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Found 107 results

  1. When I woke up this morning and my p's beeped for me, it's room was red! And my character was red until I gave him a bath. Also there's this random log with a heart on it sitting there (∩ ´ o `)っ and it seems like my tama keeps getting sick!! What is going on? Is it because of new years?
  2. PrinJess's Tamagotchi ID LE & P's Log =========================== Generation List Pink & Purple Tama P's - Primary Gen 4 - Himespectchi ♀ Gen 5 - Kuchipatchi / Patchin Purin ♂ ♡ Warutsutchi Gen 6 - ??? Pink Tama ID LE - Secondary Gen 1 - Mametchi ♂ ♥ Perotchi Gen 2 - ??? Tama ID L - Backup 3 Gen 4 - Guriguritchi ♂ =========================== How My Log Will Operate ---- An Overview The Generation List : Every generation I will edit this post and write in the "Generation List" of a Tama's final evolution and psuedo-evolutions. Some things you should watch out for: Tamas will be crossed out on the list if it is currently inactive. Tamas will have a hyperlink to their final evolution so you can easily locate them in the log. A black heart between two Tamas (♥) signifies having met his or her spouse at the matchmaker; a white heart between two Tamas (♡) signifies having met at the park (this only applies for the Tama P's, otherwise a black heart will be used). The equal sign (=) indicates a Tama has wed his or her spouse from IR connection of another Tamagotchi. A max of 30 generations or fewer will be listed at once. Tamagotchi Players: Tamagotchi Players as of 9/21/13: Pink & Purple (Melody Land ver.) Tama P's - Primary Pink Tama ID LE - Secondary Blue Tama P's - Backup 1 White & Pink (Aikatsu ver.) Tama P's - Backup 2 Purple Tama ID L - Backup 3 The Tamagotchis each have a role when I play with them. A Primary Tama is the one I tend to focus most about in logging. A Secondary Tama is usually a Tama of a different kind of Tamagotchi toy than the Primary (i.e. The ID L and the Tama P's), but it is still important in logs, although it may have less entries than the Primary. Backups 1-3 are Tamas only used for connect plays, obtaining secret characters that require the use of multiple devices, and replacements of either the Primary or Secondary. Pseudo Evolutions: Some Tamas on the ID L and the Tama P's (with the help of change pierces), have pseudo forms, or alter egos, of themselves. They will be logged accordingly with the help of Evolution Arrows. Here is an example of a log entry of a "pseudo Tama". Evolution Arrows Legend: (----->) Tama has evolved (<----->) Tama can evolve back and forth to and from his pseudo form. (<------) Tama changed back from its pseudo form *** You can view the first few entries of my log here. Newer entries will be posted on TamaTalk from now on. Thank you to all future readers!
  3. I recently unlocked the amusement park after completing 4 puzzle pieces, now I read you can get a bag with a schoolgirl/cheerleader outfit in it there... does anyone know how? Sorry for so many questions!
  4. Thank you! The USB ones are a lot more expensive. Would this work?
  5. Hello, I am a new Tamagotchi P's owner. How do I obtain the pets? I tried to visit the same pet in the park on one day and that same pet for three days... nothing happened. Does your own pet need to be an adult first? Please tell me what I must do.
  6. After recently hatching my P's I have become obsessed and my Boyfriend has bought me a Princess Spacy and I have ordered an IDLE too YAY! Anyways I would like some up-to-date advice on the IRDA USB dongles please? as I would like to put download content onto my Tamas. I have 2 questions: 1. Could someone tell me which dongle to get that works? (I am in the UK) 2. Do any work on Macs? I only have Macs in my house but if none are Mac compatible then I can access PC's at my mums house and my boyfriends mums house. Thanks a lot in advance!
  7. My dad and I snagged up a Tamagotchi P's melody land set really cheap, which I am ecstatic about, But I still wanna make sure the seller is legitimate. The seller is edkano5, and here is the item: He or she has a lot of positive reviews but as said before I still wanna make sure they're legitimate. Anyone bought from this seller before?
  8. I hope i'm not duplicating a question here, but I was wondering if anyone has discovered the puzzle pieces for any deco pierce specific characters? For example, I am currently trying to figure out the puzzle pieces for startchi from the dream coffret pierce... Thanks friends!
  9. I am making this topic in honor of my Tamagotchi P's character, Chokomakatchi, who left today at 9:20AM. This was the first time my P's has died / left. I already had Chokomakatchi in my notebook but I didn't mind having her again at all... I treasured her and took really good care of her until... This morning I woke up to the sound of her leaving. I looked at the screen and there she was with her suitcase; her sad little face broke my heart. I went to the medicine icon but it didn't work; she was leaving. It was because I didn't wake up early enough to tend to her needs. She meant a lot to me...and still does. I hope she can forgive me. Have fun back on Tamagotchi Planet, sweetie! Age: 4 Weight: 15g Generation: 47
  10. Yes, I'm back again I'm very excited to say that I am ordering a Tamagotchi P's very very soon, and will be logging about it here! But until it is in my hands, I will be logging my tamagotchi ID-L, which I've logged before. These are my old logs: Now let's get started. Last night I reset my ID-L, and got a girl Choribotchi Who evolved into a Kingyobotchi right before bed. Kingyobotchi and I played some games today and bought all of her cleaning supplies and some seeds Uneventful, but enough to get the log started! Thanks for reading!
