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Found 44 results

  1. I would like to know your favorite character type/shape and if there are any old characters you want to see return in the future? I personally like all characters above, except the ones who are based on food! I would love to see a return of characters like Togetchi, Tosakatchi, Yattatachi, Ginjirotchi and so many others! I think the return of so many old characters to the new colored versions where you can mix their genes I think we will get so many great looking characters. Let me know what you guys think
  2. Some random Tamagotchi characters I decided to ink in. I might color them eventually.
  3. Here are the various characters you can get in the 4U. There are 10 characters total. Female Adults (to achieve these characters get these skill points and # care misses before they turn adult, personality stages are a new stage adults can reach under certain conditions) Lovelitchi- You get her by having 10 or more art skill points and 0-4 care misses. Personality Stages: Lovely Fire- Have all school skills and happiness above 80% PochaLovelitchi- Weighs 90g+ Melodytchi- You get her by having 10 or more sport skill points and 0-4 care misses. Personality Stages: OyaMelojitchi- Talk to Oyajitchi at Park Melody Muse- All school skills and happiness above 80% Memetchi- You get her by having 20 or more fashion skill points. Personality Stages: Guru Meme Queen- 10 Fashion Skill pts & wallpaper with fashion skill points MemeChanObatichi- Happiness below 15% Himespectchi- Have 20 invention skill points. Personality Stage: MameLoveHimespe: Talk to Mametchi in park Neenetchi- To get have your tama weigh 70g or more as a child. Personality Stage: Slim Neenetchi- Weigh less than 25g Male Adults Mametchi Have 10 or more invention skill points with 0-4 care misses. Personality Stages: Naughty Mametchi- Cool guy background with low happiness. MameLabtchi- Scientist background, use writing set and experiment several times. Kuchipatchi- Have 10 or more cooking skill points and weigh 60g or more. Personality Stages: Kuchipatchin- Weigh above 90g Jeanist Kuchipa- Weigh below 25g. Kuromametchi- Have 10 or more sport skill points and 0-4 care misses. Personality Stages Kuromamet Senpai- Connct with Orenetchi on another 4U Otakuromame- Talk to Lovelin at park Orenetchi- Have 3-7 care misses Personality Stage Oreadultchi-All school skills and happiness above 80% Spaceytchi Feed male child five curry rice or obtain 8 or more care misses. Personality Stages Shiny Spaceytchi- 5 baths King Spaceytchi- All school skills and happiness above 80% -Hope this helps!!! ~Tama4star
  4. Hey, I have been fiddling with my old p2 tama and I have come to think I'm doing something wrong. See, as a kid, Kusatchi was always my favorite character. I Managed to get him twice now, but I never had the p2 as a kid, just the gameboy version. So since i got Kusatchi, it died at 7 years... I know its an "unhealthy" character, but is dying THAT young normal for Kusatchi? And is it possible to neglect enough to get this character, but care for it enough to keep him alive for more years?
  5. Hi! So i'm trying to build a good relationship between my female tama and kikitchi. Every time I go into town, I always bring his favorite item (The skateboard) and I end up running into every character but kikitchi. Is there a way to meet up with a specific character or is it random? (I'm going to the right town btw)
  6. Hello guys I want to buy a Tamagotchi 4u but I heard that it's a little bit boring without downloadable contents . So I have a Samsung galaxy A3 and I was hoping that it's NFC would work with the Tamagotchi 4u. Can anyone help me as fast as possible? Thanks Salad
  7. I've been running my Tamagotchi 4U for a while now and I've been looking forward to get Kuchipatchi (he's my favorite character). Yesterday I finally got him but unfortunately I overfed him a little bit and he turned into his personality stage, Kuchipatchin. Even thou he's really cute I want to get him back to his original form. So how do I make Kuchipatchin turn back to Kuchipatchi?
  8. Hi! I've had my 4u for a while now, I got it back in March of this year, and I've only ever gotten the same 2 characters: Spaceytchi when I get a boy, and Neenetchi when I get a girl. I want to get a different character ;n; xD I've been trying to follow the growth charts and such, which say that if you have yea many skill points you get a certain tama, and so on. I once used a soccer ball as a toddler around 15 or so times, in hopes to get a Kuromametchi, and then I got a Spaceytchi D: And I don't think I've ever eaten curry rice before, which is used to get Spaceytchi. I know it says that if you don't fit any of the requirements, it's random, but for me, random means either Spaceytchi or Neenetchi haha x3 Does anyone know what's wrong? Thanks!
