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Found 18 results

  1. Hi Guys 👋 I’ve recently started up my V1 (Because my V3 Arrived And Im Going to make them marry) and I tried to connect, the V3’s Connection icon clicks and I can access it, but the V1 just makes the No noise ( You Know, the noise when you can’t do something on your Tamagotchi) and doesn't let me access it. Is it because it’s only a baby and it’s too young? Because my V3 can access it even though it’s also a baby!
  2. Hey I have a little question. Can a tama 4u and a friends connect to each other?? I've already tried a few times but without succes.
  3. Hi, I was just wondering if 2 tamagotchi's that are different versions can connect? I don't remember from my childhood but i recently bought a v4.5 and a v5 and was wondering if they could connect even though they're from different generations(?) Thank you :0
  4. So I was searching all over the internet and i can't find anything or if anyone has ever tried it!? Is it possible to connect them over skype? Facetime!? Google hangouts maybe? I was just wondering because it would be so fun to connect other tamas from tamatalk and also when i'm talking about them connecting i am mainly talking about the v1-6 because they use infrared and my favorite Tama of all time is the V4s! Any info will help thanks!
  5. We both have tamagotchi connects v4.5 but it won't let ours visit each other or anything. Mine is Mukimukitchi and hers is Kometchi. We click on v4/4.5 on the friends thing and both click visit, line our infrared sensors up and nothing happens. Help!
  6. I have a Tamagotchi Music Star and a TamaTown Tama-Go. I wanted to connect, so I chose the connect icon on both. I chose "Other" on both, too. When I tried to connect, both the Music Star and Tama-Go didn't say "OK". Is this a problem with the connection or something? I want to know. Thank you for taking your time to read this, and remember to reply if so.
  7. I am waiting for my ID L to arrive in the mail and I was wondering, what versions are it compatible with? Would I be able to connect to an older version like the ID, or a newer version like the 4U? Also, what other versions are compatible with each other, just for curiosity's sake?
  8. Hi! Yumecantchi000 here! My friend has a Tamagotchi Friends Dream Town, and I have a original Tamagotchi Friends. (It is a North-american version. If you want you can wiki Tamagotchi Friends and see.) I want to connect them together and I would like to know if they can connect. Thanks!
  9. I have 2 tamagotchi friends and they were actually connecting just fine up until last night. One of them needed to have the batteries changed and since I changed the batteries my tamagotchis refuse to connect. I've tried for hours. I've even resorted to restarting them both and that hasn't helped either. I'm not sure what the problem is. And I'm getting annoyed and feel like just throwing them both in the trash. The only reason I have 2 is so they would connect. :/ And before anyone asks both tamagotchis have 5 hearts available for bumping so it's not that. Any help would be great. I just bought the second tamagotchi yesterday :/ (p.s this is my first time posting so if I posted in the wrong spot or something don't eat me.)
  10. I'm pretty new to the world of color tamagotchis. I have had a P's for less than a week, and I am in love with it! I also have an ID L coming in the mail. I have a few questions about connecting the different versions. What color tamas can connect? What color tamas can marry? More specifically: Can a P's marry an ID L? Can a regular ID connect to a P's? I was looking for some connection charts, but they only go up to the V6 or Tama-go..
  11. So I have a English version idl and a Japanese version id. I have been trying to connect these 2 tamagotchis but both display "connection failed" error message no matter what options I chose. On idl connection menu, I have chosen to connect to id. On id, I have tried options 1 and 3 on the connection menu. Nothing works. Is it because English and Japanese versions don't work together?
  12. I couldn't find an already existing topic on this (feel free to post a link if I missed it ) so here I am. I was wondering if it's possible to connect a Japanese languaged iD L with an English languaged iD L?
  13. I have two tamagotchi connections (V 4.5) and they used to connect all the time. I stopped playing with them for about two years and just started again a little while ago but now they won't connect at all. They just say "stand by" for a while then go back to the normal screen. Sometimes it will say FAIL. Is it cause the two different tamagotchis are different ages? If not is there anything I can do to make them connect again or do they just stop working after a while?
  14. Hi! I just got an (AWESOME) new P's today, and I really want to connect it to my iD L, but I don't know how! Do I need to be a toddler or something to do it?
  15. On my v3, when reset it after a few years, I tried to connect it as a baby and worked but only if the other tamagotchi came to it. If i tried to make it go to another, it would say 'sorry list full' and when i go into the friend list, there were 45 copies of eggs?? then I tried resetting it, and the same thing happened. Then I decided to let it evolve into a child, and when i tried to connect it, and this time it wouldn't let me connect whatsoever. Except this time it put itself in the friend list represented by the mail guy. Please help!!!
  16. When ID L and P's are connected, they can only propose and play together. Right?? Can they take photo or not?? OR can they do anything more than play and propose?
  17. Hello, everyone! Yesterday, my blue iD L arrived in the mail, and today, my Princess Spacy iD L came as well! Today, I connected the two toddlers and they played a game. I noticed that even though the toddler from the PS version lost the game, he still got 100 GP afterwards! A gold coin dropped into the brown Gotchi bag. I tried connecting them again several more times, and each time, it was the same thing! If the PS toddler lost, he would get 100 GP while the winning toddler from my blue iD L only got 30 for winning. Then, once, the PS toddler actually won, and he received the 30 GP. THEN, a gold coin dropped into his bag and gave him the 100 GP. AND THEN, the whole screen for both Tamas turned red and the Tamas appeared to be celebrating; this was then followed by both Tamas receiving 500 GP! Now, I'm obviously not complaining because this is easy money, but does anyone have an explanation for this? I'd love to be able to duplicate this result for my blue iD L. Thank you!
  18. hello, i am connecting two of my tamago's (one a boy and one a girl) both of adults and of 2 years old. they have 4 (super fappy faces)with each other, but there are no hearts, even though when they visit, they kiss at the park! what is going on and why is there no hearts? PLEASE HELP! -tamatownpuppy