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Found 11 results

  1. As I have a Japanese 3DS and some Tamagotchi 3DS games, I have decided to review them, starting with Ouchi Mainichi Tamagotchi or 'Everyday House Tamagotchi'. The game is kind of a house simulation game with mini-games and goals. You start with a rather empty house with only a couple of rooms/mini-games available [each room has its own mini-game]. Play the mini-games a lot to unlock more stuff such as more rooms/games, colors for your house, and furniture and characters to buy. I wish there were more mini-games available at the start of the game because having to play them so many times to unlock more is a bit off-putting but the fun really kicks off once you unlock more rooms. Each mini-game involves a household chore such as vacuuming, cleaning the toilet, or hanging out the laundry, but the mini-games are a lot more fun than they sound. You earn money which you can use to buy furniture, characters, wallpapers, carpets, etc. Then, you can decorate your house to your heart's content [or rather, to the limit of how much stuff you can have in one room]. It's very fun to put characters where-ever you want in various scenarios. You can sit Lovelitchi and Melodytchi on a couch in front of the TV, or you can make Himespetchi watch Mametchi sleep, or you can even make Kuchipatchi look as if he's raiding the fridge. The characters don't walk around [although they do change their pose/face expression and talk via speech balloons], so it's entirely up to you where you want them to be. You can change the arrangement of your house and characters whenever you like. The games are easy at first but when you play a game a certain number of times, it will change to a higher difficulty. Higher difficulties also means you get more Gotchi if you win. But even so, you have to play games lots and lots to afford some pieces of furniture, which is one flaw in this game since it can take forever to get all the furniture you want. My favorite mini-game is the barbeque one where you have to cook food on the barbeque for the characters without burning it. It's a bit hard on the highest difficulty because the characters are impatient and sometimes try to steal the food, and you have to blow into the microphone every so often to keep the heat going. But it's still super enjoyable. A nifty feature of this game is that you can choose whatever music you want to hear as you play. You just go to the radio and it will have a list of songs with their radio frequencies. You use the 3DS's circle pad to change the frequency number to find the song. As you progress you get to unlock more songs. Quite a few of the songs sound really great. There are some Tamagotchi songs with singing in the mix, as well as songs of various genres like classical and heavy metal haha. There are lots of characters to unlock, including some we haven't seen much of. The way you unlock stuff is by achieving stuff in your goal list; goals are usually things like 'play the sewing game 15 times' or 'collect every member of the Mame family'. The goals add play value to the game as something to aim for. The game is one that'll last a long time if you want to accomplish all the goals and unlock/buy all the stuff. You can also customize the colors of your house by choosing the main color, accent color, roof color, and door color. Here are miscellaneous minor features I'd like to tell you about - You can open and close the window curtains using the L and R buttons; sometimes the characters will comment on the scariness of the dark if you close the curtains. Sometimes the rooms get dusty and you have to blow in the microphone to clean them. There's a koi pond where you can go fishing and name the fish if you catch one. Sometimes you get money if you catch a fish. Sometimes the doorbell will ring; answer it and there might be a gift from the Gotchi King. That's about it for now. In conclusion, it's great for Tamagotchi fans and recommended to those who also enjoy Animal Crossing. There is a nice array of mini-games and all the goals make it a game that can last a long time, and again, it's super fun to decorate your house and put the characters where ever you'd like. Next time, I'll review Tamagotchi Sessions of Dream School.
  2. So yesterday, Rhythm Heaven Megamix spontaneously came out on the Nintendo eShop for 30$. And lemme tell you, they did a pretty good job surprising us like this. 0: Since I'm currently saving up my money, I have to wait to buy it, sadly. But in the meantime, what are your thoughts on the release? Did any of you buy it? Talk away in the comments!
  3. Does anyone on here play triforce heroes? Leave a friend code and we can play together. Mine is 2105-8705-4236.
  4. Since there have been several Tamagotchi-related video games throughout the years, I'd like to know which are your favorites. Any Tamagotchi game is acceptable, regardless of what language it was released in or the system (e.g. Gameboy, 3DS, or even PC). Also, please give me a little bit of info about the gameplay itself and why you like it. If any of the games people mention are readily available to me, I might be interested in getting one or more.
  5. Hello everyone!! I was wondering... are there any Fantasy Life fans here on TamaTalk? I remember seeing a topic about it some time ago, but I still didn't have the game, even if I would have liked to. I've seen that topic has been closed, beacuse (I think) it was very early and at that time the game had just been released. So, now that a bit more time has passed and maybe more people know it, I would like to share my passion with you! Plus, I would like to play online with someone if you please. PS: Currently, I'm a level 30 Mage, Tailor, Cook and Alchemist If you need something, maybe for the hardest monsters....
  6. Not sure if this is already a topic somewhere buuuutttt..... Post your 3DS friend codes here! My friend code is: 3780-9464-8728. I love playing Animal Crossing: New Leaf, Tomodachi Life, and Others!
