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Found 107 results

  1. YAAAAY!!!!! finally i got my mom to order a tamagotchi p's for me!!! ( i am paying for it ). it shipped today and will be here between 18 to 35 bisniss days!!! i am soo soo happy! is a tama p's that comes with a melody land piece. AND i got it for under 70$ WIN WIN! anyways can't wait 'till it gets here! LONG LIVE TAMAGOTCHI!!!!
  2. I bought all the cleaning supplies from Tama Depo on my Tama P and they A.) Do not show up in my treasure chest and B.) Did not clean the room. Please help me I am so upset that I spent so much $ buying them for no reason!!
  3. How my p's don't fail during the class ? ( example : my p's went to school and he/she is in dancing class. When the teacher said that she/he must try to dance or sing, how my p's don't fail when she/he dancing or singing? )
  4. I downloaded some recipes and sent them to my p's. I heard that Tamagotchi P's can cook. How I can cook in Tamagotchi P's ?
  5. Hello like the title indicates i am a new tamagotchi P'S user ok here's my questions: 1. at what time does the guy that buys items come? i meen the guy that is can come outside of your house. 2. does he come more than once a day? 3. can you change gender or do i have to replay when i want the other characters? 4. do i need more than 1 p's to be able to get all characters? and since i am new, my tamagotchi is not an adult, it is just a toddler so i will surely have more questions further on
  6. My new Tamagotchi P's (got today) is now a toddler and I am attempting to put some downloads on it that I got from this site: I have not modified the file names AT ALL. and I am using the same method I used for my iD L to get the P's downloads on. I have tried 2 wallpapers and an item from the Depa but all "failed". Does your Tama have to be an adult to get downloads? Has anyone else had this issue? What am I doing wrong? THANKS !!
  7. This log is all about my yellow P's! Yellow = my favorite color. Right now I have an adult, he is a boy, and he is a cute Knightchi (AKA Naitotchi) His favorite item is the clapperboard! When you use it, he stars in his own movie and you get to watch it. Here he is about to impale that pesky Kunoitchi. Notice that Knightchi is wearing a cat hat because I love cats, and the weird star suit because it is his favorite suit. He has a Tama Pet! Her name is Furilabutchi and she is the pink thing in the top left corner of this pic. He has three of his puzzle pieces! He is also dating a lovely Warutsutchi. I plan on making them marry after I get all four of Knightchi's puzzle pieces. I like how it plays KiraKira Dream when you get a piece, but I prefer Happy Happy Harmony. See you next post!