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Found 31 results

  1. zukmi

    Unique Art 😂

    just find this pict on website, so creative ! 😂


  2. Come share your tamagotchi fan-art! Whether it's from Majoritchi to Fairytchi, post it here! Make sure it is your own art, no art theft please. ❤️
  3. Hello to everyone Interested So this is a little idea i had, instead of making fan art of the base characters, what about making art of YOUR pet? I will try to draw all the characters i had since my 2nd Tamagotchi generation alongside the pictrue of the original tama i had with the name i gave it. You all are more than welcome to add your own there are no special rules, just add your drawing+the original and the name you gave it any art style is welcome! ~~~♥ ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Edit: i decided to add a quick "how to" to anyone who might not know how to post a picture. the way i did it is just going to Imgur i created an upload (as a guest, i didn't register at first) then i selected the pictures from my pc to upload and after it was done i just clicked copy on the picture and pasted it in my reply. also if you want to use the "attachment" option you can go on google and look for "picture compressor" this will make any picture you try to attatch smaller in size so it won't exceed the size limit.
  4. Just a little thread I decided to make where everyone can share their Tamagotchi art. I’ll start with this picture of Pizzarinatchi: She’s cute, I like her. When I get the ON I’m going to get the pizza genes as early as I can.
  5. Hey everyone! I decided to do a few art requests for fun. Don't expect super high grade art. I'm not great at drawing animals and would prefer not to draw any, but feel free to request anything - not just tamagotchi's! If I don't respond, I probably went to take a shower.
  6. Alright, since the last tamagotchi art thread is pretty old, how about a new one? Post any tamagotchi art you've made recently! Here's a piece I just finished: I haven't posted it to my tumblr yet, so think of it as a sneak peak!
  7. I'm making some Tamagotchi sprite art. Does anyone know exactly how many pixels a Mix screen displays From top to bottom and side to side? Example: 50x50 Thank you!
  8. Hey Tamatalk! Here is a requested art from Hapihapitchi (trust me, it's a real username) and she wants me to draw Hapihapitchi! Here it is! I really like this one, plus I added her some Pretty Pink Nail polish What do you want me to draw next? Comment down below!
  9. adinatchi

    cute boys

    since there's no way to post in the tamagotchi art gallery, i'm just gonna dump this here tell me what u think~

    © adinatchi 2016

  10. Post your tamagotchi art here!
  11. What do you guys think? Would anyone commission me?
  12. Eternal Mametchi Fan


    Made on MS Paint, freehand with the mouse using the 1px pencil tool. Made transparent background with Gimp.
  13. Eternal Mametchi Fan


    Entirely made on MS Paint, freehand with the mouse using the 1px pencil tool.
  14. Eternal Mametchi Fan

    Yummy! :3

    I drew this picture for Easter. Melodytchi likes sweets and she says "yummy" in the anime.
  15. One of my most recent Tamagotchi drawings.
  16. Lovelin/Lovelitchi giving her special chocolate to Chamametchi. I drew this for a friend.
  17. A picture of Yumecantchi I drew last Christmas ;3
  18. Julietchi likes to cry (because she's an actress lol) so I made her sad for some reason.
  19. Eternal Mametchi Fan


    Crepetchi wants to eat one of the strawberries on her head, so she's using Ichigotchi as a replacement.
  20. Coffretchi wearing Chamametchi's dress. I drew this a few months ago.
  21. Hello potential artist of Tamatalk! I want to view how other people would view my character Teethdude (or Teethy) in their mind, and how it would happen to come out on paper or something. This isn't a contest, its more of a curiosity of mine to see how other people view my sweet little character! All submissions will be posted on my deviantart and on my memecenter profiles, so this is a great chance to get your art out there too, as you can sign it, or type in your art name, Deviantart profile URL, or anything else you may have! Again, Great way to get you out there! Time for rules! First of all, be creative with the character! you don't have to draw her square. You can draw her like a normal human if you'd like, just remember she has the physique of a 17 yr old, not older, nor younger. Don't overly sexualize her, this isn't an anime, she may be styled anime like, but she can't look like an "object". You may use ANY art tool to make this: Computer, pencil, painting, etc. Since the submissions will be sent to my email, you can go a little light on the Tamatalk rules, but don't mention anything in the post if it is inappropriate, leave that in your submission. In terms of her eye colour, and hair colours, try to keep them relatively the same. don't completely change the colours. You can change the style of her hair. Example: Ponytail, loose, etc. You can have more than one submission! Here's what Teethdude looks like: Email the submissions at: If you have any further questions, feel free to PM me or post in the topic!
  22. Here are some Tama templates.