  7. OKay i dont know if this is the right place for this but okay. Im in Europe and i really want to play some games not in Europe like Rune Factory 4. But i cant. But now i have a solution i am importing a NTSC 3ds or 2ds for these games. So what are your opinions on this? I alredy have an 3ds. And does anyone know a american store who ships to Europe? I am alredy considering ebay.
  8. Hey everyone. As you may know, two new Pokémon games were announced back in May for the 3DS, and will launch on November 21st. They are sequels to Ruby and Sapphire and feature New Mega Evolutions, New formes of Groudon and Kyogre, a new story, and new protagonists, plus more that hasn't been announced yet! So, what features are you most excited for? Will be you getting Omega Ruby, or Alpha Sapphire? Feel free to talk about anything related to the new games in this topic!
  9. If you're not living under a rock, you probably know that there is a new addition to the well-known series, Super Smash. The new addition is the Super Smash Bros. for Wii U and 3DS. Clever way of saying Super Smash Bros. Four. It is the first Super Smash game to be released in two different consoles. The 3DS version is also the first Super Smash game to be released on a handheld console. The two consoles will have different stages. The Wii U will have stages coming from console games and the 3DS will have stages coming from handheld games. Also, the 3DS and Wii U will not have a cross-platform play due to different stages. The Wii U will have enhanced graphics and the 3DS will give characters outlines so you can see it even if the view is far away. The 3DS will also have a customization to characters or some sort. There are 3 new characters as for now which are: -Megaman -Wii Fit Trainer -Villager This game is one of the main reasons why I'm saving up for a 3DS So, what are your opinions on this new game? What are your insights to the new characters? Are you liking what you're seeing so far? Or are you disappointed with it? Share everything here!
  10. Runner


    As much as I love my 3ds, am I the only person who's slightly disappointed by it? First off, there is like no games out whatsoever right now worth playing. You would think Nintendo would at least make some original, good 3ds games. But the only cool game they made so far is Mario Kart 7, Super Mario 3D Land is just a fancy remake of every other regular Mario game out there, and Nintendogs + Cats (I don't own it, but I played the original Nintendogs) gets boring quickly. The upcoming Kid Icarus thing looks cool, but I dunno. Third party developers have made some good games (i.e: Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3), but there aren't enough good games out there to keep me occupied. Which is why I only own Mario Kart 7 despite having owned my 3DS for two months now. And then the downloadable games from the eShop. There is mostly DSi ware, not 3DS exclusive stuff. I suppose the reason being for that is because making DSi games is more profitable, since DSi owners can buy the ware as well as 3DS owners, but there's like only 10 3D games out so far, and only three 3ds downloadable applications, two of which suck (One is Netflix, and I don't own Netflix, so I can't use it). These would be Nintendo Video, and PokeDex 3D. Nintendo Video seldom gives you good videos (i.e: I got a John Deere video, I dunno why I'd want to watch a video about tractors...), and PokeDex 3D only allows you to look at and collect pokemon from Unova, which is stupid. What happened to pokemon from Kanto, Johto, Hoenn, and Sinnoh? Again, another smartphone thing. There was a PokeDex application for the smartphone, and it has all the pokemon for those regions. Once again, I question about the people who don't own smartphones (Like me) and the people who can't afford apps and/or aren't allowed to get them. About the games, sure, it hasn't been too long since the 3DS came out, but I think it's been nearly a year now, since the original Japanese release was February 26th, and the NA release was like March 27th. The internet browser is also sort of disappointing. The lack of flash on the browser is kind of sad, especially since that means you can't get on youtube or any other sites. I read somewhere this is because Nintendo figures you can just use your smartphone to get on youtube and other mostly (if not all) flash sites, but then for the people who don't have smartphones, or can't afford data fees... Well.. Yeah. Plus, all the streetpass things, as cool as they are, unless you go to a gaming convention or to a store where there's 3ds's, I doubt you can get very many (if any) tags. I've carried my 3DS while walking around Seattle, and while walking around a mall, and the only streetpass tags I've gotten are from the 3DS demo display thing from Gamestop. Anyway, I'm going to stop my whining now. I do apologize in advance to any 3DS owners who read this and then get rage faces. By the way, I'm a Nintendo person, so if I sound like some person trying to make Sony or Microsoft sound better, then idk.
  11. WOAH...ANOTHER Tamagotchi DS game in Japan??? It's for 3DS and seems to have lots of shops from the previous games, as well as a few new ones, and it has many new characters AND it's in 3D! I managed to come across it while clicking on random links on the Japanese Tamagotchi Channel site. It seems as if it will be released on the 19th of April in 2012, and you can play as Lovelitchi and Meloditchi! There's a pic of it on the following link: I once clicked on a button somewhere and it had something where you could look at preview pictures of some of the shops, but I forgot what you had to click on to do that...And I'm not sure if it is CALLED Tama Corner Shop 5, that's just what I called it since it's the fifth corner shop game!