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Found 5 results

  1. I have the tamgotchi on and am not able to care for it all the time. How do I pause it? Do I just hold down a and b? How do I take it to the tama hotel for it to be babysat? What do i select when i want to go out of town? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!
  2. My tama recently got married and had a baby. I thought the adult tama would disappear and an egg would appear but instead the adult and baby are both on the screen. (I have v4.5) I'm totally new to keeping it alive this long, is this normal? How long before the adult tama goes away and I can take care of the baby tama? Any extra information would help as well, thank you!
  3. I've been planning this topic for long now, and I'm excited to finally have made it! I fell in love with the adoreable baby stage characters from the very first time I saw one. Even though they are the neediest tamas of all, I think all the hard work to care for them is worth it. Please vote and feel free to write who you chose and why, and which of your three choices would be your all-time favourite! Notes: -The three-question divide wasn't my plan from the start, but a solution to the max-20-answer-options-rule. -I did not include the Devilgotchi premier-stage characters, as they are clearly not babies, and the same goes for mr.Santagotchi as he is never a baby either. On the other hand Obaketchi2 is clearly a baby angel and thus included. -I didn't make a special answer option for the Genjinch baby either, partly because I didn't find his name anywhere, and partly because he looks just like Babitchi anyway. -Some characters may be included twice, such as Teletchi, Tsubutchi and Kinotchi/Nokotchi. This is because they have slightly different appearances and animations in the different types of tamagotchi. Also if I were to include them just once I wouldn't know wich section would be the right one... -I did not write both the male and female character versions of the same baby pair under different answer options, unless they are significally different from each other in appearance. For an example compare Haatotchi and Shirohaatotchi of the Akai to Teletchi and ShiroTeletchi of the v3. -I've tried to include all of the babies in this topic, but please tell me if you notice a missing one.
  4. How long until my v2 four year old girl tama have babies with my five year old boy V2 tama?
  5. Hi, I have just started a new Tamagotchi baby because I recently got a bad toddler. I believe it was because I played games too much. I'm just wondering how much Tone, Rhythm and Original should a baby have, a toddler, teen and adult. Thanks.