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Found 25 results

  1. Heya,new to tamagotchi. Found a morino tamagotch in a thrift store But it wasn't working so i replaced the very old batteries with semi old ones. It kinda worked until the batteries ran out Though i noticed that theres something wrong Like,it turns off and on with a light slap So it means egg after egg after egg Then i bought some new ones but while screwing it on to close the screen fades to nothing But when the lid isnt fully closed,it works just fine.though that'd make it hard to put in a bag or my pocket Also works without the lid except everytime the batteries move it turns off then on again.
  2. Hello, I just ordered my Tamagotchi On, and I am psyched to receive it! I got the Magic Purple one! I have been doing quite a good amount of research, and reading about it, and it sounds like it eats through batteries, so I was going to go the rechargeable batteries route. I found the manual online, and it states in the 2nd Page, under Caution, 4th tick: "If you use rechargeable batteries please use only the appropriate nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries, and be sure to observe the recharger instructions regarding how to recharge." Can someone clarify and help on what are 'appropriate nickel-hydrogen rechargeable batteries'? Searching around, I can only find rechargeable nickel–metal hydride (NiMH) batteries, NOT nickel-hydrogen :/ I don't want to be doing damage to my Tamagotchi On. The NiMH rechargeable batteries I have are Maxday (pic attached) or link: Btw, the batteries I have state 2700mah, just want to make sure that's safe, cause from what I've been reading, other people's batteries are usually in the 750 - 900 mah range :/ Thanks for any help and clarifications! Really looking forward to use my Tamagotchi On!! :D
  3. I am new to Tamagotchi 4u. It works with the batteries provided by the online shop. Then it runs out today and I changed GP rechargeable batteries. It failed. Then I changed Energizer batteries. It did not work. The seller said it burned out. Did I use the wrong batteries? Can I fix it? Thank you.
  4. i just found my tamogatchi friends from 2016, i never played it and i need help,i cleaned the rust with salt and vinegar,it semeed to work but it has 3 pets and one telling me that there is no battery,i never used or played with a tamogatchi before and i really need help
  5. I’m receiving my entama possibly tomorrow or the next day and I was wondering how long do cr2032’s last in the tamagotchi entama?
  6. I've been slowly converting my large Tamagotchi Connection series collection onto rechargeable batteries to save on my pocketbook and help the environment, and I mistakenly purchased some Zackees brand rechargeable 2032 batteries on Amazon. I was on a budget and they were cheap. Don't repeat my mistake! Stay far away from these things XwX - I bought 8 batteries, only 3 worked. That's less than 50%. Not Good. - One of the ones that did not work tried to BURST INTO FLAMES. (My Tama was unharmed, thank goodness, but I did burn my finger) Sadly they didn't qualify for a refund >:T I will be leaving an unhappy Amazon review. If anyone knows what brands/where to buy GOOD rechargeable batteries, please let me know.
  7. I just started up My Tamagotchi, and I had 2 of the Right LR44 Batteries. We out Both in, And it made a beep and the Clock came on. My Dad tried to Put the Battery Cover Back, And when he thought he did, 2 Big Black lines came on the side of the screen. I got really worried, and he Took the batteries out again. They were still there! Tried resetting, then they eventually started to fade. But now, we’re still trying and trying to get the screen on, by taking the batteries in and out, resetting. But nothings happening. It’s a Usatama Disney, And I got it used from JYW. I’m really disappointed, and I’m really worried. Tell me if I’m doing anything wrong, but the Batteries are also very jiggly in the case.
  8. I've had a Tamagotchi and he has lived happily three times but his battery died on his third life so I replaced it: opened rear cover, used a screwdriver to pry the battery out then pulled it out. I grabbed a new battery, popped it in and closed him up. But he still displayed the "dead battery" symbol any help?
  9. Alright, so this is a more recent issue which I have not encountered before on any Tama I own. So I started my Tamagotchi P's up two days ago. I added new batteries, as the last ones were dead. It ran well for a while, but an hour or two later, I went to press the buttons to check on my Tama, and the screen wouldn't turn on/wake from sleep mode. The tamagotchi was completely unresponsive. I naturally opened the back to perform a reset, but that didn't work either. I had to instead remove the batteries and put them back in to reset the tamagotchi and get it to turn on again. This seems to happen every day. Two or 3 times yesterday and then again when I woke up this morning I found it had done it again. My poor Tama will never grow if this keeps happening! To my knowledge, nothing has specifically triggered it. Whether I have used the tamagotchi seconds ago or an hour ago, it still seems to happen. It's also very random, as there is no battery warning, so I can't imagine they're just dying I am really not sure here. I could use any help. The batteries I put in were brand new, and when I got this tama I had gotten it new in box. I definitely cannot afford to have to get a new one, so hopefully there is some kind of fix.
  10. hi, i just bought an old, original tamagotchi from a yard sale. on the back it says 1997, and its green with yellow and black. it has the back a bit lifted, so i can see it has no batteries, and that there are two spaces for batteries, but i cant open it to apply new ones, since the screws on the back are destroyed, and they look like someone tried to open it but failed. the left screw looks on the outside like someone tried to remove it with heat. its my first tamagotchi, and i really dont know how to remove the lid or what kind of batteries it needs. thanks in advance! ^^
  11. Since the tamagotchi p's is in colour, does it have a shorter average battery life compared to the b&w tamagotchis? What is the average battery life for a p's? Since the p's has the school/daycare/jobs, it IS advisable to turn the brightness/contrast (does the p's have the contrast function) right? or does that not really mater? Also, does patching take up a lot of the battery life? (I recently got a tamagotchi p's that hasnt been patched to english yet thats why i'm a bit concerned) (Eventhough patching only takes about a minute but like ya) Sorry I ask so much questions, I appreciate everyones comments/advice!!
