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Found 14 results

  1. Hi Again👋 I’ve got more troubleshooting with my connections! This time, they won’t connect! Let me go into deeper deitail. Basically, I put the top brown bit against eachother ( as they say in the advert, am I right?) and I click “B” when they are on stand by. Then I’m greeted with a “FAIL” screen. There’s probably an easy fix, that I haven’t figured out yet! Please help! ;-;
  2. I arranged one of the two used v3 Tamagotchis I got off eBay to send a present to the other. Anna (the gifter) left with her bow, but instead of Cindy (the receiver) receiving her present, it showed a failed connection screen. When Anna came back, the present was gone and it wasn't in Cindy's inventory. I'm guessing not, but is there a way I can get the item back?
  3. I just got a 20th anniversary white mix to connect with my blue spacey version. I'm trying to reset the 20th anniversary to unlock the mermaid location, but whenever I try to connect the two, I get two blue hearts with an X in the middle. I've tried waiting until they both have two pink hearts showing, and then pressing B on both or just one, but nothing's working. Has anyone else had this problem? Please help!
  4. Connection is referred to as "bumping". Tamagotchi Friends can only connect with other Tamagotchis of the Friends series. US and European Tamagotchi Friends are able to connect (there is a video showing them doing so). I don't know if other Friends of different countries can connect besides the two mentioned. You can only connect five times a day on the orignal.
  5. I have a tamagotchi P and I'm currently fighting the urge of getting another. I have sooo many stuff to buy work related that it would not feel right to buy the same model. (And my parent would kill me really). So I've been thinking about getting an ID L so I can connect it with my P. 1- Can ID L and P connect the same way a P would do with another P? Like, can they cook, play, or...? What are the options between the two? 2- Can I get the secret characters on the P by connecting it with the ID L? 3- Can they marry and have babies between the two?
  6. Does anyone know if a tama-go tamagotchi can connect with a tamagotchi friends? If you do, plese reply!
  7. I was ALSO wondering. Do all of you guys care if your Tamas can't connect or can? For example, you only have one Tama, say, the v5. Would you get a v4 even though you can't connect? Or stick to getting a v5.5/v6 so you can connect? I'd love your feedback!
  8. I read a few posts saying that the +C can connect to iD Ls including the Princess Spacy through choosing the first option on + colour and the third connection option on the iD L. I've tried this quite a few times now and they still won't connect! They don't even get a no connection symbol (blue with the cross between the hearts), they both continue to be on the darker coloured connecting screen and then go back to my tamas in their separate living rooms. Anyone know what the problem could be?
  9. I couldn't find an already existing topic on this (feel free to post a link if I missed it ) so here I am. I was wondering if it's possible to connect a Japanese languaged iD L with an English languaged iD L?
  10. Hey, I've been trying to connect my 15th Anniversary iD L, my iD L, and my P's to each other all at once in order to get a connection character, and I'm not having much luck. So, I'm wondering, is this even possible? or do I just have to keep trying until they finally all register one another? or do I need to pick another option? right now i'm just clicking on the "iD L" option for all of them. Thanks!
  11. So I recently got a v5.5 and have been trying to connect it with my tama-go. I know it is possible to connect them I just don't know how! On my tama-go I go to the icon and select others, and on the v5.5 I select v5. Then I put them together and push the b buttons. My tama-go then says failed and the v5.5 gives me the option to either download or reset it.. (I select download because I don't want to reset it! ) I have no idea what's going on. Am I doing this wrong, or is the v5.5 glitchy? Thanks in advance!
  12. I'm wondering what type of tamagotchis connect with the tama-go? I'm kinda thinking about buying another tama and want to make sure I can build friendship and marry them. Also what kind of tamagotchi would you recommend? I would prefer one that's on the cheaper side. (It has to be English too.) Thanks!
  13. Today, I went to connect my friend's tama-go with my own, and my tama-go gave the "negative" sound (meaning no). I found this was weird because I could connect them a few days ago, and now I can't. I tried to change the batteries, but it didn't help. I also tried giving it a time-out, feeding it a snack, and giving it a meal. Please give suggestions on what I should do! I am very confused about it. (An hypothesis I thought up was maybe it was a glitch and will never be fixed, and I hope this isn't the case!)
  14. My sister and I both have a tama-go tamagotchi. We have a boy and a girl, so now that they are really good friends, when we connect them they go to the park and kiss. Will they have to get married normal time or could they get married earlier?