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Found 127 results

  1. Well, on the 13th of this month, my purple Tamagotchi iD L arrived in the mail from Japan. I was incredibly excited, and started it up right away. After struggling to figure out how to open the back to insert the batteries.... face-palm....I finally got it and set everything up. My name ended up being a bunch of hearts and stuff, as I know zero Japanese. Anywho, the little egg appeared, and out popped a Choribotchi. Cute little thing. I played with her, cleaned up poop after poop (it seemed to never end), and eventually, had a little Paletchi. Paletchi became Painaputchi, and then I got my first adult.... Lovelitchi! There she is with her little pet Harapparatchi. I got three of her four happy seals, the fourth will appear after she's been an adult for long enough. I'm happy with this. No care misses. I don't know who I will try for next. I hope she has a boy after I marry her off so that I can do no care misses again, and get Mametchi. (He's one of my favourites). I apologize for not having more pictures, but I only decided to start this log as soon as I started writing it. I'll take more pictures because I know it makes a log more exciting, and I'll try my best to not bore anyone to tears. Or an angry fit that causes them to throw their computer across the room. Or fall asleep. Or compulsively eat. Anyway, thanks for reading....assuming someone will read it.... Bye!
  2. Hey Guys! So, I am getting a Tamagotchi ID L that is blue that I just bought on amazon last night. I am very anxious because it is my first color (I have previously owned a v5 and v5.5) and the website itself said that it was going to be delivered at my door in two weeks for even three but everyone that bought an ID L there commented that they got it super uper duper fast and got it in a WEEK! Im going to blog some things ( I dont know how to upload pictures though... ) so lets all hope that this doesn't FAIL! Also, can someone help me??? IDKY but this topic was put in non tamatalk area......
  3. I am planning on getting a Tamagotchi iD-L. However, should I get a Tamagotchi iD-L, or an iD-L 15th anniversary version? From what I saw, the iD-L had nicer shell designs than the 15th anniversary version, but the 15th anniversary had better characters. However, I did not look closely at the shell designs. So, which should I get? I think that on CD Japan, they are about the same price, but again I may be wrong. Thanks! Amat Gotchi
  4. Hello! I have a Tamagotchi iD L for a week now, and I'm loving it. My question is about the Interior Shop: When you see the options for new wallpapers for your tama's house, they only appear as small icons, like this: http://i323.photobuc...nteriorshop.jpg I would like to actually see the wallpapers before spending money on them, because the icon really doesn't show much. I've bought a few that looked cool in the icon, but I didn't like them when I saw their full version, in the house. Does anyone know where I could see a chart showing all default wallpapers? Thank you!
  5. On the iD L, when you have Kuromametchi's Henshin Jo "Metal Kuromametchi", and give him the electric guitar item, he will play this: ...which sounds rather similar to this (At Doom's Gate from the game "DOOM")... It may well be a coincidence; that guitar riff is very common. Other songs that may have inspired it include Metallica's Master of Puppets, Metal Militia, No Remorse, Slayer's Behind the Crooked Cross, and many others. Either way, Kuro's song isn't original; he must have gotten it from somewhere... EDIT: File attachment isn't working...
  6. Hi! I don't know if I put this in the right place, but I'm looking for a list of all the destinations and icons to be unlocked in the TMGC iD L 15th Anniversary version and how many Tamatomo stamps they require. I searched for a list but couldn't find one...I think I saw one a while ago but I've lost the link to it, so I'd appreciate someone giving me the link to the list or making a new one.
  7. Hiii! Guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat? At the 2012 Tokyo Toy Show in Japan, Bandai is going to release ANOTHER iD L version. And guess what? ** ominous silence ** It's gonna be all about... The girly-eyed Mametchi! Wheeeeeeeeeee! Sorry, I ADORE the way Mametchi looks to Himespetchi. X3 Here's a picture from Tamagotchi Channel: I'm surprised Bandai is making a fourth iD L, but as long as it's Mascara Mametchi, I am SO gonna get it. The features and stuff have not yet been revealed... I can't wait! And at the Toy Expo, they're gonna have people dressed up in giant girly-eyed Mametchi costumes. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! The kids will run off screaming in the opposite direction. But that's besides the point...
  8. Hi guys! I tried accessing from my phone and it seemed to work! There's a new game I downloaded and sent over to my Tama and I think I should share it to you guys here. It's called "Morimoriotedama" (Morimori beanbags). This is a reaction game. In this game, Moriritchi will try to juggle several items and balance herself. Every time she's about to fall to the left, press the A button quickly, and when she's about to fall to the right, press B. This is the download link --> http://www.mediafire...6o75d5zv235edvt Enjoy guys!
  9. Hi guys, forgive my weird question but what are the weather patterns present in the iD L? I've encountered the fair and rainy weather; and I like how the sky imitates the current time such as day/night. Are there any other weather conditions aside from the two?
  10. Hi! I made this topic because I'm soon getting a 15th anni. iD L and I NEED to keep it in good condition. However, all my Tamas so far, particularly my iD Ls and iD L Princess Spacy, have fallen to screen damage. My first iD L's screen is beyond terrible, I can barely see the screen, and my second iD L has about ten scratches. My Princess Spacy is in some ways the worst, although it is not yet two months old - half the screen is lighter than the other half and it has two major scratches. How do I keep the screens in good condition? Please help!