  9. Do you think male or female Tamagotchi characters tend to have better designs? Even though there are cute and great characters like Spacytchi and Mametchi, I think female characters usually have more unique and appealing designs. I guess it's hard to make interesting male designs because girls can have all sorts of different accessories like ribbons, pretty hats, and the like but if males have those kinds of accessories people would think they look 'girly'. Bonus question - What are your favorite male and female Tamagotchi character designs? And favorite genderless designs, considering vintage characters are mostly genderless.
  10. Choose your favorite Angelgotchi character and vote in the poll! I didn't include Lucky-Unchi Kun and Deviltchi because they're not angels XD If you want, make a post saying why it's your favorite.
  11. For this topic, choose your favorite character who is a sibling of a more central character! I hope I didn't leave anyone out. Tell me if I missed anyone! But this is mostly siblings of more significant characters, which is why I didn't include Windytchi (sister of Whirltchi). I didn't include Miraitchi and Clulutchi because they're twins and they're both equally main characters I think. Who's your favorite in the poll?
  12. Hello! Choose your favorite Tamagotchi Friends character from each Dream School class. Go here: And click the buttons that say "Performers", "Beauticians", etc. Choose a fave character for each category, including the "Others" category, which has characters that do not go to school. Here are mine. Performers: Kiraritchi Beauticians: Tropicatchi Robots: Mametchi Musicians: Pianitchi Chefs: Patitchi Sewing: Spacytchi Pet stylists: Butterflytchi Others: Yumecantchi How about you?
  13. In the Tamagotchi anime and/or movies, who has the best-sounding voice in your opinion? Personally, I absolutely adore Tropicatchi's voice in the Japanese Yume Kira Dream anime! It sounds so cute and it's like she's on helium. XD I also like Lovelitchi's voice in the Chinese dub. She sounds so cute and derpy and for some reason her voice makes her sound clueless, but it's adorable I like her Chinese voice better than her Japanese voice. What do you think?
  14. As you may know, the Tamagotchi Friends line released figures of some of the Dream Town characters Besides the already existing figures, which of these characters would you like to see in figure form? They've already made figures of most of my favorite character (Mametchi, Himespetchi, Spacytchi, Kiraritchi, etc) but I personally would want figures of these characters too: Memetchi (after all, they're making Kuchipatchi) Tropicatchi (she's such a fabulous character!) Wagassiertchi (he'd look cute as a figure and go good with my Patitchi figure) What do you think? I also think there should be figures of Daisy, Dahlia, and Majokkotchi, since they appear in Tamagotchi Friends: Dream Town destinations. And maybe Hanafuwatchi too, since she's one of the new raisable characters.
  15. Which Tamagotchi character do you think has the nicest combination of colors in their design? You can choose characters that are only one color, if you really like the color. I'll think of my answer later.
  16. *casually tries to make TamaTalk more active* Okay, with the regular addition of new Tamagotchi characters, have your top favorites changed from what they used to be? I remember my favorite male was always Mametchi and my favorite female was Violetchi/Flowertchi. But well, when I started watching the anime, I liked Hapihapitchi, Melodytchi, Himespetchi, etc... Mametchi is still my number 1 fave, that will never change, but my favorite female is now Himespetchi followed by various other characters. To be honest I almost forgot about Flowertchi... but now I've been feeling kind of nostalgic, I remember how happy Violetchi always used to make me I think she's back on my list of favorite characters, even though she was replaced with newer characters for a while! What about you? :0 Have your favorites changed, or have you remained loyal to your original favorites?
  17. Are there any characters you sometimes forget the names of? Personally, I keep forgetting this character's name: It's long and confusing to me, although I can remember names like Onsenmoguratchi (Kuchipatchi's Tama Pet) and Kyandisupakuikkupasuandosumairusupakutchi (Candy Pakupaku's real name ) What about you?