  11. My p's screen goes black without the low battery warning appearing. You can still hear the sounds and play with it but it's very hard to see, like in old videogame consoles. Sometimes, with a light knock from behind the light seems to come up again, but it's usually not very long until it goes off or starts flickering. It seems like it could be a contact problem with the batteries (which are brand new). Does anyone know if there is a way to fix that? Maybe by messing around a bit with the battery slots or something? Thanks!
  12. so you know how you can get like 50% discounts promotions on 'special' wallpapers at the tama reform if you find the paper thing outside your tama's house? yeah i was wondering, how many 'special' wallpapers are there? thanks in advance
  13. Helloooo tama fans! Rainbowmetchi here. This is my first tamagotchi log featuring my pink tamagotchi p's! And this is my adorable Puchihanachi, Cake! Hello my adoring fans! I'm Cake and I love bowtie pasta! Um okay? What? Don't you like bowtie pasta? Well yeah but.. it's sort of irrelevent. And you don't have any fans this is a brand new log! Bowtie pasta is never irrelevent! XD And don't you dare rain on my fabulous parade, Rainbow! Wow um... okay then. Anyways Cake arrived in the mail today and we've already done so much! Grrrrrrrrrow ...... I'm hungry, Rainbow. What? But you just ate a cheeseburger from the food cart! HUUUUUUUUUUUUUUNGRYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!! Ugh fine, here's a rice bowl. No! I want macaroni! But we don't have any macaroni, cake. What's a macaroni cake? Oh goodness... I can already tell today is going to be a long day... Anyways Cake why don't you tell everyone about your day? *now stuffing her face* Thorry mah mouf ith full of rithe... *Sighs* Alright. For starters Cake and I first visited the park. We ran into an adorable Yumekyatchi and Cake played with it for a while. Awww Yumekyatchi! I want one, Rainbow! PLEEEEEEEZE?? Haha okay, Cake. When you're older. Awww.... *pouts* After going to the park we headed to the Game Center and played jump rope and sushi catch for a while to get some gotchi points. I'm saving up for a new house! Then we went to the paint shop and Cake got a makeover. As if I need one. I'm the most beautiful tamagotchi in the universe!!! ...... You're supposed to agree with me, Rainbow.... ....... D:< Hahaha calm down, Cake. You're beautiful! Hmmph.... For now we're going to keep playing games and save up for some new interior decor. And I'm working on my style so I can grow up to be a Kiraritchi! So wish us luck! Oh and I almost forgot to post Cake's current stats! Name: Cake Tamagotchi: Puchihanachi Age: 0 Weight: 28 g Generation: 1 Personality: Stylish Hunger: 4/4 Puzzle Pieces: 0/0 Current Gotchi Points: 640 Well I think that's all for now unless you have something to say, Cake. Hey, Rainbow where's that macaroni cake you were talking about? I'm hungry again. DX Ugh! Bye for now, guys! Goodbye my adoring fans! hehe
  14. I know there are already P's growth charts over at Tama-Zone but TamaTalk needs some too! I forgot to include the secret connection characters, d'oh. Anyhow, ignore the "made by Kurosantchi for Tama Cafe" thing at the bottom. It's there because I was going to use it for my own forum but decided not to. I also forgot to put the images of Cosmotchi and Maimaitchi next to their names in the boy chart but I guess I can just tell you Maimaitchi is the snail and Cosmotchi is the blue guy. Enjoy!
