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Found 13 results

  1. So, today my -younger by nine years no less- brother asked me the age-old question... "You're STILL collecting tamagotchis?" and keep in mind that wasn't said with the intention of "you're too old for collecting them" but rather "how many years have you been collecting them for again?" (yeah, Greek is a weird language). And I sit there thinking... wow. I'm... twenty eight years old. I was seven when I got my first P1, fourteen when I bought my first Connexion with my own allowance. And yes, I've been very frugal so my collection is but a very small one (yet all my tamas are dearly beloved) but I have been at it for over TWENTY YEARS? Although if one is to consider when I "consciously" began collecting them it would be fourteen... but this doesn't sound nearly as nice and round. So my question to you today is... how long have you been playing with tamagotchis? When did you start? What was your first tama? Discuss!
  2. We all know about Aaron that lived roughly 122 days back in 2007. (Hop on over to Tamenagerie to check him out if you haven't: One thing I've always wondered is how long to MOST people keep their tamas (or other digital friends) alive? My personal bests are: Old School Tamagotchi (Clear Yellow P2) - 17 years Tamagotchi Angel (Pink) - ~12 years (I got twins!!) Nano Puppy (Original Version Green Shell) - 51 years New Gens Tamagotchi 4U (White Shell) - 5 generations (kept getting the same characters over and over so I quit) Tamagotchi Ps (Yellow Shell) - 3 generations (was playing at the same time as 4U and couldn't keep them straight) I feel like the original tamas are pretty hard to keep alive after the first 10 days or so, so I'm proud of my measly 17 years! What are your personal bests?
  3. A little while ago I had to reset my Tamagotchi, and I chose "download" of course. Today I went through some tips and tricks and one of them said "To prevent your v3 from aging, simply reset it and it won't grow any older". I got a little concerned there, because it really is stuck at 3 years now, while my other v3 is already 4, when I created them at the same time. I really wanted them to marry, but is that even possible if it doesn't age?
  4. the age counter doesn't work on my tama-go (I'm not sure why, I've tried reseting it and stuff but it hasen't worked so far) but he just recently turned into an adult, how long time wise do you think it'd take for the date place to show up?
  5. My Tamagotchi on my Tama-go turnned into a teen tonight ( he turnned into a Kilalatchi ) but it still says he's 0 years old, is something wrong? I've seen a lot of people with the same question as me but never seen any answers. Other than that there's nothing wrong or weird with my Tama-go
  6. Let's find out the stats of TamaTalk! Some of these questions are already asked elsewhere but this is one big poll as a representation of the diverse TamaTalk community! Don't worry, your votes are completely private (they'll add to the results but your name won't be shown). If you want people to know your answers you can make a post. My answers Gender: Female Age group: 16-18 Residence: Australia Relationship status: In a relationship Religion: Christian This is just a stats poll/topic; no debating about religion or anything But if you think any more options should be added to the questions, don't be afraid to make a suggestion! I can't add more questions though because the limit is 5.
  7. My tamagotchi evolved into an adult and I couldn't help but think: Wow he became an adult fast is this a glitch? I go to check his age because I knew I haven't had him for long. He is only 2 years old. I checked online and it says that tamagotchis evolve at age 3-6. So be a gentleman and tell me: Is this a glitch? Or is this normal. P.S. I have a V4 connection.
  8. Ones 3 and the other 4 --- In LOVE sorry hahaha Malfoy Edit: MERGED. Please avoid posting consecutively - you can edit your posts within 24 hours. Thank you!
  9. Hello, all! I have a Tamagotchi with a white shell that is yellowed with age. It is not just in spots, but the entire shell is more yellow than white. I know this for sure because I removed the sticker on the back, revealing a bright white rectangle that had not been affected. How can I clean the shell?
  10. Hello This has probably been asked before (I've seen a few posts but they are very old) but what is the oldest age someone has a Tamagotchi/virtual pet to? Also what version was this? Plus does anyone know how long the Nano kitty game lasts (how old Nano kitty gets)? Many thanks,
  11. Soooo. I'm going on 14 and haven't played with tamagotchis for a whillleee. I think I wanna get one again soon (I don't think, I know I want one really bad lol), but I feel like I shouldn't or that it's childish or something. :/ I'm stuck lol. What do you guys think?
  12. Hey there, so I used to keep tama's like a crazy lady keeps cats. but i stopped when i lost my fellow tama lover friend. years later here i am, 18 years old and obsessed with tamagotchi's again, and i have come upon a dilema. Now, my question is, can the tama–go die of old age? i got my first tama a while ago, and now i have two. i would like to marry them, but! they are a couple years apart. my boy has been an adult for a day or two now and my girl just turned into a teen this morning. if i put off marrying the boy until my girl is age 6 and allowed to marry, will my boy still be alive? when my girl is 6 my boy would be 9.. can they live to be that old?
  13. Something very weird happened to me this morning. This has happened to me before. My Mizutamatchi named Salad evolved into a teenager, Patapatatchi to be exact. But, when he evolved, he was still 0 years old! What has caused this to happen? Has this happened to anyone else?