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Found 22 results

  1. Hello, Mr.Blinky released the upload tab in the 4U app for anyone to upload their characters, clothes, etc. and I'm wondering if there is any way to extract character sprites from the Tamagotchi P's VDP or Pierce pieces?
  2. I currently have a tama friends, 20th anniversary mini tamagotchi? And this thing called a virtual pet. Only my friends is running. I have been looking at getting a colour tama for a while and I finally won an auction for a pink 4U+ with a custom faceplate. I am not sure if it comes with it’s original faceplate but we will find out when it gets delivered. this week I had already lost two auctions. The first for a P’s and the second for a virtually new 4U+ in blue. So it was a relief when I won this tama. I decided to get a 4u or a 4u+ as the p’s were expensive so I am getting one for my birthday. The reason why I chose the 4U as my backup is because of the skills, school and babysitter. I feel like it has good features that the p’s doesn’t have. Anyway I won it by a small £1.01 gap. I used watch counter and it only had 9 watchers. Some silly bidders had early bid and had rammed the price up to £37 but a few minutes before the end it for its way up to £46 which was bad considering my budget was £46.20. I had to bid £47 due to the increments so I asked my parents (I’m 11) for 81p and bid £47.01 7 seconds before the end. For anybody unfamiliar with eBay. This method is called sniping. Luckily nobody else from the 9 watchers were sniping and I won! I will update you when it gets delivered in a few days.
  3. Hey i would like to get your advice I currently have the tamagotchi mix and would like to get another one... but im still not sure which one to get. I really like the p's but i dont think i would be able to buy the pierces I like the meets but i have the mix so im still not sure if i should buy it or not The 4u have these attitude stuff which the mix dont have because the mix is all about seeing the outcome of your marriage Any help would be appreciated. Thank you
  4. I didnt find anythink about it,can someone help me about the interests/happysymbols of the tama 4u plus?that helps a little bit:( Ich habe das ganze Internet durchsucht und finde nichts dazu. Da habe mein altes Tama wieder ausgepackt und vieles auch einfach total vergessen habe...vor allem zu den Interessen und lieblingsdingen der einzelnen Charaktere...vielleicht hat jemand ein Link oder ähnliches!? Danke,Thx XD
  5. Hi everyone! I was browsing through the internet and saw that there are several icon backgrounds for the 4u/4u+, I was able to change my 4u+ to the candy one but I was wondering if there are more or just the 5 that it comes with, and if so how do I unluck them? Also is there any difference with the ones on the 4u? Because I saw a purple with jewels on a 4u and was wondering if I could get it. Thanks in advance for your answers!
  6. Hi, I'm new here. I was curious, and thought I would put this question out to those who might have these two models. I have a TMGC+C, and I love it a lot but I've been finding myself growing bored of the model now that I've collected everything and have gone through every route I can possibly go through--so I've been raising generation after generation at this point. But, I've been looking at the 4U+ and the P's, wondering which one provides more content and what not, basically as a seasoned user, which provides more of a challenge (while I do understand tama's are mostly marketed toward children, and both may not be extensive) for the user?
  7. I really think Tamagotchi 4U and 4U+ killed the community. I was obsessed with my tamas for a good long time then when I got the 4U and 4U+ I played them for about a week then put them away. They were just disappointing. Now that I've come back for the Mix I feel like others did the same in shutting off the 4U and 4U+. They were just too dependent on being IN japan. Now Im sad to see how sparse the community seems to be now, and hope the mix will get some of the other tama fans back into it again. Part of the fun of these things is talking to you guys about them and trying to figure out how to get certain tamas etc.
  8. I just got my 4U+ today and I can't find any information anywhere on what to do when your tama goes to sleep? Is there a light switch function like the older ones or do you just leave the lights on? Sorry if this is a silly question, this is my first colour Tama so I guess the set-up is a little different?
  9. I'm currently enjoying my tamagotchi P (and currently saving up for another one) but I was wondering if the 4u+ or if the mix was worth the money to add to my collection. Should I get the 4U+ or the Mix? What has the most content and what is the most fun I really want to know.
