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Found 8 results

  1. Since quarentine has happened, I've seen many people make money from making items out of resin. Though I don't want to make money out of this idea, i thought about making tamagotchi shells out of resin. After some research, people have been doing so with the newer versions, but only the front part. I've bought some suplies (a silicon mould kit, a 2 part resin kit, a pigment powder set and some glow in the dark pigment set) from the internet and they'll be arriving tomorrow and the actual testing will begin! I will be testing the version 5 first since its the one i use least and wont be as sad if i accidentally break something whilst taking apart the tamagotchi. Stay tuned for an update tomorrow!
  2. Hi there, recently I got myself a second-hand tamagotchi P1 (gen 1) re-released version. The case design indicates that it's a Japanese version. It's pinkish-red, with blue clock numbers and blue buttons, and black arrows. At the back, there is the usual "Bandai, Wiz 2017" and below some Japanese wordings. However, the language in the game itself is in English. I don't think it's a fake since the gameplay is similar to the original P1. I'm curious as to why this is so. Anyone has any insights? Thanks :)
  3. On November 23rd 2017, Bandai released a final 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi line-up in Japan - the Shuku 20 Shunen Tamagotchi (roughly, "Congratulations! 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi" or "Celebrate! 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi"). It was the final send-off for the 20th anniversary of the Tamagotchi, and also marked the beginning of the line's 21st year. These units are supposedly exact replicas of the P1 and P2, but powered by a CR2032 instead of two LR44s. They're even packaged in replicas of the original Japanese packaging, differentiated only by the copyright date being 2017 instead of 1996. However, I don't know how "exact" of a replica this line really is. I've searched TamaTalk, but I couldn't seem to find any mention of them. Does anyone here have any of them, and, if so, what's the verdict on them? Are there any gameplay/raising differences, at all? Or do they play out exactly the same as on the original P1 and P2? Thanks in advance for any information that anyone has to share!
  4. Hello! I'm starting to collect Tamagotchi after so many years without caring about it. My last Tamagotchi was a V4 one, so it's been a while since then! I'm planning on starting with a M!X one, as I love the character mix concept! However, I don't know which version to pick... The most important thing & the one that will make me go with x version is that it includes Mimitchi on it. Mimitchi is my favorite Tamacharacter, so I'd love to start with her. I've checked a chart with the available M!X versions and which characters do they include, and Mimitchi only seems to appear in the 20th Anniversary one. However, I don't know if this means that she's raisable ONLY in the 20th Anniversary, if she's only available for mixing my Tamagotchi with her (aka she's non-raisable) OR that she doesn't appear at all on the rest of versions. This is the chart I've checked: I've also read that there was a new Tamagotchi M!X coming on November but I don't know anything about it. So yeah, tl;dr, my question is: Does Mimitchi only appear in the 20th Anniversary Tamagotchi M!X as a raisable Tamagotchi?​ Or does she appear in any other newer M!X Tamagotchi? (Like the one coming out soon)? I also want to know where can I find Tamagotchis available for my future purchases. Thanks!
  5. Hi everyone! I've been a tamagotchi fan since the connection, but I haven't really played with tamagotchis since music stars, and even then I hardly played with it. But anyway, I recently found my v4.5 and it got me thinking about tamagotchis again. I did some research and whoa!! tamagotchi's have gotten craaaazy since the TMGC+C. I recently found out about the tamagotchi m!x and decided to pick up the 20th anniversary edition because it has shimashimatchi, and mimitchi! I'll try and update with pictures and other things as I update but for now I'll just do a quick written entry just to get the ball rolling. My v4.5 is the blue marble design and currently it's on generation 1 and I've got a two year old ura young mametchi. I'm trying to get an ura kutchipatchi from this but, we'll see how that goes... I've always managed to get mametchi in each of my first gens on my v4.5s so I'm trying to get some of the characters I never got in years past. I've also just received my tamagotchi m!x today in the mail. I was so excited! This is my first ever color tamagotchi and omg it's so fun!! I bought the 20th anniversary edition in the white design. It's so sleek and shiny and pastel-y and I looove it! Right now I have a male ahirukutchi and he's still 0 years old. He's also stained red because I thought I could unlock the train to makkakka town, but turns out you need to be on your third generation. Instead I was able to unlock Flower Hills and Rainbow Hills so far, which are both super fun locations. I'm happy that Rainbow Hills unlocked a new minigame, beacuse the paparazzi/photo one was getting a bit tried... In addition I just spent today exploring the various parks at each location trying to make friends. I'm hoping to marry off this tamagotchi with Mimitchi because she's one of my favorite characters. I also played a TON of mini games and changed my wallpaper and bought my lil guy some toys. Okay! That's really all for now, I'm not sure how life cycles work in the color editions but tomorrow my v4.5 should evolve and ~maybe~ so will my m!x...? We'll just have to stay tuned. I'll be taking photos when I can from here on out so I hope to share those with you all soon!
  6. Hey guys! I searched the forums a bit and couldn't find any info on this one... I know where to find guides for the color-changing items on the regular M!X versions, but I haven't seen any information on these items for the 20th Anniversary version. Are there items you can feed your Tama in the Anniversary M!X to change their color?
  7. I have ordered my first color Tamagotchi!! After reading a few reviews I decided to go with the M!x 20th Anniversary. I was torn between the Tamagotchi P's and the M!x, but the idea of breeding tamagotchis sounded very appealing. When I was looking at the P's, I really liked the Royal pierce. There was another one I liked as well, but now I can't remember the name of it! I do know that the color Tamagotchis come in Japanese; I plan on googling manuals, and I'm sure I will get the hang of buttons as I play. Is there anything I should know before starting it? Any tips? I am so excited! I definitely plan on ordering a Tamagotchi P's in the future too!
  8. Hi everyone I just got my Tamagotchi Mix 20th anniversary and I'm trying to find a manual online in English, does anyone know where I can possibly get one and a growth chart as well? Thanks!