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Found 6 results

  1. I'm thinking of getting a Tamagotchi Mix 20th Anniversary or Anniversary Gift version and I'd like to find out the difference between them before I decide. So far I know there are different marriageable characters on each version and that the games are different. Are the baby/child/teen characters the same? I've read that "Connecting the M!X Anniversary Gift Version to any other M!X will unlock some exclusive content!" and "The M!X Anniversary Gift Version also gets exclusive items from the Tamagotchi M!X Station that can be found in several locations throughout Japan." but I never saw any sort of followup on those. What is the exclusive content it unlocks? Is it for the Gift Mix or the other Mix? And does the second sentence mean it has Mix Station content preloaded onto it, or that it gets special items when it connects to a Mix station? (By the phrasing I'd guess the latter, but I don't live in Japan so that's... not a selling point.) Thank you!
  2. Hi! I own a tamagotchi mix anniversary and was wondering how long it usually takes for a toddler to become a teenager. Would be super helpful if someone can list out the duration for each growth phase. Thanks!
  3. I'm thinking about getting a Tamagotchi Mix soon, and I absolutely LOVE the anniversary shell in comparison to the melody and spacey shells. Right now my first choice is the anniversary version but does it have anything special that the Spacey and Melody versions don't have? I know there are some things that are exclusive only to the Spacey version and some things that are exclusive only to the Melody version. Is there anything that's only exclusive to the Anniversary version? What are your thoughts? Which one did you pick out of the three and why?
  4. November 23, it's Tamagotchi's anniversary again! This time, our favorite wonderful franchise of entertaining pets and colorful characters is turning 19 years old. Let's celebrate! *puts on Tamagotchi: The Movie* *plays Happy Happy Harmony on the stereo* *gives everyone Mametchi cupcakes* Party tiiiime! Let's wish Tamagotchi--and Mametchi--a happy birthday. Are you gonna celebrate Tamagotchi's anniversary in any way?
  5. So fans: What would you think might happen at the 20th Tamagotchi anniversary of 2016? For me, I think that not only Bandai would do another Japanese-origin-only Tamagotchi thing, but they probably might do another international release too. What do you think about the odds it'll happen, despite that Tamagotchi is still mediocre over seas? (That mediocre thing, I'm just saying if Tamagotchi is still mediocre.)
  6. Before I start, I know I know, the day of my sixth year at TamaTalk was three days ago, but I noticed that and therefore included the term 'belated' in the topic's title. Well hello everybody, my username is joshnemo and I have officially been a member on Tamatalk for six years! Although I was inactive for a majority of those years, I can still glimpse back into the first few years of my experience at this site. I still remember a simple blue-covered background with white font saying "Welcome to TamaTalk" with Mimitchi standing in front of a bright green backdrop. I also remember seeing this specific animation which I have only recently rediscovered which can be viewed here. From the moment I clicked on the image on the front page, I knew I would be interested by this website. I guess I'd like to thank Admin for giving me access to this account once again and creating this fantastic social and informative website, to the moderators and guides who do a brilliant job in patrolling this forum and for all of my newly-found and old friends who are the reason why I keep coming back. Thank you all so much, and I hope there are many more years to come!