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Found 107 results

  1. Hello everyone I have two questions: What are Stamp cards in the Tamagotchi P´s? What are (Happy) letters? I´m not sure, you can download them. I appreciate any help I could not find any information
  2. Hi all! I just got my first Tamagotchi P's last week and I thought I pretty much understood miss cares. I was able to get Patitchi and she was adorable, but I want to try for one of the tamagotchis that requires 8 or more miss cares. So I was wondering whether miss cares are cumulative or not. If I get miss cares in the toddler stage and the teen stage, do those add up? Thanks for any help guys!
  3. I recently ordered a Tamagotchi P's on Amazon. I already own a Tamagotchi Plus Color, so I'm wondering whether or not they're able to connect with each other. They both look like they have infrared sensors.
  4. I have recently ordered a Tamagotchi p's Melody Land Set and I want to treat it like the beautiful fragile baby that it is. I want to be able to knit / crochet my own cover for it, but I am kind of new to this kind of thing. If anyone has any tips or patterns to help me out here, that would be great! I was thinking a pouch kind of design / pattern for my cover. I don't have much money so buying a cover might not be the best option, although I might consider if a good price is offered.
  5. Yume here! Does anyome know what is the evolution time for tamagotchi ps children, teens and adults? As in when will they evolve? Currently I have a petithanatchi (a child/toddler) and it's one year old. I'm so anxious! Please, please tell me when she will evolve!!
  6. Hi everyone! I have been in search of a chart for the Tamagotchi P's pierces and which pierce transforms which adult characters if that makes any sense. I'm not sure if anything like this even exists or not. What I mean is a chart that shows each adult character and a list of which pierces to use for it. I have noticed that each pierce only has a small amount of characters that it will transform and instead of digging out my manual for each pierce, it would be so much easier to have a little chart that says : Mametchi : pierce #1, pierce #2, etc. Himespetchi : pierce #5, pierce #4, etc. ...and has the pierces that work with that particular character. Yea? Make sense? If anybody knows of anything like this, I'd love to have it! Thank youu!!!!!
  7. If there are any tamagotchi ps in yododashi (Tokyo, Japan)? I am going there for shopping and I'm wondering if there are any tama ps there. Thanks.
  8. So hello! i am back on my tamagotchi grind and decided to start collecting colortamagotchis.. i got myself a tamagotchi p's & a 4U+ But i need help. Out of all the pierces the only ones i want are the micraise, the sanrio one and the ciao one.. but they are so expensive.. anyone have any of these they would be willing to sell second hand or know anyone willing to sell theirs? or know whereto get them for a reasonable(ish) price ? alsoo is there a section on this website where people can sell their tamas? thank you
  9. My tama-P'so has 2 black lines (dead pixels??) On the screen, and I am curious if there is actually any way to fix this at all? I am assuming there isnt. Can you buy a new led screen piece?? I unscrewed/took apart my tama and realized the "scratch" or dead pixel lines are on the actual screen piece itself.... so nothing I can do Any comments (good or bad news) are greatly appreciated!!! Thanks for any help
  10. after i got home yesterday, i looked in the mailbox and saw that my Tamagotchi P's order had arrived 15 days early! i opened the package and saw my purple tamagotchi inside. it actually came in a brand new package but i got too excited. ~ at first it was a bit hard to understand since the game is in Japanese, but i quickly got the hang of it and started messing around. i got my first egg, and it hatched to be a really cute Pinkbotchi! sadly i didn't take many pictures of this stage since i was very excited, but in an hour or so, she grew up to be an adorable Terubotchi and painted her the pastel color palette. she seemed to like her new look! after that i started to look around the other new places, and bought her a sewing machine and looked at some of the decorating choices for different rooms. i decided that i'd like her to evolve into a Nokobotchi since i like her growth varieties, so i took her to the restaurant and bought her a... bowl of soup? i'm not quite sure what it is, actually..! once she finished eating, i went outside to see a gloomy grey sky, but she seemed to be enjoying herself and even caught one of the pieces that fall from the sky, and we found that it was one of the game vouchers for extra money! i played the game where you have to catch the falling foods and won myself an extra 400 dollars for her! i'm actually pretty terrible at the jump rope game. other than that, i went to the park only to see the same man over and over again, so my tamagotchi stayed at home. i have one last picture for this first entry! i'm not the only one that thinks he looks sketch, right? so that should be it for today, unless something interesting happens! i hope whoever is reading this didn't think it was too boring, i tend to ramble on a bit. thank you for reading!! ♥
  11. So I recently obtained a Tamagotchi P's! I know that different items and foods effect its personality in different ways. However when I open the scale icon it'll say that it has the fashion personality, then I close the scale tab and reopen it and it'll say it has the charismatic personality, then I close the scale tab and reopen it again and it'll say it has the intelligence personality... ??? What's happening? I read that it can change if they're all equal.. but I've only been playing with the music sheet. I haven't eaten or played with anything else in quite sometime.. any ideas?
  12. <><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><><> I have a pink Tamagotchi P and it came with a "love and melody" deco pierce. However, I cannot get it to work. I saw somewhere else have this same problem with a pink tamagotchi P's, andI am wondering if I should fix it or ask for my money back. Also, I did a full reset but that didn't work and the chip isn't dirty. Your help would be very much appreciated!
