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Found 14 results

  1. Ok Is anyone mad that the Characters on the 15th Anniversary aren't exactly paired up? Like Dazzelitchi is a character, but no Dreamitchi! I really think they could/should have added Dreamitchi in any way, at least, make him the other special character. they did the Princess and Prince. I really like that there are characters we haven't really seen as often, but seriously. I think it's because nostalgic feelings hit me a few weeks ago about TamaTown/Music City and I really want to enjoy having Dreamitchi again, but sadly he is not obtainable at all anymore unless you guess a passcode for a boys destiny star... I don't know, is anyone wishing that a certain character was on the 15th Anniversary Version? Side Note: I hope Bandai does another fan vote Tamagotchi version, maybe the 20th Anniversary?
  2. I am wondering if there is any other way to make "tama money" on an IDL version, then just playing games. I thought one of the options under my items might had been to sell them, but it just dissappeared and I didn't get any points/money for it haha. TIA to any comments!!!
  3. Hello there, I'm new to this site and I was wondering if a Tamagotchi ID L 15th anniversary is worth buying? I found one on craigslist that is selling for $55 and it is unopened. The bad/sorta downside to this is that I have to have my parents drive 50ish minutes to get to where they are to pick it up. This is my first Coloured Tamagotchi and I'm soooo excited but I might need to beg my parents... Thanks!
  4. This Christmas a friend made a bet with me that I couldn't raise all the tamagotchi's I currently have here with me. I took her up on this bet and so for the next 2 weeks I will be trying to raise 6 tamagotchi's Let's meet my darlings: This is liz. Shes an intellegent little girl who loves to play mimic. Shes begged me at least 3 times today if we could play. She can't get enough. This is Lacey shes my bubbley little angel. Shes always a talkin' away Next up is Little Rodger. He's got big dreams and easily entertained by going outside for walks My cute little nerd, Drew over here is just too adorable!! He went on his first date today and I swelled with pride. I'll miss my little drew when he leaves. Here we have Mike.Hes a little sweety always wanting to help clean up around the house And finally here is Cathy: Shes my drama queen of the group
  5. The Generation Hatch is starting in 3 days, and I've prepared the hatch by creating a Microsoft Excel table of things I should record for my ID L 15th Anniversary. It feels as though I'm missing something. I haven't added weight to the chart because it mostly ends up at 15 grams (I have an ongoing chart for my Tama P's). I considered adding year of obtaining Tamatomo, but they've all been 4 except for one, but that's been an exception. What do you recommend I should add to the chart? There's only two baby Tamas, but should I add it anyway or is it just a waste of space? P.S. A "Phase" is when A Tama has had to reset due to death or departure. A "Generation" is of course the number of generations it's went through
  6. Want to watch the first season? Click here. Welcome to an all-new season of IchiroID L[og]! In this new season, we will feature the characters and adventures from the Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary version! New friends, adventures and places await us... so let's end the waiting and let's open the door of our new House! A few minutes has passed, and out comes a little Pantsutchi! After the hour of care, he evolved into an Ahirukutchi! TMGC+Color fans, anyone? Did you know that before Mimo has left the White House, he actually dropped by the new House to donate his old toys and cleaning materials? The new House started with zero funds so we appreciate Mimo's generosity! I like the default room designs of the new house! Ahirukutchi has also met a neighbour who just moved in, it's Ringotchi! They had a great time playing the rubber ball outside! The next day, he evolved into a Kujakutchi! He looks kind of odd to me at first, I'm having a hard time seeing him on the screen, because his outline is blue and it tends to "blend" with the background, but I also find him interesting as well! Oh, someone's having a birthday today --- guess who? It's our Uncle Kuro's big day! Earlier today, he evolved into our first adult in the new House. Who could it be? (to be continued next post...)
  7. Hey, everyone! I JUST received my 15th Anniversary iD L today, and it's been really cool so far! However, after reading through some topics over at TamaZone, I had some questions about the 15th A's version of the HenshinJo. Does anyone know exactly which locations lead to which transformations? For example, I know that Kuchipatchi turns into Patchi Dancers after visiting the TAMAX-TV, but what about the other characters? Any information would be helpful! Thank you!
  8. I'm either going to get a 15th anniversary, princess spacey, or regular tamagotchi id l. So i want to know which ones you guys personally like better AND why. I know i have asked questions like this before but i want to make sure before buying. should i spend 55 dollars on an id l? Or does the anniversary or princess spacy deserve its price. Lemme know please! :V
  9. Hi! I don't know if I put this in the right place, but I'm looking for a list of all the destinations and icons to be unlocked in the TMGC iD L 15th Anniversary version and how many Tamatomo stamps they require. I searched for a list but couldn't find one...I think I saw one a while ago but I've lost the link to it, so I'd appreciate someone giving me the link to the list or making a new one.
  10. Hello! I am not sure where to post this but I am currently smashing everything in sight like the Hulk after eating too many sweets because yesterday I got what was SUPPOSED to be a 15th Anniversary iD L from Japan Trend Shop. Zink. It was a purple NORMAL iD L. I was wondering why the instructions had all the characters from the original iD L, such as Uwasatchi and Bokutchi, but no sign of characters from the 15th Anniversary iD L, such as Himetchi and Momotchi. I was wondering why it didn't say "15" at the top, and why it didn't look like what I remembered because, as you know, the purple 15th Anniversary iD L is lighter than the normal purple one. I already sent Japan Trend Shop a complaint but I'm not sure what will happen. All I know is, whoever did this is gonna PAY.
  11. Hi there! The name is MagicMimitchi! I'm new to the board, but not to Tamagotchis. Got my first one in 1996/97. But I am new to the Tamagotchi iD L 15th Anniversary edition. I recently bought one off ebay and love it to bits. I really wanted this version cause my favorite is Mimitchi. I love bunnies. My current Tama is Otogitchi. I had no problem finding his first and second happy symbols. First was the curry at the restaurant. Second was playing with the baton. I have done countless searches on the web for any hints. There was a list I found on all the likes and dislikes of every Tama character. I tried the fruit parfait at the cafe on Otogitchi a few times, but he never got a happy symbol from it. Now he's already been an adult for over 48 hours and received the 4th happy symbol. I had this same problem with Kuromametchi, Otogitchi's dad. I only got 3 out of 4 symbols. I seem to have trouble finding the third ones. So if anyone is currently playing with the 15th Anniversary version and know anything that can help, I would really appreciate it.
  12. Here is just a poll about id l / 15th anniv. id l that I am starting to see what everyone thinks.
  13. I have a question about the tamagotchi ID L 15th anniversary. I dont know where else to post this so i had to start a new topic for the question. Ive already got the Tamagotchi ID L, and i love it might i add. But i want the 15th anniversary next. I LOVE everything about the anniversary, but now my question is how much is too much to pay for it? I got my ID L for $55 on ebay, which i realize is a deal. But over $100 for a tamagotchi, is it worth it in yalls opinion?