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Found 12 results

  1. Tamagotchis: Bubblegum Pink V1, Purple Camo V2, Pink and Yellow Plaid V4.5, Celebrity V5 with Popcorn Pattern, Pink V6 with Stars, Purple v6 with Stage, Pink Kutchipatchi Tamago, and a Purple IDL. I went with my Father to Target and picked out a 1997 re-release! So excited to try it out! I picked out the space pattern due to myself being a huge Invader Zim fan... XD (I won't get it till Xmas.) Figures: Mametchi, Violetchi, Kuromametchi, Kutchipatchi, Chamametchi, and Ringotchi. Other: Tamagotchi:The movie English dub, Handmade Kuromametchi plush. (I sew!), Memetchi Plush, Mametchi Beanbag Plush, Mimitchi pet pouch, and Maskutchi Beanbag Plush. That's all I've got right now, I'm honestly curious about which one is the most rare... (NOTHING IS FOR SALE!)
  2. Hey all~ I currently only have a P's, but I wanna start collecting Tamas more seriously, and was curious how those with a larger collection store theirs? I would love to see pictures of your storage setup. :3
  3. Hey everyone! The old topic "Do your friends and family know you collect" sadly got locked (, so I had the idea to make it again! The title basically says it all, Do your friends and family know you collect? And if they do, what was their reaction? My family know, and don't care, due to the fact Im 13. My mom is a little upset about it, she thinks I shouldve grown out of it already. My friends on the other hand.....don't. If they did, it wouldnt be pretty. I dont have a problem with playing with my tama's in stores and such, but school? No. So what are your guys family/friend reactions? Feel free to post! -MametchiWarrior
  4. Hi all Tama cousin lovers, I have recently decided to expand my collection and was wondering what are the best places online (in your experience) where to buy them? So far, I have been eBay (UK) bound. Cheers! xo
  5. Hey everyone! ^^ I currently have a reasonably small collection (about 12 pieces) but it's growing quite steadily, and I can't think of a good way to keep everything! So I was wondering what everyone's storage solutions were? Do you have a bookshelf dedicated to tamagotchi? A shoebox? Right now, I just keep everything (that I'm not currently running) in its original package in a drawer with some other stuff.
  6. Hello! I was looking at a user's amaizing collection and was thinking - Gawd! That must've taken him years to collect all that!!! So! How many Tamas have you collected in 2013? How many Tamas do you plan on getting in 2014? (if any plans, lol)
  7. I decided to make a poll asking what kind of a collector you are. You may also post in this topic; I'm curious about the Tamagotchi collections of other people - what they collect and why, and whether they play with their collections. Remember you can choose more than one answer in the questions! For example, in the first question, if you collect both Tamagotchis and other pets, you can choose them both. ;D Personally I collect Tamagotchi virtual pets and merchandise; I've actually got more stickers, plushes, manga, and other stuff than Tamagotchis themselves. I'm not into other pets or oddpets or whatever they are called since I'm such a fan of the Tamagotchi anime and characters, which makes the Tamagotchi virtual pets even more enjoyable. When I was 8 - 12 I wasn't caring about packaging. I threw most of it away. I kept some of it but I cut the pictures of the characters out and stuck them on paper. Now I keep all my packaging, but I play with ALL my Tamagotchis and merchandise. Out of my 38 Tamagotchis the only one I haven't played with is the white Tama-Go, which I got second hand. I'm planning on giving it to my brother but if he doesn't want it I will most definitely run it. I usually put my Tamagotchis back in their packaging when I'm not running them, but sometimes I'm too lazy. The reason I collect is a little...personal. I do love them, but perhaps a little too much... Tamagotchi brings me so much happiness I have literally become addicted to it and I need to purchase more stuff without thinking to play with or else I suspect I'll go crazy. I'm nuts. Sometimes I tackle running 10+ Tamagotchis and it's difficult, and takes a lot of my time, but it is very calming for me and makes me more mentally stable in a way. I also play with my babyish Tamagotchi toys like paint-with-water books and talking Yumecantchi plush...I'm obsessed. ._. I better stop ranting now, but yeah, Tamagotchis are a big part of my daily life which is why I can't resist collecting more.
  8. I would like to know because as soon as I am working *which won't be until june next year as I am going to be a stay at home mother soon* I want to at least buy ONE tamagotchi a month with saved money set aside, but that most likely will be every few months. amazon seems to have good set prices, where else is there that isn't really expensive if its international shipping?
  9. Hello, I am new to this website. I used to have several tamagotchis when I was younger. They don't sell them anywhere in my town, so I plan on buying some online. I've noticed there have been so many changes! (Don't be too harsh on me, I'm being re-introduced to this suddenly). Well, can someone please tell me which tamagotchi I should buy first, to start off and then after that and so on? Thanks!
  10. hey guys! these are my collection photos of all my tama's , ive had a few people ask me to post them so here they are... now keep in mind i still have around 14 more of them comming for my birthday thanks to my amazing husband! <3 hehe... so ill edit this post soon lol...let me know what you guys think so right now these pics do not have my green tamagotchi P's my aikai,uratama,TMGC +C exile,blue ID,milky pink ID with lanyard,my orange entama,mesutchi with case,angelgotch with case, deka ouchi de tamagotchi blue,tamagotchi P's memo book,tamagotchi V1, tama de café tamagotchi entama,my red and yellow red pixel aikai,keitai,purple idL,and my new mothra...these are all still coming in the mail lol ill be adding more pics for when the rest of my tamagotchi's come in! please upload your tamagotchi collections, and let me know what you think about them <3
  11. Hi! When I as eight, I got my V3 Tama. I have only recently got back into them and I currently only have the one. It is, however very durable and working just as it did when I was 8. (Only I'm better at taking care of them than I was) I'm wondering- How do you build up your collection? I'm living off of allowance, and creating things for my mom's buisness (50 cents for hot gluing a stick to foam circle) So, my question is- What Tamagotchi should I begin with to start off collecting? How do you build up your collection? How do you go about taking care of your collection?