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  1. Prologue/Day 0: June 16, Sunday I attend Tokyo Toy Show's final public day and check out the Bandai booth, which has all mainline Tamagotchi releases on display, organized chronologically. I see the Devilgotchi, and realize that despite owning an Angel back in the 90's, I know very little about its demonic counterpart. I am intrigued by the package's promise of late night shenanigans, and look it up on Yahoo! Auctions assuming it can't run for much more than any other used classic era Tama. I am horrendously mistaken. This toy is WAY too expensive for frivolous curiosity! Why do I want one, anyway? It's no secret I'm stressed about an upcoming interview, and looking for any way to distract myself from anxiety. Sure, I could just pop some fresh LR-44s in any of my P1s or 2s and call it a day, but if I'm gonna impulsively raise a Tamagotchi for the first time in 5 years or so, I want something new, darn it! Late night, I do more research to try and learn more about the Devilgotchi, see if there's another way to play. Then, I discover the old 2006 Tamagotchi Monster APK... Now, I'm not usually one for installing questionable software on my phone, but if I'm gonna do something weird, what better than a digital devil alien from yesteryear? I install the APK and bridge software that allows me to run the ancient app on my Galaxy S9, and around 2:30 AM, DeviZukitchi is spawned from the depths of the Tamagotchi underworld...and promptly hits the hay. Fair enough.
  2. hello everyone! i'm katie, also known as tamadonut. i don't know if you remember my old logs, but recently, i have started up two tamagotchis again! here is Rain, the hitodetchi on the v2! she was born to Tomo the kiwitchi. Here is Makoto the masku-shima-mimitchi, on the anniversary mix! he evolved today, and he is so cute! bye for now, tamadonut
  3. Just now getting back into Tamagotchis after animal crossing new leaf distracted me for a year and a half. I have my purple iDL and green iDLE running at the moment. I seem to be having a hard time getting good care characters. Instead I end up getting either excellent or bad care characters. Do they need to screech at me to count as missed care? Or is it when the hearts get really low? I'm just guessing at this point. Mametchi and Lavulitchi got married yesterday and left me to take care of their Yurapatchi twins. I'm trying not to pay any attention to them now that they are both Kaubotchis. My yellow Tamagotchi P is still in the process of finding its way to my home. I have to start making its protective case and to buy more screen covers. After what happened with my purple idL I'm paranoid to even take my iDLE out in sunlight for even a second.(I know its silly/has a temporary cover right now) I can't crochet so I've been experimenting with sewing fabric pouches to keep them safe. I wish I had a fancy camera to take really nice pictures but I do not. So for now this will be just typing. Purple iDL Hungry Half Full Happy Low Age 1 Green iDLE Hungry three Bowls full Happy High Age 1
  4. Hello and welcome to my mega bootleg log, and also first log ever! I will be running a bunch of different bootlegs and knockoffs, some of which are obscure. If you have any questions about one, please leave a question and I will reply to it in the next entry. Where to find fakes: eBay is good for older knockoffs from the 90's, while Aliexpress is great for finding new ones. Taobao also has a lot, but you might need a middleman depending on where you live. I don't recommend buying any besides M&D ones (QPet, Nana Moon, etc.) because they tend to be really bad otherwise. First up is the Crystal Warriors 10th Anniversary game. Info links: English instructions here. Baidu article here. All 130 episodes of Crystal Warriors here. Pics of the box. After doing some research it turns out the cartoon was only 8 years old at the time these were released, but apparently in order to coincide with the Pendulum 20th Anniversaries M&D made this rerelease. The instructions also state that there are 4 different versions, similar to the real Pendulum releases, but this is false and they all have Vritramon. (However, the original release of this did have 4 and had more care features, and there's always a possibility of M&D releasing more in the future.) This probably isn’t going to fool anyone, but is it a bad knockoff? Surprisingly, no. I’ve never played a Digimon before and am not that familiar with them, but from what I’ve seen it is kinda similar. There are 6 different tournaments, and I have 3 more to go. Then, there is a final boss. After that I have to replay through everything again in order to get 200% completion, so nothing will be missed. Recap of Day 1, Sorry no photos this time: I started the Crystal Warrior up, and right off the bat I knew this wasn’t going to be a standard vpet. It’s more of a game that mimics a virtual pet. This was surprising since the Nana Moon minis have all their features entact, but not these. Unfortunately, when M&D pumped these out to cash in on the anniversary Pendulums, they got rid of pet functions. There's still an incentive to check on it, since its power will slowly deplete every few hours. I just put the tab back in when I'm busy since it has a save feature. After reading the instructions and grinding with the 3 games to buy a crystal, it was time to enter the first tournament. Evolving the monster makes it very OP, rendering the Help feature obsolete since using crystals to evolve is necessary to win. I had no idea what was going on, but it was a swift victory. The second one was harder, since I tried relying on the Help. That ended up backfiring, and I lost during the 4th round. For “Help,” there are 3 other characters to choose from, which are from the 3 other versions. Each swapped warrior replaces Vritramon and evolves into its second form to attack, but can only be used once per tournament. Battles only last a few rounds, even if both are still standing. Whoever has the most HP left wins. Since HP doesn’t replenish between rounds, I was lucky to have even made it that far. When you lose, the warrior’s power/training bar stays the same but you have to try again. There’s a progress page that shows total battles won (regardless if the tourney is lost) and the total completion rate. After grinding for more money and rebuying the crystal, it was pretty easy. Rinse and repeat for round 3, and I have 3 more to go. Now, this is kind of a nitpick, but the spritework on this is kind of mediocre. Some of the characters look poorly drawn. I understand that a lot of detail needs to be added in a small space, but sometimes the results leave me scratching my head. I mean, I can kind of see how the sprite matches the drawing, but this was my first impression without knowing what it was supposed to be.
