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Found 73 results

  1. Yes, I know this has already been asked and answered in another question, but the answer didn't work! My shop doesn't re-stock, even after trying the 10:59 cheat. It has been quite a while since it was re-stocked (with it mostly on pause, playing once a day, every day). How can I re-stock it, without using that 10:59 time change? (I also don't want to keep it un-paused, because I like it the way it is, being a teen and all.) I really hope that isn't the only way to re-stock the shop!) Please help!
  2. Hi guys! I'll be posting a log for my brand new Tama-Go on both here (and my Tumblr) until I get bored and forget. Background information: I'm fourteen (almost fifteen), this is my second Tamagotchi (my first was the v. 4.5 a few years back), and I'm highly enjoying the Tama-Go. This is yesterday's log, I'll be updating later tonight with the current one. Thank you to my friend for buying me this childhood memoir for my birthday! I really appreciate it! I used to have a v. 4.5 back in fifth and sixth grade… until my mom got mad at me and threw it away. I was kinda surprised to see the huge size different between that and the Tama-Go. I do, however, really appreciate how it only requires AAA batteries versus the old, more harder to find (within the house) CR2032 ones. Physically, it’s not THAT bad. I don’t like the idea of having to switch characters to get more games/items/features in general. I currently have Kuchipachi. Stupid marketing. Love the removable faceplate though, leaves room for creativity and artistic hands… both of which I don’t have. I set it up [yesterday], checked out some features. Only TWO games without the character? Although they're pretty nice, I'm a bit disappointed. the shop is kind of … ridiculously small. Otherwise, all other functions seem pretty familiar. The park (and later dating area) ideas are a nice touch. Training? It’s going to be hard for me, since even though it’s the summer, I have school, and putting it on sleep consistently, especially during the day, isn’t going to help increase that. But otherwise, I guess that overall, this is a nice version. Also, my Tama Town won’t work. It won’t even let me make an account, it just stops at the review information screen. Kind of irritating, because I wanted to check out the rest of the features. I had a girl Nokotchi, which after a while, turned into a Hoshitchi. I’m trying to take good-average care of it (screwed it over by not knowing what to do while it was a baby, found out AFTER that babies are super needy and you can actually gain training points by disciplining, praising, etc). Also didn’t know you could overfeed. Oops, now I know why all my Tamagotchi turned out so ugly before… Hopefully, according to the evolution chart based on care, the teen will turn into a Mikazukitchi or Shellkitchi. After that, I’m hoping for a Violetchi, Memetchi, or Loveitchi. However, I feel like it’s a bit too late - currently, she’s at 15lb (won’t go down anymore, and whenever she gains I play games to make it to back), With a MOSTLY consistent 5-hearts on Hunger and Happiness, 6-hearts on friendship, and FIVE training bars out of 13. I still have a while until it will evolve into a teen, so maybe I’ll be able to make it up? But yeah. Spent money redecorating and bought out all the food in the shop. Once again, NOT ENOUGH. And constantly feeding Hoshitchi pork and beans always makes her so fat. Sigh. Going to play for a bit more, then put it on sleep. Toodles.
  3. yeah..thats it lol it's just a video of how were all there for you anyone out there friends will always be there for you in good or bad times to bad its only like 19 secs i took about 100-203 shots for it i think wow. soo uh yeah here's a gift for everyone inspiration:chamametchiandmametchi because i liked her video so i wanted to make one too this is to all the tamatalkers out there thanks for always being there for me and its also a gift for tamatalk's 8th birthday sorry its so short
  4. Hello! I recently got a tama-go. I wanted to go on tamatown so I tried to sign up, but when the review account page comes and I click the "next" button, it won't work. Please help (by the way I already started my tamago).
