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Found 15 results

  1. Recently I've been scanning Ebay while attempting to sell off a few of my Tamas when I came to the realization that the once cheaper sales of Tamagotchis from Japanese buyers are steadily raising their pricing to match US sellers, but with huge shipping costs and 1+ month wait time to receive the Tama. Now, that's not the case with all the Japanese sellers, I personally saw some rather amazing Tamagotchi Angels star out rather cheap on auctions, but By It Nows are mainly what I'm talking about now. I understand the large mark up in price when people sell locally. It's a common practice for US sellers to do such on items that are rather uncommon to rare in US markets, but why are the Japanese sellers starting to do the same? Wouldn't people rather buy from US sellers instead? Maybe i'm just thinking too hard into this. Another note worth mentioning that certain Tamas seems to sell best in phases. What I mean by this is that a month ago P1s and P2s sold as well as the Tamagotchi Connections, but here lately are a very hard press sell. Even if you just stick to Connections, a V1 is next to impossible to sell against a V2 and a V2 next to impossible to a V4/5 (I skip v3 because I don't see them sell well to start with). When it comes to Japan sellers, this doesn't seem the issue. The sells of all versions seem to be rather stable across the board. Again, maybe I'm thinking too hard into this, but this has been what's in my thoughts here lately as a Tamagotchi buyer, seller, and collector. What are your thoughts? : ) Love to hear them
  2. Hello, Has anyone seen this v-pet? I found the anime online and I found out that it has a v-pet. The anime only has three characters on it, so I think the v-pet has 3 characters on it at the most. Here is the synopsis from "The story revolves around a girl named Yuuka, who encounters a being from the depths of the Earth named Chii-chan (a pun of chiteijin, the Japanese word for underground-dweller), and an alien named Ucchan (a pun of uchuujin or alien). The story follows their heartwarming and chaotic everyday lives together." You can order it online at Does anyone know anything about this v-pet?
  3. Hey! Today, I was experimenting around with my Japanese and ended up finding this piece of artwork: Tanpopo: (Tomomi..... awae (??? Not too sure about this symbol) mo.....。) Tomomi: (.............ha?) I guess Tanpopo adores her or something. Glad to see the Japanese fandom haven't forgotten about those two! Have any of you found cute or weird Japanese artwork of Tamagotchi? Send in some stuff you've found!
  4. Hello fellow TamaTalkers! A few weeks back I went on a trip to Japan and I was able to drop by the Tama Depa store located in Harajuku District in Tokyo. It was one of the highlights of my trip and I figured I'd take some photos and share it with everybody! Of course, on the storefront is a display of the latest Tamagotchi device, the Tamagotchi m!x! Right behind this same display sits a bunch of Tamagotchi-designed food items! I bought one of the Mametchi-branded Tamagotchi Drops I docked my m!x on their Tamagotchi m!x station and was able to grab a few items and met some new characters. Plush section - they have quite a bunch of little Tamagotchi stuffed plushes of many different varieties and keychains. I've always wanted a Mametchi plush, so I did not pass up this opportunity! Kuchipatchi is still pretty much popular in Japan, hence his own line of products (Sorette Kuchipatchi) has its own dedicated shelf space! Some other miscellaneous stuff (and Tamagotchi donuts!) : I walked out of the store a one happy kid - and yeah that Tamagotchi song that's being played inside on a loop is stuck in my head for the rest of the day! Though I am slightly disappointed that they don't sell 4U+s anymore (I still don't have that version); I can say that I love the place and I'm definitely going back there! Also props to my aunt and cousins who live there and taught me how to use the local trains. I'm not exactly sure of what else to post, so let's use this thread to talk about Tama Depa, shall we?
  5. A photo I took of the Mametchi statue outside Bandai Headquarters Tokyo.

