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Found 6 results

  1. I lost my tamagotchi for quite a while. I recently found it and gave it batteries. It’s on the download reset page and none of the buttons will respond. It just sits there... any help?
  2. Alright, recently i received a wonderful melon soda keitai as a gift from my lovely girlfriend, and it has become the crown jewel of my collection. I also got a very pretty summer night v3 with it, but they both have a few little faults that i would like to fix to help better their condition! First off, the paint on the both of them has chipped off a but, and i would like to fix the little things that i can. Does anyone know what kind of paint would be best? I am not risking anything by using nail polish, as ive heard it tends to smear the designs and causes the shell to yellow. The other thing i would appreciate getting help with is whitening my melon soda's yellowed buttons! I have tried dunking them in water with baking soda and lime, and gently washed them with toothpaste, but neither method has achieved anything, except for temporarily causing my tam to glitch and forcing me to reset. I would try soaking them in chlorine, but I am very paranoid about using such a strong chemical on the soft rubber. Does anyone know of a good, foolproof, and safe method? Thank you very much in advance, and I will try to post some pictures once I get home!
  3. What how many years you have to clean the buttons Tamagotchi v2, v3, v4, v4.5 to respond well?
  4. Earlier today I went to check on my V6 and I found it was angry, so pressed the A button so I could scroll to the 'Discipline' icon. However, nothing happened. I tried pressing the A button again multiple times, but still nothing happened. I then tried pressing the other two button repeatedly, but yet again nothing happened on screen. The weird thing was, though, that the buttons still made a beeping sound when I pressed them. Anyway, I resorted to getting a pencil and pressing the little button at the back of my V6 which reset it. The buttons then began to work again, so I downloaded my Tamagotchi. It was no longer angry, but it had a little skull icon above it, so I have it some medicine. That worked, and now my V6 seems to be working fine. So I'm just curious to know whether any of you have any idea as to why this happened! Please post if you know, because I'm so curious to know why it happened. Thanks!!!!!!
  5. I have a whole bunch of tamagotchis (All American Connections, versions 1-5) and I want to mix them up, i.e., put the insides in different shells and change buttons around, etc. But I can't decide what I want to do with them. Can anyone post some feedback? I'll describe them all and post a picture. I have: v1 - solid light pink with red buttons (missing: B button and back cover) v1 - fuchsia with yellow stars, yellow screen border and purple buttons (missing: reset button, keychain and holes for keychain) v1 - violet with pink and orange swirls, light blue screen border and red buttons v2 - baby blue with pastel sea green and white flowers, medium pink screen border and buttons (I have two of these) v3 - chartreuse with fucshia flowers, lavender screen border and buttons v3 - white with black zebra stripes, light orange screen border and buttons v3 - midnight blue with yellow constellations, black screen border and light blue buttons v4 - white shell with face of royal blue ocean waves, black screen border and red antenna ball and buttons v4 - navy blue with light blue, white and red stars/swirls/, red screen border, yellow buttons and a red antenna ball v4.5 - purple with fuchsia, light blue and light green puzzle pieces over dark purple swirls, dark purple screen border, and chartreuse antenna star and buttons v4.5 - light blue with baby blue hibiscus flowers, and white screen border, buttons and antenna star (most of keychain is broken off) v5 - indigo with green and blue spaceships and white stars, lavender screen border and buttons, and white antenna pyramid/house thing. So! Creative people out there... Does anyone have any ideas for me? By the way I'm pretty sure this is an okay thing to post but if it violates anything I'm sorry. Here is my collection. the light blue v4.5 is missing from the picture.
  6. Um... I am an idiot. I had my Music Star in a bag with a bottle of water, and I guess the water condensed and wet my Music Star... Anyhow, the buttons often refuse to obey me--especially the A button. But sometimes when I'm not using it, the buttons seem to press THEMSELVES! My Tamagotchi FED ITSELF A MEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAALLL! I tried to take the tama apart, but the screws are way too tight... does anyone know another way to fix this? My Tama is looking after itself and it's kinda creepy... ~ EMF