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Found 6 results

  1. Yep,that's the thing.It usually gives me something with a 3rd party system(please update your account to a 3rd party system) and I don't even(and I will never do)have a Photobucket account!! How do I make this stop?It makes me incredibly upset!
  2. I basically get this message everyday lol Liking someone's comment actually helps him tho
  3. OK I've found another Tama fakie, or ripoff. Here it is.... It's a weird one, I've never seen it in my entire life although it kinda looks like a Dinkie Dino ripoff. Any thoughts on what this might be!?!
  4. Hello!!!!! Today my cousin's babysitter at my house installed "Insight" on one of the computer's at my house (and plans to do it on all of them). For those who don't know, Insight is a program from Faronics that is normally used in school's, but now I guess it can be used outside schools. In schools, the teacher is able to control the students computer. For example: If someone was watching or looking at something inappropriate, the teacher would then "blank" the student's screen that display's a blue screen with white text saying "Eye's on the teacher, please...." This is the same case with me and my cousin at home. We've already had our screen blanked 4 times today, and that ticks both of us off! The computer that has Insight installed has Windows XP: Home on it, so we're both on my mom's Windows 7 laptop now has doesn't have Insight installed on it. Anyway, I want to hear if anyone know about this, or just can tell me anything. I have been searching the web a bit and couldn't find anything. Any help is appreciated and if someone have a solution, I would be very happy!
  5. Do you have any little siblings that annoy your pants off sometimes? I sure do! Especially my 5-year-old fact, I'll make a list here and now of some of the rude stuff he does! Draws pics of Tamagotchis with a body part I am not going to mention. When I once let him look at my Tamamori stickers, he put the crossaint between Ikemen Mametchi's legs and said, "He has a 'wee-wee' now!" Randomly shouts songs he thought of like "You have a behind so you can doo! You have a wee-wee so you can pee!" Punches me in the bra Sticks his hands down my pants Gives long lectures about poop And that's only the beginning! Sometimes I just want to die in a hole when he does stuff like that! What about your siblings?
  6. Hello! I started this topic about The Annoying Orange. Is there anyone here who watch the web show?