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Found 7 results

  1. It looks like someone is making a tamagotchi reanimated collab on twitter. I might join.
  2. A long long time ago, in a tamatalk not too far away... The year was 2008. Tamatalkers would gather about the thread that spoke of Artpad, a mysterious online art medium that you could paint with in all sorts of colours and brushes. What these fellow artists loved about Artpad was that they could play back their artwork, and many took advantage of this feature and would create animated stories such as classics like "Stickman vs. Triangle of doom!" and "Gary the stoopid moose". However, as scholars have told, all things must come to an end. ...But end has not come, for today is the beginning of a brand new era of Artpad! After more than five years, the times of creating masterpieces with Artpad have finally returned. Click the link above, my fellow Picassos, and let your canvas flourish. (To link your art, click "save & send" when you are done, and at the line where it says "If you'd rather not send this painting to your friends but would like a link anyway, click here", simply click on the word "here", and copy the link it has given you. I would like to present my piece, "some sort of sunset i guess idk".)
  3. What is going on here? This happened to my v4 and v4.5 at the same time (they're the same age and set to the same time). I've had these versions for years and I have never seen this happen. I assume it's just an idle animation like teeth brushing or taking a bath, but the fact that there's a baby involved makes me wonder if it's more than that.
  4. Tamagotchi: The Secret Wish is a fan-made animation project! Yes, yes, I know you all want the Tamagotchi video game I was creating but the flashdrive with all the important files suffered a sad fate... That's not to say everyone's work is gone to waste! I tried to fix the flashdrive and it didn't work, but if all else fails, I can just save all the files from the game topic and work on it all over again. I'm not going to abandon the game... everything's already made for it anyway except for minigame resources that I can do myself o3o' For a while now, I've been wanting to start this more long-term anime series! I love drawing and animating! ;u; And I really really really really really really want to make this happen... I'm even paying for it :U I already bought some royalty-free music tracks for it! ouo I'm not the best animator... I don't have any fancy software; I'm just gonna do it all with a simple art program called FireAlpaca, and Windows Movie Maker. But I'm getting better at animation with more practice! Here's a quick example lol The artwork isn't going to be extraordinary 'cause putting lots of effort into each frame will take too long ;3; Originally, I was going to do a series that's almost exactly like GO-GO Tamagotchi but with a few extra fanon characters. Just lighthearted simple plots, basically the same cast as GO-GO Tamagotchi, but then I realized... I'm making this for the TamaTalk community. 8-year-olds probably won't be watching my show. And isn't this an opportunity to make something unique? Something for a more mature audience? (No, I don't mean NSFW, I just mean more serious ) Something gender neutral for male Tamagotchi fans to enjoy? So, Tamagotchi: The Secret Wish will be set BEFORE the first Tamagotchi anime but AFTER the second Tamagotchi movie (a.k.a Happiest Story in the Universe). Yes, it will have fanon characters. And yes, I have given thorough consideration and even planned out all the details for the ending and main plot ;3 But I don't wanna spoil it all! Here's the synopsis: Mametchi is enjoying life with all his friends. But unbeknownst to the happy inhabitants of Tamagotchi Town, there are two troubled brothers high in the sky, way up in the clouds... Sorsaratchi's and Pajamatchi's parents had been imprisoned by an evil demon called Makazetchi. Sorsaratchi tried using the family's spellbook to save his parents but Makazetchi was too powerful, and could block any spell used against him or his plans. And so, Sorsaratchi had to take on the responsibility of caring for his younger brother, Pajamatchi. A few years have passed since then, and with no hope of ever getting their parents back, there is only one other thing the two brothers wish for... Join Sorsaratchi and Pajamatchi as they venture to land for the first time in their lives and meet Mametchi, as well as all your favorite Tamagotchi characters! They try to fit in, but unknown to those around them, these two little Tamagotchis are on a search for the five ingredients they need for a spell that can make any wish come true! But what exactly is their wish? Is it for good, or for evil? And just how far are they willing to go in order to obtain the ingredients...? ~ As you can see, I have kind of made Pajamatchi and Sorsaratchi's status in the show ambiguous... I know what role they have but you can decide whether you take them as protagonists or antagonists until all is revealed... ;3 Here's a picture I drew of the two brothers o3o Sorsaratchi can do spells because he was trained by his parents to do magic ever since he was a baby. ^o^ He's quiet, doesn't say much, seems kind of apathetic towards everyone but his brother. ;o He likes reading, magic, and looking at photos of his lost parents :'( He is very protective of his little brother. Pajamatchi is young and quite mature for his age, except for his speech... he can't talk very accurately even though he talks a lot! He sleeps in most of his time, but when he's awake, he's quite hyperactive! He likes riding on clouds, and he is artistic (he likes building sculptures out of clouds). He is optimistic despite eveything he has been though. And