it's barely big enough to fit a bed in it. It used to be my house's music room, hence the reason I keep bashing my feet up against the piano every time I get out of bed in the morning. So I had my paints and canvas on my bed. I had an array of acrylics and a palette of water there too, much to Mom's justified annoyance. So I looked up from my inspiration to behold my little brother beaming ear to ear, and walking towards me with a "I HAVE YOUR TAMAGOTCHIS, WHAT YOU GONNA DO ABOUT IT???" look on his face. Babies and tamas don't match. I can tell you that. WATER and tamagotchis don't match. I. Can. Tell. You. That. So I grabbed my iD Ls from his chubby little hands and suddenly realised that my purple iD L the one from my dreams was soaked with water. IMAGINE MY HORROR. MY DREAM TAMAGOTCHI MY AMAZING PRICE MY SUPER FAST SHIPPING SOAKING WET AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH I literally did scream. I whipped the cover from my iD L and dared to look at it again. The cover was completely soaked. The back of the iD L was completely dry. My cover had just saved my dream iD Ls life. CAN. YOU. BELIEVE. THAT? My lack of crocheting skills had just actually come in handy! Just when I had actually learned to crochet properly! I turned the tamagotchi over in my hand and looked at the screen. My fruit-itchi salad bowl guy grinned at me reassuringly. But in front of him lay a whole layer of H20. Water was seeping into the tamagotchi from the one place I hadn't covered. The screen. This discovery resulted in another scream. When I say scream..... I rushed into our schoolroom and thrust my tamagotchis on the table. Then I whipped off the back battery cover and tried to take out the batteries. If ever they leaked or got soaked I was in biiiig trouble. I was racing against the clock now. How long would it take for the water to seep through to the circuit board? I didn't want to think about it. I look one last look at my fruit guy and pulled the batteries out with one final lever. I'm sure he'd be willing to give up his life and short iD L progress if it meant his future generation were saved. After that I rushed back online and searched the forums on TamaTalk. iD Ls. Taking them apart. It had to have been done before. No results. In anguish I rephrased my keywords. Binary. Thank goodness for binary. WE LOVE YOU BINARY OKAY He had taken apart an iD L before. Pfft, of course he had! Debugged it too by the looks of it. Whoa. Through his pictures/reassurance, I carefully unscrewed and prised open my beloved tama. This is for your own good, I thought as the circuit board began to come into view. The cement/putty/thingy that holds the wires in place had me scared at one point. I thought it might be vital to the whole thing and one nudge would break my whole system. I was that paranoid. Funny, I'd taken apart like millions hyperbole duh of connection tamagotchis before, but taking apart this one was like taking apart my first. Really scary. The back was kinda easy to take off. Schwiiing, I was careful not to separate it too much from the circuit board. After the circuit board came away, whew, I can still hear my sigh of relief. In my paranoid brain I was expecting some complicated colour screen thing, but no, just the familiar black screen came into view. And then... The front! And the water. Eek! The time I had spent Tamatalking was precious. The water looked as if it'd kinda soaked the actual screen. But I pushed aside my panic and ran to get some cotton wool. The cotton wool... Failed. In my paranoid panic I had forgotten the first rule about cleaning electronics: neverrr use... Um what's the word... Things... Like tissue.... That shed... Things... Fibres... Yep, never use them. So as I started working away at this damp screen, I noticed that some cotton fibres were sticking to the screen. And I had a little panic because like THE WATER HAD GONE ONLY TO BE REPLACED BY LINT Omigosh that’s the word! Lint. Lint. Is it? Tissue and cottonwool contain lint? I don’t know. Anyway. I had on a lint-free shirt at the time, so after desperately scraping cotton off the sticky edge of the screen with my