  12. Hi! So today, my lil' sis took out the dead batteries in her Tamagotchi Friends, and they were corroded (the dead batteries sat in the Tamagotchi for a few months).Then I remembered that I have a P2 I've left the batteries in, though not dead, for a while. I don't want to use the battery because of how hard P2 ones are to find. (I also just got a new Chibi, and I was planning to leave the batteries in, tag n' all.) So the question is, will full batteries left in a Tamagotchi corrode? If yes, after how long? Thank you! :3
  13. I want to get a connection v1 but I want to make sure that the one that I get is a second wave v1 because I don't want mine to have a battery drain problem... is there any shell guide or could some of you provide me with some tamagotchi connection v1 wave 1 and wave 2 examples so I don't buy the wrong one? been thinking about that one ^ is that a wave 1 or wave 2 design?
  14. Hey guys, so I have two v3s a boy and a girl. I took the battery out of the girl so the boy could catch up and evolve. He did this morning, so I took his battery and put it in the girl Tama, then got my spare battery and tried to put it in the boy but there was no response, I tried both of the batteries on my male v3, none of them work and I am extremely frustrated and worried. What can I do for a Tama to read a battery when it won't? None of the parts seem broken or missing at all. Thanks for any help in advance.
  15. Hi! So today I was reading a topic about how someone's batteries in their P's exploded because they left them in there for a while without use. Then I thought about how I always keep one battery in my color tamas (so I only have to put in one battery so I can use the rest of the batteries for other tamagotchis). Should I take them out? Thanks!
  16. Hi - first post on the forum. I recently bought an original 1996/97 Tamagotchi, packaged. I haven't had chance to start it yet as I'm on night shifts (not ideal for raising a Tama haha) but I realised, the batteries (x2 CR2032's) must be ancient as far as batteries go. Will they work, not work, break my Tama? I've already ordered some spares but I'm interested. Thanks
  17. I realized I haven't taken the batteries out of my P's that I haven't been using for a while. And by a while, I mean two months. ;w; So I flipped it over, and surprise, the batteries had exploded. There's white powder all around the back cover, and inside the battery compartment: Then on the positive side of where the batteries connect on the left, is coated, and kind of stuck together. I'm really not sure how to clean my Tama, or if it would be able to function properly after this? Any help would be much appreciated, thank you in advance!! ;w;
  18. This is new for me and my v3 has started to suddenly have a battery problem, and drain batteries like if it's nothing. It hasn't done this before, but recently this has become a big problem. And my v4.5 seems to have a problem with blanking I will leave it alone, undisturbed, and suddenly, it's blanked out, the screen is blank, and then a little while it'll come back to normal. The battery doesnt die with this one, but this glitch is annoying? Any tips or ideas on what could be happening?
  19. My p's screen goes black without the low battery warning appearing. You can still hear the sounds and play with it but it's very hard to see, like in old videogame consoles. Sometimes, with a light knock from behind the light seems to come up again, but it's usually not very long until it goes off or starts flickering. It seems like it could be a contact problem with the batteries (which are brand new). Does anyone know if there is a way to fix that? Maybe by messing around a bit with the battery slots or something? Thanks!
  20. Recently my tamagotchi V2 and V5 have started doing something strange that I cannot seem to find an answer to. They have begun to absolutely DRAIN my batteries (about 1 per day). I typically buy Sunbeam 3V batteries, and they are usually good for at least 2 months (minimum). Any suggestions? (NOTE- I buy them from a dollar store, but my other tamagotchis have no problems whatsoever from the same batch) Thanks!
  21. Hello:( Ok, here's my problem,I have a blue V6 and i'm very confused.Every time I put a BRAND NEW battery in my tama,it says it's dead in 5 Minutes! I'm so very confused. This has never happend to one of my tamas before.Help?
  22. Hi everyone. I recently got batteries for all of my Tamagotchis. I got them at the same time, put them in on the same day, and all of them are doing fine....with the exception of my V2. The flashing low battery sign keeps popping up, so I keep hitting reset and download. I have hope that it's a faulty battery, but I'm afraid that my V2 has something wrong with it. Has anyone had this kind of situation? What happened?
  23. I own a version 1 Tamasuka (Tamagotchi School). It was brand new when I bought it. Recently, I wanted to change the batteries because it wouldn't connect to my Entama so I figured a battery change might help. Well, when I popped in the new batteries, I had no prompt to "download" my stuff and my Tamasuka restarted completely. Frustrated, I just popped out the battery and tried it again, hoping it was a fluke, but ended up with the same results. So after that, I just took out the battery and put the tamagotchi away. I know I can't get back my old stuff but is this a feature of the Tamasuka that I didn't read in the manual? Will I have to restart after EVERY battery change? Or was I just unlucky?
  24. Hi, everyone. I'm new here and don't know if this topic has been posted by others or not. Can anyone tell me how we know if our tamagotchi ID L is running out of battery? Is there any way to check the battery status? Thanks in advance.
  25. Okay, I haven't had a tamagotchi in about ten years literally and I just received the TamaTown Tama-Go Mametchi version. I put the little doll thing at the top and pressed the reset button but it will not turn on. I have no idea if it just needs a battery because it did not come with one or I am doing something wrong and that's why it is not turning on. Please help!