here's a crappy sketch of Makazetchi. But he doesn't really appear in the actual show, except in flashbacks I guess o3o;;; Characters that will be in the first episode are Sorsaratchi, Pajamatchi, Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Chamametchi, Hapihapitchi, Kikitchi, maybe some others... Gozarutchi too but he doesn't say anything XD The episode begins with the characters having a picnic and Hapihapitchi is flying in the sky. She sees a house floating on a cloud! But then it disappears... she tells the others about it, but they convince her she was just seeing things. The house is then revealed to be the home of Sorsaratchi and Pajamatchi. While Pajamatchi is playing, Sorsaratchi is looking through the Spellbook until he finds a spell that can make wishes come true! However, in order to get the five ingredients for the spell to work, they need to go to a place their parents always told them about... Land. o_o And so the two brothers go to Tamagotchi Town and meet Mametchi and stuff, but they don't tell anyone of their mission. I don't have much other details for the first episode lol. Anyway uh the anime is going to be very depressing and heartbreaking in the later episodes, I warn you! I want this to be a serious, deep anime that even older fans can appreciate Of course there will be humor and cuteness! So don't worry, it doesn't stray too far from the lighthearted spirit of Tamagotchi. Also, there will be plenty of interaction with Mametchi and other official characters, mostly from the connections (since this is set before Lovelitchi and other modern characters). I don't see how vintage characters could fit into this though. Maybe very minor appearances o: The opening theme will be 1 minute, the ending theme will be 1 minute, and each episode itself will be like 10 minutes long. I'm not sure exactly how many episodes there will be yet. I have already planned an episode where they go to UraTamaTown! ;D Anyway ummm the main thing I need help with is voices! I need voice actors and actresses >.< Yeah I'm doing some voices myself .3. Kurosantchi and Nanotchi (fanon characters) and maybe some others. Hapihapitchi perahps. For now I need people to voice Sorsaratchi and Pajamatchi as well as Mametchi, Memetchi, Kuchipatchi, Chamametchi, and Kikitchi! Possibly Violetchi and Imotchi as well. If you would like to help, you can give me a sample of your voice e.g. a YouTube video in which you talk and I can check it out! Or I can give you some lines to say. :3 Don't worry about trying to sound like a Tamagotchi too much, I can edit the pitch of your voice to make it suit the character. And I can remove buzzing from the microphone too. If there's a particular character you want to voice you can tell me, or you can just let me fiddle around with editing your voice and deciding which character you sound like I am deeply grateful to anyone who can help! So I will do my best to find a way to repay you. Maybe I could give Angelgotchi memberships or even actual PayPal payments to those who help a lot! I'll let you know if it's certain. I also need people to suggest what characters to put in the show! Most of them won't have very major rolls but I need a cast that appeals to everyone. Remember, the character has to be from before Lovelitchi existed. Also, feel free to tell me any other feedback or suggestions! I'm currently working on Episode one, the Opening Theme, the Ending Theme, and the Promotional video ^w^
  5. I want to make a Tamagotchi animated mini-series but of course I have my fanmade video game to finish so yeah, I can't decide whether I should start working on it or not. This isn't a project YET but if I decide to do it, I MIGHT accept voice actors, plot ideas, and OC submissions. All I want to know is whether you guys wouldn't mind waiting longer for the fanmade video game (I'll still work finish it! But I'll work on animation too and it'd take longer for the game to be complete). (Oh and yes, I can do voicing and plot ideas myself XD) I'll draw all art and animate it myself with Windows Movie Maker. I've made some cartoons before but they're rubbish. I've made a few gifs recently and so I think I'm good enough to make a somewhat decent cartoon Sorry I always like starting on many different projects and take forever to finish them XD
  6. Happy Toon Kaixinchaoren is absolutely my favourite Chinese animated series, you can find more information about it on The cartoon started airing in 2010 and it's really well-known in China, in June 28 of this year a movie will be released in Chinese theatres. November 2012: I was searching some good foreign tv channels and I've found CCTV4, they were airing a cartoon but I don't know its name, the next day they aired Kaixinchaoren and I started to love it immediately! Official site: My favourite ones are Careless. S (the blue guy) and Smart. S (the green guy), but I usually call the characters with their Chinese names.
  7. Lately I've been on a Studio Ghibli movie bend. Their films are absolutely stunning and magical and I have become so deeply inspired and entranced by their films! Initially I was not all that impressed with "Ponyo", the first Ghibli film I watched. I thought it was too random and all over the place, it was as if it was too far fetched. But then I watched "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Spirited Away" and I realized that there was something very simple that separated these animated films from others: that in fact were far fetched and that's what makes them so wonderful. Once I got over that hurdle, I watched "Ponyo" again and it was simply magical. So what is your favourite Ghibli film? After watching all English dubbed versions, my favourites would have have to be "My Neighbor Totoro" and "Howl's Moving Castle".