screwdriver, I used my shirt to dust off the lint. Then, I balanced the buttons on the shell and squeezed the tamagotchi circuit board to the shell. Had I fixed it? Was my tama water-damaged forever? Only time would give the answers I searched for, so I resolved to waste as little as possible. Putting the tamagotchi back together proved rather difficult. It got stuck. I screwed back the circuit board and found that the sound/battery wires bulged out of the sides when I tried to press the back together. Crisis! Should I shove the wires back in, or… Wait? Yeah, like I’m going to wait 6 hours till my technical Dad comes home when my tamagotchi’s destiny is on the line. Pfft. As carefully as I could I placed the wired back into the shell. The plastic still wouldn’t come together all that flatly, but after some screwing (and trial and error) I had my tamagotchi reassembled and ready for testing. With trembling hands (mm I may be exaggerating just a tiny bit) I put the batteries back into their compartments. Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! THE SOUND WAS ON! That was a start! I hadn’t damaged the wires by shoving laying them down in the shell! Good sign! Slowly I rotated the tamagotchi, where the screen had sprung back to life and the two “Download/Reset” buttons appeared. I selected “download”....... And who should appear but the smiling face of Mr Fruitysaladchi! I couldn’t believe it And I still can’t describe the utter relief I felt. Can you imagine if I hadn’t have “crocheted” that cover for my white iD L? The water would have gone straight into the battery compartment, probably straight into the circuit board, and cleaning the screen with a scrappy lint cotton wool ball certainly wouldn’t cure it of its ailment. I just. Yeah. What a trauma. I hope you actually enjoyed reading this little anecdote of my life, and that you come to know that Tamagotchi Covers Save Lives! Make them, sell them, buy them - just do whatever it takes to protect your tamagotchis! Oh yes, and make sure you keep out of reach of children and pets and... People. Yeah. (I actually deserve some sort of medal. Like, I think I'm gonna be putting on my signature something like “I TOOK APART AN ID L, I CAN TAKE APART ANYTHING!”. I mean honestly, if you’re one of those people who question everything, don’t be… Offended. I’m not exactly going to take apart a Macbook Air Pro or whatever the latest gadget is these days, but the iD L is close enough for me). Enfin.
  4. HI there!. I noticed something weird on my english id l. You have tama meal where the male parent of your tama will cook. And tama snack where a female parent of the tamagotchi will cook. Now when i choose tama snack i only will see my memetchi the first girl i raised. This were my tama characters in order. Memetchi Gozurutchi Melodytchi Melodytchi Perotchi Thank you!
  5. Hello tamtalk? I'm kinda new here, I usually register in blogs of the fandoms I'm in so I can keep with the news and stuff, I don't usually post much anywhere, but in this case it's nice to know what other users think, getting a new tamagotchi is something really pricey and is a decission one shouldn't take too easilly xD Well, lemme present myself, I'm Myiko, male, turning 18 in october, studying to be an artist in the future, so Hi tamatalk~ I stopped playing with tamas before the release of the tama-go, but recently with the release of the Tamagotchi LIFE app, I ended up here in tamtalk, I started looking around and found about all those cool new tamas that have been released since then, and I decided to get a new one to bring back the good memories~~ What tama I decided to choose? the Tamagotchi Friends obviously, since it was the latest release. But, once I was looking for TFs on ebay, I found a TMGC+C for 4$ less than the cheapest TF I found, even though I wanted the TF I ended up getting the TMGC+C, because I thought it would be harder to get the TMGC+C in the future, and I really wanted one... So what do you think guys, was that a good decision? TMGC+C over TF? I know the choice is done, but I wanted to know what other people think haha, I understand the TF has much