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Found 107 results

  1. Hi. It was 3 am and I saw my tamagotchi ps holding a suitcase, then I went to the clover icon and my tamagotchi went outside, and many puzzle pieces made a Japanese word, what does it mean?
  2. Hello everyone! I'm having a little bit of a hard time getting to meet the eco triplets in my Tamagotchi P's. I was triying to meet them by setting the correct date of course, the 10th or 20th or 30th of any month. I've already tried changing the date from 10th to the 20th to the 30th, already tried different months and different times of the day between 7 a.m and 11:59 a.m. I had to reset my Tamagotchi several times because I don't want him to get married just yet... no kidding, I've already tried over 50 times to meet them!... Do you guys know why can't I meet the eco triplets? I think it might be because I'm doing this only after getting all 4 puzzle pieces, but I haven´t read anything about this, I could only get the scoop and nothing else... I'm currently playing with kuchipatchi. please help! :s
  3. A while back, Mr.Blinky found an English patent for the US release of the Tamagotchi P's I'm not sure if this means that the English color-screen Tamagotchi to be released in 2016 is the Tamagotchi P's or not. After all, the Friends used NFC and now they'd have to go back to infra-red. Also, they'd probably have to release P's piercings and I don't know if Bandai US thinks it will be successful. Also, the patent is quite old, so maybe they scrapped the idea of making the Tamagotchi P's into English. What do you think?
  4. I hope this is in the right topic to post on! I recently (today) got myself a Yukinkotchi and now I'm trying to get her last puzzle piece which is the Sherbet but I can't seem to encounter the street/snack vendor for it, can anyone help me out?
  5. Hello!~ I've really wanted a fancy color Tama ever since I accidentally discovered them a few years ago. I had the original back in '98, and had googled "Tamagotchi," to reminisce. My question is, which one of the colors is good for people who know very very very little Japanese (I did the first lesson on Rosetta Stone, and have forgotten everything xD) and haven't played with a Tama since they were 8 or nine? I got a Gigapet about 6 or 7 years ago (US version) and was sorely disappointed. I don't want to spend a bunch of money and be disappointed, you know? I've been looking at the Tamagotchi P's, and they look pretty nifty. I especially like how cutesy they are. Would that be good for a pretty much new person? I found the English patch and D/Led it to my computer just in case.
  6. Hi! So, I know there's been a few topics about crochet covers, but I haven't found exactly what I'm looking for (I've searched), which is a pattern. Can someone help me out by directing me to a pre-existing thread, or by posting a pattern for me? I might be getting a P's soon, and I want to try my hand at crocheting or knitting a cover (I'd prefer knit, but I know it's easier to crochet in three dimensions). Sorry I had to make this, I really tried searching here, Tama-zone, and googling everything I could think of. Thank you all in advance. <3<3<3
  7. I recently bought a Tamagotchi P's, Dream Coffret edition. I'm getting used to using it and all that, and I'm trying to make a bit of money to finish refurbishing every room I can. So far I bought a 5000 gotchi points (I think that's what the money in the game is called?) wallpaper for my living room, and would like to buy the rest So far I've been getting money by playing the minigames, and I've noticed that sometimes when my Tama is walking around outside I get a paper that allows me to get double the money from the games. Does this happen once a day or at certain times or something? (Extra question, sorry ) Anyway, back to the topic... What's the fastest/easiest way to earn money in this version? Will there be more ways soon? My Tama is in its third stage of growth at the moment, so I still have lots to unlock. Answers are very much appreciated, feel free to give tips and the like, I don't mind super-long answers :3
  8. Title says it all. I guess I can elaborate a bit though. Ebay and Amazon both offer pierces at around $20, which I think is kinda crazy considering I got my tamagotchi p for only a little bit more than that, AND it was the Dream Coffret edition, so it was a tama + pierce. Hard to believe that a pierce alone costs over half of that, y'know ; A; So I was wondering if there are maybe some stores I don't know about that can offer these pierces at a more reasonable price. I live in the US so buying them retail is clearly not an option... If anything, some discussion/answers as to why pierces are so expensive now would be nice. My memory is not too crystal-clear, but I don't recall these pierces costing anything near $20 when the Tama P's first came out. Weren't they somewhere closer to half of that? Thanks in advance
  9. Hi everyone: I don't know if this have been already asked but, I wanted to know if somebody could tell me for certain the list which deco pierces unlocks games?... I don't mean to be rude, but I don't have enough time to be reading in websites or watching all youtube videos just to see if they include games or not, so I would really appreciate if anyone can give me a shortcut on this one...
