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Found 126 results

  1. Ok, I'll be getting a tama iD L for Christmas and I've seen on YouTube videos people with little key chains or beads or what're on the tamagotchi. How do you do that? Is there a little hole or something the you put it through, or something like that?
  2. Yes, I'm back again I'm very excited to say that I am ordering a Tamagotchi P's very very soon, and will be logging about it here! But until it is in my hands, I will be logging my tamagotchi ID-L, which I've logged before. These are my old logs: Now let's get started. Last night I reset my ID-L, and got a girl Choribotchi Who evolved into a Kingyobotchi right before bed. Kingyobotchi and I played some games today and bought all of her cleaning supplies and some seeds Uneventful, but enough to get the log started! Thanks for reading!
  3. I bought wallpaper for 6000 gotchi points and I want to change is soon. So when I change it, will I be able to get back the 6000 gotchi points wallpaper for free or will I have to pay for it again???
  4. I couldn't find an already existing topic on this (feel free to post a link if I missed it ) so here I am. I was wondering if it's possible to connect a Japanese languaged iD L with an English languaged iD L?
  5. I have a few of them, but I really want to double check. How many secret characters can you get on the Id l? Just the 4? Can I get these 4 characters with a tama P? I really want to buy another tama for these characters, but I don't really want another id l atm...right now I am kind of fascinated by the p, but I need something to get the other characters with on the id l. It is my main priority right now. Also, mine is in you think that might effect anything? Any other tips about connecting these and getting the secret characters? Is one device enough? (Because I thought with some you need to connect to 6 different types..and I do not have 6 to connect with...) Hope I am making sense. Any help is much appropriated.
  6. Welcome to my lil' nest! this is my new and improved tamagotchi log! I am Currently running two tamas, a Tamagotchi P's and an Id L P's, Blue with no pierces, has been running since the 15th of february, 5th gen, 4 tamatomo stamps (Himespetchi, Knightchi, Yukinkotchi, Pekopekotchi) Id l, Green and in english, running since the 21st of february, 3rd gen, 2 tamatomo stamps (Perotchi, Maisutchi) Well i will start logging...Me: Good morning you two! Siena(P's): UGH dont wake me up i like to sleep in! Me: well i have school in 15 min and need to make sure your all taken care of so... yeah! Cailin(Id L): Good morning! aww isn't today a lovely day! Me: O_o could you two sisters be more alike???(they are sisters married my two tamagotchis last gen) Siena: I wish we weren't related then i wouldn't have to put up with ms sunshine every morning!! Cailin: AWW you don't mean that grouchy pants... do you? :'(( Me: well I'm off to school see you in 7 hours be nice to one another 7 hours later..... Cailin and Siena: *cough* *cough* *whimper* *sniffle* wheres joey? Me: im home im sorry i left you two alone!!! but im here to take care of you now! Them: YAYYY... And thats what happened so far today Anyways lets do some improtant details.. Siena is the teen neotchi she has big ear things and is rainbowy Cailin is the teen Hineonetchi she has the blue dress and blonde hair they will turn into adults in less than three hours so i will update you then I will only post pics sometimes... might make a weekly thing of it we will see but i post them all the time on my Instagram (gogozarutchi1) so you can see instant updates there please keep reading i will most likely post everyday but not a long one like this so... it all depends on my schedule. Thanks for reading! Send me a message with any comments or concerns! Please rate and follow!
  7. Hi! I just got an (AWESOME) new P's today, and I really want to connect it to my iD L, but I don't know how! Do I need to be a toddler or something to do it?
  8. I currently have Melodytchi<3 on my iD L Princess Spacy Ver. I'm trying to get her happy symbols, so I looked up on tamazone how to get it, and it didn't say what she liked. I went through it about 3 times but I still didn't find anything, and I checked the iD L's section of happy symbols, but of course the Spacy doesn't have those things. I tried looking it up on Google, and nothing useful came up. Does anyone know what Melodytchi likes? Thank you in advance!!!
