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Found 13 results

  1. Hello, folks! In spite of easter, I decided a few days ago to run my Usatama in celebration. I went ahead today and removed the old batteries, and popped in the new. I’d done this numerous times before, so I didn’t think anything of it. As soon as I put the new ones in, the screen was black. All the pixels were filled in (which gave me hope, as that meant the batteries were making contact) apart from a few ‘scrambled’ ones in the top left corner. I took them out immediately, as I didn’t want to damage in device further and permanently damage the screen. When my Dad got back (the one who helps me with all of my Tama-issues) he tried himself, with more dead pixels in different patterns. He tried resetting, nothing. There were just random pixels on the screen (image attached for reference to what they roughly looked like at the time) with no response from the reset or ABC buttons. We tried again, this time the clock displaying and the device beeping. As I finally thought it worked, the ‘12’ which was supposed to be on the left side of the screen was.. missing? I tried to click ABC over and over, but it appeared to be frozen. Took them out again, and put them back in. Not expecting much. There was more garbage on the screen and then.. clicking? It sounded like something was going horribly wrong in the battery compartment. It went on clicking until I demanded my Dad to take out the batteries before it completely short-circuited itself. Since then, it’s been displaying dead pixels on and off, but most of the time nothing at all. The buttons are unresponsive, along with the speaker and reset. I also want to mention a few things before I get suggested them, as I have already tried most of the Google results provided! The brand of batteries is Duracel, which is the same brand I used for the batteries previously, along with all of my other virtual pets. I’ve never had any issues with their batteries until now. While all of this was happening, the battery cover was off, meaning nothing was causing pressure on the batteries or LCD. I’ve ran this Tamagotchi without any hassle before, this is the first time it has happened. The batteries and compartment are completely clean and intact. I’d appreciate it greatly if anyone had any advice or ideas on how to resolve this issue, it would mean a lot to me and my Tama! Here is what we are getting on the screen right now (With batteries in). When we take them out, simply nothing is displayed. It was showing completely black before, but it looks similar to this; You can clearly see faint and darker lines scattered across the screen, but before it was similar to garbage sprites and pixels. Hopefully this gives people a better idea of what i’m dealing with!
  2. The screen went funky after I dropped it, and showed two baby boys before I could reset or download once I got the screen on. I tried putting new batteries in and now it just won't turn on at all. Does anyone know of any way or anyone I could send this to to try to fix it? I believe it's the wires but I'm not positive.
  3. I purchased a non-working Tamagotchi Nano with the intention of making it work again, but when I got it, I quickly realized it's not set up the same way as the newer minis, or even any other regular Tamagotchi. I looked up how to take it apart and there is absolutely no information anywhere, but I have figured it out! Sorta. When you take the battery cover off, there are two screws that hold the casing on the bottom half, but there's two more screws hidden under the plastic shapes on either side of the speaker holes. I had to rough up my (broken) nano a bit to work those out, and I did damage the plastic some. I'm not sure how to safely take those plastic parts out just yet, I'm sure there's a tool for them, but I'm not sure what the plastic parts are even called, I guess they're just tiny protective covers. Anyway, I just thought I'd make this post to potentially help anyone who is needing to take their Nano apart, feel free to discuss ideas about safely removing the plastic parts. Pics here: The clock and capacitor definitely need to be replaced
  4. So I apparently left some old batteries in my Tamagotchi Friends and they leaked. I cleaned out the corrosion as best I could with vinegar but it still won't turn on with new batteries. Is this a hopeless cause? or are there any tricks to getting my Tama to work again?
  5. Hey, I have recently found my old Tamagotchi V3 and put in a fresh battery, it resets and the egg appears but after 10-20seconds (I haven't timed) the screen will go blank and all sound stops. As far as I know it has had no water or sun damage, and i don't think it is the battery as this battery works fine in my V4. I have not opened it up yet, as i haven't done this before and i do not have a screwdriver small enough. Does anyone know what may be wrong with my Tamagotchi or how to fix it? Any suggestions or help would be fantastic Thankyou
  6. Hello again! I have a Tamagotchi that just recently lost it's sound due to one of the wires detaching. I'm trying to open the cover to get to the circuit board, but it appears one of the screws is stuck, because it will not budge from it's spot. It isn't stripped, and I use a cheap screwdriver that is used to fix eyeglasses (the screwdriver itself is as small as my index finger). Do I need a new screwdriver, or is my tamagotchi out of luck? Thank you in advance.