  5. So in a recent eBay search, I won a bid for an Angelgotchi, and a half hour ago it came in the mail and I opened it up! My sweet little Angelgotchi hatched and after a quick google search about how it works, how it’s different from other Tamagotchis I’ve used, and whatnot. So, as most Tamagotchis do, my lil Angel was hungry and wanted to play! It’s so cute how the “meal” is a pie! Lucky. The game really threw me for a curve. I was used to the *concept*, like of jumping over obstacles thanks to the V1, but I don’t know what happened. I was kinda struggling with it but I’m getting there! I’m excited, I’ve heard lots of good things about the Angelgotchi and I can’t wait to try myself
  6. So I've recently gotten the Gudetama Tamagotchi. It's a pretty clever idea- I had heard of Gudetama before and seen lots of memes with him (her? them?). Anywho. I found one on ebay, bought it, and it arrived in the mail today! Upon opening it, I was surprised to see how small it was. So different from the rest of mine- it reminded me a lot of the chibi tamagotchi. I started it up at 2:26pm- so for me, it's been going for about two hours. When it first hatched, I saw it had a bonnet! So cute! It is a lot easier than raising any other Tamagotchi I've owned. There are two options, food and game. The game is pretty easy and reminds me of the P1/P2 game where you'd have to guess which way the character would go- for this one, you guess which egg Gudetama is in. It's throwing me for a learning curve that there aren't any meters to check [hungry/happy hearts]. I've already over-fed it a lot!! It loves its soy sauce. And seeing the C-click reaction is puzzling. It says "burp burp"... what does it mean?! Well, maybe in time I'll figure out. Until then, Gudetama and I are just chilling, him being his adorable self
  7. Thought I'd make a post to share my currently active gotchi's. Currently I've got a Gen 1, Gen 2, V1 and Bobby active. Gen 1 turned into Bill yesterday from Masktchi. Bobby hit full body stage but not yet full adult. My gen 2 is currently in the second baby stage (Tonmarutchi) and my V1 is an Oniotchi as of today. EDIT Literally as I posted this, right after my Tonmarutchi evolved into Tongaritchi.
  8. Sorry to start a new log so soon after my previous one but I kinda realized a fault with that one right after I started it: it's hard for me to do a log on a single, specific tama because I'm always switching up what I'm running. So I'm going to return to the style of my previous logs and log all of my tamas instead of just the one. As of right now, I'll be including three tamas in this log: my english iD L from the previous log and two V4.5s I started up recently. One of the first tamas I ever logged about in my OG log was a V4.5 and funnily enough, I have not run a V4.5 since then, so I'm having a lot of fun with them now. The two V4.5s are these shell designs, a transparent purple one that looks like a lava lamp and a green one with a peacock design (I had the purple lava one as a kid but the peacock one is new to me, I like it!): (it's a bit hard to see but they've both got character charms on them as well, the purple one has Yattatchi and the green one has Kuchipatchi!) V4.5 #1 - Maya I actually just got this V4.5 the other day and started it up - I hatched a girl who I named "Maya". She was a Tamatchi as a toddler, which I was happy about because I knew she had a high chance of turning into an Ura Mame teen and I really wanted to go for Horoyotchi. Unfortunately for me, she went and turned into Ura Young Memetchi instead. Oh well, the bright side to that is that now I can go for Ura Memetchi and the secret character, Hanagatatchi. The latter is a character I have not raised in nearly two years. She really is cute, isn't she? I've spent most of the day working on her skill points since she needs 350 Gorgeous points and 50 of the other two categories to evolve into Hanagatatchi. Here's where she stands currently: Oh yeah, and this was interesting too. I've had the dreaded name glitch many times on my V4, but this is my first time encountering it on a V4.5. I've also only ever had the letter move backwards, so the fact that it moved forward two letters is also interesting: I've never seen anyone report that before but I guess it's possible. Oaya! Oh well, for all intents and purposes she will still be Maya in this log. V4.5 #2 - Cody I've actually had this V4.5 for quite some time but this is my first time starting it up. I selected "download" and found a Daiyatchi named Cody - I didn't name him, the previous owner did, but I decided to keep him. It's a pretty rare occurrence that I get a used tama whose download data isn't a dead tama. Since I've already had the other two male Ura Meme adults, I'll be raising his Spiritual points in order to obtain an Ura Togetchi. I've had Togetchi before, but never his Ura counterpart so this should be interesting. Also, it's totally coincidental that I got a boy and a girl both pretty much the same age, but of course the natural thing to do here is marry them, so I'm going to do that when they're older. That worked out great. iDLE I wanted to write this in yellow like my tama's shell is, but obviously that's way too hard to read, so this gold-ish colour will have to do. Not a ton has actually happened since the last time I logged about this one. I kept Perotchi around longer than I probably should have, but I finally married her off last night: She had another girl, who was Momoirotchi and then Paletchi. I'm actually going to be going for Sabosabotchi AGAIN (third one in four gens!) because once again, I'm going to go for Pichipitchi. Now that I know the whole snack thing, it should be easier. I've failed to get her twice now but maybe third time's the charm...