  9. Ive collected two different rare items on my ID L so far, but when I try to use them, they will be displayed on the screen for a few seconds, and my tama will smile and thats it. Do they have any actual purpose whatsoever?
  10. Ok, so I know that you can get happy mail and letters in the mail, on the ID L. But... -What is it for? -Where do you get the mail? -I kinda get how you have to give the happy mail to 3 or more people, but, how does that work? -So you can only get mail by downloading it onto the ID L? Sorry I have so many questions!
  11. I just decided to go to Donut Park on my ID L, and when I got there, there was this egg and then it opened up and there were these 3 green tama characters... They started saying something in Japanese that I couldn't understand (I don't read Japanese), and then they gave me this golden fork looking thing. I don't know if either they're just any normal people at Donut Park, or if it has something to do with a Tama's birthday because apparently it is someone's birthday on my ID L. Is this normal? :huh:
  12. My Tamagotchi ID L keeps saying Happy Birthday in the backround, and it isn't even close to my birthday! And, it says it for like 2 weeks! And does anyone know if you get a birthday present from it or not? I think I did once....
  13. Hi! I was wondering what the downloading limit was for the ID L. How many Games, Food, Clothes, Backgrounds, etc. can you have?
  14. I've recently noticed a lot of topics asking for before-buy advice for the iD L, so I decided to put together a topic on things you need to know before buying an iD L. Price: The price is an issue, but most think it's worth it. It's your decision if you think it's worth it too. Unfortunately, since the iD L has been out for almost a year, it (along with the 15th Anniversary and Princess Spacy versions) cannot be found on any safe online shopping sites besides eBay. It is not sold in stores anywhere but Japan. Features: The iD L, as you can guess from the price, has a lot of new features. The following things are available on the iD L without downloads: 2 pre-installed, colour games. The games are simple but fun and last 30 seconds each. 1 meal (rice) and 1 snack (box of sweets). Additional foods, both meals and snacks, can be grown from seeds. Seeds. These can be purchased at TamaDepa (the in-game store) for Gotchi Points, and the next morning will grow into a food or item. Cafes/restaurants. There are three cafes/restaurants on the iD L - the restaurant, the bakery and the Tama Cafe. Parent visit. Once you get past the first generation, when your Tamagotchi is an adult it can visit its parents. Park. At any stage of life, your Tamagotchi can go to the park and may find another character to play with. Happy symbols. By certain adult characters using certain items, happy symbols are obtained. Four happy symbols can be earned for each generation - three are from items, the last is from having your character as and adult for 48 hours (2 days). On TamaTalk's iD L Guide, found in the Tips & Tricks forum, you can see the happy symbols for all the characters. Interior remodels. One of the destinations you can go to is the Interior Shop. There you can purchase, for Gotchi Points, in-game room remodels. There are five rooms on the iD L which all serve a specific purpose: Main room (where your character stays when it's doing nothing in particular), kitchen (where your character goes to eat), bedroom (where your character sleeps), bathroom (where your character uses the bath) and toilet room (where your character uses the toilet). These rooms can all be remodeled so they look different. Garden. On most Tamas, you press B to go to the time screen, but on the iD L it takes you to the garden (pressing it again takes you to the time screen). In the garden, you can receive letters from Tamas you've connected to and grow plants. Clothes. When your Tama is an adult, you unlock TamaMori, a destination where you can buy in-game clothes using Gotchi Points for your adult character to wear. Travel destinations. For every four unique adult characters that obtain all their happy symbols, a travel destination is unlocked. Some of the unlockable destinations are Henshin Jo (where your character can transform into its Henshin Jo alter ego using specific outfits), Patchi Falls, Melody Land and Concert Hall. Tama Pets. When your character is an adult, it can meet baby-stage-character sized creatures called Tama Pets. Once it has met a Tama Pet 3 times, it can adopt the pet. There are 10 Tama Pets to collect, however collecting them does not unlock anything for your Tama. Downloads: Downloads are not essential for the iD L, but most of the Henshin Jo outfits are download items. It is nice to have downloads but if you are reluctant about spending money on an infrared phone, don't get them. If you have any other questions, please don't hesitate to PM me or ask questions on this topic! Also, if any of my information needs changing, please let me know.
