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Found 54 results

  1. Initially, nothing existed, nothing but microscopic atoms the size rivaling that of ants and pieces of rice, but in a matter of moments, our Lord brought everything we know into existence. Delving into the universe, the various galaxies, our galaxy, the Milky Way, is a beautiful blue and green planet that we call home; Earth. Earth is a beautiful, luscious planet, unlike any of its eight fellow planets. It has thirst-quenching water, gorgeous scenery, and most importantly, the presence of life. Life began with a bunch of animals, a man named Adam, and a woman named Eve, and as the centuries and millenniums kept going, regardless of their differing events, all moments of history have one thing in common; life slowly but surely grew swifter, stronger, and most prominently, smarter, and and all associated capabilities of speed, strength, and knowledge lie within a special element of our bodies called the brain. The brain is a sacred treasure guarded by the thick layers of our skulls. It processes every sight our eyes visualize, every scent our noses get lured to, everything our hands feel, every sound our ears hear, and every bite of food our mouths and taste buds consume, and above all this can provide the answers to some of life's biggest questions. Where do babies come from? What's the highest SAT/ACT score? Will we get a spouse or be single until death? Will we succeed in getting our dream job? But later today, at any time, Bandai America is going to answer life's most frequently-asked question, a question that was passed from vocal cord to vocal cord generation after generation, a question that not even the lord himself knows the answer to, a question that humanity has been plaguing since the beginning of time as we know it. WHEN WILL THE TAMAGOTCHI ANIME EVER GET AN ENGLISH DUB?!
  2. Hello, I am Deru-sama, AKA Dale8998. I have a plan to make an abridged anime containing all 400 episodes. 😀 However, I need voice actors. You can't have an abridged anime just by cutting up an episode and calling it finished, you have to slap in a bunch of jokes. (For example, Goku squeaking whenever he's crushed in someone's hands during a TFS episode, or Tea being a kleptomaniac in YGOTAS.) Here's the questions: 1. How old are you? (I need you to be 13 or older, because I'm going for a PG-13 audience in order to keep myself from getting COPPA banned. If you don't want to say, just give a range.) 2. Do you have any experience with voice acting? (If you do, it's a bonus, but first-time actors are fine too.) 3. What time zone are you in? 4. When are you available? I try to get one upload a week, but I can do it more slowly or quicker depending on when you're available. 5. YouTube link?
  3. If the Tamagotchi anime were to get a full English Dub, which channel/streaming service would be best for it?
  4. It all started when I found a Japanese DVD rip of episode 104 of Tamagotchi! online. Then, 10 minutes into the video, I found this screenshot right here, and I thought, "This looks very useful for a meme." (NOTE: If any of you guys want to use this for a meme, go ahead.) Below is an example I made.
  5. (Google Translate: As far as Google Translate gets me: In order to celebrate the 23th anniversary of Tamagotchi and the release of the Tamagotchi Sweets Meets, they'll put up episodes of the TV show on YouTube every day during november. At the end of 2019 they will take them back down. No English subtitles though (other than YouTube's auto-generated ones).
  6. My best friend and I loved both the Tamagotchi! anime series and the Let's Go! Tamagotchi short episodes and we watched all of them more than once. Tamagotchi The Movie was absolutely incredible and we both adored it. However, when we watched Yume Kira Dream, we both didn't really get into it as much as we had with the other two. Don't get me wrong, I still think it was a good show but there was just something about it that was different from the original Tamagotchi! anime. I'm going to watch it again and see whether it's better the second time round. What did you guys think of Yume Kira Dream?
  7. Hello! I'm wondering what episode of Tamagotchi that this screenshot came from. I know it was dubbed in Cantonese because I saw the screen bug for the channel that broadcasted Cantonese-dubbed episodes on the top right corner of the screen. Here is a link to the Cantonese episodes: If you can go through the Cantonese episodes and happen to find the episode that the screenshot appears in, that would be nice. I'll greatly appreciate it if you do! 😄
  8. I was just wondering; does anybody here have the following episodes dubbed in English? 1. Watch Out! Anpan Detective is Here! (episode 9, part 1) 2. Stop it Right There! Thief Papillon! (episode 9, part 2) 3. KuroMametchi Finds His Coolness (with the opening scene and the full "Bread and Milk Dance" scene) 4. Is He a Myth? The Kuchipatchi of Truth (episode 26, part 1) If you have or remember anything about them, please tell me (send a link if you have them)! I would greatly appreciate it if you do! 😄
  9. Just wanna make friends with anyone who's seen/read JoJo's Bizarre Adventure!
  10. Howdy! I'm running a campaign (link in my signature) to translate and subtitle the entire Tamagotchi! Anime series into English - including all 4 series, movies, and OVAs. Episode 1: The Big Race on Tama Street Episode 2: Transfer Students at Tamagotchi School NEW! Episode 3: [iN TRANSLATION] Episode 4: [NOW FUNDING] S1E2: Transfer Students at Tamagotchi School
  11. I was wondering where I could find the tamagotchi anime episodes? I honestly don't even want them dubbed and I know we're in the process of getting them subtitled right now but like... man I want to try to watch it yknow? I watched the Parappa anime sub-less, I could probably do the tamagotchi anime too.. Idk. Anyway, thanks!