  5. Okay, so I can't be bothered finding my old log, and while I'm in the joint log, I'm only logging the Music Star there, so this log is a fresh new start for my other three, which are my 2 Tama-Gos and my V2. I hatched my V2 for the Mother's Day hatch today (It's Mother's Day here) and I got a little boy, who I named Kiku (first name to come to my head xD). Kiku later evolved into a Marutchi. My Tama-Gos left their babies last night, the blue one a boy, the pink one a girl. I named the blue one Toris, and the pink one Helen. Toris is now a Mattaritchi, Helen a Hoshitchi. PICTURE TIME! Left to right: Baby Kiku, baby sleeping Kiku, toddler Kiku Left to right: Toris, Helen Right, so that's pretty much it - Hey, let us talk! Yeah, what she said! Okay, sorry, Helen, Toris. You guys can talk if you want! You too Kiku! I'd rather not... Come on Kiku, don't be shy! Um, well... Yeah, Kiku, don'tcha have anything to tell our readers? Not really... Why don't we just introduce ourselves, properly! Sounds like a great idea! Hey TTers, I'm Toris the Mattaritchi! idk how good of an introduction this is. Hey guys, I'm Helen the Hoshitchi! There's not really much to an introduction, yours is just fine Toris! Okay, if it's that easy... Hello everyone, my name is Kiku, and I am a Marutchi. How's that? Great! Well, guys, I've let you talk, now I think I should get this underway, right? Yeah, I guess... Yeah, totally! WTF?! Well, I'm not going to comment... byeeee!!! ~Teri, Kiku, Toris, and Helen
  6. hello, i am connecting two of my tamago's (one a boy and one a girl) both of adults and of 2 years old. they have 4 (super fappy faces)with each other, but there are no hearts, even though when they visit, they kiss at the park! what is going on and why is there no hearts? PLEASE HELP! -tamatownpuppy
  7. hello! for the past 2 or 3 weeks there was been a little bunny in the side of my tamagos' rooms. i understand that this is for easter, but also around 1pm, the tama-go screen changes and there are 2 easter eggs, a jumping bunny, and underneath is my tamago character dancing. i know this is for easter but i feel like there is another reason for this weird thing. cans omeone please help me out? thanks!! (heres a link to the pic i took because i couldnt get it to go on the topic unfortunatly...) *binary: removed broken links*
  8. Woohoo! Starting a log. I unpaused my Tama-Go at around 3:59PM. This is what I was greeted with. Don't be sad little Tama! NIK IS HERE TO RAISE YOU WITH CARE. She's my third generation Nokotchi. Hope all goes well with this! Her parents I fed her lots of Pork and Beans, since she was a tad starving. I then took her to see Memetchi and to play some games. (It isn't very easy to play games while holding a phone/trying to take pictures with it.) I first played Hit a Note with her. Then, I took her to the park, where she met up with Lovelytchi and played on the Teeter-Totter. Lovelytchi, you look like you're copying Nokotchi's face. I then took her to play some Long Jumper, which, again, is difficult to play while trying to take pictures at the same time. *extends third arm* NOT INTO THE PIT; IT BUUUUUUUURNS I then tried to feed her, but she refused. Why? I found out a few moments later. SWINE FLU AAAAAAAAGH I treated her for her virus and she was back to healthy Nokotchi. I caught her a few seconds later before she pooped on the floor! Toilets shouldn't talk. A few minutes later, my sweet Nokotchi (ROTTEN KID) was calling my name because she wanted more snacks and games. KIDS, I TELL YA! I made her happier, and then she went to sleep, woke up, and turned into a Belltchi (at around 4:57PM).
  9. I wanna hear about your tama! Here's my story: 9:36am 5/25/12 my little baby nokotchi hatched from her egg! I love my tama so much! after playing with characters and going to the arcade she took a nap. when i checked on her about 15 minutes later she evolved into a belltchi! and that is where we are now! I want her to evolve into a lovelitchi or chamametchi. tomorrow at 9:36am she will be one! that means she will evolve into a teen soon! just one step closer to my goal! P.S. can you help me think of some cute, unique tama names! thxxx
  10. My sister and I both have a tama-go tamagotchi. We have a boy and a girl, so now that they are really good friends, when we connect them they go to the park and kiss. Will they have to get married normal time or could they get married earlier?
  11. Hello! I have tried searching for this question all over Google and I still can't find an answer: What is the average weight for a Tama-Go Tamagotchi Teen (a Shelltchi, to be specific)? Also, do you know the other average weights of the toddler, and adult? Thank you so much!
