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Found 20 results

  1. Hello, Mr.Blinky released the upload tab in the 4U app for anyone to upload their characters, clothes, etc. and I'm wondering if there is any way to extract character sprites from the Tamagotchi P's VDP or Pierce pieces?
  2. Hey, I was just wondering something here. I noticed in some of the older animated media (2007-2008), characters with beaks (Kuchipatchi and other Patchis do not count, because there is no continuity concerning his beak) may actually show the insides of their mouth when opened. Here's an example using Zukyutchi from the second movie. Although I've seen this happen more often in animated media from 2009-2015, sometimes, characters may have their beaks open, but do not show the insides of their mouths. Here's an example, again using Zukyutchi, this time from the first movie (which is also my profile picture). So yeah, don't forget to leave a reply stating your opinions and thoughts.
  3. Wacky

    Ura Tosakatchi

    Hi! I am new here! I just wanted to show my fanmade character, Ura Tosakatchi! Enjoy!
  4. Okay, so my v3 is a girl that just evolved into this wing-like creature, are the growth charts it appears to be called patapatchi, but on the tamagotchi wikia page it is called batabatchi ; they're both identical. Which is which?
  5. Whom would it be? What would you do? I'd want Mametchi to come to Earth for 24 hours ^o^ I'd bring him food and cuddle him lots and ask him lots of questions about Tamagotchi Planet. I might even tell him Himespetchi loves him. I wouldn't let anyone else find out because then the media would make a big fuss about him and I don't want him to be hassled. :c I look forward to seeing people's answers!
  6. Another Character - This or That topic Do you like Melodytchi better with her hat on or off? or This is so hard to decide ahhhhh I love her hat >w< But I think she looks super cute and cool without her hat also... I like her tuft of hair ;u; So I'm gonna vote for without her hat
  7. Since I have a Random Sudden Obsession with Moriritchi, here's a poll. Do you prefer Moriritchi with her ears tied up in a beehive hairstyle or down? Up: Down: I like both but for some reason I prefer her hair tied up...she looks cuter with that crazy hairstyle Plus she doesn't look like a dog that way I don't like dogs much oops. What do you think? :3
  8. I bought some super light weight air-dying clay in lots of different colors! ouo!!! This is special clay. Even after it dries, it stays a bit squishy, so I can make my own Tamagotchi squishies >w< Here are the colors I got... ...As well as black, and white. I'm such an IDIOT....I was meant to get red as well but I order already shipped uhuhuhuuuu //cry forever I guess I'll have to use dark pink... but Kikitchi would look stupid with a dark pink bandana...and Ringotchi would look stupid dark pink... Oh well ;_; Anyway I want to make Nanotchi and Kurosantchi (Tamagotchi OCs)... Orenetchi, Neenetchi, Tropicatchi, Kikitchi, Flowertchi, Makiko, Smartotchi, Spacytchi, Akaspetchi (Dark-pink-spetchi...), Pipospetchi, Ringotchi, Ichigotchi, Pekopekotchi, Hanafuwatchi, Lovelitchi, Melodytchi, Moriritchi, Miraitchi and/or Clulutchi, Candy Pakupaku, Hapihapitchi... I don't want make characters there are already Tamagotchi Friends figures of. I don't think I have enough clay to make all those characters! They're only small packs. So which characters do you think I should make? I'm not sure how big to make them... I also don't know how to make them stand up; maybe I could make some sort of stand at the base? Or I could give them big feet like the Tamagotchi Friends figures lol <3 And does anyone have any tips?; I'm not good at molding clay
  9. Hello everyone!! I was looking on eBay's Tamagotchi sales and I found this: Do you know what character is this? Is it really from tamagotchi? I thought it came from Devilgotchi but I can't find it anywhere... I don't think it's King Devilgotchi. I'd like to know because he's totally like my black cat, expecially in his (eeeeevil) look! Thanks!
  10. I think i'd be a Chamametchi because I like pink/cute things and I always wear pink things? #I'mAboutThatPinkLife