  15. So I was browsing TamaZone for more information on Tamgotchi P's and I came across a topic on downloads (such as Mcdonalds wallpaper, Dream 5 living room, parfait recipie book, ect.) and I was wondering what exactly do downloads do? I know it has something to do with downloading some file to your computer but how could I upload it to my tamagotchi? Also if someone were to have pictures of these downloads on their tamagotchi I'd like to see what they are :3
  16. Hello P's owners! I think most of you have noticed that while your characters are in school, sometimes while you watch their animations the teacher suddenly announces a surprise test... and most of the time your characters often fail. Now the question is - how do you pass the test? I've found the answer on the second guide book but was never been able to prove it until earlier today when my 17-year old Mametchi passed his Robotics class. The answer - fill up your personality points! Remember how the P's have five different personalities? These are the Smart, Fashionable, Charisma, Athletic and Gourmet. You will notice as well that there are five different classes, each cater to their personality trait. Robotics class - Smart Cooking class - Gourmet PE class - Athletic Pet Grooming class - Fashionable Sing/Dance class - Charisma How to fill up your personality points? Repeatedly use an item that will give their respective personality trait (quick hint - the cleaning materials all give Athletic points). Although there was no specific amount of points mentioned, I can vouch that the guidebook is true since I have always let Mametchi play with the Secret Notebook download item which gives off Smart points ever since he hatched. Here's a quick list of items you can grab for that personality boost! (The Japanese reading is included for your visual reference) Restaurant (レストラン) Space Food (うちゅうしょく) (+smart) Collagen Soup (コラーゲンスープ) (+fashionable) Cuisine (かいせいきりょうり) (+charisma) Luxury Curry (ぜいたくカレー) (+gourmet) Ramen (ガッツリラメン) (+athletic) Music Cafe (♪カフェ♪) Rosehip Tea (ローズヒップティー) (+fashionable) Dream Pudding (ドリームプリン) (+charisma) Mill Crepe (ミルクレープ) (+gourmet) Health Drink (えいよう♥ドリンク) (+athletic) Tama Depa (たまデパ) Personal computer (パソコン) (+smart) Sewing machine (ミシン) (+fashionable) Clapperboard (カチンコ) (+charisma) Cookbook (りょうりほん) (+gourmet) ubber ball (ゴムボール) (+athletic) Tamamori Shop (たまもりショップ) Silk hat (シルクハット) (+smart) Frill ribbon (フリルリボン) (+fashionable) Jewel Crown (ジュエルクラウン) (+charisma) Chef Hat (コックぼうし) (+gourmet) Helmet (ヘルメット) (+athletic) What happens when your character passes the surprise test? It gives a big boost to your Happy Meter!
  17. Hi, You know how under the book icon the last option to select is like a diary where the Tama's record special days or activities they did? Does the diary have a limit? Because my current adult Tama's hasn't recorded anything. For instance I got my new tama recently and have been having them connect and play together, alternating host and visitor, and the new Tamagotchi P records it in his diary while my older Tamagotchi P hasn't. Wasn't sure if the diary gets full. Thank you.
  18. Under the scale icon I accidentally hit the option on the 5th page and I'm not sure what it did. It changed my boarder to the original one before my pierce and yet my pierce is still connecting and i have access to the games and such. It also seems like all my information and saved characters is there as well so I don't know what it did.
  19. Hi, I was in the middle or raising a kutchipatchi, last night he was OK, had all the meter full! But when I woke up this morning, after I pressed the toilet button (and cleaned his p**) suddenly the screen changed. It has japanese words written and has 2 pictures of yellow characters. I want to attach the picture in this forum but dont know (i'm new at this forum) None of the button works. Now I'm confused, what to do? Somebody, please helpppp.......
  20. does the P's have the exact same features as the idL + more features?? really need to know and fast couz im really confused here?? + i dont have time, I begged 2 years until my dad let me and here I am trying to decide between the two?!! begging with puppy eyes
  21. hello!! its me! anyways i am still waiting for my tamagotchi p's to get here. it has been 12 days since it shipped. so, when you guys were waiting for your tamas what did you do to pass the time? i listen to music and surf the web and ofcouse i come here! i was just wondering what you guys do to pass the time thats all! thank you so much for your comments!
  22. ok so i finally have my IR DA device today in the mail,and i badly need help with it for my tamagotchi p's and id l...i have a walk through from youtube, but i just cant seem to get it,can anyone help walk me through step by step? i know,alot to ask <3 so pritty please with a big pink strawberry on top lol
  23. Hi! I have a Tamagotchi P and currently have Kuromametchi. Today when I went to check on him he was up close to the screen and looked happy. He kept saying my name and I think something else. I checked how he was and he didnt really need anything, was a little hungry. I didn't press the C buttom to make him come close and he hasnt said my name since he was a teen I think xD Jjust wondering if it means anything or if he was just asking maybe for attention?
  24. So i've just ordered my Tamagotchi P's and I've been reading about them and what not. This is my first Tamagotchi apart from originals and the TamaGo so i'm very excited. I keep reading things about 'Downloads'. I'm just wondering if someone can give me all the information about them. I found a list with downloads on Tamazone ( but I don't understand what to do with them.. Do you download them onto your PC and then somehow connect your TamaP's and put them on? I don't understand how to get the things you download onto your TamaP's. I apologise if this is really obvious once you have the Tama but i'm struggling to understand without it being here. I'd really appreciate the help, sorry for the silly question. Thank you.
  25. So I just recently bought the new Tamagotchi P's, then soon after bought a USB to IRDA adapter thinking that I would be able to download files. The problem is that everytime I try to download a file, some form of error comes up like "cannot send files/folders. there is no infrared devices in range" when there is and something saying that there is an error sending at times. I'm not really sure what to do and there is nothing posted on how to download files to tamagotchi P's so any feedback would be appreciated.