  9. I got my tamagotchi pets when I was a young scrub, and eventually abandoned them for a few years, but now I've got batteries in them all and am having another crack at it. This first post will be a general over view of what I've been doing since getting batteries for them all. 29/08/2016 Rose was born on a version three tamagotchi. She quickly became a toddler, a Mizutamatchi. 31/08/2016 Rose became a teen, a very ugly teen, too. A Obotchi. And on this day, I got a battery for my other version three, and a lovely little boy named Gavin was born. 01/09/2016 Gavin aged into a toddler, a Mizutamatchi like Rose was. I started having Gavin and Rose visit each other, they'll eventually marry and have kids. I also drew both Gavin and Rose, plus took a picture of Gavin. The drawn picture quickly became pointless, as later that same day, Gavin grew up into a teen. A Patapatatchi, one of my favourite pets! I also got batteries for my two version sixes. Cyan and Sam, both males. Sam starts of with Classical Music, a robot toy, and a guitar. Cyan starts of with Hip-Hop Music, a toy pirate ship and a Mic. Later both Cyan and Sam aged into Toddlers. Both became Kuchitamatchi. Their musical stuff at the end of the day was His musical stuff is as follows: Sam: Tone: 11 Rhythm: 8 Original: 26 Cyan Tone: 7 Rhythm: 7 Original: 34 02/09/2016 A picture of Sam as a toddler Sam switched to Rock 'N' Roll, and gained a new toy, a panda. Cyan got a new toy also, a car. At the end of the day their stats were: Cyan Tone: 33 Rhythm: 36 Original: 152 Sam Tone: 39 Rhythm: 33 Original: 105 Rose was three at the end of this day, while Gavin was a year old. Then we get to today: 03/09/2016 Both Rose and Gavin are very chubby, so I played with them a little, but they remain fat. The version sixes, Cyan and Sam, both aged into teenagers, both became Kikitchi. Both are a year old and 20 LBs. I'm assuming both will become the same adult, whatever they become.
  10. Hello! here is where i will log about my tamagotchi P1, i will be starting this log soon, so stay tuned!
  11. Hello my Easter bunnies! Its just an Idea, but hey why don’t we do an Easter hatching? You can use say a tamagotchi that has spring-nature vibes, or a Disney Easter nano is perfect! Any tama of your choice 💕💕 Im going to use my 4U, personally. Happy Easter! We should make it the 16th of April, good Friday.
  12. I am at a cross-roads. I'm the kind of Tamagotchi owner who takes out their Tamagotchi every couple months and then turns them off again, so I don't really know whether or not starting a solo log is a good idea. Nevertheless, I will do it. This log is a continuation from the V4 group hatch here (, since it seems to be dead. I'll catch you up to speed with a family tree from both my V4 and V4.5: V4: V4.5: So many Memetchis! Cyril and Alma both grew into teenagers today. I was hoping I wouldn't get a Universal character on my V4.5 again, but I'll see what happens... Cyril's skills are 20/29/28 with weight of 21lbs. Alma's are 18/5/20 with weight of 16lbs.
  13. So, This is my second Tamalog, I messed up by making my previous one EXCLUSIVELY about my very first Tamagotchi, Jeff (if you wanna read it you can find it here). I've gotten a few more Tamagotchis as of now, and I thought i'd make another topic about all of them and not just 1 specifically. These are all the Tamagotchis I have so far (including jeff!). The main one im running right now is the v3, I might run my Friends at a later date, but not right now, sorry! Here is my v3's info so far, Im very excited! Thats it for now, ill see you guys later when something happens to Big!, see you soon!
  14. Hi! So, I recently started running a new V3 that I got in the mail, in addition to my 2018 P2, and someone suggested that I start a TamaLog, since I plan to run a third (a V4) when it arrives. This is my very first attempt at a TamaLog! So here we go! V3 I took off the factory paint and fixed up the screen today- will be finding some cute autumn-themed charms for it Started this one about four days ago. Currently an adult, Pyonkotchi! I had Obotchi as the teen stage and Tamatchi for a child. His name is Chai (the Hebrew word for life, not the tea lol). Currently fully disciplined. I'm having a lot of fun with the V3, and the games are awesome. Hoping to eventually marry this one to the V4 that is on its way, although I have a feeling I'll need to wait until the next generation to do that. P2 I am considering taking this one apart to get the paint off as well, since it's already chipping, and the plastic shell is a nice sparkly purple. Will probably wait until this tama passes away. This one I re-started yesterday, so I'm on my second Generation. It's currently a toddler. I'm hoping for Mimitchi this time around, but I know that takes PERFECT care. I'll probably end up swapping this lil guy out for my V4 when it comes, especially if I get another connection. I've been calling this little tama Jim. I'll update when he evolves into a teen!
