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Found 5 results

  1. My Jeanistkuchipa goes in to the closet and puts the crown I bought him on upside down and throws it around a bit. He isn't throwing a fit, it's more like he can't figure out what to do with it. Why can't he wear it? Is that the way it is with all the characters? Why would I fill the closet if nothing can be worn? Am I doing something wrong? I'm not sure what all the choices are once I've selected an item but the first one is typically accepting/choosing the item right?
  2. *I know there are some other threads covering these topics but many are closed/very old as far as I can remember. I love learning how others accessorize and care for the actual hardware (shell, faceplate, etc.) and what things they carry with their tamas ("first aid" kits) as well as homemade sets for modification (stickers, nail polish, sandpaper, etc.) and I was looking for ideas so.... What types of "extras" do you have for your tama? BTW, I'm not keeping any accessories currently except for my back and white good-quality-cardboard carrying case that has compartments for figurines...Running a tama-go, I don't carry it on a lanyard or anything because of the size. *OST EDIT: Please use the EDIT button to make edits to your posts, rather than double-posting. You can do so up to 24 hours after making your post. Thank you!*
  3. I have a Mametchi plate strap & a yellow clip that I found in the basement on my v 4.5. I also put my name on the back with letter stickers & covered them with a piece of packing tape that I cut down to fit in the little square to keep the stickers from scratching off. The middle, blue part of the star on the plate strap spins, it's really fun to play with, haha.
  4. Do you guys have any cool boxes or bags that you store your tama go charactar collections in? I used to just keep mine in a zip lock bag but then my mom gave me this pretty, sheer pouch thing that I thought kind of matched my tama go so I put them in there now, instead. What do you guys keep your tama go characters in?
  5. Does anyone else make their own accessories for their Tamagotchi? If you do, please share some ideas and pics here! I sit at my computer desk a lot during the day, so I wanted some sort of stand that could hold up my Tamas so that they are at a good viewing angle. I can't view them well when they are laying flat, so I decided to design this stand for them. It's made using the clear plastic from the blister pack they come sealed in. All you need is that and a pair of scissors, though you could probably just as easily make these out of note cards or card stock, or some thin cardboard like a cereal box. Just cut out a square of the plastic, fold it in half and use something to press the crease tight (I run a pencil along the crease while pressing it against the desk). Then you just cut the folded piece into sort of a hook or J shape with a flat base like you see below. Unfold it and you've got a little stand. If you are a kid or are making this for a kid, you'll want to round off the top point. It's a little sharp. I wish I could give you a pattern, but I don't really have one. I just do it by eye. -Lion