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Found 777 results

  1. Something very weird happened to me this morning. This has happened to me before. My Mizutamatchi named Salad evolved into a teenager, Patapatatchi to be exact. But, when he evolved, he was still 0 years old! What has caused this to happen? Has this happened to anyone else?
  2. Here are the details (I've never made one of these up, so we'll see if anyone is interested): • Date: Thursday, February 2nd • Time: 12:00pm (no matter where you are in the world, it starts at this time) • Tamas: Any 1 tamagotchi that is not a Connection or TamaGo *Note 1: If you plan to join this hatch, please make a post letting everyone know which Tama you will be using. *Note 2: Since this hatch is taking place on "Groundhog's Day", there is a special catch. If during this hatch your tama dies, isn't doing well, or you get a character you weren't expecting you may choose one of the options to have a second chance to start again. Meaning- #1 - If your tama dies, you can start your tama again (but you must keep the same one you started with initially), but only once. OR #2 - If your tama is not doing well you may hit "reset" and choose "download" to got back to the last major event (but again, only one time). OR #3 - If you get a character you are not happy with (i.e. you did not take care/neglect the way you wanted) you may reset, but only once. **If you choose one of the "start over" options, it can only be done one time and must be done with the original tama you began with. You may only choose one of the options.** *Note 3: If you are participating in this hatch, please post with pictures so we can all see what's going on. If this is not possible, then please be as detailed as possible in your description of what's going on with your tama. *Note 4: Please make an effort to post updates at the least once a week so everyone knows what is changing with your tama or if you had to start over. There is, however, no max limit on posts. Okay, hopefully this isn't too confusing. I wanted to put a bit of a spin on the normal Group Hatchings! Remember, post which tama you will be using.. see you on 2/2/12! HF☼ (I guess I will post which one I'm using if other people join)
  3. Hello, I'm trying to get an iD L 15th Anniversary Edition and I was wondering what to name my first character...The first Tama I EVER got was called Billy, and I was hoping for a more creative name, but I'm stumped! Post name suggestions here.
  4. Hi I just sent an e-mail to Bandai UK, because I went onto their website, and tamagotchi wasn't even in the list of products anymore. Please can as many people as possible who live in Britain send messages, to show them that people still like it. I will post Bandai's reply to my email as soon as I get it.
  5. Hi there, I'm new to this forum I joined up because i'm reminiscing the 90's and trying to find the tamagotchi i had. I've been searching eBay, amazing, google etc and can not seem to find the exact one i had. The reason for my post is to see whether you can confirm the model i thought i had actually exists ha. It was green with yellow buttons. I'm pretty sure it had the P2 background (swirls) and had the number game. Also at the end of its life it flew away in a UFO. Whenever i find a P2 model, its has a design on the case or reads Tamagotchi on the top of the tamagotchi. I'm sure my one was plain green with no writing or extra images?!? The only green/yellow ones i can find are P1s -.- I really want to get my hands on a P2. Mainly because its the one i had and i prefer the P2 background and the Number game. Most of the ones on eBay are P1's or hard to judge whether they are P2's or not. I did find a P2 orange one and a P2 gold one though, they look pretty cool. Sorry if i put this in the wrong section. Your thoughts would be appreciated. I look forwards to future posting with you guys
  6. Have you been to Tamagotchi Wikia? It's fun, you can join the community and share your knowledge of Tamagotchis! Here's a link to my page... Anyway, you can read all about anything about Tamagotchi and add information to the pages. Please join and have some fun!
  7. Just wanted to see if any of you had some pictures or stories of odd tamagotchis. You know, just unusual ones. (KEEP APPROPRIATE, PLEASE) example: I had a dream that they made a 50 foot Tamagotchi ID and put it right where everyone could see it and a really big mametchi came out of it and started stepping on people. The end.
