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Found 31 results

  1. hello everyone! I'm going to buy my first color tamagotchi, and I don't know which would be better and interesting! so now I'm choosing between 4u+ and idl. but should I think about newest versions? is On/ Meets completely better than the previous releases? help me decide please^^
  2. Here’s another oddity, this time found on Mercari. Unfortunately, the listing there already sold, but nevertheless let’s take a looksy. Kids’ smart watches are all over online shops, but this one has a very unique feature packed in. (Unfortunately I can't link the listing so credit to Mercari seller "ocean") Behold the bootlegness in all its glory!! 1)Take a look at the living room. It’s practically the same! Not only that, but the panda character is an edit of Kikitchi’s sprite. Admittedly, this doesn’t look half bad. It’s actually kind of cute! 2)The lock screen is a stolen Bambi drawing! The watch face can be changed between a few different templates. 3)It also features stolen icons from the official Tamas, well, except for the t-shirt thing. The upscale versions of them are also custom sprites. 4)There are also some places to go, including a weird one in the bottom that might be a movie theater? 5)Talking to a weird pink blob 6)Homescreen The watch also features a camera, photo gallery, and fitness stuff. There doesn’t appear to be buttons besides lock, volume, and reset, so this is most likely touch controlled. Later versions by A-Watch replace not-Kikitchi with a generic panda. BUT one listing on Amazon still offers this v-pet, and apparently pandas aren’t the only character! What to look for: -Blue or pink wristband that reads “A-Watch” -Flat surface around the screen with a black border around it and “OK” logo (later versions are a solid blue or pink) -Look for mentions of a pet game or cat icon on the main menu -No calling/texting/GPS tracking feature (common in other kids’ smart watches) Amazon listing: This reminds me of the QPet, and it’s nice they actually made (somewhat) original sprites instead of totally aping Bandai’s work. If you already have one, please share your thoughts. Is this knockoff worthy of its $30 pricetag?
  3. Yes, that’s how JD spelled it. The Tamagotohi is a fake Color Tama that came out a year after the real one (so, 2009). It has a built in FM radio, IR communication like real Tamagotchis, and photos can be transferred via USB to use it as a digital photo frame. The only known screenshot was posted here on TamaTalk a few years ago, but the link provided there leads to a blank page with no archives. A reserve image search revealed that it had originally been shared to another Tamagotchi forum back in 2009. Google Translated English version here. Fun facts- The Tamagotohi originally retailed for $6 USD adjusted for today. If you look closely on the box, it shows drawings of the different characters. User MadamBoss of Tamagochy shared a photo of the toy and box, confirming something: this was made by JiDan. Look at how the model number has “JD” before it. This is how every virtual pet by JiDan (under their original name) is stylized: Ex) Interestingly, the Touma Pet (a recent fake Color by M&D) has a similar model number, only this time it has “OK” before it. (Plus it uses stuff from A-Watch and QPet Quolor.) Where have we seen that before? Oh yeah! Are M&D, OK, and JD related? Who knows. If so, a Bootleg Tamagotchi conspiracy would prove that reality truly is stranger than fiction. The gist: Color Tama fakes are nothing new. And, the Handwarmer Pedometer Handwarmer Powerbank Tamagotchi is the tip of the iceberg for mutant bootlegs. At the moment, there are no known videos, other photos, or old listings. The lack of any info makes it more illusive than even the Tamagezi. This can be considered “lost,” as there is no actual documentation left online. With that being said, if anyone here has more things like pictures or one of these perplexing devices on hand, it would be much appreciated if you could help solve the mysteries surrounding this strange bootleg.
  4. I've been scarse on here for a while, and in the meantime, my collection has grown. I'm planning on making a blog or post or something showing off my collection. I was exclusively buying just the original style tamas; the ones without color. I love the simplicity of them, and I still think those are my favorite. But I decided to try out the Tamagotchi Plus Color. I loved it, but ran out of things to do after a while. So after more research, I decided to get a M!x, specifically the Sanrio one because I love the idea of having resemblances of Bandai and Sanrio characters together. And I absolutely love it! I like how there's so much more that you can do on there, so it will take longer to have done everything on there. Anyone else have one of these awesome tamas?