  7. So, I just received my Disney Pierce today in the mail, but when I took my little rubber cap out of my Tama and plugged my Disney pierce in, it won't let me download it to my P's... I then tried all of my Pierces and now none of them download... I've tried resetting my P's and it still won't work... Anyone else have this problem? This is what pops up on the screen: I can read some of it, but can't read all of it. I'm assuming it is telling me the Pierce cannot be sensed though? I hope my P's isn't broken EDIT: I figured it out! Sorry for such a stupid question! >_<
  8. I know I'm new Ive used this forum since i got my IDL in June last year but Ive only just made an account. (maybe I'm just shy?) But now I'm having problems. In February i got my first Tamagotchi-P which will be known as PINK. with it i got circus and royal deco. I have used BOTH with Pink for last few months. Last month i got another Tamagotchi-P known as BLUE. i shuffled the deco pierces around just to see how they looked. I currently have the circus one on BLUE. But i cant seem to get royal to work on PINK. its been days (over a week) and it wont show up anything on the tamagotchi. I have checked that there is no circus deco information on the PINK ( i didn't use circus much until i got BLUE). on Pink when i go through the book which shows previous tamas it shows the royal henshin tamas Ive had before on there. Is there a way to reset/refresh the deco reading? I have searched as long as i could through this forum regarding my problem and it just made me more confused should my used decos NOT work on my BLUE at all? i don't know if royal works on blue but circus is and HAS been used ONCE on PINK.
  9. So, I found a vintage Tama that I really want for a good price, but the problem is that one of the screw heads broke off and the rest of the screw is still stuck in the Tamagotchi. Is there any way of removing the back or the screw when it is in this condition? Thanks in advance.
  10. Some of you might have read the topic about the Dinkie Dino I've bought from Ebay that had a broken screen and the L+R buttons didn't work either. It wasn't a fake, just a broken one. It was supposed to be in new in box condition. After telling him it was broken and that I changed the batteries and opened it up etc he told me to send it back and I got a full refund. Same seller also sold me a MINT Hong Kong Collectors Edition P1, however it was not MINT at all, the box was damaged and it didn't even have the certificate inside. I kept this one because it was cheap afterall (should of send that one back aswel tbh) Now however, the warning, he's selling that same yellow Dinkie Dino again on Ebay, listed as brand new, never opened MINT condition.... Try to avoid this seller, his items aren't MINT and not even in good condition! He's from Spain and you'll recognize his auctions right away, he always has a very low price (like 1 dollar or a few cents) for the Tamagotchi and ask 40 dollar or something shipping. P.S. He is VERY friendly and polite though, can't say anything about that
  11. So my V4's Infra-red receiver seems to be broken. I tried to connect it to my V3 earlier, and it didn't work. Tried again. Still didn't work. Curious as to why that is, I tried connecting my V2 and V1 to my V3, to see if it was my V3 having issues. Worked fine both times. Then I tried connecting them to my V4. Nothing worked, and they said 'Fail' almost immediately, while my V4 still said 'Standby'. Now, the way I was trying to connect them, I selected 'Others' on both Tamas, and then used the lower version Tama to initiate the connection. I usually do it this way because it tends to eliminate a lot of random connection bugs. However, when I tried it backwards, and used the V4 to initiate it, it would first say 'Connect', and then 'Fail' on both Tamas. So I think what's happening is that my V4 can send IR signals fine, but can't receive any. Does anyone know how to fix this? Looking through the red plastic, the thingy looks fine. I think the problem's on the inside. Should I open it up, see if I can fix it? Or just leave it be?
  12. Has anyone else noticed that TamaTown is broken for the V3 and V4. V3: Whenever you are supposed to get passwords, it says "ERROR: TRY AGAIN." But when you do try again,it does the same thing. V4: You can't even log in. It just says something like "ERROR" Is there anyway around this? seems to be working fine. Can someone contact Bandai?
  13. Ok, so we all have been through the pain of finding an adorable 5 letter name for your tama. But some of them can be awesome. So I'm asking for you to share your BEST tama names (or don't, if it's a secret ) Here's some of mine: Girl Boy Either Lily James Nacho Jewel Harry Pizza Ella Cinna Pie Emma Cake Jinx Avery Spork Bacon :D:D Faith Bob :3 Corny Hope Jake Dog Love Macho Windy Cloud Blue Tiger Daisy Geric Chees Happy Finn Tama Jen Luigi !!!!! Gold Spike Cream Ruby Mario Peach