  13. Hello! this is my first post on tamaTalk!! I just have one question.... I have a tamagotchi P, a PC, and an irDA but I don't know how to actually download anything. can you guys please write down below if you know
  14. Hi everyone! So i finally got my self a IrDA device so that I'd be able to download stuff for my P's. After some research and some looking around i found out that the Sony Ericsson Z310i would work. So I bought one online and recieved it today. It has fully working irDA. So i sent some wallpapers, clothing and other stuff to my "new" phone. But when i turn on the IR on my phone and choose "Download" on the P's nothing happends... My P's recognize the IR and the hearts turn red, but after that nothing happens. On the phone a text is just saying "Connecting" and then after a while a get a error message saying "No device found". Does anyone now what the problem is? A thought that crossed my mind was that maybe the IR on my P's is faulty? I hope there's somebody out there that might have some kind off answer
  15. Monday 20/07/15; Hey guys! This is the date I received my white tamagotchi P's in the mail, so exciting! So I thought I would backtrack my log for you all to see I am currently logging on Tumblr as peachgotchi. Received my P’s in the mail today after having an idl e for a few months! I’m so excited! It’s very different to my idl so I can’t wait to figure everything out. First thing I did was install the 3 english patches. Then hatched my first boy, Aokumotchi! Ahhhhh so cute.
  16. I haven't used a Tamagotchi in a while, and I decided to put batteries in my P's last week. I forgot how much I love it! It's my only color Tamagotchi and all of the features are so great. I really wanted to buy another P's to connect with mine until I saw the new TMGC Friends Dream Town.... I can't really afford to buy both right now, so I thought I'd post here since I know some of you own Dream Town and could tell me a little more about it. side note: I never bothered to buy the original Friends. I feel like the Dream Town would be more worth it than the original because of the new features and stuff. Thanks!
  17. Hi! so I have decided to start a... TAMAGOTCHI P'S LOG!!! so here is some info you may need and/or like to know: I have a tamagotchi p's purple version my tama's name is nino (SAID LIKE: NEE-no) This tama p's is my favorite tama I have 2 tamagotchis: a connection v5 and p's my tama RIGHT NOW Is a teen (I will update if the stage changes) So that is the basic info. IF I am able to, I MIGHT TRY to add pictures Thanks for reading! mimitchi
  18. I'd like to get a Tamagotchi P's love and melody set. However, I would definitely want to adopt other Tamagotchis other than Lovelitchi, Melodytchi and Kuromametchi. Can anyone tell me wheater the set will come with the normal heart shaped pierce? Thanks!
  19. As in the title, where to get them? I don't live in Japan (sadly) and I can't find them on any ebay-type site
  20. Hello, I am new to the community and to color japan-imported tamagotchis and I am expecting a 4U soon. Today I got my tamagotchi p's and as I was opening it, I had a bit of a struggle pressing the button that makes the shell come loose. Also, I kept on pressing the restart button to get my desired gender of Tama. All the while, do you think my P's is alright now and can with stand every other battery change and reset? I tried to be as gentle as I can. And how do you remove pen ink because I pressed on the button with a pen? I'm really excited to see what its going to be like raising my first tama in ten years. She's already in school at the moment...
  21. Hello members of tamatalk! I'm new here so I don't know if this is the right spot to put this; feel free to move it if it should go somewhere else! I'm looking at getting a new tamagotchi, I was really into them a while ago and got an iD L but took a pretty long break from playing with them, and I have since recently started my iD L back up again. I did notice though that 2 new color tamagotchis have been released and they seem to have many more features and look like a lot more fun. I've watched tons of review videos and seen lots of guides on both the p's and the 4u, but I want to know which one you all prefer. I don't want to spend too much money either (if it isn't worth it) because as I mentioned, I did take a pretty long break before so I may lose interest again after a little while. The main things I've heard is that with the p's you need to get the deco pierces or else it does get boring after a while, and from what I've seen each deco pierce is about $20? Is it still fun to play if you don't have the deco pierces? And for the 4u, I've seen that you need to have an app and a device with NFC (I think?) for downloads and such, and without the downloads it also gets boring. I haven't really heard of NFC, but I do have an iPhone as well as a iPad/Kindle Fire and I'm not sure if these would work? Again, if someone could just let me know what their experiences are with both and which one they would recommend that would be awesome!
  22. Hello! I have a tama p's in the mail but I'm not opening it till December. Now, I heard your adult tama can get a job and I would like to know... 1. How long is the job? 2. Can you call your tama back? 3. What are the various jobs? 4. How do you get a job? 5. Does the tama automatically go to its job? Thank you!
  23. It is currently the third generation on a tamagotchi p's. The tama is a teen Cosmotchi. The item looks like a desk or shrine with two people sitting at it. One is wearing blue and the other is wearing pink. Why is it there and what does it do?
  24. I just got a P's today for Christmas, and I was wondering if anyone could tell me what brand/type of IrDA USB they used to English patch their tama. A link would be appreciated!
  25. Hi, this image has appeared several times on my tamagotchi p's tho I check the scale icon and there's nothing wrong. Guides don't explain why this happens or what should I do, does somebody kno?