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Found 9 results

  1. Hey welcome to my blog fellow Llamas!! I have a Tamagotchi On, Wonder Garden edition, and I am currently on generation 10! I have every location but sports plaza. I have the Llama fluff gene for 8 generation (lucky meeee!) and I currently have twin girls. I have questions about the tamagotchi app that can connect with your tamagotchi. Is it true you can marry people there and then they will come back to you tamagotchi as a new character? I'm confused. Do they have sanrio characters in the app on events? Can I connect to the japenese version on my english tamagotchi.
  2. I was thinking of starting a blog on tumblr dedicated to my tamagotchis. I have 10, and hoping to get more soon! My blog would basically be updates on what they are doing, but more importantly I would answer any questions anyone had (you dont need to have a tumblr account to ask me questions) and you could all share stories about your tamagotchis too! I think it would be a lovely idea but I'm not sure how many people would be interested in following a blog like that or would be willing to ask questions if they needed help?
  3. Okay, my youngest brother was interested in Tamas, so I reset my black Tama-Go and gave it to him. I helped him with the baby stage and taught him the basic stuff, and once it evolved into a child, he knows what to do and now looks after it all by himself I thought I'd check on it every now and then (but not tend to its needs or anything like that, as that would be cheating) and write a log about it. =3 So, the egg hatched into a girl and my bro decided to name her...EGGY! He loves to play Shoot the Bug, Long Jumper, and Coin Catch. Eggy evolved into an adorable Hoshitchi, and she is currently sleeping. Her happy, hunger, and friendship meters are all full, and she weighs 15lb with 5 training points. I think my bro is doing pretty good for someone so young! Until next time.
  4. TAMABLOG G1 D3 I guess ill blog now that it went to sleep..... ~he evolved into a kilalatchi ~1 bar away from complete 100% training ~i did the standard calculator cheat(ill explain how to do it) ~i changed the faceplate to ~and played some games questions: -im guessing that tama town isnt coming back, at least for a long time... is there any alternate ones? -is there methods or certain ways to care for you tamagotchi to grow into certain characters? -why is ito so big( give details please) -any more information on the tama-go will be helpful Progammer calculator cheat: =get ur tama-go and a progammer calculator(doesnt need to be pc calc.) =(tama-go)go to the door icon, got to pc, donate 0 gp, and leave the login password =(programmer calculator) enter in your password WITH NO SPACES, press Xor, enter in 800003E7 =(tama-go) DO NOT PRESS A!!!! press the B button -the midle button- showing you the loggout page, enter in the number your calculator gave you as the pass word =(tama-go) you now have +999000 gp (idk if thats exact, but its around there... Other cheat: i heard that if you put the tamagotchi figure ur in slightly, it will read it as other tamagotchis... well, see ya guys tomorrow...
  5. so I just received my tama-go in the mail. •I put in new batteries •I set time • and all the other basics my questions are; -why do I need to feed it constantly(as in every 5 mins)? -when should I show discipline(time out)? -can I name them like in v4.5? -what's the website that tama-go can connect to? -(just for funziez) can I pottie train him? -school,high school,work? -cheats???O.o and please give me any other type of info necessary please P.S. (G1D1= Generation 1 Day 1)
  6. I recently started a new blog on tumblr and I can't figure out for the life of me what to write about! I am thinking of writing about my dreams. They are very unusual and detailed, but I'm not sure people would want to read that. Any suggestions about what to blog? What do people like to read? Thanks for any help and suggestions!
  7. Hopefully I'll remember to update this one. Anyways, I have a Tama Go now and I am starting a blog about it. After you read my blog, check out Kajah995's Awesome log of Amazingness!!! OK, here is my Tama's stats! Name: Lithium (Like the Evanescence song.) Age: 1 yr Character: Mattaritchi Weight: 50lb Gender: Male Generation: 1st Points: 5,150p Training points: 3 Friendship: 3 User Name: JASEN Color code: Blue is for me. (jasen221) Green is for Lithium. There are no other characters as of now, but there may be more to come! I may reuse bits from my other blogs, just to let everyone know. Because you're too lazy to think up new bits. Stay out of this, Lithium, I'm trying to write... But you said I could talk to everyone! Yes, after I was done making announcements! Fine. I'll wait. Well, I wanted to re-introduce a character named Purge from my old blog, but he doesn't seem to be here. I guess I'll introduce him later- Hey there, how's it going? How ya doing? AHHH! Oh wait... Hi Purge. Hey jasen. WHY haven't you updated your blogs in so long??? Ask my parents, THEY are the ones who grounded me from TT for six months. Oh Lordy, what did you do??? Alot. Yeah, alot. Anyways, how have you been? Lonely. *sigh* Purge, you don't need to freeze me out. I simply wasn't able to get on. Grr. Purge, will you please at least do the fun fact of the day? Is this another bit you stole from your other blogs? Yes. Now be quiet and listen to Purge. The fun fact of the day is... That today is New Year's Eve Eve. Alright. I'll let that go since I haven't seen you for a long time. Well, I think that's a good enough first update. Thanks for reading this! Fan mail sent to me on the topic of this blog will be published unless the sender requests otherwise.
  8. Hello Guys, this is my new blog with my Id L, But If you know how to make a proper blog here in TAMA TALK, Please inform me! But anyways, here it is: This is only my tamagotchi pouch, if you wanna know how to make one, please visit Youtube, and search for the user: oTamagotchi0! So there it is! I've had it for 2 years so far... but still in a good condition! No, I didn't stamp my tamagotchi! I got some cool deco actually for making a card/ diary. I got a Kuromametchi! Not bad, eh?? Thats it for now, but I'll make more if you guys reply!
  9. I have a new blog that focuses on Tamagotchis and I get them and tell you all about them and show photos and information. check it out.