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Found 29 results

  1. Hi everyone, it's a pleasure to be here. A little about me - I am a 36yo who never had his own gotchi back in the 90s (my sister had the chimp and kitty Giga Pets - the only ones our parents could find😅) At this stage in life I am longing for my own family but it hasn't happend, so... I have picked up virtual pets as a hobby! First I got a series 2 original Tamagotchi reissue, then a lavender Wonder Garden On. But my biggest obsession is Piccolo/Namekians from Dragon Ball Z, and in the absence of licensed DBZ pets, I have been looking at other units that allow you to raise aliens (want the alien Giga pet but y'know... EBay prices😑) But in my online browsing I found the Wave UFO from Bandai in the 90s, and something struck me on the back packaging... One of the alien transformations looks JUST like Piccolo! (I can't upload pics to this message maybe bc I'm new... Haven't used invision forum software in years) So now I have my pet alien that sometimes transforms into Piccolo when the device pics up a signal from my phone or the WiFi! (The fact this is from Bandai and 1997 let's me pretend the Piccolo design was accidentally on purpose a shoutout to Big Green Dad👽🐌💚
  2. So when I got my ON I noticed in the connection icon that it lists "Tamagotchi", "Download" and "App" as connection functions. Tamagotchi is to connect with another Tama, App is for any interactions with the ON App, but then there's Download. I assume this is how Meets interact with the Meets stations over in Japan because that's the only other connection there could be. So I figured Bandai had something in mind for the west, either with our own ON Stations or something else. After all why keep a feature in the unit that users have access to if it wasn't something that was going to be in use. If it wasn't going to be used Bandai would have removed the feature or prevent access to it by removing it from the connection icon menu if removing the feature overall would glitch the programing. That's why with video games there are test rooms and text textures and stuff still there, because removing them would glitch or severely break the game. And Tama Palace showed this a while back: Bandai had something planned but it fell through and theirs a chance their working on something else. I think we could get our own versions of the stations like Japan, who knows stores might be willing to set aside shelve space if it means an intensive to get people into physical stores after the internet has made less reason to go to physical stores. I'm not saying they have to be the same size as their Japanese counter parts. Maybe you could use your phone in connection to the unit with bluetooth to download stuff from certain areas via Bandai's website. Like go to a major spot (Like Times Square for example since Tokyo has a station), open your phone and go to Bandai's Tamagotchi page were there would be a special button to interact with, put your Tama in front of the phone and select download on your Tama after taping the button on your phone on the webpage? I'm not the most well versed in this stuff so I'm now sure how it would work out if this is possible or not.
  3. LINE, a popular calling and messaging service available across several platforms have just announced a new feature, and Bandai is delivering some Tamagotchi goodness as one of their launch partners! LINE Quick Games is the new feature that allows users of the popular messaging service to enjoy games right from within the LINE app. These games within the LINE app are developed using HTML 5. There will be basic games, but in addition to puzzle games and shooting games, LINE plans to offer games utilizing LINE’s chat function. Bandai has partnered with LINE to launch a Tamagotchi game! This new Tamagotchi game will be quite simple, and definitely sets itself apart from the My Tamagotchi Forever app released earlier this year. Within the app you can raise, feed, and play games with your Tamagotchi. You will be able to marry your friends Tamagotchi’s and mate! LINE plans on launching this new feature in the summer of 2018, with 8 initial games, including this Tamagotchi game. This new feature will be available later this summer as an application update. SOURCE:
  4. I've been scarse on here for a while, and in the meantime, my collection has grown. I'm planning on making a blog or post or something showing off my collection. I was exclusively buying just the original style tamas; the ones without color. I love the simplicity of them, and I still think those are my favorite. But I decided to try out the Tamagotchi Plus Color. I loved it, but ran out of things to do after a while. So after more research, I decided to get a M!x, specifically the Sanrio one because I love the idea of having resemblances of Bandai and Sanrio characters together. And I absolutely love it! I like how there's so much more that you can do on there, so it will take longer to have done everything on there. Anyone else have one of these awesome tamas?
  5. I just got my watchlin in the mail yesterday! I'm so excited, I had to wait a long time for it to arrive. She is so cute But I have a few questions I hope someone can answer: 1. Does anyone have any passwords for Watchlin? I saw a youtube video that said there are two passwords listed on tamazone. Well I don't know if it's tamazone or my computer but the website isn't working for me 2. Does anyone know how to play the first game? (The one that has the picture of Watchlin next to a stopwatch/timer) Thanks!