  15. Does anyone know all the Tamagotchi ID L Princess Spacy characters? Please post pictures if possible!! How long do they each live?
  16. I know that you can get pets on the Tamgotchi ID L, but, do you have to be an adult to get one? How do you get one? Help would be appreciated!!
  17. Hey, A while ago when I was thinking of getting an iD L but was curious about how people understood. Someone said that here are a lot of guides online. I was just wondering where I could find a really good guide that shows all the japanese on the iD L in English translations, and if anyone has any tips for the iD L please let me know. Thanks! music_chick_05
  18. Help please! On hobbylink japan, it says that the iD L is backordered. Are they actually going to get some more in or is it going to be forever backordered. Ppppppppppppppppllllllllllleeeaaasssseeee help me!!!!!! (sorry for the urgentness but im rlly sad right now)
  19. Hey, I've been trying to connect my 15th Anniversary iD L, my iD L, and my P's to each other all at once in order to get a connection character, and I'm not having much luck. So, I'm wondering, is this even possible? or do I just have to keep trying until they finally all register one another? or do I need to pick another option? right now i'm just clicking on the "iD L" option for all of them. Thanks!
  20. Hi! c: I'm going to be starting a little collection of downloads I have created, or edited. You can feel free to request any if you'd like! I'm currently working on a few. There will be ones for the P's, the iD L, and the iD. Edited version of the Bunny hat: iD L I haven't released the P's version, as the download I make it doesn't have a white background. I will test the download on the P's and the iD L when I get it.
  21. Also is there an english version of the iD? I hardly know anything about these tamas. Anyway, they are only available in Japan right? So they made a japanese version and an english version yet they aren't released in America? Is it because they were released in some other english speaking country? I probably sound super ignorant but I just truly dunno!
  22. I heard that my friend said there's Tamagotchi iD L on Indonesia. My friend don't know much about Tamagotchi. After I take a look some pictures of Tamagotchi for my friend, she said that Tamagotchi iD L is sold in Indonesia. I sheldom go to mall, so please help about information about Tamagotchi iD L. My friend said that Tamagotchi iD L that sold in Indonesia is bit more expensive ( English version ) than on USA ( I think ). The price is about 83,33 USD.
  23. So, I received my Tamagotchi ID L English in the mail yesterday - totally excited and worth the money I spent. I shoved my Tamagotchi in my bag, and I was taking care of it periodically throughout the day. However, when I took it out of my bag this afternoon at around 3:30pm - my character was frozen on the screen. :-/ I pressed all the buttons I could think of and nothing happened. I was lucky enough to have a toothpick in my bag, so I did a hard reset and downloaded my character again, which solved the problem - except my clock was reset to 1pm. >< I attributed it to two things that may have happened: - Something in my bag could have pressed on all the buttons and jammed it up. - It was pretty hot today, good old Australian summer... Has this happened to anyone else? Just curious.
  24. So I was wondering, is anyone able to scan the iD L english instructions? I have a Japanese iD L, but I'd like to be able to read the instruction booklet (since the Japanese one looks helpful except IT'S IN A DIFFERENT LANGUAGE I DON'T UNDERSTAND!! ) It would just be nice to know what it says in the instruction book.
  25. Hi guys, I just recently got my ID L, got a Kuishinbotchi now I tried to connect my phone to my tama to send some stuff. It reads my tama and sends the items but then my Tama just says "FAIL" it happens every time, I align them properly. I don't know what's wrong