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Found 4 results

  1. Hello everybody! I'm new in the forums. I've just resurrected my old friend. I'm not very familiar with the different models of tamas since I only had this one and I don't even know the correct name for it, but i hope the picture helps. The thing is that he has beeped when he was hungry and when he wanted to play, but then he pooped and didn't say a single word about it. As far as I remember, it should beep when he has poo in the screen too, shouldn't it? Or do I have to be looking at the screen every 5 minutes? Ty for the responses!
  2. I put in two brand new AG13 (LR44) batteries but every minute, the TamaOtch beeps at me and says おはようございます That means Ohayo Gozaimasu; she's basically just saying Hello. But Tamagotchi Wikia says that notice means the batteries are dying ._. I assume that's a mistake and my batteries aren't dying, but I don't know how to get my TamaOtch to stop calling at me every 5 seconds Is there a way? I tried the fourth icon (the fan thingie) but she still won't stop. :/
  3. Hello! Ever since I first got my Princess Spacy (used), I noticed that the beeps sound really strange and metallic. Today I noticed that it also somehow has a "heartbeat", the repeated, faint beeping found in other versions such as V2, V3, and Nano, as well as a high, neverending beep in the background. The sounds are very quiet, a lot quieter than on V2, but I've never heard of iD Ls having the normal iD L didn't have one, but maybe I never listened closely enough. Also, usually the heartbeat is always even but sometimes it slows's really weird. 0.o I've been thinking it might be something wrong with the sound chip, because of the other strange sounds it makes...any ideas?
  4. I only noticed this today, but when I hold my version 2 near my ear, I can hear a quiet, repetitious, even beep constantly going beep... beep... beep... beep... It was scary. I listened, and with a glance at my bird-like teen character, I thought of something. "MY TAMAGOTCHI'S HEART IS BEATING!" I shrieked. My bro thought I was a dimwit and said the speakers were broken. Do you know what I should do?