  6. NOTE: The first two posts in this thread are actually from two separate topics posted at a similar time and so merged here to avoid duplication The official Tamagotchi Friends US Facebook page has been quite busy as of late, with the newest Wave of Tamagotchi Friends being released through what appears to be a lone seller on eBay and Amazon. In the page runner's responses to the people upset, confused, and downright angry about what's happening with the line, an interesting fact has come to light. So, this is exciting news, if it in fact happens. The Tamagotchi Friends FB page is run by Bandai, but all the same, this news should be taken with a grain of salt. I am personally excited, and if it's true, I think the appeal of the color screen will attract new fans as well as seasoned ones like myself and the others here on TamaTalk.
  7. BanDai is releasing a new, color-screen pedometer virtual pet based on their recent anime and toy series, Himitsu no Cocotama. It comes in pink and blue - You can be friends with Luckytama or Melory. - Built-in pedometer function, and the more you 'walk', the stronger your friendship with the Cocotamas will be. (Or you could just lightly shake the toy) - With higher friendship, more items are unlocked and the Cocotamas will do more cute animations and activities. - There are six different mini-games, each one played with a different Cocotama; so, besides Luckytama and Melory, Oshaki, Geracho, Kirarisu, and Mogutan also appear. - You can have different furniture in the rooms. - 14 Cocotama appear on the device. You can preorder it here: I'm personally really excited about these since I love the Himitsu no Cocotama anime! The graphics on the virtual pets look really nice.
  8. I did a general search for virtual pets on ebay and came across these 1998 Bandai pets called Yokaizer: (Image is from ebay.) Apparently they're a pedometer pet, but there are others that react to microwaves. There seems like there's a lot of versions of this pet and they all include different features. They can also connect in the same fashion that a Digimon can, but what features are unlocked through it I don't know. Does anyone have one of these, and would you recommend them? They look really cute! I'm a sucker for yokai and Japanese mythology so naturally I'm interested. I'm wary of buying one because I'm worried that it will be text driven and I'll be unable to understand what to do.
  9. If you could change one thing about the Tamagotchi franchise, what would it be?
  10. Well now that the Tamagotchi anime is over Bandai seems to be replacing it with a new anime called God Apprentices: Secret Cocotama which will release on September 2015. It's for 3-9 year old girls, just like the Tamagotchi anime was, and is even animated by the OLM Team! It will coincide with a boring and overpriced toy line of little figures that hatch from eggs; you can also buy playhouses and furniture for them. The Cocotamas are little spirits born from everyday household objects that are used by humans with care; the humans' feelings enter the object and then an egg will magically appear from the object. It will hatch into a baby Cocotama, magical and cute spirits that look like chubby hamsters with oversized diapers. X'3 The Cocotamas are discovered by a 5th-grade girl called Yotsuba Kokoro, who loves watching them play together in their fun-filled Cocotama House. The Cocotamas practice magic and try their best to help humans, such as by finding things they have lost; they have to be stealthy, but they are clumsy and make mistakes sometimes! Follow the lighthearted adventures of the Cocotamas as they strive to become full-fledged gods. Here are the characters (named in order from left to right) Luckytama: An inquisitive pencil spirit who brings good luck. Meloly: A bright and cheerful piano spirit who helps others feel better with her heavenly singing. Oshaki: A serious and methodical book spirit who thinks of great ideas. Kirarisu: A sexy and selfish lipstick spirit who helps people find beauty. Geracho: A comedy-loving television spirit who is fun to play with. Mogutan: A food-loving fork spirit who can make anything delicious. (Don't blame me for called Kirarisu sexy; that's what it really says on the official description =3=) And here's the promotional video! It looks cute and I love the animation, but at the same time it has the possibility of being boring so I hope the plots are better than I expect. Here's a PDF press release: And here's a toy fair photo where you can see some of the toys: What do you think of Cocotama? Who's your favorite character? I'll be watching it when it comes out. Meloly looks like Yumemitchi and Oshaki looks like Nandetchi =w=;
  11. I emailed Bandai to figure out when the offical release date was because from Toy wiz and some other sites saying July, Specifically July 11th, But from what Bandai says September is problably when they are coming to shelves.
  12. Is this one worth the $50? I can't decide, but it looks so cute!
  13. My v4 is a loner because i only had one of those square-screen tamas and they cant connect to the v5 and v6's. i saw a seller on taobao(asian ebay><) selling a v3 and a keitai akai. Which one should i choose? Note: im not really a tagotchi collector, i literally buy tamagotchis for play ;p
  14. I saw an eBay listed for a 1998 released Bandai virtual pet of some sorts, but the seller doesn't know what the pet is called. It is in a circular shell, with a light up crystal looking thing at the top. Here is a link to the auction: Does anyone know the actual name of this pet? I am interested in learning more about it!
