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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone, I recently rekindled my passion for tamagotchi and bought a second hand Japanese angelgotchi. On my third try I ended up with a ghost jr who didn’t turn into maruten the first day, whose AP maxed out at 90, and after looking around the internet I realized this is what happens in rare cases where it evolves into Lucky Unchikun instead. it’s now the 7th day (I counted, I’ve messed with the times a bit that changed its age) and my tama is still a ghost jr (baby), and I’m starting to wonder if I’m doing something wrong that’s stopping it from evolving? I’ve mostly taken good care of it, keeping the hungry and happy hearts are filled out, discipline bar full and AP is kept at 90. I might have had some care misses on the first day though, because I was trying to get the bad care teen before realising it was Ghost jr. who didn’t evolve I’m pretty bummed because this seems to be a really rare occurrence... does anyone know how you’re supposed to treat Ghost Jr. to allow it to turn into Lucky Unchikun? Any specific AP range it should be kept at? (Eg maybe I shouldn’t keep it at 90? And let it drop?) thanks so much in advance!!!
  2. I've been thinking of donating to TamaTalk for awhile now since it is such an awesome website. One thing that confuses me is that if I became a TamaTalk Lifetime Angelgotchi, would I be continuously donating $10 USD or would it be a one-time donation?
  3. Hello! I'm a new member of this forum. I'm an italian guy, so sorry for the bad english, but I'm trying my best. You can call me Cisco. I had a Tamagotchi Connection V3 when I was a kid, so I bought one a few months ago. I actually like it; it's great, simple and fun. It's a Jungle Camoflage one, it's really cute. Lately, I was thinking of buying a new Tamagotchi. I have enough money, so I'd like to order one online. But I can't decide wich one! I'd love to buy a V6 Music Star, but I have not enough money. So, I found some version wich I can buy. I'm interested in one of these, actually: Tamagotchi Connection V5 Familitchi I think it's a great Tama, I tried it when one of my friend had one. I like it, even if I think it's my leat favourite Connection because there isn't much to do. I like the family system, but it start being boring after a while. Character aren't really different and I'm afraid I'll get the same families every time. Tamagotchi Angel I'd like to buy this one, even if I don't really love the characters. I think they are cute, but really similar. I'll obviously buy a Japanese version, but it isn't such a problem, 'cause I'll watch some video online to see how the Tama works. Tamagotchi Ocean I love the design and the concept: a water Tamagotchi? Awesome, even if the character aren't really a lot. I'd like tu buy this instead of the other two, but I'm afraid 'cause everyone say it's... way too hard. Ok, something challenging isn't such a problem to me (in particoular during boring time), and I can Pause it everytime I want too (I'm not the type of owner who hate to Pause his Tamas). I mean, I like Tamagotchis, but I have lots of other things to do, so I cant't stay 24/7 on it. But everyone started to say this Tama's impossible, too hard and stuff like that. I'd love to buy it, but I don't know, now... is it really so hard? So, can you guys help me? I'd really like any suggestion. Thanks!