  10. Hello! I got a 4U+ for new years from my friend, but I've never followed the forums for 4U+ or 4U. So.. I was just wondering if anyone could inform me on what i need to know? I also read something about a NFC phone? why would i need one of those? Please and Thank You!! ~
  11. Something unusual appeared in my tama's room yesterday! It was 23 June and a UFO suddenly showed up inside his home. It looks like the decorations that appear on holidays and special events, but I checked my guidebook and it says the next event shouldn't be until Tanabata in July. Anyone know what's up? Here's a picture of it. Thanks all!
  12. Hey guys, I'm new here. I'm looking to buy a 4u plus online somewhere but ebay seems overpriced, most other websites are sold out, and a lot of them don't ship to Canada for some reason. Can anyone help me out here?
  13. Hello! I'm new on this forum! I'm planning to buy a new tamagotchi and at first it was like " I will buy the latest one of course." but then I discovered that the 4u+ rather than having more than the previous versions is completely diffrent and the diffrences got me confused. I searched for old threads but the "4u opinion" where merely right after the release and now it's been some time. I have a whole list of questions so I think it's best to make an actual list to make it easier: What's your opinion on both 4U and P's? Which one do you prefer and why? (I hope for as many opinions possible ) Will I have an access to any downloadable content if I don't have a Nexus or Galaxy phone? Are the 4U touchspots located only in one city in Japan? (Tokyo maybe?) Can I get the downloads from touchspots on the internet or through the app? Is P's offering more than 4U? What can 4U offer that P's doesn't have? P's offers more locations than 4U is that right? Which one offers more in-built stuff (accessories and food): 4U or P's? Are there more downloads for P's or 4U? I LOVE some of the custom faceplates you can make for 4U. Can you custom P's other than the pierces? Which one looks better to you, P's or 4U? And the last one similar to first: Which do you think I should buy knowing my limits (no nexus or galaxy and I dont live in Japan haha) OR if I should wait for the newest release? There have been rumors about a new release in 2016, do you think I should wait? Those are hard questions and I'm sorry I couldn't find more answers myself. But most importantly I would love all of you to tell me your very own opinion which one you think is better! Thank you for any reploes!
  14. Hello Everyone, I just got a Tamagotchi 4U+ and despite being a bit confused at first (My first Tamagotchi since I was 12 )I really like it. I bought mine in the Tamagotchi Department store in Harajuku and, of course, there are many Touchspots for characters and christmas-decorations and so on. However does anyone have recommendations for other events and Touchspots, maybe some that are local and just in specific cities? Also the clerk gave me a full english translation of the small guidebook contained in the original package. Is anyone interested in scans? Thank you for reading this
  15. So I am considering getting myself a new Tamagotchi. My collection is large but lacks any of the backlit color versions. I was trying to make a decision between getting a Tama P's or one of the new 4U+. Can anybody help give me some pros and cons of both and any recommendations? I have seen discussions regarding the P's vs the regular 4U but none about the newer 4U+. Thanks!
  16. I recently purchased a 4U+ and was surprised to discover it won't do the NFC with my 4U. I have read every thread I could find on here but no matter how many ways or times I try it there's always a failed connection (blue) sign on one of the Tamas, but never both. I find this odd too since my experience has been failed connections are indicated on both Tamas. Am I correct that the 4U and 4U+ should be able to NFC connect? Is this some sort of a technological glitch that can't be fixed or does anyone have tips or advice? I would sincerely appreciate your help. I bought the 4U+ so I could connect it to the 4U and unlock the exclusive 4U+ characters and their post-adult forms. If it doesn't work or won't work I'll be so disappointed.
  17. Hello all. I just purchased a 4U+. I have read on TamaTalk that it is supposed to be able to connect to my 4U but I can't seem to get it to work. I have read multiple threads on here; I know to use second icon, second option, and then there are four ways of connecting from this screen: greeting, exchange, picture and marry. I think there's also a way you're supposed to be able to play a connection mini game. None of them work at all. Most of the time the 4U displays a blue fail sign when I do the NFC bump, but sometimes it's the 4U+. Never both though which I find odd as usually failed connections are indicated on both Tamagotchis. Any help you can provide would be much appreciated; I want to be able to unlock the new 4U+ characters!