  12. (these are the tamagotchi that are in our household right now. the three in the corner are my sisters - the black tama-go, the piano music star, and the v5c tama are all mine. i am currently running the tama-go and music star) this isn't going to be a usual tama-talk log. there won't be a long conversation between me and my tamagotchi, there won't be a story (not that i have anything wrong with those types of logs; they're just not for me) but there will be pictures. lots and lots of pictures. i wasn't planning on starting a tama-log for a while, but then i found my high-quality lumix camera and decided - hey, why not? right now i am running a tama-go and a music star, but in may sometime i should be receiving a tamagotchi iD L 15th anniversary edition. in the meantime, try and be entertained by what i have! here's to my tamagotchi collection growing! i'll be doing my tamagotchi from oldest to newest, so if i ever get some rare tamas (which i will one day, i swear) you can see them first! however, right now the oldest tama i'm running is my music star. music star tamagotchi (yes, i named him unicorn - he's a boss.) here you can see unicorn, my six year old tamagotchi who weighs a whopping 99lbs. luckily in the music star he doesn't get all bloated and sit around until you feed him medicine, so i'm perfectly fine with him being 99lbs. i admit, i was a bit lazy on this generation... but i have 999 skill points in each section, so that makes up for his obesity. he leaves tomorrow, and i'm going to record the parents leaving on my camera. i recorded my tama-go parents leaving last night so i'm a bit tired (blaaargh) but i'll still do it. i'm so intrigued by this. (his bandmates are thu (female) and daniel (male).) i had no idea what to name his band, so i named them.. wat. i'm very creative, i know. his father's name was god and his band was named smite, so next time i'm hoping a strike of inspiration will come down upon me (but more than likely, it won't). he has a baby girl with him now! this is the first time i've gotten a female (or will be getting, if you want to be technical) on my music star. (: (his wife and kid!) like his father before him, unicorn made pro debut and got a ton of money. it took him a bit longer than his father (because i had no idea what i was doing the first time around) but he got there! >implying sundae isn't the best food ever tama-go tamagotchi so, funny story. last night his parents left (you can view the video of them leaving ) and i had stayed up all night to view it, forgetting that i had a chemistry test the next morning. i wanted to get the good care tama, and i forgot who it was, and i was so excited because i thought i was taking excellent care of the thing and then BAM chemistry test. during my test i peeked in at least five times at the guy.. only to die inside as i viewed ahirukutchi. i'm sorry, i just can't like the thing. (turns out he is the good care guy... -n-) hopefully he grows into something more desirable as he grows up. grow up pls such a stark contrast from his mother, the ever-wonderful lovelitchi. speaking of desireable, one of my friends at school today adamantly decided that our tamas were going to get married (and they were going to like it) so i'll probably upload a video of our tamas getting married at some point or another. right now her tamagotchi is a shelltchi. i'm not all too familiar with the mating experience on the tama-go, so if somebody would help me that would be great! :| :| :| :| she will love him once he stops being a blue clunky zero year old duck thing, i will make sure of it i think that's it for today - if anybody has any information/questions/comments, feel free to PM me i'd love to hear it, especially since this is my first time logging... anything. e___e - jjk
  13. Hey guys! w000t w000000t! I got my tama-go's in the mail! This is the only next tamagotchi I've played with since the original p1 came out in the 90's! I've remained a collector of tamagotchis since the original came out, but I'm looking to raise one, once again! So, I ordered FIVE tama-go's! They've been reduced to half price! WOAH! And they arrived today! I was hoping they'd be assorted characters, but they were all mametchis (which I don't mind though) I'm about to open one and get started! I'm keeping the rest for my collection a photo!
  14. Hey Tama fans! I made a few custom faceplates for you to print out and use (be careful when cutting)! I will be making more soon! ( When printing, use the following size dimensions: 169 x 208 for 96 DPI )
  15. Hello everyone! I couldn't really see a post that helped me so I decided to post a topic. So I do apologize if I am basically re-posting a question. So, I was wondering. 1. What can the v4.5's connect to? 2. What can the V6(Music Star)'s connect to? 3. What can the Tamagos connect to? 4. Do US tamagotchis connect with Europe versions? And by 'connect to' I mean, what other tamagotchis can they connect to, to become friends. Thank you for reading and thank you in advance -Laura
  16. Sorry if this is in the wrong section, but I need tips on how to take my Tama-Go to school. Since the Tamagotchi is really huge, its impossible to fit in my pocket, and if I put it in my book-bag, it'll get crushed by my heavy textbooks. And What should I do with the figurines?
