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Found 28 results

  1. Hey everyone! My tama is looking for friends and tamas to marry with. Add me on the app, I’ll add back! code: RNX878728
  2. There was this Mobile tamagotchi game I played once when I was younger back in 2014. It was called Tamagotchi Tap and Hatch. I’ve been wanting to play it again for a while, but the game has been taken off the App Store and the Google Play Store. Is there any way to access this game again? Or is it just gone forever?
  3. Who do you think or want to see as the special guest for December?
  4. It's basically a Fan-made app that allows you to customize a partner for your Tamagotchi Meets to marry and gain access to items and gotchi points immediately. . My question is, Can this app be used on a Mix? I can't use the Tamagotchi On App on my Mix and I don't have another Mix to connected to and marry it with. So I was thinking that this could be a good way to keep getting more customized Tamas everytime! I haven't downlaoded it yet to my computer. I emailed the creator of the app about a month ago with the same question, but they haven't replied. So has anyone tried this app on their Mix? An if you did, did it work?
  5. I've been very careful with who I marry my Tama with due to MyMeets users being soft banned from the app due to problems they can cause. I heard there are certain character genes that can set of glitches. Can anyone tell me what character traits or a list of them to look for before I accept proposals? Because if a Tama has any of those genes even if they themselves never used the MyMeets app Bandai will ban the account thinking they used the app.
  6. I’d like to see the cafe put into use. Like a cake decorating game or a sweets matching game. There’s a building under construction too and I wonder if that’s decorative or it’s a possible new feature that hasn’t been added. Maybe it can be something just for none adult Tamagotchi since the dating game is for adults only? Like a Kids Palace with something that you can move your Tama through an obstacle course and the faster you complete it the better the prize? I also wish that along with a new visitor every month we got new prizes for winning the restaurant and fruits catching game. Also I wish we could transfer gotchi points we won without needing an item. It’s annoying that we need to have a item to transfer in order to get the option to transfer gotchi points too.
  7. I searched for it on the Apple App Store and it came up and I downloaded it.
  8. I own a green Magical Tamagotchi ON and when the app came out yesterday I noticed a lot of users with Tama's that had Sanrio genetics and genetics from characters from the Pastel. Would marrying Tama's through the app with these genetics cause my ON to malfunction?
  9. I’m Trying to Download the Meets app again (I deleted it after my meets battery died) and I switch onto Tokyo App Store, But it still says that I’m in the wrong country/region. Can I change this? I’m Starting up my Meets again (Log coming soon xx) and I need it to connect. My iPhone 6S has IOS 12.2 and is in the UK Region right now, and I’ve check, my Meets can definitely connect perfectly!
  10. Hi there. I am not a new tamagotchi owner, but I do have a question regarding the tamagotchi meets, which I am contemplating purchasing. I have not been able to find out much about the app: what can you do with the app? Can you meet and marry other peoples tamas via the app?
  11. Hi! So I got the 4U app on my Samsung Galaxy S3 (finally!) and I really need your help! So I put new alkaline batteries in it, Sound is on and everything! Also NFC is turned on! So, here I am, going onto the app and clicking toy, I pick one. Get my 4U ready, It has the little symbol on it so everythings fine; and this happens (it only happened once by the way) A weird house appears with 2 characters peaking out, saying something in Japanese. Then, it made a happy noise. Then, stopped. Meanwhile, the app, was not doing anything. And my phone kept on turning off! The image was not going smaller, and it was just stuck on the screen with noting happening! Is it something to do with the firmware? Please answer its my fave Tama and I really want to get it IMO English and stuff!
  12. OK, so, the app tells you that different food combinations will net you different characters as your Tamas grow, and I`m wondering just how this system works! I`ve fed two Tamas a fruit-only diet so far (apple and orange) and got Omutsutchi --- Hoshitchi ---- Nikatchi ---- Chamametchi, both times. Now, on a sushi-only diet, so far I`ve had Futabatchi --- Hoshitchi --- Hinatchi --- (we`ll see!) Fellow Tamagotchi caretakers, I need your help: post your Tamagotchi`s growth stages here, along with any notable staples of their diet (or exceptions!). I`m gonna get a spreadsheet going and see if we can eventually find anything interesting! Let's work together to figure out this app! (The fun, Sherlock Holmes kinda way, not the "get all the code and tell the world" way.)