more options and characters since it's newer, and it's also in english! that's important xD, but the TMGC+C has color, characters I like (I hate half of the TF's girls uh) and the best tamagotchi shell so far, so simple and not girly looking~~ I'm just worrying because of the japanese, little characters and how old the TMGC+C is, but for me it has always seemed to be one of the best tamas ever, so I hope is not too much trouble to use, I'll have to learn a little of japanese I guess Well, my boyfriend got me my blue TMGC+C so I still don't have it, but he'll give it to me next week, I can't wait Well, appart from that, I don't wanna make another thread so I wanted to ask another question. If I enjoy the TMGC+C I'll be considering on getting a new japanese tamagotchi, and I'm not sure if I should get an ID L, a ID L 15th, or a 4U. (I don't like the P's and the ID looks boring) so far the one I like the most is the 15th, since I like almost every character (and it has ura characters yay), and it has all the features of an ID L, the downside? the price the 15th version is about 20€ more expensive than the regular one. What do you think guys? are the 20€ worth it for getting the characters I like? does the 15th version have any other inporvements? is king kikitchi in both? (sorry I just love kikitchi) I'll also consider on getting a 4U instead, but that depends only in the new features and the reviews I see when it gets released, I love it so far, it's a wonderful tama with tons of customization, but it seems to focuse too much on adult stage and it will probably be even more expensive than the ID L 15 xD Sorry for the boring long topic, have a nice day
  6. I'm pretty new to the world of color tamagotchis. I have had a P's for less than a week, and I am in love with it! I also have an ID L coming in the mail. I have a few questions about connecting the different versions. What color tamas can connect? What color tamas can marry? More specifically: Can a P's marry an ID L? Can a regular ID connect to a P's? I was looking for some connection charts, but they only go up to the V6 or Tama-go..
  7. Hello guys! Im getting an ID L yay! (English) And would love to here about your reviews experiences with your ID L! Please also post in the poll here about colors! And does anyone know what batteries i need? I heard AAA. So yeah. Just post about your ID L and such!
  8. I've been trying to get all the happy symbols for Kuishinbotchi, I found the overalls and the restaurant item....can't remember what it's actually called but I know some people call it a dumpling. Anyway, I caved and looked up some guides but they all say his 3rd happy stamp comes from cloud candy that you can buy at the tamadepa for both id L original and Princess Spacy. But you can't get cloud candy from the tamadepa on the PS version. Anyone got any ideas?
  9. I read a few posts saying that the +C can connect to iD Ls including the Princess Spacy through choosing the first option on + colour and the third connection option on the iD L. I've tried this quite a few times now and they still won't connect! They don't even get a no connection symbol (blue with the cross between the hearts), they both continue to be on the darker coloured connecting screen and then go back to my tamas in their separate living rooms. Anyone know what the problem could be?
  10. Hi guys, I've had my id L for a while but only recently started looking after it properly. I've got Makiko at the moment and I'm trying to get all the happy stickers, I've gotten all but one and it's the one for using the make-up bag that you're supposed to be able to buy from the TamaDepa, but the bag doesn't seem to be there. I have the Japanese one so I might not be recognising it if the item looks a bit strange but I've bought everything except the microphone and toy car from the TamaDepa and tried using them all to get this sticker but nothing is working. Has anyone else had this problem or knows how to fix it? I'd love to be able to get a full happy bar for Makiko. Wasn't sure if this was a common problem which is why I posted it here instead of in the advanced users questions.