  10. I couldn't find the answer for this anywhere; on what days/times do the Eco Twins come to the park on the P's?
  11. I wanted to just warn people on here about the seller eloverabu on ebay. I bought a white Tamagotchi P's from them and they sent it rather quick but the item was listed as NEW and when I opened it up it was clearly used.The tamagotchi's box was already opened and in poor condition, it was yellowing at the bottom, and it had scratches on the screen. I have a video of my unboxing actually because I wanted to recored the experiance and it quickly went down hill so I will be sending that to ebay and the seller if I can. I opened a case on ebay asking for a partial refund or replacement item but I doubt I will get either we will see. So yeah just wanted to let you guys know to be warry of that seller. here are some images
  12. How can I develop personalities for my tama? I am a bit confuuuuuused. @-@
  13. Okay. The time has come for me to start looking at The Next Tamagotchi Up. The Tamagotchi P's. Of course I've nowhere near saved up enough to order one yet (XD) But that doesn't matter. With me, if I have enough motivation (i.e. longing for a new tama) I can save up a great deal in a small amount of time (ish..) But I have a problem. Which to get?! I'd like to get a set. You know. The colours are so pretty and you get a pierce for a considerable amount cheaper than buying a P's and a deco pierce separately. I saw the Love & Melody set and I just fell in love, but that's a no-go since it's waaaay overpriced compared to the other sets. Then I saw the Coffret Set and I totally fell for the colours on that tamagotchi too. And then.. *dun dun* I saw the Melodyland pierce.... Now obviously you WILLLLL know that my favourite colour's purple, right? And the purple and pink went lovely together. Also I'm quite a musical person so I wondered if the Melodyland would suit me or whatever. But I honestly am a complete amateur, um, decider, and I really need your help. Anyone with both Coffret and Melodyland pierces? Which one is your favourite? I'm so torn since I love both the yellow and pink colours of the Coffret and the purple and pink Melodyland and just arrrrggggghhh! Help! Someone tell me which one to go for! Colours or quality? Opinions? Advice? Anything!!!!
  14. Hello again! I purchased a Tamagotchi P's almost a whole year ago, and have had no time to play it! I messed around with it for a few days when I got it, but really had no time to get into it. Finally I have some time and I would like to log it. I got the green one~ Hatched an Aokumotchi, played some games, and after an hour he evolved into a Mitsumaruchi. Cute! I'll update more tomorrow, not much to start with. I also plan on downloading some items and maybe using an English patch this weekend. Thanks for reading
  15. So random question from me which just occurred to me last night. Despite being semi-fluent in Japanese (and therefore playing the P's is a piece of cake) I decided to download the English patches to try it out and since I only just made it to generation 2 on my current run I was thinking of perhaps resetting it so I can input my name and everything else in English as well. (I will probably not do it, but in any case and for future reference). So here's my question: If you reset the P's does it automatically delete all your downloads or are they kept in normally? I'd guess it's the first option but I'd like someone to confirm with me so I'm not just speculating. Thank you for your time~
  16. can someone help me find a case for my tamagotchi p's? just any kind. even looms! where can i buy them or where to look? (no ebay stuff ) My tamagotchi P is pink and i would love a matching one. thanks in advance! Update: If someone knows how to make a loom case that's great! also if someone can find/make one that looks like my profile pic, (not exact) teach me how to make one or comment where you found it! Thanks again in advance! ^ _ ^"
  17. Hi everyone! i'm new to TamaTalk and I have a couple questions about my Tamagotchi P's. I just received my first Deco Pierce (more specifically the Tama Circus one) and have some questions about using it: 1) After attaching the Deco Pierce I noticed my background changed. Not the wallpaper of the Tamagotchi's house but the background behind the different icons. But now it has reverted back to the original background and I'm wondering if anybody knows how I can get the Circus one back? 2) I cannot for the life of me figure out how to play the new game that comes with the Circus Deco Pierce (the plate spinning one). Can anyone explain how to play this game? 3) To get the background to return (Question #1), I unattached my Deco Pierce and reattached it. I noticed when it wasn't attached that I could still access the games and items that are exclusive to the Deco Pierce. Is that normal? Would those features just go away when I plugged in a different Deco Pierce (I know you cannot have more than one Deco Pierce in play at one time). I appreciate any help you can give me in regards to these three questions. Thanks so much!
