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Found 16 results

  1. Merry Christmas! I'm making this topic a little early. If you don't know the rules, check the group hatch discussion. The most important part, have some Christmas time fun!
  2. I dont really know where to post this, but heres my guess! Anyways, Christmas is coming up, and so,are new tamas I really want a V3, Gudetama and mostly a tamagotchi meets! This is when I need your help! Dad says that if I get all 3, then there wont be much more than that. I dont really care, but then fro yo will be shoving all her stuff in my face, while I have 3 plastic eggs :/ So what should I do? I are not crazy over a gudetama, but still want one! And then, the meets is a bit expensive (around £50-70 on eBay) and then again, most of them are from japan. Help needed! Silvie xxx Edit: I totally forgot! A pixel Chix house or mall I think... Whats your idea?
  3. Merry Christmas!!! I was a little surprised to find no Christmas theme group hatch going on. I would like to start a group hatch this Friday the 22nd. Please let me know if you want to join! The more the merrier! Group Hatch Rules 1. Anyone can join with any Tamagotchi they have 2. The hatch is for one generation only. (your welcome to do more, but I'm only doing 1 generation.) 3. you can start from any generation, (no resetting your tama) 4. The most important rule! Try doing Christmas theme things with your Tama! Be creative with this one! Christmas themes can be virtual (on the tama itself) or in real life (in the environment)!
  4. (And there was another post about this but it's locked.) What things did you get for Christmas? I got: Headphones, ACNL amiibo cards, a 20$ Steam card, art kits, Japanese chocolate bears, and a toy gun. What about you?
  5. I don't celebrate Christmas cause i'm not christian, but I still wish you it, MAN! I can't wait for 2017! Stay Classy! ~Mata
  6. So I was at Toys R Us today when I realized that they had some Tamagotchi Friends for sale. Me being me, I immediately bought one. It's right next to me, it was sleeping and I turned the lights off as usual, but the lights suddenly turned on and there's a present beside the bed. I can't turn the lights back off. In fact, nothing seems to work. Spamming buttons doesn't do anything. It's the night before Christmas if that does anything It's still sleeping though, and the fact that the lights are on while it's sleeping scares me... EDIT: Nevermind, the lights are back off. I don't know what happened there...
  7. There's already a thread for what you want for Christmas; what do you plan on giving your family and friends? I'm "giving" my parents a Minecraft replica of our house (they asked for this ages ago but I never got around to it), giving my brother a pack of Pokemon cards (he's going through an obsession with them), giving some of my friends DS's and DSi's (my brother and I are getting 3DS's from our parents so we can give away our old ones) and giving money to my boyfriend and those of my friends who already have DS's or 3DS's. I don't usually give anyone stuff so this year is a bit weird, I just happen to have a lot of stuff to give so, what about you guys?
  8. What'cha doing for Christmas? except for using your wonderful presents leI I'm going to some events we have here locally with my family. I also might visit my friend's house for a Christmas party.
  9. A picture of Yumecantchi I drew last Christmas ;3
  10. So, what did everyone get for Christmas? I got a couple of things which I'm really happy about I got the Adventure Time Videos from my parents, the watch was from my Secret Santa, the duck was from my brother, and the other gift cards were from some of my cousins and my mums friends. I also got cash and some books and clothes but I don't need to put those in there XD Although I got a Tin Tin book which was the last one I needed to complete my collection of Tin Tin books I still really want an ID L though and I might be getting it soon
  11. Just wondering what all you guys do for your holidays (Christmas, Hanukkah, etc.). I go cross country to visit my family. Also, I like to drive with my mom at night through the suburbs and look at all the people's outrageous Christmas decorations (lights are fun!!). I kind of feel like a stalker for driving past strangers' houses at 5mph and shining my headlights into their windows, but whatever.
  12. Christmas is coming up and I remember being a part of a Christmas hatch last year and it was awesome so I decided I'd make one for this year! Any tama you want, hatch is on the 25th of December, any time of the day. I'll be using my two Tama-Gos, so I'll wait for them to grow up, get married, have babies and I'll pause them on the last day.
  13. Christmas is coming soon, and after giving up on the Tama-go, I feel the need to get a another tama. However, I need your help with which one to get, but have narrowed it down to just 3, either the v3, the v4 or the v4.5. Don't forget that you have to consider which is easiest to get in England. -Walshie
  14. DOES WHAT IT SAYS ON THE TIN. Dance, talk, be daft, give people random presents, do ANYTHING. If anyone needs me, I shall be in the corner dancing like this:
  15. Hello guys, Merry Christmas! Lately, we haven't got any new 'english' tamagotchi yet. But, if we had a christmas tamagotchi, what would you call it? What features would it have?What would the design look like? Would it have any extra accesories you can buy seperately? Maybe it would have some equal features to previous tamagotchis. Like i would have a shop with christmas outfits and christmas food in it.