  18. This is a thread for announcing new, canon, Tamagotchi franchise characters from the virtual pets, merchandise, or particularly, the anime. We can share our thoughts on the new characters. New character! Himebaratchi: Great to see a new character in GO-GO Tamagotchi! I really love her design, but her eyes aren't very creative; I do like how they are pink, though. I don't think we've had a character with pink eyes before. Himebaratchi will debut in next week's Tamagotchi episode, airing on the 25th of December. She is a princess from a faraway land and is the love interest of Wagassiertchi. Hime means princess and Bara means rose. She looks a bit like Rosetchi, don't you think? I hope she becomes a somewhat significant character instead of debuting in just one episode.
  19. Who's your favorite Tamagotchi Santa and Reindeer? Red (Santaclautchi and Rednosetchi) / Tamagotchi Town Santa Green (Santagreentchi and Greennosetchi) / Summer Santa Blue (Santabluetchi and Bluenosetchi) / Dream Town Santa Yellow (Santayellowtchi and Yellownosetchi) / DoriTamaTown Santa (You can see Yellownosetchi in the image in this topic: ) I like the original Red duo, but I personally adore the yellow duo! I like how Santayellowtchi is much younger than the other santas; he has a higher pitched voice and he wears a fake beard (which keeps falling off, lol). Yellownosetchi is super adorable with his yellow beanie and pink cheeks <3 Plus yellow is my favorite color, lol. I don't really like the design of the Blue Santa but Bluenosetchi's antlers are cool. Who are your favorites?
  20. Hello everyone!! I thought to make this topic taking inspiration by EMF Favorite Era poll and Twilightchi Least Fave Game topic Among the big variety of tamagotchi characters, there are some that are quite... well... strange! So I was wondering: are there any characters that you don't like that much or that you find creepy or maybe only.... disturbingly weird? I'm talking about their physical appearence, not abut how good/bad they're in the anime ecc... I personally find quite creepy Nikatchi and Doyatchi: their grin (eeeeevil grin... è____é) almost scares me, exspecially Doyatchi's one since he also has a color that in my opinion increase the creepyness of his grin. I think Doyatchi's artwork is less creepy than his P's sprite I also find quite weird a character that I remember being a sort of conjoined twins... I don't know if it was a "bug-only" character or if it was ever released as a proper character. What do you guys think? Ever felt weird in front of a Tamagotchi character? Please, do not hate on any character ok? This topic has no hate intended
  21. Which era of Tamagotchi characters do you prefer, and why? Vintage - characters from the Tamagotchis in the late 90s (including special theme releases like the Angelgotchi and the Morino). Examples include Mametchi, Mimitchi, and Ginjirotchi. Early Connection - characters who first appeared on the Tamagotchi versions 1 to 4. Examples include Memetchi, Gozarutchi, and Ichigotchi. Late Connection - Characters who first appeared on the Tamagotchi versions 5 to the Tama-Go, as well as TMGC+C. Examples include Kikitchi, Chamametchi, and Kuromametchi. Modern - Characters who first appeared on the iD and all new characters after that. Examples include Lovelitchi, Himespetchi, Coffretchi, etc. Mametchi is my favorite character of all time, but aside from him, I tend to prefer modern characters... yes, I grew up with Connection characters and have lots of nice memories with them! But still, I adore the newer characters for their gorgeous design and personality, and I can relate to them a lot in the anime... I don't see why people hate modern characters so much... there's really no rational reason. It's fine to prefer older characters but it doesn't justify newer characters. This is what you call blinded by nostalgia; it's okay to feel nostalgic and prefer what you grew up with, but hating everything past what you first experienced with is not reasonable. You can love both older characters and newer characters, like me! If Modern characters existed first and Vintage characters were the newest ones, I bet people would still complain People say new characters all look the same but that makes no sense I think modern characters have a lot more diversity and detail :3 If you study a character's design closely, you will see how unique it is! Even the twin sisters, Miraitchi and Clulutchi are very different! Miraitchi's mouth is wider than Clulutchi's, Miraitchi's ponytail and fringe face to the right whereas Clulutchi's face to the left, and even their legs are different! Clulutchi's are pointier and touch inwards when she stands, and Miraitchi's