  11. Here's the deal: I was tired of getting perfect care characters all the time, so I planned on giving Baka, 10th generation on my iD L, the worst possible care to get a new character for the TamaTomo book. I let him go to sleep with almost empty hunger and happiness. Then... disaster. I slept in! I heard the death beep, and tried to reset it so he wouldn't die but it was too late... He was just a toddler (the cowboy dude) and he died quite a long time ago...about two weeks, I think, but I felt that I had to create a memorial for him anyway. I will never do that to an iD L again. Sorry, Baka, for letting you die... and sorry for calling you such a cruel name for you to be remembered by (Baka is Japanese for moron). ~ EMF
  12. Hello! I have Kuchipatchi on my iD L but when I take him to the Henshin Jo he won't transform! I thought he turned into a dinosaur, because it shows him like that on the instructions... I'm sure I bought all the stuff and got everything from the plants. Can anyone tell me if Kuchipatchi has a Henshin Jo transformation? Do you need to download an item or something?
  13. Hi, everyone. I'm new here and don't know if this topic has been posted by others or not. Can anyone tell me how we know if our tamagotchi ID L is running out of battery? Is there any way to check the battery status? Thanks in advance.
  14. I noticed ever since it was cloudy a few days ago in my iD L, the head and arms of Amanda, my Uwasatchi, turned into a dark grey color. I assumed it was because of the weather giving her a gloomy mood, but she hasn't changed since. Is this a glitch or do I need to do something to her/for her to make her normal again? Thanks!
  15. Hello... I am up to generation 10 on my iD L and guess how many different adults I have? 6. 6! 10 generations, 6 different characters! I want to unlock a new location besides Henshin Jo, but noooooooooooooooooo... I have so far collected these characters in my book: Mametchi (2 of him) Kuromametchi Kuishinbotchi (2 of him) Lovelitchi (2 of her) Perotchi (2 of her) Uwasatchi I know some characters you can only get by connecting--like Madonnatchi if you connect to 6 different friends and Giragiratchi if you connect to the same friend 30 times--but does anyone have any tips on how to get characters I haven't collected yet? I reeeeeeeaallly want to unlock Melody Land and Concert Hall... ~ EMF
  16. ...Well...I want to download for my iD L but I have no clue whatsoever. What sort of USB cable thingamabob do I need to download it from my computer (not mobile phone)? I would like a pic of one and I would like to know if you can get them from electronic stores instead of online... I also need to know what site to download from and what to click on and WHAT you can download--I know you can download house models but can you download clothes and stuff? Sorry I'm so clueless. ~ EMF
  17. ive been hearing about ID L tamas. what are they?
  18. Basically this cheat is all about planting trees and making them grow up instantly. If you don't like fiddling with the time... oh well. 1. Buy and plant a seed. 2. Set time to 11:59PM. 3. When it's midnight - and this is very important - set the time to one minute BEFORE YOUR TAMAGOTCHI WAKES UP. If you set it to any time in the day it will not work. Usually Tamas wake up at 7:59 4. When your Tama wakes up go outside and the seed will grow up and give you a goodie. 5. Do it millions of times to get millions of goodies. If you get doubles, that's okay because you can sell them at Tama Market and make tons of gotchi. I think this cheat should work for other versions with trees too. ~ EMF
  19. Hi! I have an id l but there are many things that confuse me. I adopted a Tama Pet...but now I want a different one, so how do I take the current one back? Also, my Tama is an adult but I cannot find Henshi Jo or any of the other places you can go. And one more thing; sometimes my Lovelitchi appears close to the screen talking to me, and the attention icon is highlighted, but I cannot work out why that happens or what to do! Please help.
  20. Hello! I am not sure where to post this but I am currently smashing everything in sight like the Hulk after eating too many sweets because yesterday I got what was SUPPOSED to be a 15th Anniversary iD L from Japan Trend Shop. Zink. It was a purple NORMAL iD L. I was wondering why the instructions had all the characters from the original iD L, such as Uwasatchi and Bokutchi, but no sign of characters from the 15th Anniversary iD L, such as Himetchi and Momotchi. I was wondering why it didn't say "15" at the top, and why it didn't look like what I remembered because, as you know, the purple 15th Anniversary iD L is lighter than the normal purple one. I already sent Japan Trend Shop a complaint but I'm not sure what will happen. All I know is, whoever did this is gonna PAY.
  21. OOOOPS! It turns out there was a bit of misunderstanding; I will get my 15th Anniversary iD L on roughly the 15th, NOT the 29th! So I have to make a new topic. You will have to post in this one now. Things you should know: You do NOT have to reset your Tama; starting the hatch anywhere around the given date is fine. You can hatch anytime during the day. Color Tamagotchis only. March 15th is a short time away so join ASAP! ~ EMF ♥
  22. Here is just a poll about id l / 15th anniv. id l that I am starting to see what everyone thinks.
  23. I ORDERED A 15TH ANNIVERSARY ID L ON MARCH 1! And it said "Please allow 28 days for delivery." O_o I'm waiting and I decided to start this hatch to pass the time. It will take place 28 days after I made my purchase (March 29) at anywhere between 10:00am to midnight, lol, and I will accept all color screen Tamas such as... TMGC + C ID Hexagontchi ID L 15th Anniversary ID L I hope you can participate! ~ EMF ♥
  24. I was wondering if I should buy the iD L or Color version. I have save up enough money but which one should I get??????????????????? And I can't read japanese which one might be less confusing? Thanks 4 your help guys! :ichigotchi:
  25. So I heard that one of the new features with the ID L is you can eat at your ancestors house. How ? Thanks