  11. TCA 2014 Tamagotchi Character Awards 2014 Welcome to the Tamagotchi Character Awards 2014! What are the Tamagotchi Character Awards? The Tamagotchi Character Awards (TCA for short) is an event that I will be starting and hopefully continuing annually. It combines the opinions of members and staff across both TamaTalk and Tama Zone in order to find out the Tamagotchi fandom's favourite characters in each specific category. How does the TCA work? Similar to many major music and film award shows, the TCA will have multiple rounds of voting. 1) In the first round, members and staff across TamaTalk and Tama Zone will submit to me via personal message their suggestions for characters in each of the awards. If you are wanting to participate, there must be a minimum suggestion of 1 character and a maximum suggestion of 20 characters per award. The deadline for this round will be December 22, 2013. The suggestions will be compiled, and the most popular suggestions will be used in the second round of voting. 2) In the second round, as stated above, the most popular suggestions will be used for round two voting. For this round, you must send myself another personal message voting for who you believe are the top five most eligible contenders to receive each particular award. You MUST vote five characters for each award - no more, no less. The deadline for this round will be January 5, 2014. The votes will be compiled, and the five most popular characters will become the five official nominees for the receival of each individual award. 3) In the third and final round, yet another message will needed to be sent to myself, selecting your single vote for the nominee that you believe is best deserving of each particular award. The deadline for this round is January 19, 2014. The votes will then be tallied, and the winners will be announced on January 26, 2014 _________________________ What are the awards for the TCA? The fifteen awards are as follows, with clarification of each: General Awards Character of the Year Eligible: All obtainable characters on any particular Tamagotchi release, 1996-2013. Special Character of the Year Eligible: All characters obtainable through a special evolution on any particular Tamagotchi release, 1996-2013. Unobtainable Character of the Year Eligible: All characters that have never been raisable through normal means on any particular Tamagotchi release, 1996-2013. Themed Character of the Year Eligible: All characters obtainable on a themed Tamagotchi (Angelgotch, Devilgotch, Mori no, Umi no, Akai, Uratama, Odenkun, Haneruchi, etc.), 1996-2013. Anime Character of the Year Eligible: All characters featured in the Tamagotchi! Anime, 2009-2013. Gender-related Awards Best Female Character Eligible: All obtainable characters featured as female-only on any particular Tamagotchi release, 1996-2013. Best Male Character Eligible: All obtainable characters featured as male-only on any particular Tamagotchi release, 1996-2013. Best Neutral Character Eligible: All obtainable characters featured as both female and male on any particular Tamagotchi release, 1996-2013. Age-related Awards Best Baby Character Eligible: All obtainable characters at baby stage on any particular Tamagotchi release, 1996-2013. Best Toddler Character Eligible: All obtainable characters at toddler stage on any particular Tamagotchi release, 1996-2013. Best Teenage Character Eligible: All obtainable characters at teenage stage on any particular Tamagotchi release, 1996-2013. Best Adult or Friend Character Eligible: All obtainable characters at adult or friend stage on any particular Tamagotchi release, 1996-2013. Era-related Awards Best Vintage Character Eligible: All obtainable characters featured on a vintage-era Tamagotchi release, 1996-1999. Best Connection Character Eligible: All obtainable characters featured on a connection-era Tamagotchi release, 2004-2009. Best Color or Greyscale Character Eligible: All obtainable characters featured on a color-era or greyscale-era Tamagotchi release, 2008-2013. _________________________ Now it's your turn. If you'd like to participate, please copy the above awards listed, replace each eligibility description with the 1-20 characters per award of your suggestion, and send them via a private message to me before December 22, 2013. If you have any questions about any of the above, make sure to ask them below. I really hope to see quite a few suggestions, so that we can have a good selection for nominee voting in round two. Thank you for reading!
  12. Does anyone know how many skill points I might need and how I should care for my tamagotchi? I have a v4.5. Thank you very much in advance.
  13. I'm want to discover who is truly the most loved Tamagotchi character according to members of TamaTalk! To participate, simply state your favorite male and female Tamagotchis. Please only nominate up to three for each gender! After I think just about every member who is interested in participating votes, I'll close the topic and look through the characters everyone has nominated. I will include the 15 most popular girls and 15 most popular boys in a poll in a new topic to truly determine the best character. I nominate: BOYS Mametchi Spacytchi Kikitchi GIRLS Himespetchi Uwasatchi Nyatchi
  14. snixgame