  4. I got a blue angel a few years back. After a while, it stopped reacting to my tapping, and it became difficult to care for it as i couldn't chase away bats trying to torment it. I tried opening it up to fix it, but i couldn't find the damaged part and upon reassembling it, i found that it no longer worked correctly. (as in, screen flickering, erratic movements and random resets) I've decided that i want to see if i can repair it. This post is gonna be me documeting my findings! I would post pictures, but my camera is out of batteries and i don't want to wait for it to recharge. step 1: open the batter cover. Right off the bat, one of the battery contacts has a tiny bit of green corrosion on it. It hasn't had a battery in, and i don't know if that was there when i put it away after i broke it. I got some rubbing alcohol, but i accidentally spilled some on my desk. now my workspace is clean! step 2: open the body. There's some sticky business inside, but i know i didn't get it wet when i had it running. Is that normal? I'm wiping off the sticky stuff. it feels like dried up mechanical lubricant. the speaker's also a little grimy... there's a fingerprint on it, and i'm almsot certain it's not mine! wiped that off. got msot of the fine corrosion off the battery contacts. I'm going to look closer at the rest of it to see if i see anyhting wrong. Also, has anyone actually found what in an angel senses the tapping? I don't see anyhting that looks like a motion sensor, except maybe the speaker, but that's the speaker. step 3: put it back together. I wiped down the circuitry with alcohol, let it dry and now everythign is abck in place. i don't see any kind of weirdness elsewhere, so i can only hope the errors were from the corrosion i wiped off. my batteries are a little iffy, so i'm going to put in new ones. also, side note: the little plastic wishbone shape that goes in along the screen is a pretty pearly pink color. Is this the same color as the pink angel's body? wouldn't that be neat if the pink one had a blue piece in it as well? MOMENT OF TRUTH,,,, IT WORKED I'm so excited! it looks like i got it working again, its screen is staying on with no flickering and, after a little drop test on my desk with no reset, it looks perfectly fine! In fact, once i got my obake 2, i found that the tap sensor works too now! This literally could not have been more successful! Something to note, this angel was pretty quiet when it was last working, and now it seems that wiping the grime fof the speaker has made it a little louder as well. Thanks for reading my journey! I was expecting it to end in failure, but sometimes things just work out.
  5. Choose your favorite Angelgotchi character and vote in the poll! I didn't include Lucky-Unchi Kun and Deviltchi because they're not angels XD If you want, make a post saying why it's your favorite.
  6. I have a row of dead pixeeeeels on my angelgotchiiiiii! D: I can't open the inside of my tama because the four screws inside are brokeeeeen! Please heeeeelp! I also saw the thumb-pressing-the-screen thing but it didn't help.
  7. My angelgotchi's button b and c are a bit broken. They don't respond if I don't force them to be pressed. I have to get a pen to make them activate. Is there any way I can fix it? I hope there isssss.
  8. Hi everyone! First things first, the Tama you'll get news from here is my pink Japanese Angelgotchi! I thought posting about what it does, taking pictures, etc, would help me feel closer to it. Also, since you can't actually name an Angelgotchi, and there is no generation system like there is on my other Tamas (all Connexions), I thought talking about it here would help me remember its name and each generation it's had. I'll try to update about once a week, maybe more often, keeping in mind that college is going to start again very soon and I may be too busy with other stuff to post here as often as I would. But no worries yet (On another note, my Angel probably won't grow up very fast. I don't want to take it outside, because it keeps resetting when I accidentally press its back too hard, which forces me to hold it using my two hands if I don't want it to reset every time I take care of it this would be very frustrating especially without the DOWNLOAD function and neither tightening nor loosening the screws a bit fixed the problem so I'll only have it running when I'm home (which is quite often, though, seeing as I'm a bit of a hermit ). I also thought fitting to create a section that I'll edit once in a while: the memorial section of my Angels. None of them have left me yet except the two ones I accidentally reset, but I like to think it was already Gabriel these two times, and it just came back to me every time, but that way, I won't forget to create one when the time comes. - (1G) Gabriel [september 1st, 2014 - ???] So! Now that all that's clear, let's move on to the actual log! (starting from this morning, after the last time I accidentally reset - hopefully, there won't be any other times.) September 1st, 2014: At 11:15am, an Angel came to visit me! I decided to name it Gabriel, after the Supernatural character. (I just hope my Tama will be less mischievous than its namesake ) Gabriel soon evolved into a cute Maruten! Throughout the day, I fed it lots of candy, making its TP go up to 27, and kept a sharp eye on its hunger and happiness meters. I even caught it praying once! But then, I was too slow to shoo away a bat while feeding Gabriel candy, which got stolen, and it erased our progress on the good deeds meter. Finally, right when I finished cooking my dinner, Gabriel beeped at me to indicate it was sleep time! It was so cute, I couldn't help but take a picture: Don't worry, I didn't leave the lights on after that. I guess that's all for today, since Gabe is now asleep, but stay tuned for more!