  15. I’ve had tamagotchis for over 15 years but I’ve never been super serious about them. Anyway, I’ve been doing a lot of research and I’ve found out a bunch about them. So I’ve decided to really take care of one of mine this time. Her name is Greg and she’s already matured to adolescence. Anyway, we’ll see how it goes.
  16. Hello everyone. I decided to start writing a Log for my Tamagotchis. First at all, I need to say some things about me and about this Log: My first language isn't english, so this Log, as all my post, will probably be in a bad or really basic english. I'm sorry about that, but I'm trying my best. I don't remember the name of every character, and I honestly don't want to, so I'm not gonna say my Tamagotchis species every time. Photos should be enough, I guess. I run the same Tama for long period, usually. Sadly I don't have a cool phone or camera, so photos are gonna be low quality. Sorry. Well, now I can start. First at all, here's a photo of my collection: Tamagotchi Connection V3 (European Version) Jungle Camoflage Tamagotchi Friends (European Version) Blue Gem ... Yeeeah, that's all. I started collecting Tama at the end of 2018, so that's everything I've got. Literally. But that's just for now. I'm going to buy new Tamas soon, even if I don't really want an huge collection; I'm fine with these, for now. 29/01/19: I just ordered a Japanese Tamagotchi Ocean. It is so cool! I wanted it sooo bas when I was a child, but back then I wasn't allowed by my parents to buy things online. It is going to arrive near the end of February, but that's ok. Ok, now I can start my Log. Enjoy. 29 January, Tuesday Well, what to say. I'm running my V3, in this period, and that's pretty cool. It's really simple, and not really demanding, but that's fine. The shell design is actually this one, I think it is one of the best for the V3. At the moment, I'm at the 4th Generation. My Tamagotchi's name is Mario; I chose this name because I'm studying the Roman Empire at school (again.), and Mario was one of the most important roman general before Caesar (Yeaaah, that's boring). I started to take care of him during sunday, after his mom left during the night; during the first hour he wasn't really demanding. After a while, he became a child, and he was a sort of... ball with a punk hairstyle. That's a funny way to describe it, I know; next time, I'll get a photo. It is the first time I actually enjoyed so much the child stage; Mario wasn't demanding at all, and for the first time ever I actually managed to play Bump without losing at the first try. So yesterday I paused the V3 during the morning for school, and I returned home late, around 3 PM, so he just woke up at 4 PM. I tought he wasn't going to change into a teen because of that, but he actually did; while I was sleeping during the afternoon, he became an adorable Young Mimitchi. He's now even more cute than before. I mean, look at him, he's just so happy. I fed him until he had 4 hearts for each Hungry and Happy, and then I played with him a little. I'm actually good at Heading, I think that's the second coolest game after Get. Well, today nothing particoular happened. He just bob around the screen, and now he's taking a bath. It would be cool to get a Mimitchi as an adult, but I don't think that's gonna happen, 'cause I'm not everytime on my Tama and, sometimes, I miss some calls. That's all for today, bye!
  17. Helloooooooo, TamaTalk! So, um, this my third attempt at a Tama log, the other two were on my old account, and ... yeah. They didn't go over so well. But, you know what they say, third times a charm! And, unlike the other two, I finally have pictures! I was too stupid to figure out how to upload pictures on here back then, but this time, I think I have the hang of it out, so, yeah! Lets get started! iDL I put batteries in my white iDL, and I discovered a Hineonetchi, whom I named Cherry. A few days ago she, evolved into an adorable Pompomtchi! Here she is, wearing the kimono and the cat ear ribbon. Anyways, I immediately started to try and find her all four happy symbols, and she earned her last one today, for being and adult for 28 hours. She is old enough to get married, But I think I'll marry her off in a few days, because she is just so darn cute! v4.5 I unpaused my v4.5 after a few months slumber, and raised Holly the UraVioletchi for a while, until she gave birth and left her son, Toby, in my care. Toby started his life as the usual, needy, one hour baby stage, and then evolved into a beaked Kuchitamatchi. The next day, he evolved into a Daiyatchi, my favorite character! I raised up his humor points so he could evolve into a Celebtchi, but he ended evolving into a UraMametchi instead. Hmm... It's not like I don't like UraMametchi, I think he's pretty cute, but I've already had him twice before. Oh well, maybe next generation. Toby got hired as a news anchor at the tv station yesterday, and today, he was paid 1400 Gotchi points! Not bad! Toby doesn't seem to beep for attention that often, which makes him the perfect candidate for me to smuggle him in with me to my summer school. v3 I put fresh batteries in my v3 on Wednesday, and found a female Megatchi named Gigi. I must have taken horrible care of her, since Megatchi is a bottom tier adult on the v3. Personally, I think Gigi looks lovely, in a sort of ugly cute way. I have heard a few people say that the v3 doesn't need a lot of attention, but out of all my Tamagotchi's, Gigi seems to be the most needy. Her happy and hungry hearts drop fast, and don't I know if its because she's a unhealthy character or what. Anyways, she didn't really do much today, but the match maker should be coming soon, so I'm looking forward to start a new generation! Friends I started up my blue Tamagotchi friends a few days ago, but I'll probably stop running it soon. Its nice, but lets just say I agree with some of the complaints people were saying about it. Anyways, I'm currently raising a 3rd generation Monakatchi named Danny. Here he is, giving us a big smile. Like Gigi, he didn't do anything today, but he is close to the age where he is old enough to visit the matchmaker. I am probably going to take his batteries out after he has a baby, so if I ever decide to start it up again, I'll have a fresh generation and won't be stuck raising an adult character for a few days. Family Photo! So, thats it for today's entry! I'll try to make regular updates, but I might not be able to make one every week, but I'll try! In other news, I bought a v2 a few days ago off of ebay, and I'm so excited! I've been wanting to have one for such a long time, and now I do! It should be here by the end of next week, so yay! I'll probably replace it with my Friends when it comes. I can't handle more then 4 Tamas at once, or else I'll go insane. So, I'll see you next time! By for now!