  11. I am looking to get an ID L here in the next few days, and so I have been searching for a compatable Infrared USB adaptor in order to get the many downloads. Would this adapter work with the ID L? Thanks in advance!~
  12. Hey guys^^ yesterday, i got the notification that my Tamagotchi ID L are at the custom office. I was very mad, because the seller wrote the declaration wrong and thats why i had to go to the custom office today. After work, my dad drove me and my sister to the custom office - an one hour drive through hell. because there is really bad weather at the moment (hurricane Xaver) and unfortunately am i car sick. after the first 20 minutes i felt reeeeeeally really queasy. anyway, at the custom office, i had to open the package that the customs official could check the content. it was really cool that he knew what a tamagotchi is ^^ everything was all right, so i just had to pay the import vat and now i'm a proud owner of an blue ID L. at the ride home, i started to unbox the tmgc. it was quite hard, because i was so excited and it was really good packaged. but it has distracted me from my car sick ^^' after i have inserted the batteries, the tama was ready and after another minute hatched my cute new baby tamagotchi - a Momoirotchi *.* during the first hour until she evolves to a toddler, i have poked a round a little bit in the menu, bought some stuff and played with her. i was a bit scared because it's my first japanese tama, but like the most of you say, it's really no problem when you know how to take care about the older tamagotchis in the meanwhile i arrived at home and 10 minutes later, momoirotchi evolved into paletchi ^____^ here you can see paletchi in the garden with her first planted seed: it's hard to see, but it's snowing ♥ later i went shopping and was suprised to see that paletchi fell asleep during i bought some christmas-chocolate it was a rough day and now, my sweet little paletchi is sleeping in her bed and i put my lovely new tmgc in it's crochet cover for the night and placed it next to my pillow. thanks again to Carol_tama now it's time for me to say good night: good night everyone ^____^
  13. Hello everyone, I have a tamagotchi V3. I like my V3 too much and I'm thinking to buy tamagotchi id l or friends. Which one should I buy? Tamagotchi friends is new and have more features (ı guess) but it's greyscale screen. Tamagotchi ID L is a bit older and it has less features (ı guess) but it's colored. I can't choose... (I also looked at P's but it's in Japan but i'm still thinking for it)
  14. Hello everyone. I read a lots of threads about this subject, but found no helpful answer. I bought a Nokia 6230 (saw on Tama-Zone that this phone will work), downloaded all files from gotchiworld. de and even from tama-zone. I transfered the files via usb-cable to my phone. when I sent the files from the phone, it did it succesfully, but on the Tamagotchi appeared the blue hearts. it doesn't work with any file, neither for the iD L, nor the P's. First I had an irda to usb device, but I don't like such dongles. After that didn't worked well, I bought this phone. So it's a little sad that this second method doesn't work as well. what can I do in this case? It would be very nice if anybody could help me with this problem.
  15. Hey guys, So, I noticed that there's downloadable content for the ID L that you need to obtain via IrDA transfer. I saw the thread concerning which cellphones and USB devices work for transfering the data on Tama-Zone... but what device is easier? In addition, which cellphone or USB model is the most reliable/straight forward to use? I'm really interested in trying out the downloadable content, so your help is appreciated!
  16. So this is TamaMama here, getting ready to start my log. I got my ID L on Christmas, and admittedly i haven't played them in a while. but I'm starting up again! Ill start with some pictures of it- so here is with and without the case(made by oddsandendswithlove) ">http:// ">http:// What about me? Me: i was just giving them pictures of your house first. ​don't they care about me? Course they care about you its just- Sniff sniff oh come on. Lip starts to tremble Ok ok! il post some pictures! Really! Yes! sheesh. The is my Emotionally unstable delicate but cute Cream Puff. shes a Perotchi. Why did you name me Cream Puff? Im not that Puffy am I?Is it my head? I alway thought it was a little thick…. sniff siff Well when you were little you were a Rorutchi, and you looked like a little dessert. Still. Anyway………. Here she is, very pretty in her blue dress and, is that a seashell? ">http:// It was on sale. Wait your doing THAT picture? NOOOO!!!
  17. I plan to take my ID L with me up to Queensland when I go there for the Christmas holidays, but of course I'll be going by car. Here's the thing: A stuffy car does get quite hot (up to 5-8 degrees hotter than outside at times, and Queensland is normally much warmer than Sydney) and I'm worried about accidentally cooking my ID L or having the batteries explode, especially when the pouch I keep them in is padded and fleecy from the outside and will therefore likely quite warm in extreme heat. This goes for my Tamagotchi P's as well since it's one of my Christmas presents. Would it be safer for me to take out and store the batteries away from my Tamas or would they be fine as they are? If so, how should I store them so they don't get damaged? Note that both sets of course are AAA batteries, one set is rechargeable (ID L) and the other set are the originals that come with the toy by default (P's). Also note that the batteries in the Tamagotchi P's will not be in the toy until I actually get it on Christmas day, travelling up they'll stay in the box, and my dads car boot is covered so our luggage will not be in direct sunlight, and yes, our air conditioner does work so it'll probably be on most of the trip.