  9. Just curious. I've heard people say the rubber ducky is rarer but some people say the butt is rarer. I'm so confused XD Also, I assume only English Angels have the toilet paper icon but I'm putting it on the poll just in case. Mine has the butt with wings.
  10. Hi friends! I was wondering if anyone has had experience playing with the Tamagotchi Angel app that has been recently released for iOS and Android. Has anyone noticed any major differences? I understand that growth is dependent on Angel Power and general care - I have a vintage Angelgotch myself. Having said that, I've had terrible luck getting a Takotchi! I've raised three Maruten that consistently had 0 AP and filled hearts only halfway. One of them unfortunately did not survive, which is quite strange – I've raised an Oyajittenshi by literally ignoring my Angel for three days. The other two continued to grow into Kodoten. Has anyone had similar experiences with the new app? Or, have you noticed any differences that you'd like to share? I'd love to know! EDIT: Has anyone noticed if their Angel has gone to the bathroom at all? Mine certainly hasn't...
  11. Goodbye to my poor little Angel Twins on my blue Japanese Angelgotchi. They were age 12 and I will sure miss them since they were the first character I raised on my Angelgotchi. Here's a little note they left for me!
  12. I just bought an angelgotchi on ebay, it was 27 dollars, and I couldn't resist. The listing was "tomagotchi Angel Gotchi (japanese version) new". I wasn't sure at first because they listed it as "tomagotchi"....but I went ahead anyway. I didn't want it to miss out on it, because other than that it seems totally legitimate. The picture shows it in original packaging. what do you think? If that doesn't show up, try this link.... I'm hoping it's true to the picture, because I had a bad experience with a knockoff before, and even though this is covered by eBay buyer protection, I would rather have a happy purchase than not.
  13. I'm very confused, mostly because of how sellers list their Tamagotchi Angels on Ebay. So hopefully things can be cleared up... What are all the color combinations for Angelgotchis? Both American and Japanese. Some people list them as being silver, but they look blue, or they're white, etc. I'm wondering if the wings are always the same color? So the pearl white will always have gold wings? Will pearl blue always have silver wings? It's very confusing and sometimes the pictures don't show the colors well, or the color looks like another color, etc. I'm mostly getting confused with white and blue Angels. Anyone have a list (or pictures) of all the colors of the shells plus wings?
  14. Okay, as some of you may know, I recently got an angelgotchi and killed the back quite a bit trying to remove reluctant screws. It still works thankfully with the help of tape but I was still so upset about it that my mom and sister chipped in and ordered a new one which arrived in the mail a few days ago. Thankfully the screws were cooperative this time around and it's been tested and works, I've tabbed it for now though and am going to let my sister raise it until she can get her own angel. On closer examination though I've realized a few things, while my original one was most definitely pink the one I just recieved is more of a peach color. Also, according to the packaging, instead of the bum with wings icon that my original has it's the ducky icon. It's got me curious if anyone knows why the icon was changed, and which icon was first of the two. Here's a couple of comparison shots between the two, please excuse the tape, I'll probably tape the batteries in place on my second go-round. tamas packaging
  15. Ok I was thinking about making a Tamagotchi Angel/ or Angelgotchi hatch. Now There is no set date right now but It will have to be after I get mine in the mail. I know its a huge commitment but I want to do it. I will be joining but not unless there is at least one other person to do this hatch with. I plan to start the Hatch No later than the 22 of May. Thanks to all of you who join xD. (This is my first hatch that I made so bear with me). (No set time just on that date. Also you need to apply with either a Japanese or american Version on a tamagotchi angel. Posting everyday is not nessecary as Angels have a long growth time try to post at least once ever two days, or at least once every time it evolves. Late entrys will be accepted up to 72 hours after the hatch has started. Thanks for participating. ) Participants: Dylan1234 Possible Participants: Waight