  8. Here are templates for some Tamagotchi characters. These are characters I have raised on my Tama-Go! this month. Note- Some look better than others
  9. I recently got a hold of my friends tamagotchi collection which consists of 2 v3's 2 v4's and an original P1 from 1997, but I' having a hard time identifying the other 4. Any tama experts want to help me figure out the rest? *here is a link to the picture-
  10. Okay, so I've been off the site for a while because my interest for Tamagotchi's had dwindled (it always does that.) and I couldn't keep a succesful log. But I'm getting back into it, so I think by keeping a log I'll also be keeping my interest in Tamagotchis. I'm going to hatch one after this little "introduction" speech, but first I want to notify you of things and lay down some rules. YOU MUST KNOW THAT... -I am not usually always so active, but I will post as often as I can. -For now I'm only keeping one Tamagotchi for this log. -I'm not a very good Tamagotchi- picture taker, so there won't be many pictures. THESE ARE MY LOG RULES (WELL, REALLY ONLY ONE RULE) -Please don't comment in my log. If you have something to say about my log or you have questions or something, PM me. ... And. On to the hatching. -I'm setting up the current date. -I'm setting up the time. -I'm setting up my birthdate. -Picking username. ... And waiting for egg to hatch. I hope I get a girl!!! Nope. Got a boy. I want to name him Phil. Welcome baby Phil in to the world!! I have this weird thing where I only feed the babies bread and pudding. I think I might take Phil to school with me. Well, Phil is going with me to do homework. Bye bye!!
  11. Hi! This is my TamaLog. Haha, you probably don't know me, I'm Dwigt, let me tell you a bit about me. I'm Dwigt, and I have been wandering around TamaTalk for around two months. I was eight when I got my V3 Tamagotchi. For now this is my only Tamagotchi. I plan to get a TamaGo, Music Star, and eventually, ID L and AngelGotch or DevilGotch! Well, log #1; Day one. Today, for the first time in two years. I hatched a baby. It was a girl, I was going to name her Dwight (I dunno, I love The Office!) but, there were only 5 character spaces so I named her Dwigt. Dwigt hatched when i was at lunch at school. And afterschool, she went to sleep and evolved into Mizutamatchi! Currently; Name: Dwigt Generation: 1 Years old: 0 Lbs: 14 Traning points: 1 Points: 250
  12. Tamagotchi's Name: Steph Tamagotchi's Age: 7 Date of Birth: 8th January 2012 Date of Passing: 16th January 2012 What Generation? 1 Other Information? I don't even know how she died. Before Chemistry, perfectly fine. At morning tea, dead. Your Comments: Steph, like I said, I don't even know how you died. But you took your daughter with you. I know I would have been a good carer to Sophi, but I never got the chance. I'm now looking after a boy called Ken. He looks just like you did as a teenager, a ringotchi. Weird for a boy, I know. Remember Steph, I'll always remember you. And Sophi too.
  13. I think i lost my tamagotchi Music Star. I've been looking like crazy, i've practically turned the house upside down. But i can't seem to find it! I really loved that thing, omg. But i think i might have to get a new one. Our local toystore only has Famillitchi, wich i'm honestly not THAT intrested in. But it's okay, i suppose. I have one, wich i can't find either. Should i buy a new one? And wich one do you reccomend?
  14. I just got a new music star tamagotchi today in the mail. I'm trying to go on the site, but it says I'm missing a plug in. I don't know what to do, I can't find anything on the internet, and it's really bothering me! I don't know the plug in or anything.
  15. I remember my very first Tamagotchi. It was a v. 3, i think i was around the age of 7. It was a boy, and i named him Nisse. I spent every waking second with him, and when he went to sleep, i actually requested that my family be quiet to not 'wake him up'. He was like a son to me, allmost. And then one day, i woke up, to find a little angel on the screen. I was crying rivers that day, i was really quite upset. I think about him sometimes, as silly as that sounds. Rest in peace, Nisse. I miss you. <3
  16. Hello guys, Merry Christmas! Lately, we haven't got any new 'english' tamagotchi yet. But, if we had a christmas tamagotchi, what would you call it? What features would it have?What would the design look like? Would it have any extra accesories you can buy seperately? Maybe it would have some equal features to previous tamagotchis. Like i would have a shop with christmas outfits and christmas food in it.
  17. If Bandai could resell any Tamagotchi which version would you choose and why? And what would you like added to it (if anything)? Post below! I think Bandai should sell v4s again. Tamagotchi was really popular when they came out, everyone had them. If only they could revamp the v4 somehow to have both it's original characters and the new characters from the Tama-Go. I'd love that.