    © Taken by Yumecantchi000~

  6. I have ordered this V-pet from Japan and does wondering does anyone have English instructions for it or if they currently have one? thanks =)
  7. (Apologies if the title is misleading!!) I'm interested in getting a Tamagotchi V3 because, in my opinion, it's the best "basic" Tamagotchi toy out there; I lost the Blue Camo one I purchased years ago and I've regretted it ever since. I've been extremely diligent in trying to find one that is brand new and in a shell color/design that I'd be happy with using every day, the thrilling feeling of cracking into the packaging of your brand new friend is amazing and rewarding, but finding one in English has been a pain only made worse by the limited amount of sellers willing to ship items to Canada. However, there are several sealed, unused, and affordable V3s on eBay boasting "JAPAN IMPORT" in their ad titles. I understand that these will be in the Japanese language (I am interested in learning, and Tamagotchis are generally user-friendly, as they use symbols, actions, sounds, and expressions to convey most of their needs; text and language are secondary to this, as all of you know) but I am concerned about their legitimacy, as I am not well read into the differences between the Japanese and North American releases. So, I am reaching out in hopes of some guidance so I do not waste my already dwindling funds on a leisure toy that will certainly bring me happiness and a good dose of nostalgia. Here are a few examples of the V3s I've found that I am also interested in: one two three four (Note that I am assuming they are V3s due to the antenna(?) decoration present on their shells) Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide me with some comprehensive information on this topic, and to all those who are reading.
  8. Okay hey. So I have 4 questions for y'all. I'd really appreciate it if you answered them.. 1. I'm going to visit Harajuku in a week. I was wondering what versions of Tamagotchi can you find? Are they all Japanese id Ls and P's? 2. I am thinking of getting a v6/Music Star. This sounds crazy but I find my v4.5 a little too easy and simple for me. Do you think I should get one? 3. Does buying a used Tama matter? If I restart I can change the username, right? And erase all data? 4. Can a Japanese connection version connect with an English connection version? Thanks so much!
  9. Hello! I finally decided on which version of Tamagotchi I should get, a Tama-Go! I was hesitating between the V4 and Go, but yeah the Go sounds awesome. So anyways, I was browsing on Ebay lately and I found THE perfect Go!!!! It's green and shiny and pretty and comes with lovely Mametchi *o* THE THING... Is that it's from Japan. The instructions are in English and in Japanese. But the English translation doesn't always mean the toy is going to be in English, I learned from experience with fakes... Will it be in Japanese? Link: Theres also this pink one with a frog, I like it too but I really prefer this green one Thanks you very much for your help!! Mozaique
  10. Please, Tamagotchi Fans know this kind of problem? My Tamagotchi Plus Color (TMGC+C) Japan version's time is freezing so the egg can't hatch and can't play at all. I change the battery, try reset and loading still the same. The screen just display egg is moving without hatching and i check the time is not ticking. Any solution to fix it? Thanks before.
  11. Hiii! Guesswhatguesswhatguesswhat? At the 2012 Tokyo Toy Show in Japan, Bandai is going to release ANOTHER iD L version. And guess what? ** ominous silence ** It's gonna be all about... The girly-eyed Mametchi! Wheeeeeeeeeee! Sorry, I ADORE the way Mametchi looks to Himespetchi. X3 Here's a picture from Tamagotchi Channel: I'm surprised Bandai is making a fourth iD L, but as long as it's Mascara Mametchi, I am SO gonna get it. The features and stuff have not yet been revealed... I can't wait! And at the Toy Expo, they're gonna have people dressed up in giant girly-eyed Mametchi costumes. EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! The kids will run off screaming in the opposite direction. But that's besides the point...
  12. Hello...I do NOT want to be offensive and I respect Japan, but I've been ordering Japanese Tamagotchi stuff and I was wondering if it would have dangerous radiation. I've heard the radiation problem is even worse than what was previously thought, and that radiation sticks to EVERYTHING! I know it sounds silly, but is buying Tamagotchis from Japan safe?
  13. So, title is explanatory. Talk about figures here, tell us what you've got in your collection, what you want, what you're gonna get/is coming in the mail, and also warn people about sellers that sell horrible bootlegs (Which are only good for painting over to make a completely different character). Is anyone besides me (And obviously NN) into collecting anime figures? If you dun know what anime figures are, google them. Famous lines include Nendoroid by Good Smile Company and Figma by Max Factory. There are other brands too. I have a good sized collection (Too lazy to post a pic, but there's on my deviant if you wanna see), I've got a Homura Akemi (Madoka Magica) figma, and a Kagami Hiiragi (Lucky Star) figma, as well as lots of other figures. I don't own any Nendoroids, but I do got two Nendoroid Puchi/Petits- a Near (Death Note) one, and a Neru Akita (Vocaloid) one. I plan on getting my hands on the Mami Tomoe (Madoka Magica) nendoroid ASAP. It is just so darn cute >.< I also would like to get a Kyon Disappearance ver. (Haruhi Suzumiya) nendoroid and a Kamui Kobayashi (Some real life dude) nendoroid. I really want a Flandre Scarlet (Touhou) nendoroid, but ohmygodit'ssoexpensivedarnit *tears*
  14. I was wondering if anyone thought it would fun if there was a third Tamagotchi movie. I was thinking there should be a third one with the new characters from the anime like Lovelin and Meloditchi, even though the Happiest Story in the Universe hasn't even been in English yet. That would be a great idea, don't you think?
  15. Hellow Tamatalkers! I'm posting this because I live in the US, and actually have never been out of the country, not once. I sooo wish I could go to the Tama Department store in Tokyo someday, but it will probably be a long long way off until I ever do! So what I was wondering is if there is anyone out there who has ever gotten to go or knows someone who has and what it was like?! I would love to hear details! I'm just so stoked to know there is a Tamagotchi store out there.... just wish there was one here in the US. Is there anyone out there who has gotten to experience the awesome-ness of the Tama Depa???