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Found 23 results

  1. I am pretty sure it is completely unopened. Will the batteries have corroded and rendered it unplayable? And a side question. Can I use a #0 Phillips screwdriver or do I need to prioritize searching for a JIS one?
  2. I am so proud of getting this one. I combed through so many pages on Ebay trying to get something that was mint and wasn't going to drain me Now I have a MINT Tamagotchi Angel English, what a find
  3. inside cover of the mint. Silver tama, I have a gold one and I was looking for a white one, but this is still very nice The white ones they are selling go over 140$ and I'm not paying that
  4. Hey tama citizens last week i was trying to get kuriten on my ps because i downloaded the kuriten vdp but i got righttchi. I fed the tamagotchi the food that was said to be the item to get kuriten but i got a different one ._. To get kuriten should i have a female tama? :/
  5. Dear all ! I'm new, and after long search I did'nt find my response. I bought an Agel Gotch in japanese version on blister and with the battery strip. Now, I play with for 1/2 month, and on my screen appear the word "BATT" This is a battery problem ? or something more serious ? :'( Thank for your help !
  6. Hey guys! So I've had this tamagotchi for a little bit and iI've used it before, but now it won't hatch! It's been in it's little UFO Thing for about 4 weeks! I don't know what to do!
  7. Choose your favorite Angelgotchi character and vote in the poll! I didn't include Lucky-Unchi Kun and Deviltchi because they're not angels XD If you want, make a post saying why it's your favorite.
  8. Hey guys I recently got this Jap tamagotchi angel, the packaging looks legit with the Bandai logo and everything. BUT I find a few things really weird: - The packaging is different from the Jap angels that I googled from eBay - The picture of the angel is different (the one on the screen) - The wings looks flat - It apparently runs on AAA batteries????? Some photos below:
  9. So I totally made this account to lurk on people's tamas and to keep an eye out for fakes. I've been looking to buy an Angel so here's one I found. It's cute and pink and looks official AND comes with a case, BUT the background is a bunch of flowers. Is this a fake angel, with some other tamagotchi guts in the shell? The seller is in America so it sounds reputable but I'm not willing to throw down $20 for something broken. (direct link to the pic / pic2)
  10. I just received a second Umino NIB. My first one was used with no packaging and I'm undecided whether or not to open the new one? Seeing as I already have an Umino to play with. What do you guys think?
  11. Just curious. I've heard people say the rubber ducky is rarer but some people say the butt is rarer. I'm so confused XD Also, I assume only English Angels have the toilet paper icon but I'm putting it on the poll just in case. Mine has the butt with wings.
  12. Read this! Apparently, it's to be released on February 26th! I can't wait Pehaps it opens the door to upcoming Ocean and Garden apps too?! I wonder what Bandai has is stock for us in the futur. And will this app be a success? Face it, the P1/P2 one was boring. Will you run it, or was the first app enough trouble? x)
  13. hi im new to this forum , sum time ago i found my old 1997 tamagotchi angel us version again ^^ put 2 new batery's in it and it stil worked ..yeay! as a little kid i never figured out how it worked , now im 26! and i stil dont know pleas tel me how i can fil up the deed's meter thank you all!
  14. This Christmas a friend made a bet with me that I couldn't raise all the tamagotchi's I currently have here with me. I took her up on this bet and so for the next 2 weeks I will be trying to raise 6 tamagotchi's Let's meet my darlings: This is liz. Shes an intellegent little girl who loves to play mimic. Shes begged me at least 3 times today if we could play. She can't get enough. This is Lacey shes my bubbley little angel. Shes always a talkin' away Next up is Little Rodger. He's got big dreams and easily entertained by going outside for walks My cute little nerd, Drew over here is just too adorable!! He went on his first date today and I swelled with pride. I'll miss my little drew when he leaves. Here we have Mike.Hes a little sweety always wanting to help clean up around the house And finally here is Cathy: Shes my drama queen of the group
  15. Hey everyone! As a new member to tamatalk i would like to begin a hatch this sunday with the tamagtchi angel. Sorry if it's too soon. Let me know if youre joining. Thanks!
  16. I just got a Micalun & Devitan pet and I'm so incredibly lost. I got the initial setup done, but I'm confused what to do now. The attention light is on and I don't know how to take care of it. Anyone with experience out there?
  17. (I wasn't exactly sure where to post this, but since I'm asking about a vintage tama, I thought I'd put it in here. Feel free to move if needed) I was wondering if anyone has restored the color to the wings on their Angel ~ mine are extremely worn and I'd like to repaint them. Before I go out and buy paint (was thinking gold model paint for like a model car) I thought I'd see if anyone here had suggestions for a brand or warnings about any sort of paint not to use.
  18. Mai twitter name is @Micky_Martyrdom follow me ^_____^ i need some tamagotchi buddies on twitter:3
  19. I'm very confused, mostly because of how sellers list their Tamagotchi Angels on Ebay. So hopefully things can be cleared up... What are all the color combinations for Angelgotchis? Both American and Japanese. Some people list them as being silver, but they look blue, or they're white, etc. I'm wondering if the wings are always the same color? So the pearl white will always have gold wings? Will pearl blue always have silver wings? It's very confusing and sometimes the pictures don't show the colors well, or the color looks like another color, etc. I'm mostly getting confused with white and blue Angels. Anyone have a list (or pictures) of all the colors of the shells plus wings?
  20. Okay, as some of you may know, I recently got an angelgotchi and killed the back quite a bit trying to remove reluctant screws. It still works thankfully with the help of tape but I was still so upset about it that my mom and sister chipped in and ordered a new one which arrived in the mail a few days ago. Thankfully the screws were cooperative this time around and it's been tested and works, I've tabbed it for now though and am going to let my sister raise it until she can get her own angel. On closer examination though I've realized a few things, while my original one was most definitely pink the one I just recieved is more of a peach color. Also, according to the packaging, instead of the bum with wings icon that my original has it's the ducky icon. It's got me curious if anyone knows why the icon was changed, and which icon was first of the two. Here's a couple of comparison shots between the two, please excuse the tape, I'll probably tape the batteries in place on my second go-round. tamas packaging
  21. Ok I was thinking about making a Tamagotchi Angel/ or Angelgotchi hatch. Now There is no set date right now but It will have to be after I get mine in the mail. I know its a huge commitment but I want to do it. I will be joining but not unless there is at least one other person to do this hatch with. I plan to start the Hatch No later than the 22 of May. Thanks to all of you who join xD. (This is my first hatch that I made so bear with me). (No set time just on that date. Also you need to apply with either a Japanese or american Version on a tamagotchi angel. Posting everyday is not nessecary as Angels have a long growth time try to post at least once ever two days, or at least once every time it evolves. Late entrys will be accepted up to 72 hours after the hatch has started. Thanks for participating. ) Participants: Dylan1234 Possible Participants: Waight
  22. It turns on and functions BUT I can be in the middle of a game and the screen fades away? My pet is not constantly visible on the screen and I have to push a button on him to make him show up. Is this normal I wonder???
  23. I am thinking about getting a tamagotchi angelgotchi, but my question is, Is it fun? For guys? I mean the touch screen thing looks promising, but I dont want to waste 30 dollars. Anyways thanks for your opinions.