  12. Let's say you wanted to watch the Tamagotchi anime, but the only thing standing in your way is a language barrier. Well, in that case, your prayers have been answered. Bandai probably won't give the anime an official dub, so a fansub would be the next best thing. If you can help bring this project to life, there will be no need to learn a whole new language just to watch the anime and you can bask in its adorableness as you please. So what do you say? Edit: I didn't know that this sort of thing was prohibited. Sorry.
  13. (You may have read my previous thread a couple months back, I'm here to deliver on what I promised!) I’m huge fan and want to help share this series with everyone! I have all of the DVDs, each episode has been ripped and saved. All that’s left is the actual translation! Here’s how YOU can help! I am commissioning a translation group to tackle the series, which I will then subtitle and upload. Translating a series of this magnitude is a pretty big job: Each season is roughly 21-29 episodes long, and the Tamagotchi! anime is divided between 4 series - Tamagotchi!, Tamagotchi! Yume Kira Dream, Tamagotchi! Miracle Friends, and GO-GO Tamagotchi!, with each series being connected, and a direct continuation of the events in the previous series Tamagotchi! alone has 6 seasons (143 episodes) and is the series we are focusing on funding first. Yume Kira Dream has 2 seasons (49 episodes), Miracle Friends has 1 season (29 episodes), and GO-GO has 2 seasons (50 episodes). We also intend to translate the additional materials in the series, including the two feature-length movies, the 3 OVAs released by McDonalds, and the short movie released in 2017 Details of all material set for translation in this project can be found here Funding will be divided into seasons, as funds for each season’s translation is met, donations for the next season will open while the funded season is translated, encoded, and scheduled for upload. Explanation of all goals, what they will be used for, and how much is needed in order to translate the full series can be found here. The goal of this project is to make this series accessible to all, so I will do my best to be accessible to all, please check our Twitter for updates, and feel free to email with any questions at: Unable to donate? That’s fine! The best thing you can do is SPREAD THE WORD! Let’s get the message out to all the TamaFans out there - this is a thing that is finally happening, and that you can help MAKE it happen! Disclaimers! All money raised through donations goes directly to the translator’s commission. This is a strictly not-for-profit campaign. I do not condone the monetization of these translated episodes. Additionally, I am not affiliated with any corporation or business, I’m just a fan! (That being said, I myself am a full-time university student and part-time worker putting myself through my final years (and then some), if you like what I do and wanna throw some support my way, here’s my Ko-Fi!) I hope to bring you all some TamaGoodness real soon! Crowdfunding Donation link up now on the website:
  14. At one point, I decided to watch an episode of the Tamagotchi anime on YouTube. After a while having done so, I forgot the name and episode number of it. The only thing I remember from it was this little scene where Kuchipatchi looked like he was trying to eat A HUGE CHUNK of a sundae before it showed Sunopotchi watching him and looking confused over why he would attempt to eat it like that. I think it also had...maybe a long title? Not sure about that part, though.
  15. What do you think are the cutest anime shows? Here's my list. Tamagotchi Himitsu no Cocotama Jewelpet Onegai My Melody PriPara LilPri PreCure Chi's Sweet Home Hamtaro Shizuku-Chan Yo-kai Watch, Digimon, and Pokemon can be cute too.
  16. I just sent an email to Madman concerning an English dub of GO-GO Tamagotchi. I want them to pitch it to Sprout and/or PBS Kids and cut out all inappropriate scenes and those involving Oyajitchi. Here is the email Madman sent me (boxed). ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Thanks for getting in touch! This is a confirmation that your request has been received and will be reviewed shortly by our customer service team. Our support hours are 9AM 5PM AEST Monday through Friday. To add additional comments, reply to this email. The Madman Customer Service Team On August 06, 2016 at 1:25 AM Christian Adams wrote: Hi! A friend of mine claimed you guys dubbed Tamagotchi (the TV anime), so I decided to ask if you would ever try to acquire and/or dub GO-GO Tamagotchi. If so, do you think you'd pitch the dub to PBS Kids and/or Sprout and cut out all scenes involving Oyajitchi and inappropriate scenes? Thank you for taking your time to read this and do not hesitate to reply. Powered by UserVoice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I will make a different thread when they make a real reply.