  18. (Sorry if the images are very big or sideways, uploaded these from a phone) Hello! Mimitchi06 here, logging my first tama experiences. It’s very exciting, even if they just bob around on the screen so far. Let’s start with the P1. He was very needy like all tamas in the baby stage, but after a solid hour he wasn’t as needy. I filled his hearts up right away and every time I saw them drop-even by one!-I very quickly refilled them. I fed him mostly meals and barely any snacks- those would be taken care of by games. At a random point (around 20-30 minutes before evolving) he slept for no reason and woke up around 6 minutes later. Then he got sick and needed 2 doses of medicine, and then a few minutes later, the magic happened! Now, he wasn’t as needy as he was in the baby stage, but now more waiting will happen until he evolves again. He did make 2 discipline calls, though, and got his meter filled halfway. I guess this guy’s hungry for attention. And then his brother came into the world... like the P1, the P2 was very needy- dropping hearts every few minutes but getting them refilled in no time. Throughout his time as a babytchi, he was fed only 2 snacks- we played the game a lot! I think the sound chip is a bit wonky in him, sometimes the beeps come out very sharp or lag a bit. I’ve also noticed his beeps are quieter than the P1- is this normal? P2 stayed a baby for longer, as I had him paused a lot (I did other things, nobody can watch tamagotchi for a whole day... or can they?) but this afternoon he evolved. He did the weird random power-nap thing again, but soon he gained a spike! Wow! Evolution is fascinating. He has not called for discipline at all, maybe he isn’t as attention-seeking as his brother, or maybe he’s just well behaved. Who knows. Anyway, that’s the end of today’s tama log. This is my first attempt at logging- please give feedback so my future logs can be better. I’m excited to see what happens tomorrow, if anything happens at all- I’m giving perfect care, so they should be on the route to Mimitchi/Mametchi. (Quick question: when do they [child stages] go to sleep?)
  19. Hello! Let me start off with saying I know running five Tamas at a time is completely insane, but since this is the first time I've decided to try logging my Tamas growth I figured it could be a fun ride. I've been running the colour Tamas for a few days, but I figured I might as well include them too. The main focus will be on the P1 and Angelgotch as I had just started them both up today. This is going to be my first time trying to do a full run of my P1 so I'm super excited despite the simplicity. I'm hoping for Mametchi, but I'll be happy with any good character. As for the Angelcotch I'm hoping I can get the Angel Twins again as they are my favourite character on this version. I also plan on marrying off Kuchipatchi on my P's once the vintage Tamas are teens as I've completed his TaMaToMo Puzzle yesterday. As for my ID and IDL they both still have TaMaToMo I need before I'm ready to marry them off. Current stages as of this post: Babytchi (P1), Okbaketchi 2 (Angel), Chamametchi (ID), Furawatchi/Violetchi (IDL), Kuchipatchi (P's)
  20. So i just got into tamagochis, and i decided to write a log. Nothing too special. Anyway, here are the things that happened; DAY 1: It's gudetama. but with a baby bonnet. ok DAY 2: Still a baby. chopsticks attempted to steal egg. slept at 8:00pm, woke up two hours later as the really happy egg. yay. DAY 3: Woke up at 7:00am. nothing too special. more to come.