  5. So occasionally my tama seems to be receiving an envelope containing some sort of card with a cake on it. My tama takes it and the words "happy" jump up and down on either side of her. What is it? I get it every few hours.
  6. Hello everybody! I was quite obsessed with Tamagotchis when they became popular in my school (I was 6 or 7 years old). My first one was a v.4, and I later got a v.5 but found it VERY high-maintenance. Yesterday I found them lying in my drawer and felt really nostalgic, and decided I should buy a new one, with colors. My question now is, which one should I buy? I thought the 4U was a good choice since it was relatively cheap on Amazon, but after reading some reviews it turns out it gets boring after a while if you don't have a device with NFC, and that the Touch Cards are expensive as well. The iD was supposedly not as fun either since there aren't many characters, but the iD L was an improvement. From reading a bit more, I found out the P's was superior, but it costs A LOT, is it worth it? Also, is the m!x any good? There are many choices, but I'd like one with cute characters that is fun to play. Should I buy the iD, iD L, 4U, P's or M!X?
  7. as most of you know, i've been going on a Tama buying spree lately , but I'm wondering whether I should get the Tamagotchi M!x or the IDL because they are both about the same price. I am definitely going to preorder the Sanrio mix, so would it be a good idea to get a regular mix as well or should I go with the IDL instead? thank you guys for your help!! :D
  8. Hello everybody, When I woke up, I saw that the color of the room changed to a red-ish color. What is this? Why did that happen? How do I get rid of this? Here is a picture of it: I hope you can help me
  9. NOTE: The first two posts in this thread are actually from two separate topics posted at a similar time and so merged here to avoid duplication The official Tamagotchi Friends US Facebook page has been quite busy as of late, with the newest Wave of Tamagotchi Friends being released through what appears to be a lone seller on eBay and Amazon. In the page runner's responses to the people upset, confused, and downright angry about what's happening with the line, an interesting fact has come to light. So, this is exciting news, if it in fact happens. The Tamagotchi Friends FB page is run by Bandai, but all the same, this news should be taken with a grain of salt. I am personally excited, and if it's true, I think the appeal of the color screen will attract new fans as well as seasoned ones like myself and the others here on TamaTalk.
  10. My Tamagotchi 4u just came In and I have decided to save up my money for another color Tama. I was wondering, which one is the best out of the ID, IDL, P's, and 4u+? Which one has the most features? Which one has the most games? Which ones have pets? Also I have noticed that the pierces are getting more expensive, is it still worth it to get a P's? (especially the Disney one, which is the one that I really want!!)
  11. I think this needs a new topic instead of posting in the old 4U topic, so here it goes! Tamagotchi 4U+ is a new Japanese color release, an updated version of the 4U, to be released on July 18. It comes in 8 colors: Lavender, Baby Pink, Sky Blue, Lime Green, Light Purple, Peach Orange, Rose Pink, and Lemon Yellow. One of the new features is Item Upgrades. You can send something to another 4U+ and it will upgrade into something else. Two new characters are Lovesoratchi and Candy Pakupaku. Have fun discussing.
  12. So. I was wondering about the color Tamagotchis. They seem like so much fun (save the language gap) that I figure I have GOT to get my hands on one! But... which is the best? Which color tama is best for a newbie to the Color Tama variant? I haven't heard much about most of them, all I really know is that the 15th anni. iDL is an improvement on the regular iDL, the Princess Spacy is so similar it really isn't worth it, but that's about it! I know the newer ones are jam PACKED full of features, but I feel like that'd be a bit... overwhelming for someone who's used solely Connection Tamagotchis up until a week ago. I'm looking to get info on which Tama has new features, but will ease me into the Color Tama genre. If you happen to own all of them then what's wrong with you are you obsessed or something shoot me a PM or something of the sort. Thaaaaaaaaaaaaaanks~
  13. Hi. I want an english version of a colored screen tamagotchi. I want to know opinions, which one is the newest english version release? which one is your favorite (and why)? and what are the differences between them. Thank you
  14. Okay hey guys. I've been hearing about the awesome (IMO) Tamagotchi versions that are now in color. I was hoping you guys will tell me about them. I want a Tama that has a lots of features but not something that requires extras to have fun with it. For example, the Tama-Go. I enjoy it but it gets a little annoying you have to buy extra add-ons to unlock more games. I want a Tamagotchi that doesn't need extra stuff like that, I want a Tama that is self-contained. Finally, are all the color sizes the same? What is the biggest Tama color, and the smallest. Thanks again!
