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Found 3 results

  1. I bought myself a Mothra for Christmas <3 Right now, I have the batora grub teen and I was just wondering if anyone knew at what age do they go into their cocoon form or become an adult? My little guy is 10 years old (really I've been running him for like a week or so; I had to put him to sleep a few times while I went out) and I thought surely he would have evolved by now! Does anyone have any pointers? Thanks <3
  2. I want an Arukotchi the most. The TamaWalkie (Another pedometer Tamagotchi) is absolutely fantastic, so I bet the Arukotchi would be, too. The characters are adorable, and who can resist the dating theme? So cute I wish they weren't rare and expensive. What vintage do you want the most?
  3. Just curious Mine is the TamaOtch; it has super cute characters and it's really pretty but it's kind of annoying when it beeps every 10 seconds and the game is almost impossible for me, lol. I also don't like the Devilgotchi much (not that I've ever had one XD) because I don't want anything to do with devils >.< I'm weird, lol. What do you think? No fighting please!