  21. 03/09/2017 I'm not exactly sure why I've decided to start a tamagotchi log. Considering this is the second most busy and stressful time of my life so far. I'm currently in the middle of my trial exam week, with today being Sunday and my second exam starting tomorrow. Unfortunately at the moment signal is terrible here and I won't be able to upload this until prehaps Tuesday but I'll see how things go. Today is Father's Day, a day to celebrate our fathers and make money for companies selling fathers day gifts. Not that I'm complaining or anything but I made my father a large photo album filled with embarrassing photos of all of us kids and yes even some of me. At this moment I'm waiting in the car eating a large chunk of ice. No not icecream just ice! I love ice, the frozen water kind of course. Well we're moving again and I suppose I should introduce my tamagotchis now. At the moment I'm running the only two I own. My ID L and my Tamagotchi Friends. I have a 2017 Chibi on pre-order at my local EB Games but I've got little information about when it will come. They don't even know what designs could be on the Tamagotchis. I'm not too bothered by the designs I just want to get it. On my ID L Sabosabotchi is currently living in. She's quite adorable, and I love her happy animations! Extra flowers bloom on her body which is cute! She is my second generation. On my Tamagotchi Friends Bokuhoshitchi is also currently living in. He is a cutie also, my little star boy. He calls me for attention all the time. But there isn't any discipline on either models so it can get a little annoying sometimes but I can forgive him. Generation one on this Tamagotchi. I still don't really get the care system for my Friends, I've been aiming at Kuchipatchi for a while now but have never got him. Hopefully this time fingers and toes crossed. We're off to the beach at the moment so they'll have to stay in the car. I wish I had waterproof cases for them! Could you imagine how cool that would be?! Well I think it would be awesome anyway! I wonder if there actually are waterproof cases for Tamagotchis. Hmmm I'll look into that when signal is back online. If not I wonder how hard it would be to make them, or how much money to have them made? I will also look into that, that way I can keep them with me anytime. Tamagotchis were never a casual game for me when I was younger. Of course I wasn't born when they first came out so I've never had any of the originals but I did have a few when they got popular in my town around 2006ish. Give or take a few years, I've never been good at remembering time, so I'm not sure why I took ancient history where you do have to remember important years, or why I took legal studies, in which you need to know the years of any act you mention. I'm currently near the end of year 12 in high school. I'm not sure how education in other countries work but here in Australia students last year is year 12, which ends with 2 sets of exams. Trials, and then HSC Exams. 2:05 pm- I have a math exam tomorrow that I haven't studied for but as long as I pass I'm happy. We've been at the beach since 10 ish this morning. I'm back in the car now, and my tamas seem to be glad I'm back. It looks no one seemed to neglected, as I made sure everything was 100% before I left them in the glovebox. Math is the only exam tomorrow and I'm sure it's only 1 and a half hours long so I can use the rest of the day to study for Tuesdays exams which I think could be Visual Arts and maybe Legal Studies. I'll have to check when I get home. Anyway, I'm not really expecting anyone to read this but if someone is, Hello! Nice to meet you, I'm FidgetTama but you can call me Aba or Sis if you wanted. Two nicknames of mine, with seven siblings you gather a few. Until next time, see ya
  22. Hello everyone! No time no see! It's really good to be back, I took quite a break from tamagotchis just so I could focus on a few things. I completed my course and I now work at a local cafe, it is a nice job and I have the day off so I thought I'd start another log. I did have another one before which you can find by looking through my profile, it was a lot of fun to write but I randomly stopped updating it. Right now I am currently running my tamago as well as my music star. My tamago is married and has a child, I love all the cute animations. This is my first time running a tamago so it's been interesting! My last log I had three tamagotchis, a friends, a 2017 chibi and an IDL. Unfortunatly I no longer have my chibi. I now also own a V1 (2018 release), a V2, V3, Music Star and a Tamago. I am also waiting on two misc virtual pets and two littlest pet shop virtual pets in the mail. So! This is just a quick update for now, I plan on writing a longer log post later. I have a lot of logs I used to read to catch up on! Bye for now, fidgetTama
  23. Hey there! I go by Spiral and I've been lurking here on and off for quite awhile now; finally decided to open up an account. My main focus is on the Digimon pets but I'm looking forward to trying out one of the newer color screen Tamagotchi's next month! I'm currently running the Dukemon and Beelzemon 20th Anniversary Pendulums side by side and seeing how that goes! They are in Baby II stage at the moment but should likely evolve to their Rookie forms soo- okay right when I typed this they evolved! I ended up with Tentomon and Gomamon! When your first eggs reach Rookie stage you get to choose another egg. These guys are in their Baby II forms: Peti Meramon and Pyocomon! That's all for day one!