  18. hey guys, im 13, im in 8th grade and i still play with tamagotchis! i havent played with them in 5 yrs and i found them last week cleaning my room. and so far i love them again! I have told some of my friends at school and some just ignored me, some just said wow, and one of my friends called me gay. im afraid if i tell more of my friends they will just call me gay or think im a loser. And ignoring it at my school will not work 0.o ill just be teased over and over again. and i guess just letting no one know works too but... i dont know D; helpp!?!?
  19. Hello everyone, I am going to start of by introducing myself, I am known around the internet by various pseudonym, which Shijimaru is one of. I do this for a reason... I just like various styles of names, japanese, english, fictional, just alot of different names apply to who I am. So you can call me either Shijimaru, Reaper Jr, Tenryo, Ryoken, Mr.Blackhat, or any of my other names you may know, which I doubt, hehe. I am an 19 year old guy, heavily into playing the guitar, either electric or acoustic, VPs, gaming, and alot of other stuff. I am never bored, and when I am, I push the boredom killswitch, and instant interest is born! My Tamagotchi is a Tama-go, and currently has Kuchipatchi on it, on my first try! It's a healthy Tamagotchi, I've had already alot of great moments shared with this Tamagotchi, even with my girlfriend, who just adores these type of pets. My Kuchipatchi's name give by me is: Ryoken Jr, cause it just fits him I guess. Today we played some games, he crapped on the floor, and to figure he's really an adult by now, you would guess he wouldn't do that anymore, but oh well, some beings never grow up I guess. Though I still love the guy to death. He's now busy wobbling around his room, and doing what he always does; being lazy... But he's a good guy, and has his heart on the right place, so I forgive his laziness. Well for now that's everything, I will try and update as much as possible, but I can't make any promises just now, but don't worry, I am not one of those people, who log one post and then disappear in the blue Greetings from Shijimaru, and Ryoken Jr
  20. I really miss tamagotchi's being in stores. Is there any stores that could have any version? or any online sites that sell them for under $30?
  21. -Saturday || November 26, 2011- Hello! My name is Chikocchi! And this is my blog :'D I made a vow to write in this daily, and to post one picture a day So far so good ^^ So I started out my v2 because I needed a Tamagotchi that was lower maintenance (since I work 30-40 hours a week plus go to school 5 out of 7 days a week) But I'm going to try the best I can ^^ I started out my v2 and got a girl that I decided to name Cyria She was a Shiropuchitchi We played Jump a lot, and I even won jackpot twice! I NEVER win jackpot in jump! I was excited XD I never let the hearts fall below one in hunger or happiness which is pretty good We played Jump enough to win us enough points to buy out the shop And then we won some of those points back through the plant that we bought :3 Soon, Cyria grew up into a toddler and became a Marutchi She went straight to bed after that, which is good ^^ I'm only worried that tomorrow when I wake up she is going to be almost dead I tend to wake up from 11 AM to 1 PM and I know that toddlers like to wake up at 8 AM Oh well ^^ I'll just have to live with a bad care adult XDXD Now for the picture~~ It was super bad lighting in my room, so it should get better tomorrow I apologize in advance however XD So yeah :3 If you enjoyed reading this you should leave a comment on my page or something ;D -Cyria's Stats- Hungry: ★★★★ Happy: ★★★★ Training: | Age: 0 Weight: 10 Gender: Girl Generation: 1 Point: 165p
  22. Hey Guys, TrueDon here, I'm gonna be giving you a short, and i mean short, log for the rest of today until this sunday, cos i have skl on monday, on my tamagotchi music star. I've taken a picture of the v6 that I'll be using and here it is; Sorry about the picture being too big! I'm going to put the battery into the tama! ill post later with more news on my tama! see ya then!
  23. I debugged one of my tamagotchis, and It appeared to be 0 years old. Can it ever get married and have Tama babies??
  24. Hi Guys, I just got a Tamagotchi V6 Music Star Edition for my daughter (FROM US). She is happy with it but she wants to play with others. The problem is I don't know where to buy Tamagotchi here in the Philippines. Anyone knows a merchant that will ship Tamagotchi in the Philippines? I hope someone will spare time to answer this question. Thanks and Regards, Tokwa
  25. I have 999 ranking at the moment, 35,355 fans and 999 points for each skill.