  17. please help me.... i have a 9 yr old chamamettchi and she is married to the ninja. she is 4th gen. so i dont want to mess this up! she is 9 yrs old and she didnt have a baby because i paused her! what do i do!?!?!
  18. Hopefully I'll remember to update this one. Anyways, I have a Tama Go now and I am starting a blog about it. After you read my blog, check out Kajah995's Awesome log of Amazingness!!! OK, here is my Tama's stats! Name: Lithium (Like the Evanescence song.) Age: 1 yr Character: Mattaritchi Weight: 50lb Gender: Male Generation: 1st Points: 5,150p Training points: 3 Friendship: 3 User Name: JASEN Color code: Blue is for me. (jasen221) Green is for Lithium. There are no other characters as of now, but there may be more to come! I may reuse bits from my other blogs, just to let everyone know. Because you're too lazy to think up new bits. Stay out of this, Lithium, I'm trying to write... But you said I could talk to everyone! Yes, after I was done making announcements! Fine. I'll wait. Well, I wanted to re-introduce a character named Purge from my old blog, but he doesn't seem to be here. I guess I'll introduce him later- Hey there, how's it going? How ya doing? AHHH! Oh wait... Hi Purge. Hey jasen. WHY haven't you updated your blogs in so long??? Ask my parents, THEY are the ones who grounded me from TT for six months. Oh Lordy, what did you do??? Alot. Yeah, alot. Anyways, how have you been? Lonely. *sigh* Purge, you don't need to freeze me out. I simply wasn't able to get on. Grr. Purge, will you please at least do the fun fact of the day? Is this another bit you stole from your other blogs? Yes. Now be quiet and listen to Purge. The fun fact of the day is... That today is New Year's Eve Eve. Alright. I'll let that go since I haven't seen you for a long time. Well, I think that's a good enough first update. Thanks for reading this! Fan mail sent to me on the topic of this blog will be published unless the sender requests otherwise.
  19. Wanna get a super special character on the Tama-Go? First, you will need two Tama-Gos - One with a boy, one with a girl. Give them generally poor care and keep them for a while, until the boy is Ojitchi and the girl is Otokitchi. When they get married, the Tama baby they have will automatically grow up into Miss Perfect (Grippatchi)! Hope this is useful!
  20. Hey, so I am going to be getting a Tama-Go soon and was considering buying some figures with it. I don't really know much about Tama-Gos, but I think the figures give you new games, right? Correct me if I'm wrong. And the thing is, there's so many figures that I wouldn't know which one to choose. So what figures do you think have the best games and would have the best value? Are there 2 that you would recommend? Thanks!
  21. I like Uwasatchi and I want to get her on my Tama-Go. I know she is gained by poor care, but whenever I try to get her I end up with Marotchi instead! I am usually excellent at obtaining the character I want, but this time, I'm stuck! Please help.
  22. I currently have a Tamagotchi Tamatown Tama-Go. I love it, but I wish it had a backlit color lcd screen. That's it, no other features, and definitely stay in English. Is there any product that would satisfy that wish, or at least come close? Reason I want a backlit screen is because I have trouble seeing the screen of my tama-go. No matter what (gamma?) I set it to, it always seems to be too dark. And the reason I want it to be in color is because the tamagotchi characters are very pretty; the black and white pixels just don't do them justice.
  23. Tamagotchi's Name: Nellie Tamagotchi's Age: 9 Date of Birth: 26 November 2011 Date of Passing: Didn't die, she left her son. But she left today, 5 December 2011 What Generation? 10 Other Information? Tama-Go Ringotchi married to a Nonopotchi, I set the time so I could see her leave. Your Comments: I hope you and Nonopotchi have a good life on Tama Planet, and remember, one day your son Ozzy will be there too. I am taking very good care of him for you, he is an Ahirukutchi. Nellie, you were the first Ringotchi I ever had on my Tama-Go, and I loved you. You looked cute in your TamaTown outfit. Until next time, goodbye and have a lovely time with Nonopotchi (and one day Ozzy).