  24. Hi Tamatalkers! This is my first attempt at logging in almost 18 months! A few of you might remember me from early 2017 when I logged about my care of eight Connection-era Tamas (link: I must admit, I didn't close it with much context, so I apologise for that. I simply posted the last update and then completely disappeared without any explanation. At the time, work was becoming pretty stressful and that, as well as my eight Tamagotchis, were simultaneously burning me out. I thus paused them with the intention on returning to them sometime later - this turned out to be over a year! A lot of stuff happened during that time, as I eventually quit my job to study history at University. This took up most of my time until now, delaying my possible return to the Tama world. A few weeks ago, I finally had some free time since my University holidays had started. I went out on a trip and brought my red Version 3 with me, which proved to be a lot of fun. After I came back home, I decided to revive some more of my Tamas. My Tamagotchi fever had returned! I since stabilised at 5 units, as I decided to put my feet in the water more softly as compared to last time. However, not all of these are familiar shells! My working collection had somewhat expanded recently, which I will demonstrate a bit later. I also returned to TamaTalk a few days ago to see how everyone was doing. It turned out, not many of my 2017 cohorts were active! I guess everyone has to have a break at some point. It was great to see new faces around in the forums, though. Three of my five running Tamagotchis have continued from where they left off, whereas one (my Version 3) was reset, as I wished to start it again as a baby for my holiday trip. The final one will be a surprise! Since I've run my Tamas for a few days now, I'll give all of them a recap as to what they've all done since I revived them. Beryl: Red Wing Pattern Version 3 As outlined previously, the Version 3 was the one I restarted first. Whilst on the train to my holiday destination, I passed the time by hatching a new egg. I named the baby girl Beryl and mostly raised her during the holiday. It was very fun to have something to look after whilst journeying around! Beryl's growth was slow, since I had to leave her paused much of the time. She became a Tamatchi in her child stage and then a Young Mametchi in her teenagehood. Whilst she seemed to be on the road to top-tier adult stardom, I had a large mishap towards the end of my trip when I left her unpaused for a few hours unwillingly. All her hearts were empty and she even got sick! She was still a teenager when I got back home, and I was curious as to what tier she would end up in as an adult. Turned out that she landed in the middle tier! I was honestly surprised at this, thinking that she would end up on the bottom, but I guess that demonstrates how forgiving the Version 3 can be. I'm sure that I'd end up on rock bottom if the same happened on a Version 2. But regardless, Paparatchi was an entertaining result. I haven't had it since I was a kid, so perhaps it was a good thing that my care slipped up! Beryl got the Matchmaker this morning, being paired with a Debatchi. As a result, she got a baby boy! Beryl will probably hold a special place in my memory after she goes, since she was predominantly raised out of my home, and I thus remember her alongside many nice locations. She will probably leave her baby tomorrow night. The other day, I also fixed the horribly insensitive buttons that plagued me last year. I opened the shell to find that the button contacts were very dirty; a good clean made the buttons work almost like new! Valma: White & Rainbow Version 4 Some readers who remember my old log might find Valma familiar. She represents the seventh generation on my white & rainbow Version 4, a lineage which started back in the beginning of my old 2017 log. From the start, I aimed for Valma to grow into the Senior stage so that she would break a personal record of mine - the "oldest parent". Essentially, I aim for her to live for over 90 Tama-years before marrying her off! I doubt this will actually break any records (I'm sure someone else did it over the age of 99), but I won't do this since I can't reliably count the Tama-years once the 2-digit age counter becomes useless. I pause my Tamas a fair bit, so the age counter is the only way I can keep track. Regardless, getting a 90+ year-old parent will still be an interesting challenge for me to partake, and a very long one at that! Valma's white Version 4 was the only Tamagotchi of mine to actually hold its charge since I paused them all in mid-2017! I only needed to unpause her to pick up what I left off; however, the battery did run out after two or so days, so I put in a new one after that. Still impressive nonetheless! Valma had a lot of Meme family DNA in her, a fact reflected in her evolution path. She evolved into Puchitchi, then Young Memetchi, then finally Ponytchi. When I restarted her, she was 6 years old and was receiving Matchmaker visits. I kept her as a bachelorette, and before long she became an Otokitchi! I'm going to get used to this character before long. Valma's age is currently at 10, so I'm only a fraction of the way through my journey! The white Version 4 is the only Version 4 I'm currently running, the reason being that I find this version's growth system to be difficult at times. I've also gotten almost all the characters in these, and they are still fresh in my mind from last year. Given that I have an Otokitchi running on this one, the Version 4's growth system won't be at play here. Josie: Globe Pattern Version 4.5 This Version 4.5 is also continuing from where it left off, though this particular generation was not seen in my last log. Josie's mother was named Sae, and was last seen on my previous log as a 6 year-old Ura Violetchi. Shortly before I paused her for good, Sae had a baby girl from the Matchmaker, and when re-activated was found in the "parent" stage with this baby. She left that night, and I thus cared for her daughter. With Josie, I tried an experiment to see if I could activate the "family switch trick" with any other adult character that is not one of the Ura Mascots. This unit's first generation was a subject of this trick, turning from a Daiyatchi to Ura Kuchipatchi from having about 180 Spiritual points; whether this could be done with any other character, I did not know, hence my experiment with Josie. Josie's points had maxed out at 99,999 by her child stage! Luckily, a UFO appeared in the Shop during the same day, costing 25,000 of them (The shop was on sale). So luckily I now have some room to gain more points! Josie was Hitodetchi as a child an an Ura Young Marotchi as a teenager, putting her into the Ura Mame family. Since I was