  18. I have been looking everywhere and can not find a list of items in relation to skills for changing a child into certain adult characters on the 4u+. I have found the list for the 4u but the items are all different in the 4u+. I know that other skills are aquired when going to school, this is not what i am refering too. Is there a growth chart with this information displayed? Any information would be really appreciated!
  19. Alright so first a bit of background I can't remember the channel but I saw a commercial for the Tamgotchi 4u on tv. Somehow i fell in love with it just from this and so my search began. I looked up tamagotchi and Connections, idls, etc popped up. I hadn't worn my glasses during the commercial and hadn't observed it well so i was looking for it but was constantly confused on which was the one i was looking for. I found the commercial eventually and now i could learn more. I learned about the 4u's basic and lacking of things. But I soon learned of idls and ps and didn't know what to pick. The 4u had sentimental value to me as it was the first tamagotchi i'd ever seen(;__; I know it's weird but yeah) but the ps had so much content and the idl was kinda like the ps... I ruled out the idls and now it was p vs 4u. After months of looking at nice priced ps and learning more about color tamas( I didn't do this everyday, it was off and on) Finally i have 200 dollars that I was going to spend on stuff i'd wanted throughout the year, Most of the money got wiped out by scribbler v3 but i had enough left to pick one. I had been going on a site selling the old 4us when suddenly the price rose 30 dollars and they looked different. 4u+ color. At the time i thought why would i pay extra for picking a color! You let us pick a color for cheaper! I didn't realize it was a new product until a search on ebay for a 4u was flooded by 4u+. I kinda got mad because there was a new variable to account for but being it was new(This was after the release and was in august) I looked at some videos of it and fell in love with peach. it was out of stock for the ebay user who was going to put pondetchi on the tama because he was in japan. for 69 dollars i got it and it was delivered within a week or more. I had it delivered to my grandma's house since i live in a rural/ suburb neighborhood where i would have to go to my PO box. Her house was in a city so home deliveries for her. I came to her home to pick it up. I was translating it while she stared at the words on the screen. 2 words i had switched between them without selecting so it sat at the bottom one. using google translate on my phone the tope said something about save. She accidentally pressed the bottom one. turns out later on (a few days ago) i learned it meant open up previous game on top and on bottom, a new game. so now pondetchi was gone i guess i kinda freaked out but i think he might still be there, unlock able? i'm guessing the guy got him and the tama left on the way. Wow lengthy summary so i'll make the rest nice and short. Today i tried again connecting it to my s4 but after the connection failed i waited and my tam blushed and said something? I wanted to see it again so i tried again and again and eventually the scenes changed. Mimetchi flying down and giving a tropical drink, candy paku paku being unlocked, the other one being unlocked. My house changed and a gentlemen dog flew down. other cut scenes happened too. but i wasn't getting the downloads! i stopped going to the heart and when my tama touched my phone it automatically said touch so now everytime they touch WHILE BOTH ON i get cut scenes and such so i don't have to do anything but sit there as my connections go up. I now have a blue house and the tropical thing gives happiness. I don't know why but i had a strong urge to say it. I've been reading these forums for months but never joined sorry if i misspelled something but basically i'm saying, you don't even need a compatible device, just nfc. I'm sure since it's been out the hardcore tamgotchi lovers have already discovered this but eh. OH and something happens from a blue "soda" that is sold by that tama in the backyard. I had gotten biker mime( i refuse to try and spell it anymore) after going out i got that thing and thought it was blue soda. I fed it to him and hearts appeared. a blue bunny icon thing floated and landed on his head. When i turned my tama on again mime was normal and happiness had gone up. this same thing happened to my tama when it drank that tropical thing but it didn't transform. This took longer than expected. sorry again if i messed up some things. EDIT 13:31 10/10/15: after finishing this my tama's screen had 'happy' with hearts. it wrote a letter which someone picked up from his house to deliver it? weird
  20. I know we have a guide for the 4U, but what about the 4U+? Finding information on it isn't exactly easy.
  21. Hi there I'm sort of new to Tamagotchis, in that I used to have one back in the late 90s but had a long spell before getting back into them a few months ago. Anyway my 4U+ baby male tama just morphed into this...but I have no idea what it is! Does anyone know? It's brown with a couple of leaves coming from it. Thanks! Link to image:
  22. I'm trying to decide which one to get, but I'm not sure if i want to spend all the money on a 4u+