    Färdig bild

    Made with bamboo fun in painttool sai.

    © Snixen akka Snixgame

  15. snixgame


    Made with bamboo fun
  16. I've been planning this topic for long now, and I'm excited to finally have made it! I fell in love with the adoreable baby stage characters from the very first time I saw one. Even though they are the neediest tamas of all, I think all the hard work to care for them is worth it. Please vote and feel free to write who you chose and why, and which of your three choices would be your all-time favourite! Notes: -The three-question divide wasn't my plan from the start, but a solution to the max-20-answer-options-rule. -I did not include the Devilgotchi premier-stage characters, as they are clearly not babies, and the same goes for mr.Santagotchi as he is never a baby either. On the other hand Obaketchi2 is clearly a baby angel and thus included. -I didn't make a special answer option for the Genjinch baby either, partly because I didn't find his name anywhere, and partly because he looks just like Babitchi anyway. -Some characters may be included twice, such as Teletchi, Tsubutchi and Kinotchi/Nokotchi. This is because they have slightly different appearances and animations in the different types of tamagotchi. Also if I were to include them just once I wouldn't know wich section would be the right one... -I did not write both the male and female character versions of the same baby pair under different answer options, unless they are significally different from each other in appearance. For an example compare Haatotchi and Shirohaatotchi of the Akai to Teletchi and ShiroTeletchi of the v3. -I've tried to include all of the babies in this topic, but please tell me if you notice a missing one.
  17. Character Naming Contest I have designed a Tamagotchi character for a comic I will post under Tamagotchi Entertainment. Here she is. I cannot think of a name for her, so I am letting anyone on TamaTalk choose a name for her! You can post up to three different names, and their meanings if they have one, and the best one will be used for the character and you will be given credit in my comic! Keep in mind this is not an official TamaTalk contest. And also, remember to ONLY post your entries in this thread - last time I made a contest I had people giving me their entries by PM and even on other web sites. Also, all TamaTalk rules apply so please keep entries appropriate. Remember that! Have fun! EDIT: I am so mental, I forgot to specify a closing date! Okay, it closes at the end of September and I will announce the winning name on October 1. Also, please do not submit a name someone else has already chosen, and do not submit a name of an already existing character (but don't worry, it won't disqualify you or anything )
  18. Who's better? Memetchi or Makiko? For some reason, I prefer Makiko--she's funny because she's always going on about how good her hair is and making Memetchi mad! I like how she is such a self-satisfied's hilarious! She thinks she's the best tama ever, lol.
  19. Hello everyone! I have created a few surveys which you can all take part in that will help us in deciphering and forming the perfect character chart! This is all just purely for our own entertainment. Unless of course Bandai stumble upon the statistics and use them for the next Tamagotchi product! c; Basically, you just need to write in your favourite toddler, teenager and adult ranging from Connection v1-TamaTown Tama-Go. Keep in mind, I have only included the English products and I will probably create more surveys for the other less well-known ones that I have left out, such as the Oceangotchi, Angelgotchi etc. All links to forum threads with character charts within are attached on each question. Before you point out the obvious, yes I haven't left questions for favourite oldie characters and babies as there are only a limited amount of oldies and Bandai usually design new baby sprites. I hope you all complete these surveys and once there is a (hopefully) substantial amount of responses, I will eradicate the current links to the questions and announce the results! c: Thank you in advanced! Survey I Survey II Survey III
  20. This is an Index (list) of links to TamaTalk topics/replies about Growth and /or Character charts for various Tamagotchi versions: Tamagotchi versions - Life cycles / Evolution times V1 Growth & Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....?showtopic=1422 V1 Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....?showtopic=1423 V1 Growth Chart http://www.tamatalk....indpost&p=76955 V2 Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....showtopic=24082 V3 Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....showtopic=40249 V3 Growth Chart http://www.tamatalk....showtopic=58462 Tamagotchi Keitai Growth chart http://www.tamatalk....?showtopic=4775 V4 Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....showtopic=90203 V4 Growth Chart: The Family Groups & Genders http://www.tamatalk....showtopic=99281 V4 Special Characters: How to get Special Adults http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=107392 V4.5 Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=117034 V4.5 Character Chart and Growth Charts http://www.tamatalk....dpost&p=2986753 V5 Character & Growth Charts http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=135947 V5.5 Character & Growth Chart http://www.tamatalk....dpost&p=2416016 V6 Music Star Character Chart http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=155983 V6 Music Star Growth Charts http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=158848 http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=158661 Tamagotchi ID - Character and Growth chart http://www.tamatalk....howtopic=165521 Tamagotchi ID L - Character and Growth chart ID L Princess Spacy - Character & Growth chart Tamagotchi+Color (TMGC+C) Character and Growth chart Tamagotchi Ps Growth chart Angelgotchi Growth chart Angelgotchi info from TamaTalk's sister site (Pixelmood) - scroll down for growth chart Morino Character and Growth chart Oceangotch Character and Growth chart Devilgotchi Character and Growth chart Mothra Character and Growth chart Yasashii Growth Chart TMGO Character chart Tamagotchi Friends Growth charts Tamagotchi 4U Growth & Character chart Tamagotchi 4U+ Growth & Character chart Tamagotchi 4U & 4U+ Post Adult/Personality Stage Chart Tamagotchi M!X Growth / Character Charts (Melody / Spacy) If you find a better, accurate Growth or Character chart on TamaTalk that you think should be added to this list please send me a PM with a link to the topic / post. Thanks to kbabe ( for suggesting a list of links to Growth charts!