  17. Does anybody like the Line Town anime? Surprisingly, it's an anime based on the characters featured in the emoticons of an instant messaging app called Line. It's super cute and funny and the face expressions are often hilarious =D The characters are all so charming. The dialogue is simple enough for me to understand most of the time but if there is an English sub, let me know where to find it.
  18. I first heard about digital pets after reading a chapter about them from the Yu-Gi-Oh manga. It's actually really good, and it has nothing to do with the cards. They're actually probably not Tamagotchi because of their weird shape, but they sure act like them. Read and watch the two versions! The manga is more realistic, but the anime is more fun. Comment on how you liked them. The manga: The anime: Note: the intro song has horrible quality, but the rest is good.
  19. I'm looking for tamagotchi animes with english subs, specifically Tamagotchi! or Tamagochi yume kira dream, and I can't find any anywhere!!!! Has no one subbed them at all?
  20. Well now that the Tamagotchi anime is over Bandai seems to be replacing it with a new anime called God Apprentices: Secret Cocotama which will release on September 2015. It's for 3-9 year old girls, just like the Tamagotchi anime was, and is even animated by the OLM Team! It will coincide with a boring and overpriced toy line of little figures that hatch from eggs; you can also buy playhouses and furniture for them. The Cocotamas are little spirits born from everyday household objects that are used by humans with care; the humans' feelings enter the object and then an egg will magically appear from the object. It will hatch into a baby Cocotama, magical and cute spirits that look like chubby hamsters with oversized diapers. X'3 The Cocotamas are discovered by a 5th-grade girl called Yotsuba Kokoro, who loves watching them play together in their fun-filled Cocotama House. The Cocotamas practice magic and try their best to help humans, such as by finding things they have lost; they have to be stealthy, but they are clumsy and make mistakes sometimes! Follow the lighthearted adventures of the Cocotamas as they strive to become full-fledged gods. Here are the characters (named in order from left to right) Luckytama: An inquisitive pencil spirit who brings good luck. Meloly: A bright and cheerful piano spirit who helps others feel better with her heavenly singing. Oshaki: A serious and methodical book spirit who thinks of great ideas. Kirarisu: A sexy and selfish lipstick spirit who helps people find beauty. Geracho: A comedy-loving television spirit who is fun to play with. Mogutan: A food-loving fork spirit who can make anything delicious. (Don't blame me for called Kirarisu sexy; that's what it really says on the official description =3=) And here's the promotional video! It looks cute and I love the animation, but at the same time it has the possibility of being boring so I hope the plots are better than I expect. Here's a PDF press release: And here's a toy fair photo where you can see some of the toys: What do you think of Cocotama? Who's your favorite character? I'll be watching it when it comes out. Meloly looks like Yumemitchi and Oshaki looks like Nandetchi =w=;
  21. Hello everyone!! I read on some topic about Tamagotchi! Tamatomo Daishu GO and I tried to watch an episode.... ...skip to minute 21:34!!! I couldn't believe my ears! XD It reads: "Uchuu de TamaTalk". I couldn't help thinking about you, guys... I felt I had to share this with you! Did you know they put this "show" after the episodes?
  22. In the Tamagotchi anime and/or movies, who has the best-sounding voice in your opinion? Personally, I absolutely adore Tropicatchi's voice in the Japanese Yume Kira Dream anime! It sounds so cute and it's like she's on helium. XD I also like Lovelitchi's voice in the Chinese dub. She sounds so cute and derpy and for some reason her voice makes her sound clueless, but it's adorable I like her Chinese voice better than her Japanese voice. What do you think?
  23. Oops I actually already made this topic ^_^" Sorry!
  24. Do you have any Tamagotchi headcanons/theories? A headcanon usually means you believe it's true but it's not proven. A theory is an idea you have but you know it's not true. I think Chantotchi is Mametchi and Chamametchi's cousin. Similarly, I think Yonepatchi is Kuchipatchi's cousin and Mumutchi is Memetchi's cousin. I think Pianitchi's parents are divorced but still have some feelings for eachother. They live far away from eachother and Pianitchi's dad flirts with other girls >_>
  25. This is a thread for announcing new, canon, Tamagotchi franchise characters from the virtual pets, merchandise, or particularly, the anime. We can share our thoughts on the new characters. New character! Himebaratchi: Great to see a new character in GO-GO Tamagotchi! I really love her design, but her eyes aren't very creative; I do like how they are pink, though. I don't think we've had a character with pink eyes before. Himebaratchi will debut in next week's Tamagotchi episode, airing on the 25th of December. She is a princess from a faraway land and is the love interest of Wagassiertchi. Hime means princess and Bara means rose. She looks a bit like Rosetchi, don't you think? I hope she becomes a somewhat significant character instead of debuting in just one episode.