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Found 3 results

  1. I’d like to see the cafe put into use. Like a cake decorating game or a sweets matching game. There’s a building under construction too and I wonder if that’s decorative or it’s a possible new feature that hasn’t been added. Maybe it can be something just for none adult Tamagotchi since the dating game is for adults only? Like a Kids Palace with something that you can move your Tama through an obstacle course and the faster you complete it the better the prize? I also wish that along with a new visitor every month we got new prizes for winning the restaurant and fruits catching game. Also I wish we could transfer gotchi points we won without needing an item. It’s annoying that we need to have a item to transfer in order to get the option to transfer gotchi points too.
  2. Hi! I'm brand new to Tamagotchi collecting and I'm not sure what tamas to get! I currently have a pink anniversary M!X with everything unlocked and a V5 Tamagotchi Connection that I got in the mail two days ago. I just made my tamatalk account today and I read through everything, but if I'm in the wrong place please let me know and I'll be sure to look at things more carefully in the future. My question is, what kind of Tamagotchi is best for being on vacation? We always travel by car and I can't drive, so I'd like a Tamagotchi that has really good mini games, or maybe just a variety of mini games/things to do. Since we're in the car I also need one that has decent battery life. I would like one that isn't too well needy, as once we're actually at our vacation spot I likely won't be able to spend too too much time with it, though checking it every once in a while or pausing it I have no issue with. I'll be in the car with other people so the ability to mute it would be highly appreciated. I know there's one Tamagotchi that you can get an app for and download content onto? I'm not certain it'll work on my phone (iPhone 6+), or if it needs the internet to do so, but I'm open to getting something cheap that may work with it. I have a fair amount of money I can spend though I'd prefer not to spend over $100, and honestly $50 is where I start to get iffy. I will and can gladly research different Tamagotchis and see which ones I like the most, not to mention my birthday is here in just a few days and I've asked for some Tamas from that too, though the most likely gift will be cash, and that only gives me more room to figure out my car entertainment plans. I'm open to looking at non-Tamagotchi virtual pets as well, though since I know how to get better information on Tamagotchi's I'd prefer those! I'm open to any suggestions, thank you so much and have a nice day! TLDR; I go on a lot of summer car trips and would like a virtual pet (Tamagotchi preference) to play with on the road. I need something with plenty to do and a good battery life that isn't too needy/can be paused and can be muted as well. A point in the right direction or any suggestions would be highly appreciated. Thank you!
  3. Hello everyone! I have created a few surveys which you can all take part in that will help us in deciphering and forming the perfect character chart! This is all just purely for our own entertainment. Unless of course Bandai stumble upon the statistics and use them for the next Tamagotchi product! c; Basically, you just need to write in your favourite toddler, teenager and adult ranging from Connection v1-TamaTown Tama-Go. Keep in mind, I have only included the English products and I will probably create more surveys for the other less well-known ones that I have left out, such as the Oceangotchi, Angelgotchi etc. All links to forum threads with character charts within are attached on each question. Before you point out the obvious, yes I haven't left questions for favourite oldie characters and babies as there are only a limited amount of oldies and Bandai usually design new baby sprites. I hope you all complete these surveys and once there is a (hopefully) substantial amount of responses, I will eradicate the current links to the questions and announce the results! c: Thank you in advanced! Survey I Survey II Survey III