  15. I'm pretty new to the world of color tamagotchis. I have had a P's for less than a week, and I am in love with it! I also have an ID L coming in the mail. I have a few questions about connecting the different versions. What color tamas can connect? What color tamas can marry? More specifically: Can a P's marry an ID L? Can a regular ID connect to a P's? I was looking for some connection charts, but they only go up to the V6 or Tama-go..
  16. I'm not exactly a new Tamagotchi owner, but I have never had a color Tamagotchi. I am currently running a Tama-go, and they have features similar to the TMGC+C. I am really enjoying my Tama-go, and thought it might be fun to purchase a Tamagotchi with a full color screen. I don't know much about the full-color Tamagotchis, and was wondering which one is the most popular/has the best features. Some of the color Tamagotchis are a bit pricey and I don't want to invest a good little chunk of money in something that I won't use. When it comes to Tamagotchi, I really enjoy simplicity and user-friendliness, as well as cute graphics (the V5 celeb graphics are my favorite). Another concern: The only Japanese Tamagotchis I own are Angelgotch and Chibi, which are extremely easy to use. Are Japanese Tamagotchi hard to use?
  17. I was just thinking that new color tamagotchis are cool and have a lot of stuff to do... but I miss old characters like Ginjirotchi or Nyorotchi and I'd like to see them in brand new colors, better sprites and more things to do than in their old tamagotchis! So basically I was thinking I'd really like a color-remake of the P1/2 and the Connection series, instead of having new (and "same-human-shaped") characters for every new edition!! Would you like it as well? ----> Miss them so much!! XD And I will never see them in color in a game except for the DS Games, that are cute but have nothing to do with raising a Tamagotchi!
  18. What is your favorite color? 8D Vote in the polllll X3 The only colors I like are blue, orange, and yellow and out of them, I like yellow the most because of Mametchii I dislike purple the most. And also green. And red. And pink but at least pink is better than purple, green, and red. I'm so fussy, lol.
  19. Heres my log! First I will update my v3! He pooped. Made sure i documented it. Theres a sale at the store! Lets get a hamburger! Here he is eating it! Sorry for big pictures ._.
  20. As seen on the Topic Title, where can i get this original Tamagotchi at INDONESIA (Easy payment and shipping)? I want this Tamagotchi version: 1. Dinkie Dino / RakuRaku Dinokun, 2. iDL, 3. TMGC+C, 4. Or all full colors version. Please kindly let me know. Thanks before
  21. Please, Tamagotchi Fans know this kind of problem? My Tamagotchi Plus Color (TMGC+C) Japan version's time is freezing so the egg can't hatch and can't play at all. I change the battery, try reset and loading still the same. The screen just display egg is moving without hatching and i check the time is not ticking. Any solution to fix it? Thanks before.
  22. I really want to buy the Tamagotchi Plus Color, but I'm not sure if it comes in English. Also, does anyone know a reliable site I can buy from?
  23. Hey guys! I'm thinking about getting a colored tamagotchi, but the thing is I have NO idea which one to buy! So which one do you like best, and why? Thanks for your suggestions!!
  24. Does anyone know when it comes to vintage P1/G1 and P2/G2 Tamas, the rarity level when it comes to shells/colors? Such as going from most common to most rare? Or are they all about equal? I assume the limited editions ones, though, are expensive and rare of course. Also, i can't find a certain color combination on Tamenagerie. Just won a lot that has a Tama that has a pink body, green border, and blue buttons. Looks almost Easter-y but brightly colored. I don't know what version it is or what language, can't see the background of the screen in the picture. Any ideas?
  25. While searching and similar sites for color-screen Tamas or clones, I found out that there apparently is a color-screen version of PowerPalz! Does anyone have more information about them?