  15. Don't Stop Making Tamagotchis! That means YOU, Bandai America. Well, since there's an Angelgotchi petition, I thought it would be great if there was a petition like this! When it gets lots and lots of replies I'll email Bandai with the link and maybe, just maybe the Tama-Go will NOT be the final English Tamagotchi... Basically, you have to say your age and gender so Bandai knows what audience to make their future Tamas for, and your country so they know where to release it. We can work together to get hundreds of replies and when Bandai sees this... whooo knooowws...? To sign up for this petition, simply fill out this form: You don't NEED to say your age and gender if you don't want to but it is greatly appreciated. I hope you can help! ~ EMF
  16. Bandai America TechPet 2013 This is a new product that Bandai America are currently working on. I think Tamagotchi is discontinued now since nothing about it is on their site. Do you think TechPet will be similar to Tamagotchi? Yes I know, it doesn't look like Tamagotchi at all, but I was wondering if it could be fed and could play games and things. Like a Tamagotchi coming to life. What do you think?
  17. Hello, I kinda bought a Japanese tamagotchi so I need help with finding a translation of the instructions >.> Does anyone know what version this is? Here is what is on the menu; the first and the third one (below), I can't understand ;A; If anyone knows what it is for, and what version it is, please help! D:
  18. It's always on my mind if Tamagotchi will last or not. Having this App instead of a real Tamagotchi makes me think that Tamagotchi will end pretty soon. In my opinion, the Tama-Go is very fun but it didn't sell very well. It just seems that no one is interested in Tamagotchi anymore. The reason why they made the App is now very clear to me. Every time I go out I see someone doing something on their iPhone or playing on their BlackBerry. If it was a Room, I bet I would be the only one playing with a Tamagotchi. Technology is growing, Tamagotchi has to as well. Although it seems technology is growing too fast for Tamagotchi to catch up. Either they have to discontinue the Tamagotchi brand once and for all, or they have to make it keep up with the Technology these days (Releasing Apps, Making more Tamagotchi Apps which cost money etc). What do you think? I feel that they will keep releasing new Apps and keep Tamagotchi as "Tamagotchi L.I.F.E". I know it's not what fans want, but it's the only thing that will keep Tamagotchi going. It's better than Tamagotchi discontinuing in America.
  19. Hello, everyone! I've seen a few members on TamaTalk and TamaZone talk about the Ant's Life Studio briefly, but I've never really understood how it worked. I know your ants build stuff and all, but what else happens? It looks interesting, but I was wondering if anyone could give a brief overview of it or just explain some of its more interesting features, as I'm on the fence about this purchase. Thanks in advance!
  20. My message to them Subject: An interested and curious customer Category: Customer Service This is a Question Message: Following closely on your products since I was a child myself I couldn't help but to wonder; am I able to purchase a Tamagotchi P love and melody set or a Tamagotchi P and a love and melody pin from Bandai Japan through Bandai USA? I would of course pay shipping and overseas charges. Their reply Bandai America appreciates your efforts to contact us. Please forgive the delay in our reply. Due to unforeseen circumstances, our response time took much longer than our usual standard. Our company does not sell any items directly to Consumers and we do not have stock on all of the products available in Japan. You may want to try a toy collectible or import specialty shop for items like this. Happy Holidays, Bandai America Customer Service So this means your only source is as the email States
  21. Hiya, If this doesn't belong here, I am sorry - maybe a mod will move it.... I'm a little stuck on the Bandai advertisement for tama-go. It said to collect all 100 gotchi figures and attatch them to your tamago! But - in the carrying case there's only room for like 15, and I've never seen any others than the 15 figures. Where are the other 85? Are they only for countries abroad, or will there be more to come? Thanks
  22. It seems as if Bandai America won't be releasing any more versions, but if they do, like Tamagotchi in color, would you buy it? Maybe if Bandai sees how many people vote for yes, they will be willing to make more versions for us English-speakers! Please vote and state your opinion.
  23. I'm sorry that this post is not about tamagotchi but I need help with the Bandai Human Player. I bought two from Japan and need to know how to play them. My Japanese knowledge is only to the extent that I can read kanas, but not understand most of the texts. Anyone can provide me a guide in translation? Thanks.
  24. Hello everyone A few months ago I sent this email to bandai UK: They have just replied, here is the whole email: OMG!!!! What do you think everyone?