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Found 13 results

  1. Hi. I've come to own and take care of a tamagotchi due to my daughter's insistence to get a tamaguchi on for Christmas, kill the first two of them, and then want nothing more to do with it. That said I'm on my 6th generation but I've come across a problem. I've got a set of twins that are 9 years old and are still toddlers or teenagers or whatever you call them. No longer babies but not adults. All previous generations were adults by year 3, so I'm confused as to why these two refuse to grow up. I've seen other posts that point people to a growth chart but you might as well hand me an encyclopedia written in Klingon for how much sense it makes to me. I have no idea what cross breeding I've done to indicate what type of tamagotchi I now presently have. I guess I just want to know in general is 9 years still perfectly okay for them not to be adults, how much longer should I be expected to wait in general, and is there anything I can do to speed this dang thing along? Thanks
  2. I'm ninteen, so I'm in college, but during the summer I work 9-5. I love taking care of my tamas, playing with them in the evenings, and watching the generations grow. But I'm also very busy, and hide my tamagotchi use from my peers and family (embarrassing). Any one else in this position? How do you find time to take care of your tamas? I hate putting them on pause all day, b/c that means they will grow half as fast, and I do get bored if they don't change frequently. Wanted to open for discussion
  3. I followed all the tips that you create in tamatalk . I 've got a skill 999/999/999 . at the audition I make sure that the stress level 0 and all hearts filled. My pet weight is also only 30 lb. I also had to replace musical instruments in the affected X , and practice with my band "Celkirk" once every hour , but nonetheless the result OOX . is there any other tips from you all? Thanks --Star A
  4. the age counter doesn't work on my tama-go (I'm not sure why, I've tried reseting it and stuff but it hasen't worked so far) but he just recently turned into an adult, how long time wise do you think it'd take for the date place to show up?
  5. I know they are ultimately a kids toy but I'm sure many adults from the 90s have them and enjoy them as an interactive keychain or perhaps collect them. If any of you exist I think we should be friend. I'm 30 years old.
  6. This just happened and I can not believe it. My Tama V4 that is a MALE (Tosakatchi) just matched (through the matchmaker) with a CHILD (mohitamatchi) who is also a male, and had a baby boy child. My V4 glitched when I went to the matchmaker. The matchmaker came our but then got stuck. The reset button wouldn't work and I could not get anything to move. I took out the battery, put it back in and called for the matchmaker again (by setting the time to 2:59PM and waiting a min) and the matchmaker brought Mohitamatchi out for me to marry!? I am not making this up.. I really wish I could have taken a picture ! WOW..... Here is the aftermath. anyone else had something like this happen? It was very bizarre !!! - Thurin
  7. When my P's Adult went to go work for his first time in the morning, I came back 7 hours later from school and I found a baby Tama on my screen! No letter, no sign that he left/died. I went to my book icon because there was a heart on it ( I knew it meant there was something new), and I found that there was a new "letter" there. (It's the last option in the book icon.) Since it's in Japanese, I'm not sure what it said, but it showed a picture of him at the Tama Depa with someone else (I don't know who she is.) Does anyone know what happened to him and if I can get him back? Thanks
  8. I have had my Tamago for a FULL day now and what I ask myself is how long it takes to grow like how long does it taketo age mine is 1 "year" old now and im waiting for it to be 2 but its not happening how do i get it to grow? and how do you make it grow into a certain character PLZ HELP im confused
  9. Hi! I have a Tamagotchi P and currently have Kuromametchi. Today when I went to check on him he was up close to the screen and looked happy. He kept saying my name and I think something else. I checked how he was and he didnt really need anything, was a little hungry. I didn't press the C buttom to make him come close and he hasnt said my name since he was a teen I think xD Jjust wondering if it means anything or if he was just asking maybe for attention?
  10. Hello! I was wondering if someone could help me for my Tama-Go. I have a Shelltchi, and she is 3 years old. I read somewhere that when they turn 3 that they turn into an adult later that day. Is this true? Did this happen to you if you have a Tama-Go? And- if you know- what kind of adults do the Shelltchi's become? I've been very watchful and my tama is full on hunger, happiness, friendship, and half-full on training. Thanks again!
  11. Does anyone know how long it takes for a Tamagotchi Connection V3 to grow to an adult? I want know what age he turns into an adult, and what age the matchmaker comes for him. Thanks for reading, and Thanks in advance.
  12. I have a Tamogotchit v5.5 and my Tamas have grown into adults but when I click the dating show I can't use it and I cn't use the marry option when connecting to another Tama. If they are adults why can they not get married and how do I get them married?
  13. Okay, so twenty minutes ago at 2:00pm, I glanced at my tamagotchi, a version 4.5 and she was staring off at an egg with a star on it that eventually hatched into a boy. Then she went back to her normal bouncing around at 2:05ish. I know that adult tamas do random stuff sometimes, but what then heck was this? She's three years old and still going to school and has four hearts with my v3, a boy who's four years old. So... what's going on?