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Found 11 results

  1. Can anyone identify this oddpet?
  2. kittenlo

    Rescue Kitty ♥

    Hercules the little kitty we rescued today ♥♥♥
  3. My series, Kitty and friends, or T.A.O.K.A.F, is a book series I wrote back in 2014. It talks about Kitty and her sister Lily going on adventures in Kitty City. That is it. PREVIEW: "Kitty, follow meeeee!" Lily screamed. She and Kitty were at the mall, and the area they were in was the food court. "OK!" Kitty screamed back. Kitty sometimes thought Lily was annoying, but the two were good friends. Lily ran to the giant flower in the play area, and Kitty got ready to cringe. Lily started climbing on the flower, and Kitty just had to close her eyes. Lily's underwear was showing, and she was making a scene. Kitty really hated it when she did that.
  4. Back in 2nd or 3rd grade I had a kitty pet, and for some random reason I can't remember I decided I didn't like it and gave it away. I immediately regretted it, but the girl would not return it and taunted me for wanting it back. Ever since then I have been unable to find it again. I have believed all this time that it was a Nano Kitty in the original clear shell type, specifically the purpley-pink color with the blue buttons, but any time I have looked up the Nano Kitty the actual pet looks wrong. I had the Giga Pet Compu Kitty as well, so it's possible that I am confusing the two. I remembered it being a delicate looking tiny kitty that looked a little like this: but the starting kitten for Nano Kitty doesn't look right to me. The only thing I recall about this kitty pet is that every morning it had a birthday, and I believe it had a little cupcake on screen to celebrate it. If any of you could help me remember this lost kitty I would be grateful! Thank you!
  5. Meowmeowstar

    paint It blue

    Let's paint it blue!!!

    © By me

  6. Meowmeowstar

    love Cat

    A cat

    © by me

  7. Lookit this cute Yuruppy cat pet I found on Amazon: Pricy but it looks has a touch screen and 14 mini-games~ Does anyone have one? =)
  8. My cat Franco went missing for one day and when he came back, he was in a horrible state! There are huge teeth marks in his foot and his leg is badly broken. It's hard for him to sit and walk! Poor kitty! I think he was bitten by a dog. Anyhow, the swelling has gone down but his leg is still twisted. When he lays on his side, the bottom of his paw faces right up. Gross! Mama's bandaging his leg... should we take him to the vet? It costed $500 to fix a tummy ache in our other cat... I don't want to think how much it should cost for a broken bone! I hope he'll be okay...
  9. HELLO!!! so the other day i was walking around my house ans my brother said '' sis come here and look at this'' so i said ''sure'' . he was showing me some hayao miyazaki films and i saw the cat returns, and i remember seeing so previews for it, so later that night i look it up, and i found a place to download it so i did and i watch it! it is like MY FAVE MOVIE now! i love it so! it is a great movie for any kitten or cat lover! it is a fun a cute little story that will (probley) touch your heart. has any one else seen that movie? if you have not yet seen you should because you love it! thank you for reading and thanks for the comments! <333 this video may contann some spoilers, but not big spoilers. this is kinda like a preview as i see it. pls watch the movie!!! i do not own the video and here are some names: girl: haru cat in the suit:baron (his real name is longer) the fat cat: muta
  10. Is it just me, or are the MGA pets kinda boring? I just got the MGA Bunny and had it running for about... 7 hours now? The Hungry and Happiness bars barely decay, and it only beeped once in all that time because it pooped. (I guess this one lets you know when nature called, not a lot of pets don't at all.) discipline is decaying faster than Hungry or Happiness. I don't know, you'd think as a baby it'd be very needy but the thing seems more like an accessory than anything, I guess since it's in a case with a lid. (A basket with a bunny eating carrots on it.) It's also super loud, beeping with each bite of food and everything. Anyone else have experience with these pets? What do you guys think? Do they evolve or get more interesting with time?
  11. Ichigotchi710

    IMG 0538

    this is my sister's cat. (i took the picture with my Ipad,thats why its not good) oh..and sorry about the mess in the backround...that room is kinda messy at the moment.. XD ~Ichigotchi710