  18. hey guys, i'm a little worried about the screen of my iD L. yesterday my 2nd generation started with a nittobotchi. at the same evening he evolved into kaubotchi and immediately fell asleep. this morning i fed him for the 1st time a rice bowl from the fridge. and every time i feed him, the background going red. as you can see, kaubtochi, the chair, desk and the food have the normal color, but the whole background is red. note: this happens only by feeding from the fridge. when he's eating outside, the background has the normal color. does this happend to anyone else before? do i have to be scared? what can i do?
  19. This is a really exciting story, and I didn't know where to post this, so I am posting it here. Admin, please move if I have popped this in the wrong place. This is also a photo heavy post. I apologize I couldn't resize the photos from my phone. So, today my boyfriend (Patrick) and I were shopping late this afternoon - and we always manage to end up in Toys R Us, just for fun, and to have a look around. Patrick and I wandered into the aisle that has a lot of Pokemon merchandise, and we were looking through some things and having a good old chat. Suddenly, Patrick yelled "Micky!" and I turned around and let out the biggest gasp - THERE WERE TAMAGOTCHI ID L ON THE SHELVES! I took photos, because I was 100% sure people on here would think that I am lying. I don't make this stuff up, guys! On shelf/hanging thingies: Colours available: I had to buy one! Back of the packaging shows distributor in Australia: And that was my adventure for the day. If you are in the ACT, Australia, check out Toys R Us in your area of town - they may just stock some. Better yet, everyone in Australia check out your Toys R Us. You might just get lucky with snaring one! If you got to the end of this post - congrats.
  20. The Generation Hatch is starting in 3 days, and I've prepared the hatch by creating a Microsoft Excel table of things I should record for my ID L 15th Anniversary. It feels as though I'm missing something. I haven't added weight to the chart because it mostly ends up at 15 grams (I have an ongoing chart for my Tama P's). I considered adding year of obtaining Tamatomo, but they've all been 4 except for one, but that's been an exception. What do you recommend I should add to the chart? There's only two baby Tamas, but should I add it anyway or is it just a waste of space? P.S. A "Phase" is when A Tama has had to reset due to death or departure. A "Generation" is of course the number of generations it's went through
  21. So here is the story, I have a glitched english as many of you know. I just bought a nice new white Japanese iD L and finally got it today. So you know, no more problems. At first I was a bit upset because there are many scratches on it. Just when I was starting to get over that, I was playing with it and the screen went totally white! At first it started flashing, then it went white and I could do nothing! There was no sound or anything..and then it died. I put new batteries in it and it seems back to normal, but has anyone had this happen to you before? Even on my english, if the batteries are low it will tell you. This was very different. I am worried. For some reason I have a lot of bad luck with these things.
  22. I wanted to try out downloading items onto my Tamagotchi id L. Can anyone suggest brands of USB irDA attachments that have been proven to work? I'm a little hesitant to purchase something I've never used before!
  23. I know there is a program you can use to make your own downloads..(I am not so good with that) but I was just wondering if there are lists of some of the things people have made that they have shared with everyone? I remember my friend once got some downloads here for spirited away and lord of the rings items that someone made. If you have any to share that would be helpful. I already have all the regular downloads.
  24. So as it's October 1st & day 2 of me running my new id L, I ran into some triplets at Donut Park. I did a Google search and apparently they are called the Eco-Usatchi. They gave me a bag. I also read that the items they give you get you discounts, which would be helpful to me since I just started playing. I was wondering if I could trick the game into letting me get all three items faster. I changed the date & time to November 1st and it didn't work. Is there a way to do it or do I have to wait the full month?
  25. I have a tube of Displex, and I was wondering if anyone knows if it would help remove scratches from the shiny part of my iD L shell. Not the screen, but the part surrounding it. (The iD L I have is an iD L-E, so I'm wary of trying anything that might ruin it!) Has anyone tried this with Displex and had positive results?