best at the Man-Hole game, I decided to raise Spiritual points. By the time she turned 3 years old, Josie had about 180 Spiritual points, and became a Shitekitchi, a member of the Ura Kuchi family. In that case, the family switch trick must work in all cases! Josie is still 3 years old, so she still has no job. That should happen shortly, however. Nola: Green Flowery Version 2 Yes, my pseudo-broken, ratty Version 2 is one of them! I downloaded my previous progress on this one as well, ending up with a Kuribotchi named Nola. She was the daughter of Ramos, a Mimitchi that appeared at the end of my previous log. I didn't do any special experiments with Nola, so I just gave her good care. Her teenage character was UFOtchi. There were a few times when her hearts dropped to two in her teenage stage (one happy heart even, on one occasion), so I thought she'd eventually become a second-tier adult. ...Nope! I gave perfect care, apparently! Regardless, I welcomed her Mametchi evolution pretty well for some reason - maybe it's just from me liking Mametchi so much generally. Nola's currently 5 years old. ...And finally... Alex: Blue Flowery Version 2 This Tamagotchi hasn't been present in my previous log - in fact, it was laying derelict in pieces until recently. This was initially owned by my sister, who received it on the exact same day as me when I got my green one, pictured above. As a result, I find it to be very nostalgic - it's like the two Tamas are siblings! My sister owned it until she gave it to me in around 2010, after it stopped being able to connect to other Tamagotchis for some reason. I soon after pulled it apart for use as spares for some of my other Tamagotchis. Indeed, its original buttons are now in the black Version 1 that was in my old log (though now currently stored). Using this shell, I learned about the insides of a Tamagotchi and how it each component worked. Afterwards, I stored it, with various pieces being separated. I then found most of the pieces in some of my drawers by chance a few days ago. Given how nostalgic it was to my memory, I decided to try and get it working again. I didn't know if it would succeed, given that I had no clue if the circuit board still worked. There were also some missing parts that I couldn't find, namely the screws, cardboard background, I.R. cover and buttons (the latter still being in my Version 1). After much thought, I decided to use one of my four Version 5s as a parts donor to get this one running. Some Tamagotchi experts may already have observed that the screen background is, indeed, a Version 5 specific one. Given that I already have heaps of Version 5s and only one other Version 2, I personally thought it was worth the exchange. Luckily, the buttons on this black Version 5 were the same color as the blue Version 2's original buttons, suiting it quite nicely. The other parts also fit into the Version 2 shell without issue. However, I made sure that these parts can be transferred back to the donor Tama if I ever decide to do so. I actually prefer the shell of this blue one to my other green Version 2 - the bright colours on this just match so well! After putting the battery in, I was pleasantly surprised that it worked! There were two issues though - first was that the speaker didn't work due to the lines beings severed; second was that it still couldn't connect to others. Something must be wrong with the I.R. parts. However, the fact that it still works at all is exciting. Given that my green one also has some different operational faults, they really are like siblings! I decided to continue with the character already stored, which was a 5 year-old Pochitchi named Alex (1st generation). He weighed 99 lb, indicating that he had been fed snacks all his life. He was also quite poor in terms of wealth, having less than 1,000 points in his wallet. I decided to take advantage of both situations by playing Slot over and over again. I learned to win a lot of points quite quickly as I realised that Pochitchi's happy sprite has its eyes close to its forehead, making it easy to spot over the other sprites. By the time I got Alex down to 32 lb, he had over 9,000 points, though I recently got it down to under 8,000 by buying some items. Since I like Pochitchi quite a lot, I think I'll keep Alex unmarried until he's 8 or 9 years old. I might one day connect the sound back up again, and even see if I can figure out the problems surrounding the I.R. connection. However, for now, it's fine the way it is. ...and that's all of them at the moment! However, I actually will have some more surprises in waiting that will be revealed later on. Hopefully, this will keep my new log refreshed and interesting for some time. As for future posts, I decided that I'll do a "one-per-generation" approach as opposed to last time. The daily targets I tried to do in my last log eventually overloaded me, so I think it would be wiser to do it somewhat less frequently. A single Tama generation would probably be around a week for me, which would be much more manageable. I'll also have more to talk about with this setup, making my log posts potentially better than before. Anyway, just one section left... it's time for stats! Stats for Nola (Version 2, Green Flowery shell) Hunger: 3/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Age: 5 years Weight: 33 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 11G Gotchi Points: 6,526 Stage: Adult Evolution: ShiroPetitchi > Kuribotchi > UFOtchi > Mametchi Stats for Alex (Version 2, Blue Flowery shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 7/9 bars Age: 6 years Weight: 34 lb Gender: Boy Generation: 1G Gotchi Points: 7,912 Stage: Adult Evolution: Petitchi > (unknown) > (unknown) > Pochitchi Stats for Beryl (Version 3, Red shell) Hunger: 4/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Age: 7 years Weight: 32 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 1G Gotchi Points: 8,478 Stage: Adult Evolution: Teletchi > Tamatchi > Young Mametchi > Paparatchi Stats for Valma (Version 4, White/Rainbow shell) Hunger: 3/4 hearts Happiness: 4/4 hearts Training: 8/9 bars Skill Points: 265 Intelligence / 35 Fashion / 44 Social Age: 10 years Weight: 37 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 7G Gotchi Points: 69,880 Stage: Senior Evolution: Tsubutchi > Puchitchi > Young Memetchi > Ponytchi > Otokitchi Occupation: Retired Stats for Josie (Version 4.5, Globe shell) Hunger: 3/4 hearts Happiness: 3/4 hearts Training: 9/9 bars Skill Points: 57 Humour / 22 Glamour / 196 Spiritual Age: 3 years Weight: 21 lb Gender: Girl Generation: 9G Gotchi Points: 83,599 Stage: Adult Evolution: Tsubutchi > Hitodetchi > Ura Young Marotchi > Shitekitchi Occupation: School Student (Mr. Canvas' class) -- Thanks for reading, and I'll see you next time!