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Found 11 results

  1. I am curious to know your opinion on this matter. I will carry around my M!X in the home and out in public very easily. It gets tossed around here and there, I have a 12 year old brother who likes to tease me with it or maybe toss it to me when I ask for it. Sometimes, I will worry that I am not taking as good care of my device as I should. Like, if you bought a glass plate and tossed it around, people would think you are being careless. How careful are you with your device?
  2. Hey folks! So I had recently bought a brand new Japanese P2, and I just got my first adult raised on it. Now here's the thing- I was going for Pochitchi. I tended to all but one of its discipline calls, and gave it otherwise perfect care. So you can understand why I was shocked to find it evolved into KUSATCHI. Don't get me wrong, Kusatchi is my favorite character, but HOW I got him with the care I gave it puzzles me to no end! Thoughts? :|
  3. I forgot my V2 and V5 Tamagotchis at home today. They are 2G adults (a Mimitchi and a Sunnytchi respectively). It's currently 8:20 am and I normally get home from my last class 3:30-45 pm. Is it likely they will die if left alone for that long?
  4. I wish I could know how to define the quality of care given to V3... Like, you count care misses on the iD L and P's and TF:DT, but what about Connections? Do they have a system of rating the care given to the Tama by the owner or not? EDIT: I know you can find out how well I took care of my V3 by the character it evolved into, but how do I find out the care quality beforehand so that I can avoid my Tama evolving into a character I don't want or make it evolve into a character I want?
  5. So, I've been running my V2 for about 5 generations, but I still find myself unable to attain a character who is over 'average' care. I don't take bad care of my characters, in fact I've been trying for the last few gens to take very good care to get a good care character, but I still get the 'average' care characters. I thought that I'd heard one time that who you marry your tama to plays a role in how good of a character it's offspring will be, but no matter what I did I couldn't get the matchmaker to bring a very good care character for my tama to mate with. Does anyone have any advice for getting good care characters on the V2? ^__^ Thanks!
  6. *I know there are some other threads covering these topics but many are closed/very old as far as I can remember. I love learning how others accessorize and care for the actual hardware (shell, faceplate, etc.) and what things they carry with their tamas ("first aid" kits) as well as homemade sets for modification (stickers, nail polish, sandpaper, etc.) and I was looking for ideas so.... What types of "extras" do you have for your tama? BTW, I'm not keeping any accessories currently except for my back and white good-quality-cardboard carrying case that has compartments for figurines...Running a tama-go, I don't carry it on a lanyard or anything because of the size. *OST EDIT: Please use the EDIT button to make edits to your posts, rather than double-posting. You can do so up to 24 hours after making your post. Thank you!*
  7. I don't mean how to take care of the virtual pet on the inside, I mean on the outside. I've noticed that my ID L spacy's heart and star is getting scratched up, and the top part of the faceplate, and so is the screen. I don't want this to happen again, so do you know of any good ways to keep that from happening? I remember taking very good care of my Spacy...Although, I would touch the screen to wipe away dust, and I would put it face down so the screen wouldn't collect dust. And is it a good idea to keep the packaging? I've seen many people who keep the packaging, to keep it in good condition. Is that a good way to keep it nice? But if I don't have the packaging, would it be best for me to just crochet a pouch for every single one? Or maybe just wrap them all in blankets or bubble wrap or something... Thank you!!
  8. If any one read my last topic, then you are aware I just got my first iD L and it is in English. It is a major deal for me, and my friend helped me out and paid for most of it. I only had it for about a week, but I am sooo paranoid about taking care of it. I am afraid it is gonna break, because if it does I wont be able to get another one any time soon. I try so hard to take care of it, but it has a few scratches on the screen...even after wiping it with a special cloth for glasses lenses. ;_; I am vowing now to try to never take it out of the house again. I know about screen protectors ..but I am broke right now. (Very complicated and long story..when I say broke I mean it. ) What really worried me though, is a few nights ago I noticed the brightness on my screen kind of flashing. Like it would get a little brighter then a little dimmer for a moment. The batteries were I just don't know what the heck that meant. It does this every once in awhile. I also tried to make a pouch, but I think that was not the best fabric for the screen. I heard rumors that the English wasn't made that well, and that white and yellow (as mine is) were unpopular colors and also not made as well. I know I am worrying a lot...but this is a big deal to me. I want it to last forever lol. So, how long do these things hold up? I have had mine like 6 days, and even some of the silver around the edge has peeled off. I take such good care of it... Has anyone just had one die on them?
  9. I know there are a lot of these topics...but I searched really hard and did not find what I was looking for. I was wondering if there was a chart showing where they can be seen? I thought I figured it out (even got the character I wanted) but now I am not so sure. Like is there a place that you can actually see and count how many you have so you know where you stand? Maybe my eyes are not so good, but I had a bit of trouble reading what I think was the happiness that the bar that you can tell from? Also, does messing with the time affect anything in a bad way or good way? I normally am not one to pause or change the time, but I have a lot with the iD L..and it seems ok so far. (I have only had it for 5 days.) Might as well sneak in one more question, as I don't want to start another topic. Is there any pics or charts of all the ways you can decorate your house? It would be nice to see them first instead of wasting points.
  10. Hello, everyone! I have something to tell you, if you're aiming for perfect care. It's simple! If you're occupied or something, set the tama to it's sleep time! What this does, is that while it's sleeping, the growth time is still active. This trick works on all tamagotchis, but it doesn't work on baby forms. Thanks for listening!
  11. Last time my v6 grew into the weird adult character that looks like its wearing a football helmet. Then I thought it was ugly so I ... accidentally... didn't care... and it died. /: So this time, I made sure take good care of it so it would grow up better. It grew into a cute teenager. So I kept trying, and bought it decent food, got its stress all the way down, and let it play alll day. By the time it aged, it's hunger and happy were full, and its stress was at 01. BUT IT GREW INTO THE SAME CHARACTER. I am ssoooooo disappointed. Really. I hate this character, sorry. On a growth chart, its under the "horrible care" category. This was NOT horrible care. So, what the hell? (: Why is this? please help /: Any tips? Uhg.