  18. Hey everyone!! I'm not exactly sure that this is the correct forum to put this in, but I think it's close enough. The other night I ordered a purple Tamagotchi P's online, and I want to put the English patch onto it when it arrives. However, in order to do that, I need two things: -An infrared blaster either in USB or phone form -The firmware number of my P's I kinda know a little bit how to find an infrared blaster, but I need help figuring out if my P's has firmware 1 or 2. Can anyone help me figure that out? And if you want to point me in the direction of an infrared thing, that's cool too. The P's won't be arriving for a while yet, but I think it would be better to have this all sorted out sooner as opposed to later
  19. Hi guys! So I've been running my P's for a while now and have 9 generations logged in my tamatomo notebook I've read online the more generations you log with full puzzle pieces you can unlock things like new locations and screen menu themes from your 4th generation. My issue is I'm on my 9th and nothing has changed... in all of my menus there is nothing new?
  20. So I just ordered my first Tama P's and it is the Aikatsu set one. I like to purchase things in bulk usually because it would be the best price on ebay, but should I get multiple P's? (Considering getting minimum 3 P's with a total of 11 pierces including the Aikatsu set for a total of $338 tracked shipping included). Should I go for this collection of P's and pierces or should I just be content with my one P's with Aikatsu pierce and just get a CIAO pierce? (Total: $80-$87) I really just want the CIAO pierce with a Tama P's but CDJapan had the best deal and the Aikatsu set P's is white and pink which is so adorable. *v* Opinions please? Am I just wasting money? //Am so conflicted Am also unsure if I really need all those pierces or is it worth it to get that many of them... o.0
  21. Hello all, I have recently (and happily) returned to the world of Tamagotchi. After owning the old Connection v3s, the Music Star, and later, the Tamago, I decided that it was finally time for me to upgrade to a color model. I am currently running a P's, and have an iD on the way. Regarding downloadable content for the iD/iD-L/P's, I was wondering if the downloads for one model would be compatible with another model. For instance, if I download a wallpaper originally released for the iD, would I be able to use it for the P's? Vice Versa? Sorry if it's a dumb question!
  22. AeroHail

    It's here

    It wont let me upload this to the tama gallery so it can live here. I'm addicted. (Also always looking for an excuse to break out the fake nails. As my job is 90% typing I cant wear my nails to work. ;A;)
  23. I bought 3 pierces from a seller on ebay : melody land, berry sweet, dream coffret. 2 of those pieces was fine, but she send me the fungi pierce instead of the dream coffret. Although the price of this fungi pierce is more expensive than the dream coffret, but i dont like that piece >.< What should i do now, this is the first time i stuck with this situation :"<
  24. I feel a little silly but I can't get the jump rope game right...not sure what I am supposed to do! Thanks
  25. My tama has a scratch that makes me really anoyying when I'm playing. I see someone said displex is good but I can't buy it right now, so if there's anything (that can be found at home) can fix the scratch, please tell me ;-; thank you