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Found 15 results

  1. Hi all i wanted to find out can a v1 and v4 connect and have baby?
  2. I have the tamgotchi on and am not able to care for it all the time. How do I pause it? Do I just hold down a and b? How do I take it to the tama hotel for it to be babysat? What do i select when i want to go out of town? SOMEONE PLEASE HELP ME!
  3. I’ve been trying to catch the babies before they poop on the floor and I’m wondering if it’s even worth the effort. I know that some Tamagotchis in the past have been able to potty train, but I don’t know if the Tamagotchi Friends can. Thanks
  4. I am trying to mate my tamagotchi v4.5 with my friends by making them friendly. They both have 4 hearts now under friendship and are too young to currently mate. Hers is a boy and is 2yrs. Mine is a girl and is 3yrs. I was watching hers and it had half an egg with a baby boy it looked like sitting in the egg shell above her tamagotchi, but when she presses the middle button the time screen came on and whem she went back it was gone and went back to normal. What was this?
  5. My tama recently got married and had a baby. I thought the adult tama would disappear and an egg would appear but instead the adult and baby are both on the screen. (I have v4.5) I'm totally new to keeping it alive this long, is this normal? How long before the adult tama goes away and I can take care of the baby tama? Any extra information would help as well, thank you!
  6. Hello everyone, so I currently own Tamagotchi Connection v3, and v4 and I notice, when they hatch you name them. I'm currently ordering the Japanese Angel and Garden Tamagotchis, and I want to know, do you get the option to name them?
  7. Hi - can anyone help? My Tamagotchi has just got married and had a baby and now I can't do anything with it. I can't leave the room apart from feeding and toileting. Any solutions or help much appreciated.
  8. Remaking my old name topic. I don't like most of the names in my old topic anymore. What names do you like? Or, what would you name your kids? I want two daughters and one son, and I have thought of first names and middle names for all three . I think they go good with my boyfriend's last name >3> But I won't post his last name so there Boy: Fabian Adrião Girl: Kira Amke Girl: Stella Monica All the names have Latin origins (but Monica is kinda ambiguous) because Latin names are the best. Fabian means "bean grower", Kira means "light", and Stella means "star". (: I was originally going to call Fabian "Faust" but I changed my mind after I found out that Faust was a character in a classic German legend who made a pact with the Devil. Yay.
  9. Hey everybody, something weird happenend with my tamagotchi. I used to have a Mimitchi at an age of 11 years. Everything was okay, but when I looked after it two hours later, suddenly a little Babitchi (the white one) jumped around my screen. I neither saw the "death screen" nor pressed the A and C buttons to obtain a new egg. I also did not reset my tamagotchi. But even more weird is that Babitchi still is 11 years old, just like my old Mimitchi (see photo). I did not send it to bed and wake it up again for 11 times. The discipline is at zero again. I'm entertaining Babitchi now for over 2 hours and it still won't evolve to a child! I did not even take a nap as it usually does in the baby stage. Can someone help me? Is this a bug? I own a original Bandai tamagotchi from 1997, made in Malaysia. It must be generation two (have that game with guessing the higher or lower number), it's NOT the Tamagotchi Connexion Version. Hope the photo helps.
  10. So I recently had my TMGC Friend get married, I was wondering how long it takes for the parents to go away after the baby is born? Seems to be taking much longer than it has on the rest of my TMGCs when they've had a baby.
  11. Is this a glitch? I had two babies whose parents left, but I didn't name them until a couple days later because I was too busy to watch them closely. One of them was born at age 1 instead of zero. Is this possibly because I left that one at the name screen for a day plus, and the other was still crying for two days, and is the tamagotchi officially "born" when you go to the name screen? I'll share a video of my tamagotchi at age 1, still a baby.
  12. When my tama just sits there doing nothing with his new baby, i press no buttons (this is known as a random animation. Leave your tamagotchi, press no buttons, then it does something. e.g: rolling on the floor, watching TV, having coffee.. ) and sometimes it starts watching, with it's baby, back-faced, an egg starting to hatch. Then, after a long time, a male baby, hatch. Then it starts opening it's mouth and facing back and forth (as if your tama doesn't want something, shaking it's head, but opening it's mouth.) I just wonder: WHAT is this wierd random animation?! WHAT does it mean?! WHY is it there?! :/
  13. help! my tama-go (mametchi) married an oldie and there's still not an egg. he married her yesterday. do oldies have babys? - i hope so!
  14. I've been planning this topic for long now, and I'm excited to finally have made it! I fell in love with the adoreable baby stage characters from the very first time I saw one. Even though they are the neediest tamas of all, I think all the hard work to care for them is worth it. Please vote and feel free to write who you chose and why, and which of your three choices would be your all-time favourite! Notes: -The three-question divide wasn't my plan from the start, but a solution to the max-20-answer-options-rule. -I did not include the Devilgotchi premier-stage characters, as they are clearly not babies, and the same goes for mr.Santagotchi as he is never a baby either. On the other hand Obaketchi2 is clearly a baby angel and thus included. -I didn't make a special answer option for the Genjinch baby either, partly because I didn't find his name anywhere, and partly because he looks just like Babitchi anyway. -Some characters may be included twice, such as Teletchi, Tsubutchi and Kinotchi/Nokotchi. This is because they have slightly different appearances and animations in the different types of tamagotchi. Also if I were to include them just once I wouldn't know wich section would be the right one... -I did not write both the male and female character versions of the same baby pair under different answer options, unless they are significally different from each other in appearance. For an example compare Haatotchi and Shirohaatotchi of the Akai to Teletchi and ShiroTeletchi of the v3. -I've tried to include all of the babies in this topic, but please tell me if you notice a missing one.
  15. please help me.... i have a 9 yr old chamamettchi and she is married to the ninja. she is 4th gen. so i dont want to mess this up! she is 9 yrs old and she didnt have a baby because i paused her! what do i do!?!?!