are rounder and point outwards. And it's not just in those pictures. Even in all shots in the anime of them idle their legs are like that. And every Tamagotchi character has different eyes! Look, Miraitchi's are brown with a heart-shaped highlight inside. Her eyelashes point to the right. Clulutchi's eyes are blue with sparkle highlights and her eyelashes face outwards! As an artist I notice these difference and I see how much detail and attention has been paid to each and every character's design. Just look at all the Tamagotchi characters in the modern generation and you'll see a variety of eyes, eyelashes, mouths, legs, clothing, and more! <3 That's not to say I have any disrespect for older characters! I like them very much but I love modern characters too. :3 I'm just defending modern characters because I see a lot of hatred towards them mostly from older Tamagotchi fans Sorry for chattering so much XD I tend to rant too much aggghhh Anyway, here's another thing I'm curious about! What's your favorite characters for each generation? Here are mine! Favorite characters from vintage generation: Mametchi, Nyatchi, Arukotchi, and most of the OsuMesu characters; especially Chohimetchi! Favorite characters from early connection generation: Ringotchi, Tosakatchi, Zukyutchi, Maidtchi Favorite characters from late connection generation: Kuromametchi, Kikitchi, Sukatchi, Hotteatchi Favorite modern characters: Himespetchi, Tropicatchi, Spacytchi, Kiraritchi, and many more ^w^
  22. I saw some people posting characters they would want to be downloadable in the main Tamagotcho 4U discusion, so I was curious to know wich characters would want everybody to appear on the TMGC 4U~~ They can be from any tamagotchi version and from both Teen and Adult Stages, and they can be from the anime too, so characters like Candy PakuPaku are okay too Ageless characters could be here too of course~ So heres my questions, Wich 5 characters would you want to be downloadable on the 4U the most?
  23. Out of the girl Tamagotchis who wear clothes, whose outfit do you like best? I've always really like Yumemitchi's dress for some reason. I like the two white frill things on her collar and the four buttons on the front ^.^
  24. Ok so there were topics about overrated/underrated Tamagotchi versions so here's a topic about characters. I think Lovelitchi and Kuchipatchi are overrated My gosh they're so popular I adore Lovelitchi's singing but I think she is too "perfect" except for the fact she used to be bullied. I mean liek, in the older episodes she's always winning. She won the Donut Contest. She won the race. She won the Halloween tennis contest or whatever it was. She's insanely popular both in Japan and on Tamagotchi Planet lol. She was the character who pushed Mametchi out of the spotlight as main character. Sometimes it seems like Mametchi is the antagonist in the anime ah. She's not a bad character, just "overated", meaning she has too much praise and attention considering the character. Kuchipatchi. I understand why Lovelitchi's popular but Kuchipatchi, no. Every single Tamagotchi fan I know loves Kuchipatchi. Its great if you love him But it surprises me just how many fans he has considering his dull, food-obsessed personality. My gosh, he even has his own spin-off called Sorette Kuchipatchi. I mean, he's funny I guess but I prefer deep, heartfelt, or sad stuff if you get what I mean. I find him more annoying than cute oops ;3; Underrated characters? Memetchiiiiiii even though I'm not a big fan of her. She actually displays friendship rather than just sitting in the corner eating like Kuchipatchi oops. Great personality and the perfect example of a female haha. She's more of a "girly" type but at least she doesn't dance around in pink dresses singing I think she's one of the least girly well-known characters to be honest. Her fondness of her own curl and her rivalry with Makiko is adorable, but it's good that she understands that friendship is more important than fashion~ She's usually cheerful but her temper explodes sometimes, which I think most girls can relate to haha. It's a shame she's not as popular as the more kawaii girls like Chamametchi, Lovelitchi, etc. I'm tired of typing so I'll just post this topic now XD
  25. Hey there. I've obtained MANY characters on my TF. I never even bothered to tell (Because I'm lazy) . So here they are: Spacytchi - HORRIBLE care. Tropicatchi - Bad care. Harptchi - Bad care. Cofferitchi (Obviously) - Excellent care. um... what else... The red fiery dude (Forgot name) - HORRIBLE care. Monakatchi (Name?) - medium care. And I think that's it, because I can't check the rest of the memory (Due to being shut down). -Tamacass