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Found 4 results

  1. Hey everyone! I was wondering about mymeets program. Haven’t used it yet but really, heavily, XD considering. Does anyone know if you can transfer food that dyes the Tama? I have a Magic Purple On but it doesn’t have a food that makes a Tama blue and same as red. Is there any food inside the mymeet program and if there are, are these food able to dye the Tama to blue or red? Thank you and sorry if this question was answered already. I searched but didn’t find anything about it. >_<
  2. My tama-P'so has 2 black lines (dead pixels??) On the screen, and I am curious if there is actually any way to fix this at all? I am assuming there isnt. Can you buy a new led screen piece?? I unscrewed/took apart my tama and realized the "scratch" or dead pixel lines are on the actual screen piece itself.... so nothing I can do Any comments (good or bad news) are greatly appreciated!!! Thanks for any help
  3. So. I was wondering about the color Tamagotchis. They seem like so much fun (save the language gap) that I figure I have GOT to get my hands on one! But... which is the best? Which color tama is best for a newbie to the Color Tama variant? I haven't heard much about most of them, all I really know is that the 15th anni. iDL is an improvement on the regular iDL, the Princess Spacy is so similar it really isn't worth it, but that's about it! I know the newer ones are jam PACKED full of features, but I feel like that'd be a bit... overwhelming for someone who's used solely Connection Tamagotchis up until a week ago. I'm looking to get info on which Tama has new features, but will ease me into the Color Tama genre. If you happen to own all of them then what's wrong with you are you obsessed or something shoot me a PM or something of the sort. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks~
  4. Hello again! I purchased a Tamagotchi P's almost a whole year ago, and have had no time to play it! I messed around with it for a few days when I got it, but really had no time to get into it. Finally I have some time and I would like to log it. I got the green one~ Hatched an Aokumotchi, played some games, and after an hour he evolved into a Mitsumaruchi. Cute! I'll update more tomorrow, not much to start with. I also plan on downloading some items and maybe using an English patch this weekend. Thanks for reading