  13. Hello Tamatalk!, I have recently ordered a 4U+ from amazon, and I was wondering what the limit was for downloadable content from the app. I found a post relating to the P's space, but couldn't find anything on the 4U's, are they similar?
  14. hi guys i have a question about tamagotchi life what is its evole times? i have now tamatchi he is now 4 yr old (tama years of course!) p.s:i have an downloaded apk version
  15. I have Android beam and NFC settings turned on. Any reason why my Samsung Galaxy S6 may not be connecting with my 4U? :\
  16. I have a Samsung Galaxy S6 and I'm interested in getting a Tamagotchi (4U or P). However, from what I understand, the device works via infrared -- this phone does not have infrared reading capabilities. An individual told me I could potentially transfer the app to my phone/download it and still be able to use the 4U or P -- is this correct? Essentially, I want to know how I would go about using my Tama on my phone once I buy it. PS: Detailed instructions would be greatly appreciated if you have them!
  17. Besides the Tamagotchi Life, and Tamagotchi Life Angel apps, what other good virtual pet apps are there? I recently downloaded an app called Hatch! It is so adorable! The animations are really cute. I just love everything about it. So what virtual pet apps have you guys come across? I can only try out the apps that are available for iphone, since that is what I have, but let's leave the discussion open for all types of phones and tablets.
  18. Hi, I was thinking about getting a 4U (and hence getting the app) but my phone wasn't on the list of compatible phones. But, everyone seems to be saying that your device needs NFC and mine has it, so does that mean it would work?
  19. A friend told me about something he used to get a Japanese PuYoPuYo game, called Qoo App. He tested that the 4U app works with it perfectly, as I don't have my android yet, so here are the steps he gave me: First, search up or click on literally anything Then, click 'download'. Some screen will pop up telling you to download Qoo App onto your phone, then click "English version". Then after the file is downloaded, you drag and drop the file into your phone. Using a file manager (there are several on the play store for free that you can download) tap on the APK for Qoo App and it'll install THEN with Qoo App on your phone, find the APK you want by typing in either the thing, the dev's name, or the app's name and it'll get it for you Anyone with an android could test this out, I would but as I said I don't have my android yet
  20. Lots of sites ad tweets are popping up about the pending release of the "official" Tamagotchi app on the iPhone/iPod/iPad and Android app stores. One of the stories is here. How many of you plan on getting this app?
  21. Does anyone have the apk for the latest version?? I kinda feel like playing right now but when I start the app it tells me to update, but I live in europe so it says I can't in my country I believe the new version is v1.1.2, if anyone from america could help us get the apk file it would be really nice
  22. Hello TamaTalkers! I am curious to know... Who here is currently running the Tamagotchi L.I.F.E. app on their Android or iOS device? Are you treating it like your more traditional tamas (as in taking care of it day after day and not just shutting the app down and ignoring alerts)?
  23. Read this! Apparently, it's to be released on February 26th! I can't wait Pehaps it opens the door to upcoming Ocean and Garden apps too?! I wonder what Bandai has is stock for us in the futur. And will this app be a success? Face it, the P1/P2 one was boring. Will you run it, or was the first app enough trouble? x)
  24. The app started to glitch, I have no more tamas on the encyclopedia and the number of raised tamas is 0.I don't have my shells and wallpapers anymore, but I can still play the app on toy mode, but not on smartphone mode, when my tama was a teen on toy mode there was a blue Babytchi on the smartphone ver.But it was all glitchy, it used to have eating expressions sometimes, and it used to disappear every 2 seconds, now my tama is an adult and there's a Kuchitamatchi on smartphone mode, and it still glitching. What happened?
  25. Sooo... I was annoyed at first when I realised that Tamagotchi L.I.F.E wasn't being released outside of America. So what did I do? What any resourceful tamalover would do. I downloaded an APK file with the app in it. It runs fine on my phone. This morning I decided to look on the play store. I found Tamagotchi LIFE... Except now it was being called Tamagotchi Classic and Bandai is charging $5.20NZD for something Americans get for free. This is mildly irritating. Also, Tamagotchi Life said that they were releasing apparel like clothes and stuff. Any evidence of this? Thanks from Kuchi