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Found 7 results

  1. Does anyone know any cheat for tama p's or tama friends? (Friends: north american version.)
  2. Hey. I recently got a tamagotchi go and i need some info or cheats and stuff. Could any body help me out?
  3. Hi everyone! My first post! Yay! Okay, so... I am in the UK, and, a couple of years ago, I bought a white tama, v4. Unfortunatly, the fate of this tama led to destruction... Enough of the drama. I had nothing to lose, so I took the parts out, messed with them a bit, and put it back in. Had I debugged it? No. My tama egg wouldn't hatch. The buttons wouldn't work. Blast! Desperately I looked up how to debug a v4. Useless! They're all US ones! I took apart my English v4 once again. Was there some sort of pad which linked to another? I scribbled on some suspicious pads, and put my tama back togother again... My egg hatched! Woohoo! And... I couldn't choose my character! Sighing, I waited to name my new pet, and... AFter naming it, weeeiiirrrdd things started to happen... My tama beeped over and over, each beep overlapping the next. It wasn't very undisturbing... Then, suddenly, my tama CHANGED! into a child, in about five seconds!! O_O It appeared that I had half (if not whole) debugged my tamagotchi, as the fast-growth was "hyperspeed". How did I do it? Well, I discovered, after parting my tama once again, I had rubbed with a pencil, the sqares at the top of the circuit board... Is it J1 and J2? Something like that. I Anyway. Was this helpful? What I DO want to know, is did I do it right? COuld there be more features to be unlocked? I know that once it became a child, it turned off hyperspeed, and only fastened up at certain times, also that it was awake 24/7, literally. It would not go to sleep! SO! Any ideas? Questions? Feel free to post. Thanks for reading!
  4. Are there any cheats for the tamagotchi version 1?
  5. hi.. i need some tips,codes for my color + and v4.. please.. ^__^ thank u..
  6. Hello, I've got a few Tama-Tricks got to do with the time... If your Tamagotchi wakes up a lot earlier than you, just set the Tamagotchis time earlier so that it won't die in the mornings while you sleep. 24 hours after your Tama-Go character has a baby, set the time to 11:59pm. When it gets to 12:00am, the parents will leave the baby. Then set the time back to normal.
  7. My TaMaGossip,News & hints Sometimes when were stuck in some sort of situation, like when it says go get something for someone or if your just PLAIN lost...come regularly to TaMaGossip,News & Hints. It Would Most Likely help you with whatever problem your dealing with! Or if you want to hear some TaMaGossip or News just come here TaMaGossip: Please Note That Some Of TaMaGossip Involves Some ACTUAL players that are in the Version 6 or Music Stars Online Game- If You Have Any Problems With TaMaGossip Please Leave A Comment And I'll Make Sure To Be Clear Not To Do That Again Yesterday when i went on TamaTown i got invited to some Random Tamas Party...I went to the party and he just automatically kicked me out, so i suggested he just done the party for fun so he can just kick everybody out when they come, But later on when i was sitting in town he added me and told me to come back to the party, turns out he just wanted to invite everybody for the times of their live's! ''In the wrong Way'' (Not the BEST gossip i ever want to hear) I heard that the Jonas Brothers love Tamagotchi's, and have ACTUAL accounts (but i dont belive it) Lets come up with a Slogan for the Jonas Brothers because they love TAMAGOTCHI'S!- E.G- JonasBRO'S Love TAMAGOTCHI'S! Please comment if you have a great slogan so they can recognise it!!! News: No News For This Week TamaFans Hints: If Your Officially Bored And Want To Try New Hints, Or If Your Stuck...HERE ARE SOME PERFECT HINTS FOR YOU!!! First Of All If Your Tamagotchi Is A Version 3 These Are Great Hints ​If your low on Tamapoints and you want something like a Saxophone or something dont waste your tamapoints...go online and transfer the stuff you want to your tamagotchi And also, if you bought something that plays in anything like if you buy a CD and a STEREO... dont buy them, unless you just want to blow your stereo up feel free too! If you want your tama to live longer FEED it something it really likes (or if you dont got what it likes, just feed it a healthy snack like a pear or apple) If you dont like buying everything at full price dont worry i have a cheat for you... Reset you date to march 1 or 5 for everything in the shop to BE 1/2 PRICE If you want it lower, set the date to November 16 or April 20, everything will be quarter the price By- TamaGooGoo :newmametchi:Welcome to add